Voice Broadcasting Software

What is Voice Broadcasting? Example, Benefits, Core Features

Traditional solutions like emails, SMS, etc. are no longer returning effective results. The reason is these modes of communication lack personalization. Voice broadcasting Solution has gained wide acceptance across most service delivery firms since the turn of the millennium. It allows a company to cost effectively reach a wide audience in a comparatively short period of time with remarkable success.

In a contact center, speed of delivery of service can make all the difference between success and failure. Since companies today have a huge CRM or customer database, generating personalized sales pitches and delivering a strong message to each individual separately on the list is a logistical challenge. A feature rich voice broadcasting software solution is a great tool that can help in reaching more clients and engaging them. Even if auto-dialers are used, it would still take time. 

What Is A Voice Broadcasting System? 

Voice notification system allows a company to send messages to as many customers or subscribers as it wants almost simultaneously. It is a VoIP based solution that lets users upload a voice message or use text to speech converter to create a voice message. It can manage a call database. It can also read digital messages between a company and its customers maintained in a customer database. The intelligent voice broadcasting system can send similar or personalized messages to various customers and prospects. This voice message is then sent automatically to all selected contacts as a voice call. 

The messages could range from a sales pitch or reminders for seasonal discounts or promotional offers to reminders and updates about renewal of subscription and cold calling new leads. There could be many more applications like conducting basic market surveys or employee surveys, opinion polls or confirmation calls to the customer about renewal or issuance of a service.

Whenever a customer attends the call, he or she will listen to this voice message. There are different types of audio broadcasting solutions available on the market. That can send simple to dynamic and interactive voice messages.

Two different voice broadcasting systems are generally used to nurture leads. It could either be by sending a prerecorded message that can be played on the recipient side. The recipient can also interact by either pressing buttons on the phone keypad and being guided through a phone menu or directly speaking to a voice agent without having to place a call separately. The other could be to send bulk messages to answering machines with the expectation that the recipient calls back.

How Does A Broadcast System Work? 

Your phone rings, and you start with a ‘Hello’, expecting a human on the other side of the call. Before you could ask, ‘Who is this?’. A pre-recorded robotic voice overtakes your speech with a reminder to pay your phone bills before their upcoming due date. 

These automated voice calls and text-to-speech audio messages reach thousands of other people like you at the same time. This is exactly what we are talking about today – the technology of Voice Broadcasting System. 

Your application calls

    Your application calls a list of phone numbers from a database. If you have provisioned local numbers from APIs, your call recipients will see local numbers as the caller ID, regardless of the location from which you initiated the call.

    Call recipients hear your message

      Individuals answer the phone and hear a pre-recorded or text-to-speech message. Text-to-speech messages can also include information that has been personalized for each recipient. If no one answers, or if we detect that voicemail has answered, your application can retry the call or leave a voice message (depending on your business logic).

      Call recipients can respond

        If you request feedback, individuals can respond to an IVR menu or record an audio response.

        You can run reports

          You can gain actionable insights by generating reports about your campaigns from our dashboard or your own application using our Management APIs.

          What are the key features of voice broadcasting?

          Live Call Status

          Using the Live calls dashboard, team managers can see at-a-glance all ongoing calls, listen in on agent conversations, and join calls when agents need support or escalation. 

          The Live calls dashboard contains the following information for each live call 

          • The agent on the call
          • The group the agent belongs to
          • The call type (inbound or outbound)
          • The caller number
          • The ticket related to the call
          • The call duration


          This feature allows you to personalize your messages for each recipient individually. Names and other relevant details of the customer or prospect can be inserted into the valid fields in an otherwise generic message. This can be done by importing the contacts from the call log or message list.

          CDR Reports 

          CDR refers to a call detail record, which provides information about calls made through a phone service. A CDR report can offer businesses call data about where, when, and how calls are made for reporting and billing purposes. A CDR provides metadata – data about data – on how a specific phone number and/or user is utilizing the phone system. 

          This metadata typically includes

          • When the call took place (date and time)
          • How long the call lasted (in minutes)
          • Who called whom (source and destination phone numbers)
          • What kind of call was made (inbound, outbound, toll-free)
          • How much the call cost (based on a per-minute rate)

          Recording separate messages for different live calls or answering machines

          An intelligent voice broadcasting system can be programmed to understand the difference between a live recipient and an answering machine. That means, a live person would receive one particular message while an answering machine would receive a slightly different message, like requesting the recipient to call back at an appropriate time.

          Campaign Records

          From the Campaign performance dashboard you can track the impact of your broadcast campaigns. The data in this report is refreshed as soon as it has been received and processed by Ometria. If you select an individual broadcast campaign from the list at the bottom of this screen you can view analytics per campaign. Once a campaign is live, you also get to track how many messages were sent, delivered and read by your chatbot users. 

          Interactive voice response

          This system also allows you to feed personalized messages to an outbound IVR system which can not only play the recorded message at the destination but can also interact with the receiver of the message by recording the inputs from a DTMF keypad or by connecting them to a live agent. An IVR voice broadcasting system allows the company to collect crucial customer information and insight for further lead generation.

          Carriers Record

          Carrier current broadcasting is a way to transmit a radio signal through the electrical wiring of a building (or in the case of a college campus, several connected buildings). This type of broadcasting doesn’t require an FCC license, because you are not transmitting over-the-air. These recordings can be used to monitor calls, analyze customer interactions, or investigate issues if needed. 

          Opt-out messages

          Voice broadcasts come with an opt-out option in accordance with the FTC telemarketing sales rules. This is a feature that has been developed to counter the perception that voice broadcasting is an intrusive medium. It is similar to the ‘unsubscribe’ option recipients of marketing emails are given.

          Live call transfer

          Voice broadcast messages also give the recipients the option to connect with a live agent in case they have queries regarding the message. This allows instantaneous lead generation and also higher chances for lead conversion.

          Scheduling control 

          A voice broadcast system gives you the flexibility of choosing the time when the voice blast should be disseminated, choose the duration of the total effort or even select the end time of the campaign. This means constant monitoring of the system is not required and makes the system more intuitive.

          What are the advantages of a voice broadcast?

          If you are still in doubt that it might not be that effective, then we have six reasons to share that prove that a voice broadcasting solution is the best tool to reach your clients.

          Quick To Set Up

          A voice messaging solution can be set up with ease because it is generally available as software or a web based application. In fact, your software or service provider will set up the system for your business along with all the right configurations, so you can leverage the best advantages of running a voice broadcasting campaign. Thus, you will have more time to focus on reaching clients rather than managing setup and related intricacies.


          Sending voice calls separately to thousands of individuals on a customer database will be very expensive because pulse rates for voice calls are extremely high. A voice blast allows you to reach many different recipients at a very nominal cost. So, even if there is no new lead generation or conversion, the wastage of resources is negligible.

          Simple To Use

          The development companies that build an audio broadcasting solution put a lot of resources into designing the best user interface to deliver exceptional user experience. Thus, a majority of these solutions are completely easy to use and effective. It provides a graphical user interface with clear labels and easy to navigate menus. This helps in enjoying all features with ease. Moreover, now you and your team can pay more attention to designing better and personalized campaigns instead of juggling with different features of the software.


          This feature allows you to scale up or down your marketing effort easily. There is hardly any difference in cost of a message sent to a single recipient or to multiple recipients.

          Verifies If A Customer Is Reached Or Not

          In many cases, it is difficult to gauge whether a message has reached the customer or not, but with this broadcasting system, it can be easily verified. The reports will provide details of whether a message was reached to the destined customer or not. Moreover, it will also show whether your message was heard by the customer or not. This can help in making some really important decisions in marketing and sales campaigns and even in customer care campaigns. Moreover, other ways to reach out to the customers that are missed for any reason can also be attempted rather than staying in a dilemma of whether the customer is reached or not.

          Improved productivity

          Since the calls are made automatically without agent involvement, it frees up agents to focus on revenue generating projects. The same message doesn’t have to be communicated by an agent to different recipients manually. This also boosts agent morale as they can take up more challenging assignments. That automatically improves the productivity of the firm.

          Attempt To Reach All Customers

          The voice broadcasting software provides a very important feature of attempting retries in case of failure on the first attempt. It means if the system cannot reach the customer for any reason like a busy tone, unreachable number, unanswered calls, etc., then the system will retry to reach out to that client later on. You can even define the number of retries. It means if a customer could not be reached two times, then the system should not retry to reach that client.

          On time delivery

          The messages are sent to the recipients at the scheduled time. There is almost no chance of a disruption to the plan. In marketing and sales, it is important to reach clients when they are more likely to attend the call and show possible interest in your offering, promotion, or message. 

          For example, if you have a company in India and you want to reach clients in the USA, then your voice broadcasting campaign has to be sent during active hours in the USA and not India. Unlike traditional telephony systems, it is possible to schedule your audio broadcasting campaign so that you can reach out to your clients at the right time. This definitely increases the reach rate and engagement.

          Increase sales

          Since messages can be targeted better, the sales conversions are higher than many other marketing efforts. Interested customers can make further inquiries almost immediately, speeding up the sales process.

          A voice broadcast is a valuable tool for a contact center and it doesn’t involve large capital investments. As a result, the ROI is quite high. It is time, you start using it to scale-up your business by creating value for the customer. A voice broadcast is one such tool that will allow you to create value and boost sales efficiency quickly. 

          Personalize The Campaign

          The advanced audio broadcasting solutions provide integration of A CRM system or database with this software. This is a great feature to personalize your campaigns. Your campaign will retrieve dynamic values from the CRM solution or database and use them to play a personalized message to the customer. For example, your voice message will play the name of the person that receives the call or play the customer ID while playing a discount offer message. This further helps in personalizing the message and impressing the client to stay engaged.

          Garners New Leads

          Voice broadcasting helps you break barriers and tap into a wider pool of clients. You can easily bridge the communication gap and contact prospective buyers at any location. And since this technology is less intrusive than agents, you have a better chance of lead conversions. With a broader range of clientele, you can build your brand image and generate higher productivity for your company.


          Voice Broadcasting can simplify a wide range of tasks like:

          • Customizing your advertising message
          • Altering your pre-recorded message
          • Running multiple call campaigns
          • Filtering the numbers in the Do Not Call list

          This wonder tool is a must to optimize your time and money. Would you like to empower your communication with Voice Blast? Are you interested in using the best voice broadcasting software to reach out to the maximum clients and engage them? Contact our team to tailor a Call Center solution as per your business requirement.  

          Voice Broadcasting Software

          Top 5 Voice Broadcasting Software for the United States

          Previously, reaching out to thousands of customers was a very different task for companies and brands. But thanks to the introduction of automated calling and Voice Broadcasting Software, reaching out to hundreds or thousands of phone numbers with automated calls is an effortless task. 

          For the proper functioning of a system, it is necessary to have a phone list that contains accurate and reliable information, including the names of the recipients. One of the main benefits associated with the utilization of speech broadcasting software is the rapidity and simplicity with which it can be configured. The voice broadcast system is designed to be easily accessible and does not necessitate any specialized technological expertise for its setup.

          What Is Automated Calling Software, And How Does It Work?

          Your cold sales efforts can be greatly improved by employing automated calling software. You can triple your conversion rates by utilizing flexible automated calling systems with different calling algorithms for Voice Broadcasting Software campaigns and outbound and inbound services.

          These automated calling solutions are software applications integrated into contact centers or communication systems, often operating telephony connections. They perform by consequently dialing telephone numbers and afterward interfacing the call to a human specialist or taking care of predefined activities in light of the circumstance.

          For example, the product can get on the off chance that a live specialist can accept the call and afterward relegate it to them. Alternatively, it can leave a recorded message on an answering device or present choices to the person on the other end of the line.

          These automated calling systems operate over Voice over IP (VoIP) and the traditional public switchboard telephone network (PSTN). They employ multiple trunks to set connections with telephone or IP networks and can simultaneously dial numerous numbers. This trait raises the likelihood of successfully connecting with at least one recipient.

          Over 75% of companies use automation to sell their products and services in the US. 

          KingAsterisk Technology

          At KingAsterisk, we work in giving front line dialer-based programming solutions, custom fitted to meet your Voice Broadcasting Software needs. Our company engages organizations with consistent voice informing abilities, empowering robotized calling efforts and customized outreach methods. Use our high level voice broadcast software to send off designated crusades and enhance your range. 


          Twilio offers a Voice Broadcasting Software platform, permitting organizations to automate calls. Send cautions and run advertisements successfully. Its Programming interface fueled solution upholds automated voice calls, making it simple at the same time to communicate messages to a large number of contacts. Deliver pre-recorded voice messages to a designated crowd with Twilio’s versatile and dependable platform. 

          Twilio controls 190,000 organizations overall in the US with its adaptable cloud communication platform.


          MessageBird offers a flexible call broadcasting device, permitting organizations to connect with clients through voice calls worldwide. Make designated voice campaigns with MessageBird’s easy to use platform. Work on client outreach utilizing MessageBird’s computerized Voice Broadcasting Software abilities.

          MessageBird serves over 15,000 customers worldwide, including Uber and SAP.


          Five9 gives a complete cloud contact based system with Voice Broadcasting Software capacities for improved client commitment. Influence its robocall software for proactive client care and outbound missions. Drive efficiency with Five9’s computerized calling system incorporated with advanced analytics.


          Plivo processes billions of voice minutes yearly for organizations universally. Plivo offers an adaptable telephone broadcasting arrangement, empowering organizations to automate voice communications and deliver significant messages. Contact huge crowds at the same time through its voice broadcast solution. Plivo’s Voice Broadcasting Software platform upholds intelligent voice response (IVR) and adaptable voice broadcasts in the US.

          How to implement Voice Broadcasting Software in The US

          • To use Voice Broadcasting Software with KingAsterisk Technology, sign up for an account and access the dashboard.
          • Next, prepare a list of recipient phone numbers and upload it, preferably in CSV format.
          • You can then craft a voice message by either recording it directly or uploading a compatible prerecorded audio file.
          • Afterward, select KingAsterisk’s Voice Broadcasting Software service and initiate a campaign, customizing details such as the sender’s number, the message content, and the recipient list.
          • Choose to send the message immediately or schedule it for a specific time, leveraging our delivery time customization.
          • Once the campaign is active, monitor its progress via the dashboard, tracking metrics like successful deliveries and recipient responses.

           Benefits of Automated Calling 

          Automated calling presents a range of benefits as a solution devised to lower expenses and enrich relations with existing customers. These benefits include:

          Lowered Operating Expenses 

          You save a lot of money by not having to pay agents for the thousands of calls they make every day.

          Personalized Engagement 

          Automated calling lets you interact with all of your customers at a price that is similar to SMS marketing campaigns, personalizing your outreach efforts.

          Improved Response Rates

          Automated callings get more responses than SMS or messaging services like WhatsApp. A phone call, which concerns less effort from the recipient, is more likely to elicit a comeback from the customer.

          Improved Security and Customer Care

          Data transmission over calls generated by automated calling software is more secure than data transmission over SMS. It shows you as a trustworthy organization by displaying your commitment to safeguarding consumer data.

          Real-time Reporting and Analytics

          You can explore and evaluate your marketing tactics using these systems’ specific contact center solutions and exhibition of campaign data and results, which eradicates the necessity for manual data collection.

          Expanded Agent Productivity

          The automated calling procedure can be automated, freeing up agents from dull manual dialing duties. This improves their performance since it encourages them to focus on more important tasks.

          Key Features of an Automated Call/Voice Broadcasting Software Software

          Automated calls can simplify fundamental customer interactions and are profitable for gaining the highest process automation. Since this benefit is software-based, it typically has features you must look for. To make it easier to differ, here’s a list of these features:

          Bulk Voice Message Broadcasting

          Automated calling is suitable for automating basic client interactions. They allow organizations to efficiently broadcast voice messages to clients, employees, agents, members, and citizens. These messages can include reminders, notifications, alerts, and promotional offers in the form of voice messages.

          Bulk Telephone Number Import

          Cloud-hosted automated calling systems are more versatile and flexible than customary ones. They supply tools for easily importing many telephone numbers from various authorities, such as databases, spreadsheets, and customer relationship management (CRM) cloud systems.

          Campaign Scheduling

          Companies profit from the campaign scheduling quality offered by this software. It lets them send pre-recorded campaign messages to a large audience at precisely the right time. Worldly automated calling systems even allow users to alter time zones before performing bulk campaign message deliveries.


          In conclusion, selecting the right Voice Broadcasting Software software can transform how businesses communicate with their audience. The days of manually dialing phone numbers, putting up with busy signals, and staying on hold are long gone. Employing automated calling software, organizations today are undergoing. Whether you’re looking for automated calling systems, voice blast services, or mass calling software, these top five solutions cater to diverse communication needs in the United States market. Our team at KingAsterisk will meet your requirements and leverage the power of Voice Broadcasting Software to enhance customer engagement and streamline your communication strategies.

          Try our demo for completely free today and see why so many organizations rely on KingAsterisk Technology as their automated calling system in the US!

          Voice Broadcasting Software

          What Exactly Are Voice Broadcasting Systems?

          Hello Readers, do you know this fact? 

          The inception of voice broadcasting dates back to the early 1990s. And since then it is being used globally. 

          At KingAsterisk, we’ve perfected the art of voice broadcasting systems by integrating AI and powerful algorithms. Imagine reaching out to your customer list effortlessly, delivering promotional messages, reminders, or secure one-time-passwords (OTP) with just a click.

          Continue reading to discover the key features every voice broadcast system should have.

          Understanding Voice Broadcasting Systems 

          Voice broadcasting systems, also known as automated voice broadcasting, leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver mass voice messages efficiently. We can call these systems the backbone of outbound voice communication strategies because they offer a plethora of features and benefits for call centers as well as businesses. 

          Our Voice Broadcasting System Solution comes with a range of features, including hassle-free list management, in-depth campaign analysis, multilingual voice broadcasts, multiple campaign programs, intelligent dialing and many others. 

          Now we will look into the key components that make these systems worth every penny. 

          Automated Voice Broadcasting

          Automated Voice Broadcasting resembles having a remote helper for your voice messages. This clever system saves you the time and effort of calling each individual individually. You want to send your audience a message, whether it’s a promotion, an important update, or just a friendly reminder. Simply press a button, upload your message to an automated voice broadcasting system, and presto! It resembles having an individual touch without really being there. What’s more, the most outstanding aspect? It’s really simple to utilize and upgrade the call center performance. 

          Voice Blast Technology 

          Voice Blast is your virtual amplifier, allowing you to communicate pre-recorded messages to a huge crowd at the same time. It’s the cutting edge approach to making yourself clear without dialing each number separately.

          Why Choose Voice Blast?


          Voice Broadcasting Systems impact receives your message out in a flash, saving your time for additional basic undertakings.

          Personalized Touch 

          Notwithstanding arriving at many, every beneficiary gets the sensation of a customized message, making a seriously captivating and significant correspondence experience.

          Auto Dialer for Voice Broadcasting:

          The auto dialer takes your rundown of contacts and starts dialing numbers consequently. Envision connecting with your whole contact list in a small portion of the time it would take physically. It’s not just about speed. The auto dialer gets precision as well. No more erroneous dialing or accidental misdials. 

          Whether you’re running a political mission, advancing another item, or leading overviews, the auto dialer has you covered. Redo your missions, plan calls, and watch as it easily explores the call center performance. 

          Voice Campaign Platforms:

          They’re designed for ease, ensuring that even if you’re not the tech-savvy type, you can wield the power of effective voice campaigns effortlessly. Know who’s engaging, who’s responding, and fine-tune your strategy on the fly. 

          Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

          So, when you call a company, and it says, “Press 1 for support, press 2 for billing,” you’re in the IVR playground. It sorts callers efficiently, whisking them away to the right department without the hassle of explaining your query multiple times. Voice Broadcasting Systems speed up issue resolution. 

          IVR doesn’t just robotically guide you. Picture this: “Welcome back, [Your Name]! To check your balance, press 3.” 

          Outbound Voice Communication:

          Outbound voice communication is basically the cool way call centers connect with people. Communication these days is all about being smart and personalized. Picture this: your customers hear a friendly voice tailored to their needs, not some generic spiel. 

          It’s not just about talking; it’s about engagement. Outbound voice communication is all about making connections, keeping things personal, and saving time like a champ. 

          Robocalling Systems:

          Now, don’t confuse them with spam calls; they’re the good guys when used responsibly. Businesses often use robocalling to share important updates, reminders, or even conduct surveys. 

          Picture this: You’re an entrepreneur needing to tell your clients about a forthcoming deal. Rather than dialing each main by one, you let the robocalling framework do the truly difficult work. Fast and simple, isn’t that so?

          Yet, hang on – it’s not just about impacting messages. Robocalling Systems can likewise accumulate data by inciting beneficiaries to interface with the computerized framework, making it a two-way road.

          Now, the key is to utilize robocalling capability and keep away from malicious energies. Thus, the following time you get a robotized call, recollect, it may very well be a cordial robocalling system making things smoother in the background!


          While Email, Fax, and SMS could slip by everyone’s notice, voice broadcasting frameworks guarantee dynamic commitment, settling on it an unrivaled decision for significant selling at KingAsterisk.

          The profit from speculation is reliably high, making it the ideal opportunity to contemplate growing your business. Presently as we are finishing this blog, I might want to ask you to interface with our expert team in regards to any data about this innovation. You can likewise peruse our different blogs and guides to be aware of our various call center service administrations and arrangements. Much thanks to You. 

          Voice Broadcasting Software

          Elevate Your Communication with the Best Voice Broadcasting Software

          KingAsterisk is a leading call center software solution supplier organization that offers a far reaching scope of products and solutions to assist organizations of all sizes with working on their communication and client support. One of our most well known solutions is the “Voice Broadcasting Software”, which is an integral asset that can be utilized for various purposes, including:

          Advertising And Sales Crusades   

          Voice Broadcasting can be utilized to arrive at an enormous number of customers rapidly and effectively with limited time messages, new product declarations, and other significant data.

          Client Care

          Voice broadcasting can be utilized to furnish clients with refreshes on their orders, tell them of significant changes, and deal them with backing and help.

          Worker Correspondence 

          Voice broadcasting can be utilized to stay with workers educated regarding news and declarations, furnish them with preparing and improvement potential open doors, and lead studies.

          KingAsterisk’s Voice Broadcasting Software Is Not Difficult To Utilize And Offers A Large Number Of Highlights, Including 

          Pre-Recorded Messages

          You can pre-record your messages and timetable them to be conveyed at explicit times.

          Live Communicating 

          You can likewise communicate real time messages to your beneficiaries.


          You can utilize KingAsterisk’s message to-discourse component to change over your composed messages into sound records.


          KingAsterisk’s voice broadcasting software likewise incorporates an inherent IVR system that you can use to make intuitive menus and studies.

          Real Time Reporting And Investigation

          Our solution gives constant reporting and investigation so you can follow the presentation of your missions and distinguish regions for development.

          How KingAsterisk’s Voice Broadcasting Programming Can Assist You With Working On Your Communication Systems?

          KingAsterisk’s Communication Approach With Voice Broadcasting solution can assist you with working on your correspondence in various ways, including:

          Contact A Bigger Crowd 

          Voice broadcasting permits you to arrive at countless individuals rapidly and without any problem. This is particularly useful for organizations that need to reach an enormous client base or worker populace.

          Further Develop Client Support 

          Voice broadcasting can be utilized to furnish clients with ideal and precise data. This can assist with further developing consumer loyalty and reliability.

          Increment Deals 

          All kinds of businesses can create leads by Voice Broadcasting and deals by advancing their products and solutions to an enormous crowd.

          Help Worker Efficiency 

          Voice broadcasting can be utilized to stay with workers educated regarding significant news and declarations, furnish them with preparing and advancement potential opportunities, and lead survey studies. This can assist with lifting representative feelings of confidence and efficiency.

          Why Pick KingAsterisk’s Voice Broadcasting Programming Solutions?

          KingAsterisk’s voice broadcasting solution is the most ideal decision for organizations of all sizes since it is:

          Simple To Utilize 

          Our voice broadcasting programming is intended to be not difficult to utilize, in any event, for clients with no related knowledge.


          The software offers many elements, including pre-recorded messages, live communicating, message-to-discourse, IVR, and detailing and analytics.


          KingAsterisk’s voice broadcasting programming is entirely reasonable, making it an incredible choice for organizations on a careful spending plan.


          The voice broadcasting programming is adaptable to address the issues of organizations, everything being equal. Whether you want to settle on a couple hundred decisions or a huge number of calls, KingAsterisk’s voice broadcasting software can deal with the heap.


          If you are searching for a strong and reasonable voice broadcasting solution arrangement, KingAsterisk is the ideal decision for you. Our voice broadcasting software can assist you with working on your communication system, contact a bigger crowd, and uplift your primary concern.

          What Is Voice Broadcasting and it’s features
          Voice Broadcasting Software

          What Is Voice Broadcasting and it’s features?

          Reach large number of people in the just one click. Use voice broadcasting software for promotions, updates, building closure and sending information quickly.

          Voice broadcasting is the ability to communicate and connect with people on a large scale. It allows companies to directly record messages and send them to customers, creating a more streamlined process. Voice broadcasting, a feature of VoIP telephony, is a cost-effective solution to connect with a large number of potential customers at the same time. With voice broadcasting, user can pre-record and send automated voice calls to phone numbers using a centralized system and phone number to the large number of people. It allows the call recipients to listen to the recorded message and interact by pressing keys on their keypad.

          In addition, it can be use for a wide variety of objectives. Companies use broadcast APIs to send appointment reminders, emergency alerts, promotions and special offers, password resets, survey and more. It further comes with robust features that help to monitor and boost the performance of voice campaigns.

          Press-1 Voice Campaigns

          Press 1 voice campaigns are one of the most common features of voice broadcast software, to the point that they’re nearly a requirement for any company. User can set up a voice broadcast campaign to reach out to potential customers in that area and run a press-1 campaign along with it to offer a call-to-action to customers who are interest in their services.

          Call Recording

          This feature allow record the conversations between your agents and customers. The call recordings are save securely on storage which can be access from anywhere, anytime.


          Text to Speech is one of the fastest-growing features that companies want from voice broadcasting software. Generally voice broadcasting solution providers offer a feature called text-to-speech. This allows you to personalize your messages for the customers and provide a professional tone of delivery.

          Scheduling Control

          Voice broadcast software gives flexibility of choosing the time when the voice blast should be disseminate, choose the duration of the total effort or even select the end time of the campaign.

          Call Reporting & Analytics

          By getting real-time reports of users voice broadcasting campaigns, such as the total number of answered calls, the number of missed calls, and other details, you can easily optimize the results.

          How Does Work Voice Broadcasting Software:

          1) Create & Record Message

          Firstly you create and record message in specific language. Many companies offer text-to-speech features that will read the message in a specific language.

          2) Upload Contact Lists

          Then upload your contact list and that lists should only include valid and active phone numbers, which you can check using a phone validator.

          3) Set Up Broadcast

          It’s best to send the calls during a convenient time, when you know most customers will be free. Set up features like interactive voice response and two-party connection so that customers can call back and connect with you.

          4) Detailed Call Reports

          After your call broadcast has been sent you’ll get a complete report of what happened on every individual automated voice message or text message. You’ll be able to see which calls were answered, which went to voicemail.

          Voice Broadcasting Software

          How to Generate More Leads by Voice Broadcasting?

          Lead generation is a challenge for any business. Although there are many ways to go forward, in this article we will discuss the most unique and effective audio streaming tools provided by Kingasterisk Technologies.

          Audio streaming services are available for any company or service and continue to generate revenue as much as possible. Small businesses can reach more customers on the phone at a lower cost with smart voice broadcasting.

          The word “broadcasting” refers to a way of communicating with the public. This allows businesses or commercial enterprises to connect with their target audience regardless of their location.

          This includes brand management, influencer marketing, digital marketing, etc. worldwide. The latest strategy is use in areas such as, getting leads for any business is a tough job.

          However, today’s technological advancements have eased the process of making audio broadcasting a useful tool for lead generation.

          Voicemail sends voice messages to potential customers and employees in less time. It gets customers to refer you instead of cold calling.

          Voice broadcasting helps facilitate business operations through better communication with customers. This is an effective method because it does not require a receiver to operate. Another notable feature is that it helps you connect with thousands of customers from all over the world in seconds.

          Voicemail increases response rates and creates a strong connection between the customer and the business. The most important benefit is increase productivity, as cold calling saves a lot of time.

          Now let’s look at some tactics that will help us achieve our goals.

          – Develop a strategy.

          – Create a strategy based on your business.

          – Plan your approach with parameters such as target audience, financial limits and broadcast equipment.

          – Make sure your audio marketing strategy helps your company in every possible way.

          Define Your Goals

          Determine your goals by analyzing how many campaigns will help you run your company. It is very good if you show the list.

          They are:

          – Number of responses

          – Number of customers desired

          – Target audience details

          – Message effectiveness

          Plan a campaign following these steps to achieve your goals.

          Target Audience

          Once you have created a strategy to achieve your goals, the next important step is to determine who you are targeting. Connect with people who are interested in your services.

          Take the time to carefully evaluate personas, as these voices are the foundation of your message to achieve greater results.

          In addition, by identifying your target demographic, you can create effective and targeted messages that can accelerate your business.

          Throughout your speech, start with an advantage to grab the audience’s attention.

          Make sure the sound is clear and continuous with no excess space.

          Pay attention to the clarity and length of the letter.

          Adding additional information about the job will make it more sincere. Make sure the voice is soft.


          Personalize your speech to make it more sincere. It’s best to avoid a robotic tone. The message should be welcoming and friendly to the listener.

          Start with a brief introduction like “Hi, I’m John from XYZ”. Also, wrap it up with a heartfelt note like, “Thank you for contacting us.

          Finally, make your audio message interactive to grab your audience’s attention. You should never sound like you’re reading from a script; instead, be calm and relaxed.

          Finally, when customers ask questions, you can be sure that the voice messages you prepare are interesting and generate further results.

          This will be the last step to earn more income with audio broadcasting. Make your short 30-second message personal and engaging.

          The news needs to get better attention, and there are concentrated ways to do it.

          Start by logging in. Provide specific information about your services. Make a conscious call to action.

          Quote from the Text

          The system reads your text on the call the way a person would. You can also enter the contact name and other relevant information to customize the phone settings.

          Speech-enabled pre-and after-sales services save not only time and effort, but also reduce operational costs, reduce human agents’ workload, and increase productivity. 

          Multiple contact points can be supported by a single text-to-speech voice broadcast. By simply adding a few lines of code, the spoken version of the feed is automatically generated and updated. 

          With less time spent dialing customers, agents can focus on more important tasks that cannot be automated. 

          As a result, voice broadcast campaigns can be optimized, performance indicators analyzed, and lead generation can be increased.


          Voice broadcasting has established itself as an effective and cost-effective method for promoting a variety of business ventures. Along with being a marketing tool, it also improves client happiness, increases revenue, and, to top it all off, saves time for marketing professionals.

          In recent years, it has been more widely acknowledged as a means of boosting sales for all types of businesses. Consequently, every firm can receive leads from it. 
          With the methods outlined above, you can also use Kingasterisk Technologies’s Voice Broadcasting service to improve your marketing and communication strategies.

          Voice Broadcasting Software

          The Role of Call Recording in Improving Customer Service in 2023

          In today’s competitive business landscape, providing exceptional customer service is paramount for companies striving to differentiate themselves and foster customer loyalty. One powerful tool that has revolutionized customer service in recent years is call recording. This technology allows businesses to capture and analyze customer interactions, leading to valuable insights and improvements in service quality. 

          In this blog post, we will explore the significant role of call recording in enhancing customer service experiences in 2023, with a special focus on KingAsterisk Technologies and its innovative solutions.

          What is call recording?

          Call recording is a technology that allows businesses to capture and store audio recordings of telephone conversations, typically between a customer and a customer service representative or sales agent. It is a feature that can be implemented in various communication systems, including traditional landline phonesVoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems, and call center software.

          Call recording works by digitally recording the audio data during a phone call and storing it in a secure database or server. The recording can be accessed and retrieved for playback at a later time.

          Some call recording systems also provide additional features, such as call tagging, indexing, and transcription, which make it easier to search and analyze recorded conversations.

          The purpose of call recording varies across different industries and businesses. It serves as a valuable tool for quality assurance, training, compliance, dispute resolution, and monitoring customer sentiment. By capturing customer interactions, businesses can gain insights into customer preferences, identify areas for improvement, resolve disputes, and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

          Call recording is particularly beneficial for customer service departments and call centers. It enables managers to evaluate the performance of customer service representatives, provide constructive feedback, and identify training needs. Moreover, recorded calls can be used to assess customer satisfaction, track trends, and enhance service delivery.

          Use Cases of call recording 

          Quality Assurance

          Call recording is an essential tool for monitoring and maintaining service quality. Managers can review recorded calls to assess the performance of customer service representatives, evaluate adherence to company protocols, and identify areas for improvement. This helps in ensuring consistent and excellent customer service.

          Training and Coaching 

          Recorded calls serve as valuable training resources for new hires and ongoing coaching for existing employees. By listening to recorded interactions, training programs can be customized to address specific areas of improvement, enhance communication skills, and ensure consistency in service delivery across the team.

          Dispute Resolution

          In situations where disputes arise, call recordings provide an accurate record of customer interactions. These recordings can be reviewed to resolve misunderstandings, verify agreements, or address any conflicts that may arise. Having recorded evidence can help in reaching fair resolutions and minimizing legal risks.

          Compliance and Legal Requirements

          Certain industries, such as finance, healthcare, and legal, have specific compliance and regulatory requirements regarding customer interactions. Call recording helps in meeting these obligations by capturing and storing conversations, which can be utilized for audits, internal investigations, and legal purposes.

          Customer Insights and Market Research

          Analyzing call recordings can provide valuable insights into customer preferences, pain points, and trends. Businesses can gather data on customer sentiment, identify common issues or concerns, and use this information to enhance products, services, and overall customer experience.

          Performance Analysis and Reporting

          Call recording systems often come with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. By analyzing recorded calls, businesses can measure key performance indicators (KPIs) such as call duration, call volume, customer satisfaction ratings, and agent performance. These insights can inform decision-making, resource allocation, and process improvements.

          Training Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

          For industries with strict training compliance or regulatory requirements, such as healthcare or financial services, call recording can help demonstrate adherence to mandated training protocols. Recorded interactions can be used as evidence of compliance during audits or inspections.

          Voice of the Customer (VoC) Programs

          Call recordings can be valuable inputs for Voice of the Customer programs. By analyzing customer conversations, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, preferences, and expectations. These insights can inform product development, marketing strategies, and overall business decision-making.

          Role of call recording in enhancing customer service

          Gaining Real-Time Insights

          Call recording provides businesses with the ability to listen to customer calls in real-time or review them later. This valuable resource allows managers and support teams to understand customer pain points, identify common issues, and assess the performance of their customer service representatives. By analyzing these recordings, companies can uncover areas of improvement, refine their service strategies, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

          Enhancing Training and Quality Assurance

          Call recording is a powerful tool for training and quality assurance purposes. Managers can utilize recorded calls to train new employees on effective communication techniques, best practices, and company policies. 

          By listening to both successful and challenging interactions, training programs can be tailored to address specific areas of improvement and elevate the overall performance of customer service teams. Additionally, call recordings serve as a reference for quality assurance assessments, enabling managers to provide constructive feedback and ensure consistency in service delivery.

          Resolving Disputes and Compliance

          In industries where legal and regulatory compliance is crucial, call recording plays a vital role. By recording customer interactions, companies can maintain accurate records of conversations, which can be utilized to address disputes, resolve misunderstandings, and mitigate potential legal issues. 

          Moreover, compliance requirements, such as those imposed by financial institutions or healthcare organizations, can be easily met by implementing call recording systems that adhere to specific industry standards.

          Monitoring Customer Sentiment and Trends 

          By analyzing recorded calls, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer sentiment and identify emerging trends. Call recording technology can be leveraged to identify common customer complaints or concerns, enabling companies to proactively address these issues. Furthermore, the data extracted from call recordings can be used to identify patterns, anticipate customer needs, and develop targeted solutions, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

          Ensuring Consistency and Continuous Improvement 

          Call recording service as a benchmark for consistency in customer service. By maintaining a library of recorded interactions, companies can establish standards for service excellence and ensure that all customer-facing teams adhere to them. 

          Moreover, regular review of recorded calls allows businesses to identify areas of improvement, implement necessary changes, and measure the impact of these enhancements over time. This continuous feedback loop facilitates a culture of learning and innovation, ultimately leading to the delivery of exceptional customer experiences.


          The recorded calls also serve as a valuable resource for training purposes. Supervisors can review and share recorded calls with agents, highlighting best practices and areas for improvement. This enables continuous learning and development, resulting in a skilled and knowledgeable customer service team. call recording in 2023 is not only a competitive advantage but a strategic imperative for companies committed to delivering outstanding customer experiences.

          If you’re interested in implementing call recording solutions or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in leveraging the power of call recording to enhance your customer service and drive business success.

          Voice Broadcasting Software

          Importance of Voice Broadcasting in Healthcare Industry

          Time is money in the healthcare industry. When lives are at stake, not a minute can be wasted. The role of Voice broadcasting in the healthcare industry is very important.

          When it comes to the healthcare industry, the role of communication is very important as there is usually no room for wasted time or mistakes. The hospital receives thousands of calls every day, most of them urgent. Voicemail works and can detect outside calls, answering machines, wrong phone numbers, etc. 

          Take For example, a patient visiting the hospital is reported in real-time with an emergency status report. The patient is on the way. It is also common to use voice broadcasts to help patients. Doctors use the service to notify patients about medication dosages or send reminders. 

          This is a great way to support patients, especially the elderly or frail, by letting them read messages out loud for better understanding.

          As a quick way of disseminating information, voice broadcasting by King Asterisk Technology is used as an emergency response coordination and communication (ERCC) solution. When patients are on their way, hospital staff are notified of incoming patients and the appearance of emergency patients.

          In addition to notifying hospital staff, audio streaming also helps patients. Hospitals use this service to remind patients to take their medication. In addition, the hospital also sends appointment reminders to patients to prevent no-shows for appointments. Additionally, to eliminate last-minute confusion, the hospital collects appointment confirmations using an interactive voicemail form.

          Following are some ways in which Voice Broadcast solution by Kingasterisk Technologies can be useful in the healthcare industry:

          Send an Automatic Voice Call Alert

          Healthcare can send multi-voice alerts to designated patients. You can also provide feedback to patients using IVR services.

          Medical Service Call Report

          A key feature of our Telephone Medicine service is the ability to generate real-time reports and graphs.

          This online reporting and feedback system helps you monitor and control the performance of automated call answering services and automated call reminder campaigns. VB graphs and performance statistics graphs allow you to measure the effectiveness of each reminder campaign. The statistics contained in each of these reports can be downloaded into a spreadsheet for more customized reports.

          Maintain Patient Information using IVR Services

          You can connect HIMS with IVR services to maintain updated patient records and create an IVR voice menu in a pre-recorded voice. You can call the doctor of the respective department or the DTMF answering service on the keypad.

          The Sound is Great

          Kingasterisk’s audio streaming software has a few tricks in the box. One can automate tasks and personalize voice messages through the use of artificial intelligence linked to a database. So instead of voicemail saying “Dear Customer” it will say “Dear Mr Smith”. However, receiving sales offers or payment reminders is even better when listening to pleasant sounds. 

          To make sure you can complete your voicemail with a text message. 

          Receipt: You are 100% sure that the target received your message.

          Automated Voice Call Reminders to Collect Copies & Reports

          It is best to call the patient before the appointment to make sure they are ready. Automated voice calls that can receive similar reports.

          Save Time, Energy and Money

          Assign an employee the task of sending a message via mail, phone or text and watch their face grow long. It takes time and effort for IT to perform these boring routine tasks. Now, let’s do something more productive and fun while audio streaming software takes over. It’s very easy. 

          You simply select a list from your CRM database, create a voice or text message to the speech device, link the two, set the time for the outgoing message, and click send.

          The system automatically uses a linked IVR or automatic dialer to dial the number, make sure the call is answered, and then connect a voice message with a delivery confirmation. If you use an IVR, it will be even better – the buyer can respond (for example when you send a sales offer or a payment reminder). The system is capable of handling hundreds of calls. This means you can send thousands of messages per second. 

          For example, the government will find this feature very useful when warning citizens or sending notifications about natural disasters.

          Protection by using a Digital Mask

          Number masking services allow you to connect doctors, patients, staff, technicians and others to your customers without revealing their phone numbers.

          Customer Support System- IVR

          Kingasterisk offers you premium customer service. You can receive customer feedback using IVR services and create an IVR voice menu in a pre-recorded voice. You also can call the doctor of the respective department or the DTMF answering service on the keypad.

          Missed Phone Service for Healthcare

          When a customer misses a call to a healthcare number, registered number, registration report, lab report, etc. You send the details.


          Kingasterisk provides cloud communication solutions like Voice Broadcast Software for better patient, physician and hospital engagement.

          We ensure 24/7 support from our team for the entire Hospital management.

          Voice Broadcasting Software

          How Can Voice Broadcasting Software be Used by The Government?

          Voice broadcasting software has become an essential tool for businesses and organizations to effectively communicate with their customers, employees, and stakeholders. However, its usefulness extends beyond the private sector, as it can also be utilized by the government for various purposes. 

          In this blog post, we will explore the ways in which voice broadcasting software can be used by the government and how KingAsterisk Technology can help.

          KingAsterisk Technology is a company that specializes in providing innovative communication solutions to businesses and organizations. Our expertise in voice broadcasting software can also be extended to government agencies to enhance their communication capabilities.

          What is Voice Broadcasting Software?

          Voice broadcasting software is a communication technology that allows organizations to send pre-recorded voice messages to a large group of people simultaneously. It is a form of automated outbound communication that can reach thousands of individuals at once, delivering a pre-recorded message to landlines, mobile phones, or even voicemail systems.

          This software can be used for a variety of purposes, including emergency alerts, public service announcements, marketing and sales campaigns, and customer service messaging. The software typically allows for the creation and management of contact lists, message recording and editing, and scheduling of message delivery.

          One of the key advantages of voice broadcasting software is its ability to reach a large audience quickly and efficiently, without the need for individual manual dialing or messaging. This can save time and resources for organizations, while also allowing them to communicate important information in a timely manner.

          The software can also be customized to suit the specific needs of each organization, with options for personalized messaging, language preferences, and message delivery timing. Additionally, advanced features such as voice recognition, call transfer, and call routing can be integrated into the software to enhance its functionality.

          Features of Voice Broadcasting Software

          Voice broadcasting software typically comes with a wide range of features designed to facilitate automated outbound communication. 

          These features can vary depending on the software provider, but here are some common ones:

          Contact Management

          The software allows for the creation and management of contact lists, including contact names, phone numbers, and other relevant details.

          Message Recording

          The software enables the recording and editing of voice messages that will be delivered to the contacts on the list. The messages can be pre-recorded or recorded in real-time, depending on the needs of the organization.


          The software allows for the scheduling of message delivery at specific times and dates. This feature can be used to ensure that the message reaches the audience at the most appropriate time.


          The software can be customized to add personalization elements to the messages, such as the recipient’s name or other relevant information.

          Reporting and Analytics

          The software provides detailed reporting and analytics on the success of the voice broadcasting campaigns. This information can be used to fine-tune future campaigns and improve their effectiveness.

          Multilingual Support

          The software can support multiple languages, enabling organizations to deliver messages in the preferred language of their audience.


          The software can integrate with other systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, to enable a seamless communication experience.

          Do-Not-Call List

          The software can be programmed to adhere to do-not-call lists, ensuring that messages are not sent to individuals who have opted out of automated communication.

          Call Transfer and Routing

          Advanced voice broadcasting software can offer additional features like call transfer and routing, which can connect recipients with a live agent or transfer them to a specific department.

          Some Ways in Which Voice Broadcasting Software can be Used by the Government:

          Emergency Alerts

          One of the most important uses of voice broadcasting software is for emergency alerts. The government can use this software to notify citizens about natural disasters, public safety issues, and other emergencies. These alerts can be sent to landlines and mobile phones, allowing for a wide range of people to be reached quickly and efficiently.

          Public Service Announcements 

          Government agencies can also use voice broadcasting software to send public service announcements (PSAs) to citizens. These PSAs can cover a wide range of topics, such as health and safety tips, updates on government programs and initiatives, and reminders about upcoming events.

          Voter Outreach

          During election season, government agencies can use voice broadcasting software to reach out to voters and encourage them to participate in the democratic process. Automated calls can be used to remind voters about registration deadlines, polling locations, and other important information.

          Transportation Updates 

          Government transportation agencies can use voice broadcasting software to provide citizens with real-time updates on traffic conditions, road closures, and other important transportation-related information.

          Public Health Announcements 

          Voice broadcasting software can be used by government health agencies to disseminate important public health information to citizens. This can include updates on disease outbreaks, vaccination campaigns, and other health-related topics.

          Community Outreach 

          Voice broadcasting software can also be used by government agencies to conduct community outreach campaigns. Automated calls can be used to survey citizens, gather feedback on government programs and initiatives, and inform citizens about upcoming town hall meetings and other public events.

          School and University Notifications

          Educational institutions can use voice broadcasting software to notify parents and students about school closures, schedule changes, and other important information. This can be especially useful during inclement weather or other emergencies.

          Tax and Revenue Notifications

          Government revenue agencies can use voice broadcasting software to notify citizens about upcoming tax deadlines, payment reminders, and other tax-related information.

          Kingasterisk Technology can help government agencies implement voice broadcasting software in a way that is effective, efficient, and secure. Their software is easy to use and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each government agency. They also provide excellent customer support and can help with the setup and configuration of the software.

          Moreover, with KingAsterisk Technology, government agencies can also ensure compliance with laws and regulations around the use of automated communication. For instance, they can ensure that automated calls are only made to individuals who have given their prior consent, and that any sensitive information communicated through these calls is adequately protected.


          In conclusion, voice broadcasting software is a powerful tool that can be use by the government to enhance their communication capabilities. Whether it is for emergency alerts, public service announcements, voter outreach, or community outreach, voice broadcasting software can help government agencies communicate with citizens in a quick and efficient manner. If you are a government agency looking to implement voice broadcasting software, consider partnering with Kingasterisk Technology for an effective and secure solution.

          Importance of Voice Broadcasting Software
          Voice Broadcasting Software

          Importance of Voice Broadcasting Software

          Here we are going to explain some benefits of voice broadcasting by which you can understand the importance of it for your business.

          Easy to Use

          Voice broadcasting is not a complicated chore to install and use. You just have to choose a provider which you think is best for your business. Once you create your account for voice broadcasting, you just need to add your contacts. After that only record your message and click your contacts to send the recorded message to all your contacts on just one click.


          The best part about voice broadcasting software is that they are system operated. So that everything can be customized to fit the needs of your business and customers. You can change the accent and language of the message, add in the client’s name or offer specific offers based on their interests.

          Easily Affordable

          Without hiring of any professional voice artists, you can curate a proper and effective broadcast with the use of smart technology. Not only do you save present costs, but this acts as a long-term investment and can easily updated with changing needs. It also offers add-on value services like admin management portal. It makes a good buy for small companies looking for affordability and quality.

          Customer Friendly

          If your targeted customers resides in different corners of the world, it gives the flexibility to personalize your language & message according to that region. This helps in adding a personal touch to your messages. Every business is looking for a stable customer base. With the help of voice broadcasting, you can get a stable customer base.

          Saves Time and Money

          Spread your business in no time among the thousand number of people through one call with voice broadcasting software. It exponentially expedites the process by allowing you to upload contact lists, record a message, and send out one message to everyone. If you schedule your messages to send automatically at a certain date and time, you don’t even have to click a button!

          Flexible Software To Your Business

          It has flexibility for its users. Schedule your recorded call according to the customer’s availability without affecting their already planned day. Users can also send messages to the customers instead of call. Most people check the message quicker and bother to attend a call. So, this flexibility can make your agent reliable and flourish your business.


          It permits complete uniformity and consistency. Human errors caused by the unavailability of company personnel, moods, inefficiency and lack of training can be completely eliminated.

          Increase Your Sales

          Voice broadcasting is a fabulous promoting device that is being utilized by entrepreneurs in a wide range of projects and fields. You can increase your sales by reach more customers in few seconds with voice broadcasting software.

          Customer Connection

          Voice broadcasting and the structure of its communication method create built-in opportunities for customer connection, even more so than texting and calling. Four different avenues like, global connectivity, message unity, inclusive communication, personalization through which broadcasting forms a customer connection add up to a power communication medium that can revolutionize the way you’re reaching out to target audiences.

          Variety of Uses

          • Employee or customer surveys
          • Appointment & payment reminders
          • Delivery status notifications
          • Marketing and promotional offers
          • Broadcasting of urgent updates and news
          • Political campaigns
          • Emergency and weather alerts
          • Customer loyalty rewards