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SoundBox Dialer

Boost your productivity and reduce per calling cost with our soundbox dialer solution. This is an ideal solution for call centers that handle large volumes of inbound calls.

  • Cost effective solution for call center
  • Increase your sales at lower investment
  • Connect with customers as a live agent by click on button
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What is a SoundBox Dialer ?

Kingasterisk’s sound box dialer works as a live agent. It ensures perfect quality sales pitch by using sound bites. Agents would just click from the soundboard and let the Sound Box Dialer do all the talking in perfect English. It allows you to create and play sound files.

Key Features

We provide some beneficial features. With help of these features you can easily use our sound box dialer and improve your business productivity.

How Does It Work?

It is a cost-effective solution for call centers located in countries such as the USA and UK. It reduces per calling cost in the call center and it is very easy to use. When the agent makes a call and the customer answers the call, the agent can communicate with the customer as a live agent by simply clicking on the voice button. Agents can also transfer call and customer details to another agent.

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Benefits of Kingasterisk’s SoundBox Dialer

Increase your business productivity by reducing your per calling cost. In modern times, international calling is very expensive. But you can reduce your calling cost by using our software.


Cost Effective Solution

It is a cost effective solution, which helps to increase productivity by reducing calling cost of your business.


Generates More Leads

You can generate continuously more leads by pressing the voice button and call transfer features with soundbox dialer.


Save Time of Live Agent

With a sound box dialer you can save your live agents’ time. They can easily generate and close leads by just clicking on a button.


Easily Manage Inbound and Outbound Calls

Agents can easily manage both inbound & outbound calls by soundbox dialer system.


Analyse of Agent’s Performance

You can easily analyse your agents’ performance by generating real-time reports.


Increase Your Business’s Sales

You can increase your business sales and productivity at lower calling cost by using our dialer software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read out FAQ related to our SoundBox Dialer. If any other question, than contact us.

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How can I reduce per calling cost with soundbox dialer?

Businesses are using call centers to increase their sales and calling cost is very high in many developed countries like the US. They open their call center in any other country where they feel the cost is less, so they can spend less on each call. These businesses use a soundbox dialer for agents to manage customers easily.

How does a soundbox dialer work?

It is the simple way to easily communicate with customers and generate leads. There are some voice buttons in the soundbox dialer. When agents do call and customers reply to their calls, agents do press the voice button. Thus, it works as a live agent.

Calls can be transferred in a soundbox dialer?

Yes, you can transfer calls in the soundbox dialer to another agent when the call is answered by a live person.

Why do businesses need a soundbox dialer?

It is a cost effective and easy solution for business. Because, soundbox dialer increases business’s productivity by reducing calling cost and generating more leads. So, businesses need a soundbox dialer to increase their business.

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