Here are the key features of auto dialer that can benefit your call center greatly besides maximizing the productivity of your business.

Activity Dashboards

Auto dialer provide activity dashboard. Auto dialer provide an overview of the progress of an outbound calling campaign using dashboards that update in real time. The manager can use the activity dashboard to monitor various activities along with assessing performance based on results and statistics.

Contact List Management

Auto dialer allow to manage your contact list, including segmentations. If you are using a cloud based system, the cloud-hosted auto dialing system makes it easier for users to import telephone numbers from databases or spreadsheets by providing a contact list uploader.

Call Monitoring and Recording

The call monitoring helps managers to assess the performance of outbound agents and implement the changes required to boost outbound campaigns. In addition to facilitating real-time call monitoring, the cloud-based auto dialer software also record every outgoing call. They record the calls in HD audio format and store the audio files in the cloud.

Integration of CRM

A business can integrate the auto dialer with its existing customer relationship management (CRM) system seamlessly. CRMs are tools used by businesses to track customer data, including their past interactions with your business, preferences, and place in the buyer’s journey. They can update customer data automatically by integrating the CRM system with the auto dialer software.

Time Zone Management

The auto dialer come with specialized features to simplify management of outbound calling campaigns. If you’re using an auto dialer, than can simplify this by adjusting the time zone so you are only calling customers when it’s appropriate for them.

Call Transfer

The agents can use auto dialer to run outbound calling campaigns without investing in expensive equipment. Many call centers leverage this flexibility to work with remote or work-from-home outbound agents. If you need to transfer a call to another device or person, auto dialer can do that for you.

Press 1 Campaigns

Auto dialer help businesses to collect customer response, conduct market research and carry out opinion polls by launching press 1 campaigns. This service allows customers to share response by pressing a specific key after listening to the pre-recorded voice message.

Message Broadcasting

Auto dialing service helps businesses to broadcast a variety of voice messages to a large number of customers and leads at a time. Businesses can, and likely will, have more than one broadcasting message that they can implement depending on the nature of the call.

Filtering DNC/DND List

Auto dialer can filter your lists so people on your DNC/DND list won’t be contacted from that point forward. The feature helps call centers to run outbound calling campaigns without making unwanted calls to contacts.

Speed Customization

Users can also customize their auto dialer’s speed based on the needs of their outbound calling campaign. They allow managers to adjust the dialing rate and dialing speed according to the precise needs of individual outbound calling campaigns.

Callback Scheduling

Auto dialer enable agents to schedule callbacks and reconnect with the customers. This callback scheduling feature is beneficial for call centers to increase customer connections besides boosting telemarketing campaigns.

Agent Script Uploading

The auto dialer allow managers to upload agent scripts. This feature helps agents to access the script while interacting with customers.

Real-Time Reporting

Auto dialer generate reports based on real-time call data helps managers to monitor and measure the performance of various outbound calling campaigns. The feature makes it easier for call centers to run multiple outbound campaigns simultaneously.

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