KingAsterisk is a leading call center software solution supplier organization that offers a far reaching scope of products and solutions to assist organizations of all sizes with working on their communication and client support. One of our most well known solutions is the “Voice Broadcasting Software”, which is an integral asset that can be utilized for various purposes, including:

Advertising And Sales Crusades   

Voice Broadcasting can be utilized to arrive at an enormous number of customers rapidly and effectively with limited time messages, new product declarations, and other significant data.

Client Care

Voice broadcasting can be utilized to furnish clients with refreshes on their orders, tell them of significant changes, and deal them with backing and help.

Worker Correspondence 

Voice broadcasting can be utilized to stay with workers educated regarding news and declarations, furnish them with preparing and improvement potential open doors, and lead studies.

KingAsterisk’s Voice Broadcasting Software Is Not Difficult To Utilize And Offers A Large Number Of Highlights, Including 

Pre-Recorded Messages

You can pre-record your messages and timetable them to be conveyed at explicit times.

Live Communicating 

You can likewise communicate real time messages to your beneficiaries.


You can utilize KingAsterisk’s message to-discourse component to change over your composed messages into sound records.


KingAsterisk’s voice broadcasting software likewise incorporates an inherent IVR system that you can use to make intuitive menus and studies.

Real Time Reporting And Investigation

Our solution gives constant reporting and investigation so you can follow the presentation of your missions and distinguish regions for development.

How KingAsterisk’s Voice Broadcasting Programming Can Assist You With Working On Your Communication Systems?

KingAsterisk’s Communication Approach With Voice Broadcasting solution can assist you with working on your correspondence in various ways, including:

Contact A Bigger Crowd 

Voice broadcasting permits you to arrive at countless individuals rapidly and without any problem. This is particularly useful for organizations that need to reach an enormous client base or worker populace.

Further Develop Client Support 

Voice broadcasting can be utilized to furnish clients with ideal and precise data. This can assist with further developing consumer loyalty and reliability.

Increment Deals 

All kinds of businesses can create leads by Voice Broadcasting and deals by advancing their products and solutions to an enormous crowd.

Help Worker Efficiency 

Voice broadcasting can be utilized to stay with workers educated regarding significant news and declarations, furnish them with preparing and advancement potential opportunities, and lead survey studies. This can assist with lifting representative feelings of confidence and efficiency.

Why Pick KingAsterisk’s Voice Broadcasting Programming Solutions?

KingAsterisk’s voice broadcasting solution is the most ideal decision for organizations of all sizes since it is:

Simple To Utilize 

Our voice broadcasting programming is intended to be not difficult to utilize, in any event, for clients with no related knowledge.


The software offers many elements, including pre-recorded messages, live communicating, message-to-discourse, IVR, and detailing and analytics.


KingAsterisk’s voice broadcasting programming is entirely reasonable, making it an incredible choice for organizations on a careful spending plan.


The voice broadcasting programming is adaptable to address the issues of organizations, everything being equal. Whether you want to settle on a couple hundred decisions or a huge number of calls, KingAsterisk’s voice broadcasting software can deal with the heap.


If you are searching for a strong and reasonable voice broadcasting solution arrangement, KingAsterisk is the ideal decision for you. Our voice broadcasting software can assist you with working on your communication system, contact a bigger crowd, and uplift your primary concern.

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