The average sales representative, according to sales statistics, makes 52 calls each day and spends 15% of that time leaving voicemails. This basically translates to one agent in a typical sales team wasting thirty-six hours of time a month. Since this is a total waste of time and resources, a call center will suffer a great deal from this.

Dialer in a Call Center is the name of the solution KingAsterisk Technologies has developed for this issue. We will discuss what it is, how it operates, and the features and functions it has in this blog. 

In a call center, what is a dialer?

Contact centers utilize programming known as a dialer to facilitate the outbound calling technique. It calls telephone numbers naturally with an end goal to amplify specialist time and proficiently connect them with live possibilities. The Call Center Dialer can definitely change your contact center’s call handling conventions. It has been shown that dialer in a call center might lessen call abandonment by 90% and improve efficiency by 30% by and large. 

 Dialer Types:

1. Predictive Dialers

It is the most sophisticated type of dialer for call centers. Because it dials numbers quickly, it is also known as a speed dialer. Predictive dialers, which are revolutionizing outbound calling, use algorithms to forecast agent availability and modify the dialing rate appropriately. It can produce a forecast ratio that shows the typical customer pick-up and dialing times. Based on it, it phones several numbers and calculates a predicted dialing ratio. 

It is the only dialer in a call center that connects with customers by calling several lines at once. Additionally, it is capable of identifying busy tones, answering machines, unreachable numbers, etc., and determines the next available phone number slot and places a call to a live person based on that. By guaranteeing that your workers are connected to live calls, KingAsterisk’s predictive dialer solutions maximize their talk time.

2. Automatic Dialers In A Call Centers:

It’s among the simplest kinds of dialers that we offer. Auto dialers save agents from manual calling efforts by automatically contacting numbers from a preloaded list while providing a hands-free approach. It bides its time till an agent concludes a current call. This dialer in a call center pulls the number from the list and calls it automatically as soon as the agent gives the signal. The representative will wait for the caller to answer while listening to the dial tone, phone ringing, etc. Should the customer be unreachable, the entire procedure will be carried out again for the subsequent number. For outbound missions, our auto dialer technology ensures a smooth and powerful calling process.

3. Inbound Dialer In A Call Center:

While active dialers center around connecting, inbound dialers handle getting calls and course them to the legitimate specialists for a brief reaction. You might tweak good tidings, prompts, and menus with the utilization of Inbound Dialers’ IVR framework component to ensure that calls are rapidly and effectively steered to the right division. This eliminates the requirement for a few exchanges and the disappointment that could once in a while emerge for clients thus. Dialer in a call center require highlights like CTI Screenpop, adjustable call lines, callback updates, prearranging, and ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Examining And Selecting Dialer Selections:

Because it can raise certain KPIs, predictive dialing is generally regarded as the finest dialer in a call center. There is always the possibility to automatically or manually adjust the predictive dialing tempo to lessen the negative effects of predictive dialing, even though there is a danger of an increase in the rate of abandoned and dropped calls. 

This might not always be the case, though. Every dialer at a call center has advantages and disadvantages of their own. Thus, a dialer may be the finest dialer in a call center based on the demands of the organization, the goals to be targeted, and the campaign’s nature.

Crucial Components of Dialing Solutions In A Call Center:


Allow your clients to take care of basic phone tasks on their own and determine what they require in order to get more specialized help.

Real-Time Interaction and Behavioral Counseling

KingAsterisk Technology eases the burden of agents by teaching them how to use soft skills to answer customers on every call. Using behavioral coaching, which keeps an eye on a range of agent behaviors, supervisors can spot patterns for effective coaching.

Artificial Intelligence-driven Virtual Assistants

Use virtual assistants to automate routine, basic queries or use chatbots to automatically acquire context before handing off a conversation to an agent fully informed.

Caller ID Display

Whether it be an outbound or an inbound call. If the data of the caller exists in the server or any of the integrated office applications using CTI, a caller popup can be displayed that will help identify the caller or receiver before connecting the call. This significantly improves the chances of the call being a success.

Prebuilt reports

Get the information you need on agent performance and the customer experience with the most important and targeted predefined reports like AHT, FCR, and more.

CRM integrations

Collect data from your homegrown CRM or any other external backend application using open APIs to enrich messages with customer information like background information, purchase history, open tickets, etc.

Boosting Call Center Productivity:

Without dialers in a call center, there would have been a significant amount of downtime because it takes a while to key in numbers and place calls. Thanks to intelligent software solutions like autodialers, agents can save a tonne of time and effort by not having to manually dial calls. Furthermore, dialers in a call center can filter out busy lines, voicemails, and disconnected numbers, so calls are only sent to agents when a real person answers. 


When it comes to giving clients the cloud contact center software they require to continuously provide outstanding customer experiences, KingAsterisk Technology leads the industry. We plan to upgrade client experience and smooth out organization by giving a consistent, coordinated set of arrangements that cover the range of contact center management specialties like customer interaction and many more. 

You can read our other articles, which carefully describe the situation on each dialer in a call center and its best use cases, as well as thinking about the counsel here. You can also do an experimental autodialing campaign using two campaigns and the same lead to get the best results. Contact our expert staff with any questions or concerns.

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