Are you looking to personalize your ViciDial admin and agent interface? Dialers are becoming increasingly popular these days. They have become a necessity for every call center as they smoothen the call center operations and help them align their business goals. At KingAsterisk Technology, we know the significance of altering your call center software to accommodate your requirements. It is one of the most well known contact center solutions that there is. 

Understanding ViciDial Skins

VICIdial, based on Asterisk and utilizing VoIP innovation, is a powerful platform for predictive dialing, call routing, and campaign management. Users can make certain that calls and emails are routed to agents who are best equipped to handle them by using skills-based routing and queue prioritization features. Agents can also switch between handling outbound and inbound calls when necessary. Along with the basic set of features that every contact center software should have, it also comes with added advanced functionalities. 

It is an open-source call center software suite designed to handle inbound and outbound calls and email and SMS campaigns. It is upheld by a wide range of gadgets, including electronic, android, and iOS gadgets. It is additionally adaptable to a wide range of organizations at little, medium, or bigger level. In any case, tweaking its look and feel can hoist client experience and efficiency. Other features include previewing leads before dialing, recording and listening to agent calls, sending dropped calls to available agents or a voicemail inbox, estimated hold times for inbound callers, remote-agent calling, multiple language support and more. 

Role of Themes in Vicidial

A skin is created when a widget is added to a form and modified. All the skins are organized by widgets under the skin tab. Themes in VICIdial refer to the visual appearance of the call center interface, including colors, fonts, icons, and layout. 

VICIDial Agent Custom Themes

VICIDial Agent offers a new and current focus on the call center interface, giving different customization choices to fit the product to explicit business needs. These subjects not just upgrade the stylish allure of the point of interaction yet additionally further develop convenience and usefulness. It eventually prompts a more effective and useful call center environment. 

Possibilities for Customization and Branding 

It offers broad customization choices, permitting call centers to fit the product to their particular brand character and prerequisites. The call center interface is given a cohesive and professional look thanks to individualized themes. It increases brand recognition and improves the overall customer experience.

Improved UI and Route All around 

Custom VICIDial Themes can essentially further develop the UI and route of the call community programming, making it simpler for specialists to get to data, handle calls, and perform tasks productively. Natural route and a reasonable design add to a more easy to understand and useful call center environment.

Integration with Tools and Advanced Features 

It can be incorporated with features and tools to improve call activities. These highlights might incorporate constant investigation, discourse examination, opinion examination, and joining with CRM systems. It gives agents important insights and apparatuses to convey outstanding client support.

ViciDial Admin Customization

1. Personalized Dashboards

Admins can customize dashboards to display key metrics and KPIs.

2. Queue Management

Customize queue displays for efficient call handling.

3. Constant Observing

Designer checking screens to focus on basic data.

ViciDial Agent Customization

1. Custom layouts and interactive voice response (IVR)

IVR makes agent workflows more manageable with intuitive interfaces

2. Campaign Management

Smoothed out management for outbound dialing and inbound call taking care of. 

3. Call Recording Choices

Tweak call recording settings for consistence and quality affirmation.

Importance of Modernizing Call Center Operations

It has become obvious now that call centers must continuously evolve to meet the changing needs and expectations of customers. Customers demand high quality coversation and issue resolvement these days. Modernizing call center operations is crucial for staying ahead of the competition for any kind of business. Plus it improves efficiency, and enhances customer satisfaction for them. 

Custom Music for Different Campaigns

It also comes with the option of custom music for every campaign that a call center is starting. Some campaigns have specific themes and require customers to stay engaged while the call is connecting or transferring to different agents. In such times, a custom music option helps by keeping customers busy and calm during the wait times.

Businesses get to select the music they want to play. Alternatively, they can also play some offers or wishes if their campaign demands that.

Improving User Experience for Agents

Modernizing call center operations with innovative VICIdial Theme Customization Services can significantly improve the user experience for agents. A visually appealing and intuitive interface makes it easier for agents to access information, handle calls, and navigate the software, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Easy Access from Anywhere

It gives you the option of accessing the software from anywhere as it is a web-based software that only requires a stable internet connection.

This flexibility allows agents to work from anywhere without any hassle or delay. It also helps a call center take every customer call and not miss out on any business. This flexibility also helps small businesses and startups that are in their initial phases and do not have an extensive staff as they can hire remote employees that work from their locations and provide benefits to the business like they were present in the office premises.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

A modern and streamlined call center operation is essential for delivering exceptional customer service. Innovative Services can help call centers provide a more seamless and professional experience for customers, leading to higher satisfaction levels and improved customer retention.

Auto Dialing Modes for Different Campaigns

It is a call center software that has the functionality of a dialer. It can help call centers choose a dialing mode and a call ratio to call their customers and ensure that agents work to their maximum potential.

Such automated dialing modes call one number after the other and help increase the productivity of the outbound campaign and gain more customers for the business. Call centers can choose from calling customers one by one manually to broadcasting a message to thousands of customers in one go, whatever fits their purpose better.

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

By modernizing call center operations with innovative VICIDial Theme Customization Services, call centers can streamline processes, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency and productivity. A well-designed interface can simplify tasks, automate repetitive processes, and provide agents with the tools they need to succeed.

Real-Time Campaign Display Screens

It can run multiple campaigns together, making it difficult at times to keep track of them all manually. Hence, there is a feature that displays real-time campaigns to better monitor and control these campaigns.

The real-time analysis also gives the senior management insight into how far along the campaign is and how good it is doing. Hence, this display of campaigns helps in the overall management of the call center and the goals it plans on achieving.


We understand that a single minute is essential for you too. Therefore we provide support and services right after confirmation of the issue from you. Ready to elevate your experience with customized skins? Contact us at KingAsterisk Technology for personalized solutions that maximize your call center’s potential. We provide consultation, installation and configuration of VICIDIAL. 

Our expert team can solve all the problems within a fixed time to help and save your time. They can customize the solution or add additional functionality as per your requirement, and they are available at your comfort time for discussion. Unlock the power of asterisk with tailored interfaces that suit your unique needs.

Remember, your ViciDial setup should reflect your business’s personality and optimize efficiency. Custom skins are the key to achieving this, empowering your agents and administrators to excel. Don’t believe us? Try the Custom VICIdial software yourself and see the change in your call center operations. Our dedicated support team is always available for assistance and gives support to your solution.

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