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DID Management Software

DID management software attributes inbound phone calls to their sources and gives you detailed attribution for all your inbound call traffic. Maximize the value of every caller with Kingasterisk’s software.

  • Enhance the Caller Experience
  • Automatically track and log sales calls
  • Monitor real-time employee call logs with our software
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What is a DID Management Software ?

DID management software is the simplest way to convert more by optimizing your customer journey. You can measure effectiveness and boost revenue by detailed attribution. It makes it easy for companies to streamline campaigns for more high-quality leads. You can understand where your best leads are coming from through call tracking. You can also forward your all inbound calls and manage DID.

Key Features

Check out the features of this software that you should consider while searching for an excellent system.

How Does It Work?

DID management software uses dynamic number insertion to assign a unique phone number to each marketing campaign. Our system records certain information about who calls your business and which marketing campaign they were responding to. Call tracking is a simpler process than many people are led to believe. Watch a video of our this software and see how it works.

Benefits of Kingasterisk’s Solution

If you’re a small business owner seeking to enhance your visibility and regain control over your calls, then use our call tracking software. Here are some benefits call tracking can offer.


Improves Lead Generation

You can improve lead generation by call tracking software. This system enables you to identify the exact source of the call.


Improve ROI

You can easily track missed calls. Thus, you can improve return on investment with call tracking software.


Determine Peak Call Hours

Call tracking software allows you to record exactly when calls are made to your company and more efficiently schedule work hours for your staff.


Better Target Your Marketing

You can determine exactly where they live with call tracking software. It can allow you to produce more targeted advertising to reach customers.


Manage Your Staff

Call tracking gives you the ability to record the calls, which helps to more successfully manage your call center staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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For More Questions

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How can I track a phone number?

By using virtual numbers with every campaign, you’ll be easily able to track the source of the call.

What information can I collect from using call tracking?

You can collect data such as, caller’s location, the duration of the call, the date and time of the call, whether it is a unique or duplicate call lead, in-depth reporting to why the call was accepted or rejected, and key demographics.

How can call tracking help with my marketing decisions?

Call tracking gives you a view of your marketing strategy by connecting your online efforts with your multi-channel marketing activities. You can use caller data for better ad targeting, boost traffic by shifting resources based on real-time call data.

Can I customize the caller experience?

We offer a variety of ways that you can create a custom caller experience, delivering customizable features such as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and incoming call greeting recordings per call channel.

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