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VoIP Billing Software

VoIP billing software helps in automated billing and collection processes. It helps in handling all billing processes of your business.

  • Powerful, Secure, Reliable and Advanced Billing System
  • Update Business Financial History Automatically
  • Effectively Manage and Properly Bill the VoIP Usage
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What is a VoIP Billing Software ?

VoIP billing software helps VoIP businesses to manage their business efficiently. They assist in client management, reporting, automated billing and payment processes. It provides you various reports like charging, payment, call data records etc. The billing software included comprehensive call rates, discounts, billing for call usage, prepaid and postpaid VoIP services.

Key Features

Businesses can configure the rate with any desired data and can be calculated as per rate for a country or using individual long distance dialing patterns. Here are some features of our billing software.

How Does It Work?

Our VoIP billing software generates invoicing and bills. We provide Admin, Agent and Customer portals with our billing software. Our billing software is a fully featured solution for managing all billing activities. Watch our demo of billing software and how it works.

Benefits of Kingasterisk’s VoIP Billing Software

VoIP billing software offer some benefits, which increase the importance of VoIP and VoIP Billing solutions for your business.


Quickly Generate Invoice

Our billing software allows you to create invoices in a few seconds and it’s quite easy to manage.


Easily Manage Business Operations

Our billing system allows you to create and send an invoice to the customers and easy for you to keep track of reminders.


Easy to Fetch Reports

You can easily generate reports for prepaid or postpaid accounts. These all reports help businesses to increase productivity.


Save Resources

You can take advantage of our advanced billing system as well as you will save all resources otherwise invested to take care of billing.


Instant Payments

You can accept online and offline payments by multiple payment gateways with Our accurate billing software.


Increase ROI

VoIP billing software solutions reduce expenses and increase revenues, which result in a clear increase in ROI.


Admin Portal



Admin dashboard shows all activities of the billing process and it displays different information related to accounts, system and call etc. Agent and customer details are also included in the admin dashboard.



Users can get their customer’s all calling details and provide that details to the customer. So, if the customer has some issue in billing, then with help of this report they can easily solve their issues.


Customer Records

Users can keep all customer’s records like, Account number, Last Name, Group, Plan, Status, Login etc, which you can see in the above screenshot. We provide other options like, edit, mail delete etc. You can also add new customers from here.


Agent Portal



Agent dashboard shows all customer’s details and it also displays other details like, account, customers, signup, billing, report and support etc.


CDR Report

Agents can search for a specific customer’s calling report of specific time. They can search the report of the customer by entering customer ID and date/ time.

Customer Portal



We also provide a customer dashboard, which customers can view their account details, plans, calls, history, reports. They can also view their invoices and calling reports.


Call History

Customers can view their call history by this dashboard. They can also get reports of specific data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read out FAQ related to our VoIP Billing Solution. If any other question, than contact us.

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Can I easily manage the rate in the billing system?

Manage rates are very easy, updating and changing termination rates, importing rate sheets can be done quickly in billing a solution.

VoIP Billing System supports Multi Languages?

Yes, the VoIP billing system does support Multi Languages.

How currency conversion works in Billing software?

Currency conversion works automatically and effectively in billing software, all is automatic, nothing needs to be done manually.

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