Did you know that organizations utilizing Custom ViciDial experience up to a 30% expansion in Call Center Performance?

At KingAsterisk Technology, we know the beat of the call center industry, and that is the reason we’re here to reveal insight into how Custom ViciDial can upgrade your call center activities.

Understanding ViciDial

If you’re in the business of managing calls, you’ve probably heard the buzz about ViciDial, and let me tell you, the hype is well-deserved. Imagine a tool that predicts when your agents will be available to take the next call. That’s ViciDial’s predictive dialing feature at play. It enhances your call center’s productivity by ensuring specialists are locked in precisely when they should be.

ViciDial, an open-source call center solution, is the foundation of numerous effective call centers around the world. It provides a comprehensive solution for both inbound and outbound call centers with features like predictive dialing, call routing, and CRM integration. ViciDial has you covered when it comes to handling incoming inquiries and communicating with potential customers.

Tailoring ViciDial to Your Needs

Every business is unique, and so are its requirements. ViciDial’s customization permits us to take apart your particular necessities, guaranteeing that the last arrangement adjusts impeccable with your functional objectives. With ViciDial customization, you get control over the features that matter most to your business. 

Custom ViciDial development allows you to fine-tune the system according to your unique requirements, providing a personalized touch to your call center setup. As your business develops, your intelligent software solution develops with you, adjusting easily to new difficulties and demands.

Turning Complexity into Simplicity: ViciDial Customization at Its Best.

Enhanced Agent Performance

With ViciDial customization, we fine-tune agent workflows to match your business processes seamlessly. Custom ViciDial gives real-time analytics, offering a preview of call measurements, reaction times, and transformation rates. This significant feedback circle enables your representatives to refine their methodology on the fly.

Competitor lists, identifications, and well disposed contests infuse a portion of fun into the work environment, driving inspiration and empowering sound rivalry among your representatives. Features like automated call scheduling and reminders enable agents to prioritize tasks effectively, ensuring they make the most out of every minute of their workday.

Cloud-Based Dialing: The Future of Call Centers

Did you know that customized setups are not just for today but for your future growth? 

With cloud-based dialing, your agents can work from anywhere, ensuring productivity isn’t tied to a specific location. ViciDial’s cloud solution gives adaptability as well as guarantees openness from anyplace, empowering your group to work productively even in a distant arrangement.

These arrangements mean you just compensation for what you use, enhancing your spending plan without settling on execution. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, cloud-based dialing scales with your requirements, ensuring you’re always equipped to handle growth.

Your Call Center, Your Rules: The Power of Custom ViciDial.

ViciDial Setup Made Simple

Setting up ViciDial is a straightforward process. We’ll direct you through the configuration, guaranteeing each element is advanced to match your call center’s novel requests. Let’s dive into the essentials:

Step 1: Installation

Start by downloading the ViciDial ISO from the official website. Follow the installation instructions provided, making sure to select the appropriate options for your call center’s needs. 

Step 2: Configuration

Once installed, access the ViciDial administration panel. Configure the basic settings such as time zones, languages, and system preferences to align ViciDial with your operational requirements.

Step 3: User Management

Efficient call center operations rely on well-defined user roles. Assign specific roles to your agents and administrators’ user accounts based on their responsibilities. This guarantees a solid and coordinated climate for overseeing calls and framework settings.

Step 4: Campaign Setup

Campaigns are the heart of outbound call centers. Set up campaigns custom-made to your business targets. Characterize calling hours, script layouts, and lead records to smooth out your outbound calling processes. ViciDial’s adaptability permits you to redo missions to match your extraordinary necessities.

Step 5: Integration with CRM

Enhance data flow and customer interactions by integrating ViciDial with your CRM system. This step guarantees a consistent trade of data between the two stages, giving a 360-degree perspective on client collaborations for your representatives.

Step 6: Testing

Before going live, conduct comprehensive testing to ensure all features are working seamlessly. Test inbound and outbound calls, agent functionalities, and campaign configurations. Identify and resolve any issues to guarantee a flawless performance when your call center is in full operation.

Step 7: Ongoing Support

At KingAsterisk Technology, we’re not just about setup – we’re committed to your ongoing success. Our support team is prepared to help with any inquiries or difficulties you might experience during your ViciDial venture. Go ahead and connect for convenient help and direction.


Embrace Custom ViciDial development to witness a shift in your call center’s performance. We at KingAsterisk Technology are determined to help you navigate this change.

Investigate the vast potential outcomes of ViciDial customization with KingAsterisk Innovation. Reach out to us for a free demo and further details. We look forward to helping you. 

Here’s to powering your call center software here’s to the future – the future you shape with every call.

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