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Our voice broadcasting software emerges as a game-changer, redefining the art of audience engagement. With a mere click, businesses can harness its capabilities to connect with a diverse audience, delivering notifications, alerts, enticing offers, impactful announcements, insightful surveys, and much more.

  • System Based on Latest Technology
  • Capable of Handling Huge Traffic
  • Easily Record the Customer Responses by IVR
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What is a Voice Broadcasting Software ?

A Voice Broadcasting Software is a specialized tool that automates the process of sending pre-recorded voice messages to a large number of recipients simultaneously. It serves as a powerful communication solution that allows businesses, organizations, and individuals to deliver important messages, notifications, announcements, offers, surveys, and more through voice interactions.

Key Features

With a comprehensive set of features, this software empowers you to effortlessly create, schedule, and dispatch automated phone calls to your entire contact list in one go.

How Does It Work?

Our voice broadcast software stores and maintains a phone list database and a list of digitized phone messages. It helps you blast unlimited voicemails to unlimited numbers very quickly. Voice broadcasting is a direct and timely way to communicate with your customers and audiences. Watch a video of our voice broadcasting software and see how it works. If you want to watch live demo of our dialer, then click here:

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Benefits of Kingasterisk’s Voice Broadcasting Service

Our voice broadcasting solution increases the level of personalization and engagement. There are some benefits to adopting the voice broadcasting solution for your business.


Affordable Services

Voice broadcasting is a cost-effective and affordable solution for generating large volumes of calls. It is a modern platform that allows for thousands of calls to be placed for a lower cost.


Reach a Wider Audience

Using Kingasterisk’s voice broadcasting is a more preferred way of reaching your target large audience.


Convenient & Flexible

You can simply use an online interface to create, schedule and make automated phone calls and easily create different lists of people and send personalized messages to each one.


Improves Communication

Voice broadcasting can transfer emotion into the message. It can connect with customers and maybe even reinforce an idea that you want to communicate through your campaign. Thus, you can improve communication with customers.


Saves Time and Money

Voice broadcasting saves time and money because it doesn’t require individuals to manually call customers one by one.


Powerful Features

Businesses use broadcasting to call customers directly because there are multiple & powerful features available.

Use Cases of Voice Broadcasting Software


Feedback & Surveys

Conduct seamless surveys and gather feedback from your valued customers by using our voice broadcasting. It may be used for polls, urgent messages, and welcome or thank you notes.


Promotions & Offers

Use Voice Broadcasting software for coupons, seasonal discounts, offers, discount codes and customer benefits to drive customer traffic and sales.


Employee Communication

Voice broadcast services are a great way every time you have job openings, sales, new product launches or offers etc. You can send corporate announcements with our service.


Reminders and Updates

Reminder and update notifications is a common use of voice broadcasting software. It is used to alert students of upcoming fee payments, exam schedules, and appointments.


Lead Generation

Use voice broadcasting and add another layer of engagement with your valued users. It’s the most cost-effective approach to create mature and qualified leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read out FAQ related to our voice broadcasting software. If any other question, than contact us.

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Can I schedule a voice broadcasting campaign?

Yes, you can do it. Our software also has a customizable time group option that you can use to run your campaign according to your business hours.

Is voice broadcasting legal?

Yes, Voice broadcasting is legal for numbers that opt to receive automated calls from you.

How do I set up a voice broadcasting service?

Our dashboard makes things quite simple. You can easily upload an audio message and a list of contacts. Then, either go about the broadcasting right away or schedule it according to your requirement.

Who should use Voice Broadcasting?

Any business that needs to communicate with large numbers of customers and employee groups can use voice broadcasting.

How can I quickly send messages to my customers?

You can send hundreds of thousands of messages out per hour as per your requirement using our advanced broadcasting system.

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