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Increase your business productivity and reduce manual dialing through our call center dialer software and you can handle more customer calls in less time for high volume with our leading call center dialer software.

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What is a Call Center Dialer ?

A call center dialer is an outbound dialer software that processes the dialing of numbers in call centers. Call center dialer makes the work of call center agents easier by eliminating many manual tasks. A call center dialer connects the customer to either an IVR or to a live call center representative, thereby increasing the call connect ratio and agent talk time. These days, there are many options for call center dialers like Predictive Dialer, Power Dialer, Auto Dialer, Progressive Dialer and Preview Dialer. Intelligent call center dialers automate the calling process and bring in the touch of analytics and data, which enhance call center efficiency and improve agent productivity.

Key Features

We added all features in our call center, which is very important for managing the calling and activity process of the dialer and it is very necessary to increase your agent’s productivity. So, here we discuss our added important features.

How Does It Work?

Call centers use dialers to automate the process of dialing numbers. When dialing numbers from contact lists, call dialers can detect invalid numbers, busy signals and disconnected lines, as well as identify whether the call has been answered by a real person or an answering machine. Watch a video of our call center dialer and see how it works.

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Modes of Call Center Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer is an outbound dialer system that automatically dials numbers from a contact list as soon as the call connects  and transfers the call to the available agent once connected. It’s start dialing before the agent’s call gets over to reduce the idle time and this type of dialer calls multiple numbers at the same time and uses algorithms and machine learning to maximize efficiency. In addition, it increases the efficiency of a call center by reducing agent idle time and maximizing their time on call.

Auto Dialer

An auto dialer is a software tool that automatically dials telephone numbers from a list. Agents generally use auto-dialing in outbound call centers for sales or service calls. Automated dialing for call campaigns has long been a popular lead generation tactic. Auto dialer saves loads of time for agents allowing them to focus more on each customer interaction, reduce agent idle time, increase talk time and improve the overall operation efficiency of outbound call centers.

Power Dialer

Power dialer works by connecting agents only to calls that are answered by people and when a number is unattended, busy or disconnected, the power dialer instantly moves to the next one. Thus, it maintains an effective calling efficiency by automatically dialing one contact right after another. Unlike a predictive dialer that dials numbers before an agent becomes available, a power dialer proceeds to the next call only after the current call is terminated.

Preview Dialer

Preview dialer empowers the agents by giving them a quick information update about the next contact which allows them to prepare before placing the call. The agent can then either choose to place the call by clicking the call button or skip it and move on to the next number. Agents can view all details of the contact in the CRM like previous interactions, sale transactions, and frequent issues.

Progressive Dialer

Progressive dialers dial the customer number only when the agent from the previous call becomes available. If the agent is not present, then it stops calling. This way, agents no longer have to manually dial telephone numbers, leading to an increase in connection efficiency while optimizing your agent’s talk time and this type of dialer can improve productivity significantly by removes the wait time between calls.

How Call Center Dialer Can Increase Your Business

In modern times, call center dialer is very helpful software for the calling process. Because it eliminates manual dialing and allows automatic dialing. Call centers can increase their productivity and sales by generating more leads. But more lead generation is not possible through manual dialing. Thus, the call center dialer plays a very important role in the success of call centers. Let’s discuss more benefits of call center dialer.

Generates More Leads

The businesses use call center dialers as a robust tool to generate more leads. This software reduces agent talk time, it becomes easier for telemarketers to interact.

Improved Operational Efficiency 

Call center dialer implementation means no more manual dialing. Call center dialer enables agents to connect with more calls. Thus, it improves agent’s efficiency.

Reduces Errors due to Manual Dialing

Manual dialing holds chances of minor errors that may lead to severe issues. While the dialer eliminates manual dialing and also reduces the errors caused by it.

Lower Operational Costs

While dialer can fuel greater sales, the lower costs to the call center are just as appealing. For this, predictive dialers engage effectively with the strongest leads with less operational cost.

Increase Agent Productivity

When agents don’t waste time dialing numbers, they get more done. They spend more time on sales calls, which increase their productivity.

Create a Better Customer Experience

Call center dialers create a better customer experience by eliminating manual dialing and effectively connecting agents with more calls.

Agent Portal


Login Screen

We provide an attractive login page in agent portal that requires agent identification and authentication, agents regularly performed by entering a username and password combination.


Main Dashboard

We also provide an agent dashboard for calling. Available many options in this dashboard like, script, form, email, internal chat and customer chat. Agents also can view customer’s details when they call.

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What To Consider Factors Before Choosing A Dialer


Type of Call Center Process

Your agents to generate leads through outbound dialing or agents nurture and close leads in the specific time frame? Need different types of dialer for these both processes.


Number of Agents

If you have a large to a mid-size call center with a fairly good number of agents and a large list of contacts to reach out to, then you should choose that type of dialer to list to filter for qualified leads.


Type of Lead Source

This factor plays an important role while designing a campaign. So, If you are investing huge amounts in lead generation then should choose a dialer as per needs is required to ensure that no lead is wasted.


Type of Customers or Prospects

Perfectly understanding customer behavior and their needs is very important before choosing a call center dialer. As a wrong dialer can take a toll on your business and hit your bottom-line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read out FAQ related to our call center dialer service. If any other question, than contact us.

For More Questions

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How can dialer software help my business grow?

Call Center Dialer software has a variety of features that can help a business grow, including the ability to automatically dial phone numbers and connect with potential customers. It saves businesses time and money while improving customer satisfaction.

Which types of dialer software do you provide?

We provide Predictive Dialer, Auto Dialer, Power Dialer, Progressive Dialer and Previous Dialer.

Are you provide call center dialer in multiple language?

Yes, we provide our dialer in 20+ languages like Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Indonesian, Philippines, Italian etc.

How many contacts can I dial at a time?

There is no limit on the number of contacts you can dial using an dialer software.

Is dialer software right for my business?

If you are looking for any solution to improve customer satisfaction, increase agent productivity, and save time and money, then dialer software may be a good fit for your business. Our dialer software is an expert who can help you make an informed decision.

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