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Improve your customer experience through an integrated IVR. It allows you to handle your voice menus and call flows from an intuitive online interface.

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What is an IVR Solution ?

IVR stands for Interactive voice response and it enables callers to interact with a computer-operated phone system that uses voice recognition and DTMF tones input via a keypad. Our service improves productivity and experience and allows you to interact with your customers and routes calls to the appropriate agent or department. It resolves customer queries by reaching your users through the call distribution by responding through a voice message.

Key Features

Some of the key features of our smart IVR systems so you create an amazing IVR customer experience.

Types of IVR


Single-level IVR

This is an automated structure that utilizes the Auto-Receptionist feature. It is the simple form of IVR, as you can only add one layer of IVR to connect an agent.


Multi-level IVR

In this type, you can add multiple layers of IVR to your call responses and maintain the flow of interaction. It expands the capability of the current Auto-Receptionist feature.

How Does It Work


Why Your Business Needs IVR Solution

It helps in managing Inbound call centers to reduce the cost of common sales, service, collections, inquiry, and support calls. It can provide numerous benefits for your small business.


Handle Large Call Volume

Our advanced multi-level IVR solution helps you to handle the high call volume. You don’t need to worry about losing leads.


Generate More Leads

With this solution, customer requirements can be easily prioritized thus ensuring more leads and customer loyalty.


Enhance Brand Image for your Business

It helps you to enhance your brand image and create different departments. It enables the callers to talk to experts as per the options selected from the offered menu.


Reduce Operational Cost

It replaces the customer service agents who answer the customer calls and direct them to the right agents. It reduces the operational cost involved in human resources.


Route Call to Right Agents

In any business, it is automatically assign customer calls to agents through skill-based and time-based routing.


Manage Inbound Calls Automatically

With this solution, automatically the caller connects with the right agents. Thus, all inbound calls manage automatically also after business hours.

Use Cases of IVR Solution


Better User Interaction

It can integrate with a CRM or database that can be used to collect and cancel booking information and keep customer’s details.


Time-based Call Routing

Time based call routing that commences with a personalised greeting and choice of services and it enables any time outreach for faster query resolution.


Virtual Receptionist

It works as a virtual receptionist when agents are not present. Can happen automatically management of inbound calls with pre-recorded messages with this solution.


Feedback Collection

This is the best way to collect customer’s feedback. Agents can connect the callers to an IVR post the completion of their calls to collect information.


24/7 Customer Support

You can enable faster and uninterrupted customer support for quicker query resolution by being available to your customers 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read out FAQ related to our IVR Solution. If any other question, than contact us.

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What is an IVR system function?

It makes use of DTMF which are basically the sounds that correspond to each key. It is configured by using the simple portal which allows for various options including recordings.

How can IVR help my company’s performance?

The customer experience is enhanced by answering all calls immediately, and the appropriate agent is connected seamlessly. Its increased performance through recording data insight, and report on calls enable analysis of the performance of every agent.

Which type of Industry is best suited for IVR?

Every type of industry has a use case for IVR technology, whether the business is big or small, startup or well-established, SMB or enterprise. It is best suited for small businesses that are trying to build a professional image and gain customer loyalty.

Why should businesses switch to IVR solutions?

With this solution, you can benefit from several features such as automated customer support, handling a large volume of calls, call routing, call tracking with IVR numbers, easy CRM integration, analytics and dashboard, and more.

What are the different types of IVR?

There are two types of IVR, Single level IVR and Multi level IVR.

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