What is Vicidial Skins Customization Vicidial Admin and Agent Custom Theme
Customization VICIdial Skins

What is Vicidial Skins Customization? Vicidial Admin and Agent Custom Theme

Are you looking to personalize your ViciDial admin and agent interface? Dialers are becoming increasingly popular these days. They have become a necessity for every call center as they smoothen the call center operations and help them align their business goals. At KingAsterisk Technology, we know the significance of altering your call center software to accommodate your requirements. It is one of the most well known contact center solutions that there is. 

Understanding ViciDial Skins

VICIdial, based on Asterisk and utilizing VoIP innovation, is a powerful platform for predictive dialing, call routing, and campaign management. Users can make certain that calls and emails are routed to agents who are best equipped to handle them by using skills-based routing and queue prioritization features. Agents can also switch between handling outbound and inbound calls when necessary. Along with the basic set of features that every contact center software should have, it also comes with added advanced functionalities. 

It is an open-source call center software suite designed to handle inbound and outbound calls and email and SMS campaigns. It is upheld by a wide range of gadgets, including electronic, android, and iOS gadgets. It is additionally adaptable to a wide range of organizations at little, medium, or bigger level. In any case, tweaking its look and feel can hoist client experience and efficiency. Other features include previewing leads before dialing, recording and listening to agent calls, sending dropped calls to available agents or a voicemail inbox, estimated hold times for inbound callers, remote-agent calling, multiple language support and more. 

Role of Themes in Vicidial

A skin is created when a widget is added to a form and modified. All the skins are organized by widgets under the skin tab. Themes in VICIdial refer to the visual appearance of the call center interface, including colors, fonts, icons, and layout. 

VICIDial Agent Custom Themes

VICIDial Agent offers a new and current focus on the call center interface, giving different customization choices to fit the product to explicit business needs. These subjects not just upgrade the stylish allure of the point of interaction yet additionally further develop convenience and usefulness. It eventually prompts a more effective and useful call center environment. 

Possibilities for Customization and Branding 

It offers broad customization choices, permitting call centers to fit the product to their particular brand character and prerequisites. The call center interface is given a cohesive and professional look thanks to individualized themes. It increases brand recognition and improves the overall customer experience.

Improved UI and Route All around 

Custom VICIDial Themes can essentially further develop the UI and route of the call community programming, making it simpler for specialists to get to data, handle calls, and perform tasks productively. Natural route and a reasonable design add to a more easy to understand and useful call center environment.

Integration with Tools and Advanced Features 

It can be incorporated with features and tools to improve call activities. These highlights might incorporate constant investigation, discourse examination, opinion examination, and joining with CRM systems. It gives agents important insights and apparatuses to convey outstanding client support.

ViciDial Admin Customization

1. Personalized Dashboards

Admins can customize dashboards to display key metrics and KPIs.

2. Queue Management

Customize queue displays for efficient call handling.

3. Constant Observing

Designer checking screens to focus on basic data.

ViciDial Agent Customization

1. Custom layouts and interactive voice response (IVR)

IVR makes agent workflows more manageable with intuitive interfaces

2. Campaign Management

Smoothed out management for outbound dialing and inbound call taking care of. 

3. Call Recording Choices

Tweak call recording settings for consistence and quality affirmation.

Importance of Modernizing Call Center Operations

It has become obvious now that call centers must continuously evolve to meet the changing needs and expectations of customers. Customers demand high quality coversation and issue resolvement these days. Modernizing call center operations is crucial for staying ahead of the competition for any kind of business. Plus it improves efficiency, and enhances customer satisfaction for them. 

Custom Music for Different Campaigns

It also comes with the option of custom music for every campaign that a call center is starting. Some campaigns have specific themes and require customers to stay engaged while the call is connecting or transferring to different agents. In such times, a custom music option helps by keeping customers busy and calm during the wait times.

Businesses get to select the music they want to play. Alternatively, they can also play some offers or wishes if their campaign demands that.

Improving User Experience for Agents

Modernizing call center operations with innovative VICIdial Theme Customization Services can significantly improve the user experience for agents. A visually appealing and intuitive interface makes it easier for agents to access information, handle calls, and navigate the software, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Easy Access from Anywhere

It gives you the option of accessing the software from anywhere as it is a web-based software that only requires a stable internet connection.

This flexibility allows agents to work from anywhere without any hassle or delay. It also helps a call center take every customer call and not miss out on any business. This flexibility also helps small businesses and startups that are in their initial phases and do not have an extensive staff as they can hire remote employees that work from their locations and provide benefits to the business like they were present in the office premises.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

A modern and streamlined call center operation is essential for delivering exceptional customer service. Innovative Services can help call centers provide a more seamless and professional experience for customers, leading to higher satisfaction levels and improved customer retention.

Auto Dialing Modes for Different Campaigns

It is a call center software that has the functionality of a dialer. It can help call centers choose a dialing mode and a call ratio to call their customers and ensure that agents work to their maximum potential.

Such automated dialing modes call one number after the other and help increase the productivity of the outbound campaign and gain more customers for the business. Call centers can choose from calling customers one by one manually to broadcasting a message to thousands of customers in one go, whatever fits their purpose better.

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

By modernizing call center operations with innovative VICIDial Theme Customization Services, call centers can streamline processes, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency and productivity. A well-designed interface can simplify tasks, automate repetitive processes, and provide agents with the tools they need to succeed.

Real-Time Campaign Display Screens

It can run multiple campaigns together, making it difficult at times to keep track of them all manually. Hence, there is a feature that displays real-time campaigns to better monitor and control these campaigns.

The real-time analysis also gives the senior management insight into how far along the campaign is and how good it is doing. Hence, this display of campaigns helps in the overall management of the call center and the goals it plans on achieving.


We understand that a single minute is essential for you too. Therefore we provide support and services right after confirmation of the issue from you. Ready to elevate your experience with customized skins? Contact us at KingAsterisk Technology for personalized solutions that maximize your call center’s potential. We provide consultation, installation and configuration of VICIDIAL. 

Our expert team can solve all the problems within a fixed time to help and save your time. They can customize the solution or add additional functionality as per your requirement, and they are available at your comfort time for discussion. Unlock the power of asterisk with tailored interfaces that suit your unique needs.

Remember, your ViciDial setup should reflect your business’s personality and optimize efficiency. Custom skins are the key to achieving this, empowering your agents and administrators to excel. Don’t believe us? Try the Custom VICIdial software yourself and see the change in your call center operations. Our dedicated support team is always available for assistance and gives support to your solution.

Customization VICIdial Skins

What We Can Serve In Vicidial Custom Development To Fit Your Business Needs?

There are many call centers all across the world that use the VICIDial solution and why not? Looking for VICIdial Custom Development tailored to your business needs? At KingAsterisk Technology, we specialize in VICIdial customization services to enhance your call center operations. 

Here’s what we can offer 

Missed Call Report Setup 

Our Customized VICIdial solution has a feature whereby it populates records in the object “Phone Events” every time a call attempts to ring an agent’s device but for whatever reason that agent does not answer the call. 

This allows you to monitor when your agents fail to answer a call that may or may not be answered by a different agent later on, potentially seeing everyone that call tried to ring, and in what specific way it failed to get answered.

Web-Based Calling  

Who says you need a desk phone or cell phone to make a phone call? With KingAsterisk’s AI-powered VICIdial Custom Development platform, you can make a phone call from a web browser. Agents can seamlessly call clients from a database using a user-friendly web-client interface. You can use the Chrome plugin or extension, Firefox, or any other browser. 

Abandoned Report 

An abandoned call occurs when a call is on hold while it is alerting on a queue and the caller disconnects. The caller perceives the call is on hold. You may also define an abandoned interaction as when an interaction enters an inactive state without first entering the connection state while on a queue. 

Advanced Agent Performance Report 

Advanced performance report feature showcases the performance of support agents, and can be filtered and modified to showcase additional data. Monitor agent productivity and identify areas for improvement. 

Finding areas that can be optimized is always great because it presents an opportunity to:

➡ Improve your agent’s performance

➡ Provide additional training to those that need it

➡ Improve customer satisfaction, experience, and sales

Reallocate resources 

➡ Reinforce support channels 

➡ Find more cost-effective ways to solve problems

Sales History Report 

Call center Businesses typically use sales history reports to track their sales team activity, and measure how successful the sales team is at moving prospects through the funnel. On the other hand, it should contain all relevant information that you may need for future interaction with the prospect.


Set campaigns to auto-dial and route live calls to available agents for efficient call handling. Autodialing is a feature that automates the process of dialing phone numbers from a contact list or, often, many lists housed within a CRM or another database. The auto-dialer system automatically dials the phone numbers from the imported list of contacts. 

As per the data, implementing an autodialing system in VICIdial can escalate the talk times of agents by as much as 200–300%. 

Script Display 

To face customers in a live service environment, the support teams would need scripts to equip them in any situation. Specialists can get to scripts with fields pre-filled, similar to name and address, to improve client corporations. Intuitive call center scripting empowers agents to handle any customer query with consistent and accurate responses. 

9 out of 10 respondents aged 18-65 preferred to speak with a live service agent directly over the telephone. 

Predictive Dialing 

Utilize an adaptive dialing algorithm to predictively dial numbers and optimize agent productivity. The number of outbound calls made is based on a predictive algorithm that throttles (or “paces”) the calls so that when a call is connected to a customer a call center agent will be available to handle the call. 

An agent working without a predictive dialing may make 20-40 calls an hour (with a connect rate of less than 50%). A predictive dialing feature can make hundreds of dials per hour and improve each agent’s connect rate to near 100%. Agents can conduct 20-30 connected calls an hour.

Agent Payment Report 

Agent Payment reports in a dialer contain information about how a specific agent is performing against key metrics, such as average handle time and sales conversion percentage. Sophisticated tools also contain team level statistics so that contact center managers/supervisors and individual agents can see how their performance compares to their teammates’. 

Below are some common reports included in Agent Payment Report :

1. Attendance report

2. Average Handling Time

3. Wrap Time

4. Calls Per Hour

Multi-Server Capability

Multi-server systems include more than one server, and these provide service to the customers arriving into the customer queue(s). A multi-Server feature is a customer experience (CX) solution that integrates multiple touchpoints – including voice, text, social media and the web – making them accessible via an Internet server. Dial on a single campaign across multiple Asterisk servers or manage multiple campaigns on a single server for scalability. 

Billing Based on Rates 

If you want a clear idea of how your spending correlates with productivity in your call center, step one is calculating your Billing Based on Rates. Billing rates are the prices that a company charges for its services. VICIdial Custom Development billing structures to align with your business model. 

Here are five factors to consider for your business:

1. Employee Wages and Benefits

2. HR Expenses

3. Call Center Overhead

4. Software Subscriptions

5. Total Calls Answered by Agents

Call Transfer 

Call transfers, or call forwarding, is a process of relocating an inbound call to another phone or messaging system. Quite often, an agent encounters an issue which he thinks may be resolved better by another agent and thus he transfers the call. Transfer calls with customer data to closer/verifier on local or remote Asterisk servers for seamless customer support. Call Transfer Rate or CTR indicates the total percentage of calls transferred from one agent to another agent.

This Feature in our VICIdial Custom Development makes employees more available to provide support when they are out of the office. For example, a traveling employee can set up a call forward from a desk phone to a mobile phone to always remain in contact. This makes a company’s labor force far more mobile than if they were tethered to a desk phone.

Custom Dashboard 

At the age of high concurrency, it’s extremely important to provide insight into the detailed analysis of the call center data. Access real-time data with personalized dashboards for admin and managers. Customize your dashboards to display the exact information you need and nothing extra.

KingAsterisk Technology offers the following ways to configure your data:

  • Filter by call center(s)
  • Filter by time 
  • Filter by Activity column(s)

Custom Web Page Integration 

Custom web page Integration means building a custom software solution that is specific to your exact use case. Open custom web pages with user data from calls, tailored to each campaign’s requirements. A good example is a custom integration between your website and your backend systems, such as your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) functions. At KingAsterisk, we’ve performed hundreds of custom website integrations in VICIdial Custom Development for clients across all industries.

IVR Integration 

It is an automatic system that lets the customers interact with the brand to satisfy their doubt and raise the query pertaining to the same. Businesses can automate campaigns to start with a simple IVR before directing calls to agents for personalized service. Over the years, the integration purpose of Interactive Voice Response has seen a major upsurge in a graph of implementation of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) has laid the step in self-servicing technology to grade up the applications. 

Recording Reports 

Organize recordings based on users and campaigns for easy retrieval. Create reports that have meaning to your specific operations or for the supervisors that analyze the data. Your efforts are best spent making logical decisions based on the information at hand. Leave it to our team and our VICIdial Custom Development solution to build what’s best for your business.

Broadcast Dialing 

Broadcast Dialing allows you to share a pre-recorded message to your customers in an instant with a personalized touch. Reach out to customers with pre-recorded messages for effective communication. Share important alerts, updates, or information with your customers, employees, and other stakeholders within a few minutes.

Get detailed analytic reports and run A/B tests to see which message brings in more engagement from callers.

  • Scalable to as many numbers of calls as per your business requirements
  • Conduct product and services survey
  • Cost-effective and transparent billing.
  • No long-term contracts required.
  • Schedule voice broadcast campaigns when customers are likely to pick your calls.
  • Improve the response rate as compared to conventional media and marketing channels such as print, email, text messages, and many others.

Customized Inbound/Outbound Reports 

Separate reports for inbound and outbound calling software calls for focused analysis. Inbound/Outbound call summary reports will also allow you to split contact volumes between different agents and groups, which can be useful when reviewing your resource planning success across different departments within the contact center. 

Call Parking  

Call parking is a business phone system feature that allows you to put a call on hold, so that another person can pick it up on a different phone. Park customers with VICIdial Custom Development music per campaign for a professional call experience. This works well for companies or departments with shared calling responsibilities, as it better distributes calls based on availability.

For the caller, being parked is the same experience as being on hold (though someone usually answers them more quickly than being on traditional hold). Plus, the original caller’s line will continue to ring periodically if no one picks up the parked call.

Agent Layout Customization 

A VICIdial Custom Development Agent Layout also allows your agents to send emails and Short Message Services (SMSes) even when they are not on a call. Tailor agent interfaces to match your workflow requirements.

Some of the features of a customized Agent Layouts are as follows:

  • Ticketing

Enables agents to record, track, collaborate on, and resolve customer issues.

  • Scripts  
  • list
  • Guides agents through a variety of customer interactions, such as onboarding, account servicing, support, and sales.

Trackdrive Integration 

TrackDrive is an ideal platform for efficient call tracking and leads to call automation. The platform empowers all inbound and outbound calls concerning prompts guarantee that clients make the most out of them. Businesses can integrate Trackdrive for efficient call posting. 

Voicemail Handling 

Voicemails help your customers record messages for agents when they come across long wait times or their direct calls to agents are unanswered. Send dropped calls to voicemail boxes, queues, or extensions per campaign when agents are unavailable.

You can redirect the caller to record a voicemail for the agent when an incoming call reaches the voice queue and the queue is in one of the following conditions:

  • Exceeds a defined number of calls that are waiting in the queue
  • The call comes during the after hours of the call center operations
  • Exceeds the estimated wait time

CRM Integration 

It’s the process of connecting either your product or your internal application(s) with a CRM system, typically via their APIs. Once connected in VICIdial setup, data can easily stay in sync across the systems. Integrate CRM systems via API for streamlined data management.

CRM API integration can either be connecting your product with clients’ CRM systems or connecting your own CRM system with another application your organization uses (e.g. your marketing automation platform) 

Outbound CallerID  

Set outbound CallerID per campaign or per list to personalize caller information. Once your Caller ID is activated, you can screen known, unknown, or unwanted calls. Avoid guesswork by getting the best caller ID service for your business. Increase your team’s efficiency when you activate your phone system’s Caller ID. 

Callback Scheduling 

Schedule callbacks with customers as either any-agent or agent-specific for efficient follow-up. Typically this is done when the call center wait times exceed pre-defined thresholds (e.g. 10 minutes). The Scheduled Callback technology will then auto dial the customer (as an outbound call) at the requested time window subject to agent availability.

Scheduled Callback choices typically include:

  • As soon as the next agent is available
  • Today PM
  • Tomorrow AM
  • Specific time intervals e.g. between 3.00pm and 3.30, 3.30 and 4.00pm or between 4.oopm and 5.00pm.

Manual Dial Mode 

With the help of a manual dial mode in our VICIdial Custom Development solution, a call center representative dials a number from the preloaded list or by dialing manually. Preview leads before dialing in manual dial mode for better call handling. Sales employees must analyze a large amount of information before dialing a lead, prospect, or client. On the other end, power dialing is employed when agents need to contact larger databases in less time. 


Our experts at KingAsterisk Technology know the intuitive settings and configuration and that’s why taking our help in setting up this call center solution will result in better ROI. For more information about VICIdial Custom Development services, contact our team. We provide a free demo on Custom Product Development as well so you have a proper insight for your business. Reach out to us today!

Customization VICIdial Skins

How to Use Vicidial Theme Customization to Create a Modern Call Center

Did you know?An outwardly engaging call center can help specialist efficiency by 20%. 

In this blog, we will read about ViciDial Theme Customization. It opens the likelihood to make a ostensibly captivating and engaging contact center that stands separated and superior from the market. VICIdial has been generally utilized as a total dialer framework throughout the long term which is publicly released and goes about as an ideal call center suite. Call centers, organizations participating in market research or in event management frequently utilize the VICIdial as a Predictive Dialer to impel their business.

Why Customize Your ViciDial Theme?

Customized VICIdial plans permit your call center to mirror its exceptional character, establishing a long term connection with both specialists and clients. Businesses that use this software, often invest in building custom features to meet their day to day business needs. 

Usually, the best open source VoIP platforms are loaded with the industry’s best features, but still, some features might be missing if the open source system is not maintained proactively. One may also want to invest in ViciDial Theme Customization development to make the look and feel of the software better and easy to navigate.

Theme Modification

Theme modification is the most common way of fitting the look and feel of Vicidial’s UI to line up with your image personality and further develop the general client experience. Fitting call center style includes tailor made VICIdial appearance. It additionally makes it look interesting and phenomenal.

Getting Started with VICIdial Interface Personalization

Evaluate Your Call Center’s Requirements 

Before bouncing into ViciDial Theme Customization, it’s crucial to grasp your call community’s specific essentials. Recognize what parts of the default Vicidial interface need improvement and which highlights are basic for your tasks. This can truly help.

Select the Right Color and Branding Elements

The visual identity of your call center is very crucial for you to understand. Work with your chosen custom product development company to choose a color scheme and incorporate branding elements like logos and fonts. KingAsterisk Technology can be your trusted partner in this procedure. 

Customize the Login Page and Agent Interface

The login page is the first point of contact for your agents. You must get it customized to make a positive first impression. Furthermore, tailor the specialist point of interaction to improve specialist work processes. 

Execute Responsive Plan for Portable and Remote Access 

In the present versatile and remote workplaces, it’s significant to guarantee that your customized theme is responsive. Agents should be able to access Vicidial from various devices without any issues.

Test and Refine the Customized Theme

Thoroughly test the ViciDial Theme Customization to recognize any issues or irregularities. Accumulate criticism from your call center specialists and make refinements on a case by case basis to guarantee a consistent client experience.

Offer: Free Vicidial Installation

As a little bonus, KingAsterisk gives free Vicidial cost installation to send off your outing towards a fruitful call center. Our focus is mainly on making solutions affordable and convenient for you. 

Why Free Installation

Setting up another system can be overpowering, right? The free Vicidial installation isn’t just an assistance; it’s our way to deal with your call center adventure on the right note.

What’s Incorporated

Direction every step of the way

Our cultivated specialists will guide you through each step of the foundation cycle. Essentially clear and transparent talks to rapidly prepare you.

Troubleshooting Support

Assuming you run into any thumps on the way, we take care of you. Our help group is ready to deal with any issues that surface every minute of every day.

Optimized Configuration

We don’t simply introduce and leave. We’ll help with arranging your ViciDial Theme Customization structure for ideal execution. These are totally custom fitted to your specific necessities.

How to Avail the Free Installation:

It’s really straightforward. At the point when you pick KingAsterisk as your call center solutions accomplice, the free Vicidial installment comes as a feature of the bundle.

Benefits of ViciDial Theme Customization:

  • Enhanced user satisfaction through a tailored call center aesthetics.
  • Improved brand representation with personalized ViciDial Theme Customization designs.
  • Custom music for different campaigns.
  • Easy access from anywhere. 
  • Increased agent motivation with a creative call center theme that resonates.
  • Auto Dialing modes for various Missions. 
  • It tends to be utilized for various different tasks.


Ensure that your ViciDial theme customization lines up with your brand’s picture for a dependable and capable appearance. Pick striking ViciDial Theme Customization that line up with your huge necessities and make your representatives’ lives much more direct. 

Dependably screen execution, gather examination, and adjust to changing client needs and creative sorts of progress. Trust KingAsterisk Technology to guide you through the collaboration. Update your dialer work in call center knowledge with VICIDial Theme Customization today. Continuously remember, the journey to a remarkable call center begins with a custom fitted Subject. We will make your ViciDial interface stand separated from the group together!

Customization VICIdial Skins

Still Using Dialer Old Theme?

Welcome to a transformative journey that will revolutionize your call center operations! In a realm where customer interactions reign supreme, the key to unlocking your call center’s true potential lies in the heart of its user interface. Picture a world where your agents are empowered, your customers delighted, and your productivity soaring to new heights. 

Today, we invite you to embark on an extraordinary adventure with King Asterisk Technologies as we unveil the power of embracing a new skin for your Vicidial web UI. Bid farewell to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary – the future of your call center awaits!

User Interface that Wow

Agent Login

First impressions matter, and your Vicidial’s web UI is no exception. Say goodbye to the mundane and embrace the extraordinary!
Our innovative web UI skins breathe life into your call center operations, leaving a lasting impression on both agents and customers. With visually appealing designs, intuitive navigation, and striking color schemes, our skins ensure your call center stands out from the crowd.

Enhanced User-Friendly Navigation

Admin Dashboard

User experience is the key to unlocking productivity and efficiency. Our new Vicidial skins are meticulously crafted to optimize usability. Streamlined workflows, intuitive buttons, and simplified interfaces empower your agents to tackle calls with ease, reducing training time and ramping up productivity. Let your agents focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional service to your customers.

Seamless Integration

Worried about compatibility issues? Fear not! Our Vicidial skins are designed to flawlessly integrate with your existing setup. With a hassle-free installation process, your call center can undergo a stunning makeover in no time, without disrupting ongoing operations. Unleash the potential of your Vicidial system with a seamless transition to the new web UI skin.

Customization plus Branding

Campaign Management

One size doesn’t fit all, and we understand that! Our Vicidial skins offer a plethora of customization options, allowing you to tailor the web UI to align perfectly with your brand identity. Personalize the layout, color schemes, and branding elements to create a call center environment that reflects your organization’s unique personality.

Optimized Performance
Reports Management

Performance is the backbone of any thriving call center. Our Vicidial skins are optimized for speed and responsiveness, ensuring smooth and lag-free interactions. By reducing load times and enhancing system stability, our skins elevate your agents’ performance, enabling them to handle more calls and deliver top-notch customer service.


Agent Web

In a rapidly evolving industry, adaptability is the key to survival. Upgrading your Vicidial web UI with our cutting-edge skins positions your call center for future success. With regular updates and feature enhancements, King Asterisk Technologies guarantees that your call center will stay ahead of technological advancements and ever-changing customer expectations.


In a world where customer experience reigns supreme, embracing a new skin for your VICIdial web UI is not just an option; it’s a strategic imperativeKing Asterisk Technologies presents a compelling case for a refreshing makeover, elevating your call center to new heights of productivity, efficiency, and customer delight. Bid farewell to the old and embrace the new – the future of your call center awaits with our captivating VICIdial web UI skins!

Customization VICIdial Skins

Transforming Call Center Dynamics with Customization VICIdial Skins

At KingAsterisk, we understand the important role VICIdial plays in transforming call center works. Enhance your communication strategy with our exclusive VICIdial skins customization, where efficiency smoothly meets affordability.But that’s not all – we bring you an exclusive proposition! KingAsterisk Technologies is set to install and configure your VICIdial system at no cost, offering you not just a communication solution but a partnership that balances efficiency with affordability.

 Special Offer Alert!

KingAsterisk Technologies brings you a unique proposition – the installation and configuration of your VICIdial system come at absolutely no cost. Upgrade your communication with VICIdial and experience the perfect blend of efficiency and affordability.

VICIdial Theme Customization: Utilizing Power

VICIdial users, get ready to start a journey of transformation with our customization options. Customizing your VICIdial theme is akin to tailoring a suit – it fits better, feels personalized, and leaves a lasting impression. Imagine an interface designed to match your brand identity. VICIdial Theme Customization allows you to infuse your call center environment with a touch of uniqueness, creating an interface that not only looks good but works brilliantly. 

Branding VICIdial Skins

Transform your VICIdial appearance to reflect your brand essence. Branding VICIdial Skins is not just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic move to imprint your unique identity on every interaction. Our customization options goes beyond functionality, focusing on a brand-centric design that leaves a lasting impression.

Imagine a VICIdial interface that displays your logo, color palette, and design elements. Our customization options go beyond the surface, ensuring that every interaction your agents have with VICIdial becomes a branded experience. This level of customization extends to every facet of VICIdial, from the overall appearance to specific details like fonts and color schemes. 

User Interface Skinning for VICIdial: A Visual Delight

Wondering how color scheme customization can influence the overall mood of your call center environment? 

Provide your call center dialer agents a visually pleasing VICIdial interface that goes beyond functionality. With our VICIdial UI customization, we prioritize simplicity, ensuring agents navigate through tasks with an interface that feels familiar yet sophisticated. Our GUI  customization for VICIdial ensures a unique and engaging visual experience, enhancing productivity. 

Customizing VICIdial Appearance: Making It Yours

Personalize your VICIdial appearance to match your organizational identity. Whether you aim for a sleek and modern look or prefer a more classic design, our customized software development features allow you to tailor VICIdial to match your distinct style effortlessly. From logo integration to font choices, every detail contributes to a tailored and branded VICIdial. 

Ever wondered how a personalized VICIdial interface could enhance your agents’ productivity? 

Why Choose KingAsterisk for VICIdial Skins Customization?

Expertise in Skinning Options 

Our seasoned professionals bring years of experience in VICIdial theme customization, offering diverse options to suit your preferences.


Enhance your communication game without breaking the bank. Our customization services are not just efficient but also budget-friendly.

Quick Installation

Take advantage of our free installation and configuration services, ensuring a hassle-free setup for your call center.

Conclusion: Upgrade Your Team’s Communication Today

With KingAsterisk’s VICIdial theme customization, experience a tailored solution that suits your unique needs. Upgrade your VICIdial today and experience the transformation firsthand. By choosing KingAsterisk, you’re not just adopting a tool; you’re embracing a partnership that understands the balance between functionality and affordability. Seize this opportunity to uplift your communication strategy. The future of your call center begins with customization; take the leap today and watch your success grow!     

VICIdial Skins Customization
Customization VICIdial Skins

How Can VICIdial Skins Customization Elevate Your User Experience?

Welcome, dear readers, at KingAsterisk Technologies, we understand that the key to a smooth call center experience lies in the customization of your VICIDial interface. In this blog, we will learn about VICIDial skins customization and explore how it can transform your user experience.

Did you know we install and configure your VICIDial for free? 

Yes, you heard it right – because upgrading your communication game shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag.

Power of VICIDial Skins Customization

VICIDial theme customization goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about tailoring your call center interface to match your unique preferences and requirements. 

Personalizing Your Call Center UI

VICIDial theme customization empowers you to personalize your call center’s user interface, creating an environment that aligns with your brand identity and team culture. With this customization, you have the power to infuse your unique style into every click and call. 

The Art of Custom VICIDial Appearance

Say goodbye to generic interfaces. With custom VICIDial skins, you can give your platform a distinct look, making it stand out in the sea of conventional call center setups. When your agents enjoy working with a sleek and personalized interface, productivity naturally gets a boost.

Enhancing User Interface with Tweaks

Ever wished you could tweak certain aspects of your VICIDial interface to better suit your workflow? 

Small tweaks make a big difference. User interface tweaks for VICIDial let you fine-tune the details, ensuring that your agents have an interface that maximizes efficiency and minimizes distractions. 

Unleashing the Power of Branding

VICIDial branding options allow you to integrate your company’s branding elements seamlessly. Branding options allow you to seamlessly integrate your company’s logo, colors, and vibe into the interface. 

Flowing with the Layout

Tailored skins for VICIDial extend to layout customization, giving you the flexibility to arrange elements in a way that suits your workflow, enhancing overall productivity. 

Why Choose VICIDial? A Quick Fact Check

With features designed for maximum efficiency, it ensures your team stays connected effortlessly. KingAsterisk Technologies goes the extra mile by installing and configuring VICIDial for you at absolutely no cost. With our theme customization options, your interface becomes a reflection of your brand, creating a personalized user experience for your team. It’s something beyond a communication platform; It is your strategic partner in creating a communication network that is user-friendly, cost-effective, and effective.

Final Thoughts: Your VICIDial, Your Way

VICIDial skin customization emerges as a potent tool in call centers. Throughout this journey, KingAsterisk Technologies will ensure that your VICIDial experience reflects your distinctive vision.

Upgrade your communication game today with KingAsterisk Technologies – where efficiency meets affordability in the realm of VICIDial customization.

*Note: KingAsterisk Technologies offers free installation and configuration of VICIDial, making it a hassle-free experience for our clients.