The VICIDial Impact Streamlining Call Center Operations to Save Time and Reduce Costs
Vicidial Solutions

The VICIdial Impact: Streamlining Call Center Operations to Save Time and Reduce Costs

At KingAsterisk Technology, we specialize in call center solutions. Contact center solutions are the tools and software that help the agents and customers easily communicate and manage the requests. One of our champion contributions is VICIdial. Traditional solutions, while vigorous, can feel obsolete. That is the reason we offer Custom VICIdial. It’s intended to settle on contact center tasks smoother and really captivating. This incredible asset changes how call centers work. While making them more proficient and financially savvy.

What is VICIdial?

VICIdial is an open-source call center software that coordinates consistently with VoIP dialers. It offers a predictive dialer, guaranteeing specialists connect with clients quicker. The framework’s strength and unwavering quality are likewise much of the time referenced, ensuring continuous activities. But that’s just the beginning. It provides an auto dialer mode that increases call connect ratio and agents can make more calls. Because the automated dialer automatically dials another number after one that leads to higher agent productivity. Your call center process is the standard method your service reps use when handling customer calls

  • Ability for an agent to call clients in succession from a database through a web-based screen.
  • Ability to display a script for the agent to read with fields like name, address, etc. filled-in.
  • Ability to set a campaign to auto-dial and send live calls to available agents.
  • Ability to dial predictively in a campaign with an adaptive dialing algorithm.

Why Choose VICIdial?

Efficiency and Cost Reduction 

VICIdial smoothers out call center work, saving time and decreasing expenses. Specialists can deal with both inbound and outbound calls thanks to its strong features. By facilitating VICIdial in the cloud, expensive equipment foundation and upkeep costs are eliminated. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are built-in. They are directing calls to the right agents and handling routine inquiries without human intervention. With a hosted dialer, call centers can rely on a stable and resilient platform to handle their mission-critical operations.

Enhanced Agent Performance 

The first benefit of using this feature of the contact center solution is that it can help to keep customers happy. VICIdial includes call recording features and agent performance monitoring. Managers can review calls to ensure quality and provide targeted feedback. It implies the client gets associated with a similar specialist each time he looks for help. This prompts further developed specialist execution and consumer loyalty.

Blended Call Center Solutions 

In order to provide ongoing support and proactive service, blended contact centers handle both inbound and outbound interactions with customers. VICIdial upholds both call center activities. It permits specialists to deal with both inbound and outbound calls. Instead of a possibility or client returning a missed call and getting somebody from an alternate group. This adaptability ensures that resources are utilized effectively and adjusts duties in response to ongoing interest. ACD can distinguish keywords and use call routing to find a specialist acquainted with that product offering, guaranteeing help on the principal attempt. 

Key Features of VICIdial

  • Predictive Dialer System 
  • Call Center Management
  • Inbound Call Handling
  • Outbound Campaign Management
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call Recording Features
  • Agent Performance Monitoring
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Multi-tenant Call Center Software
  • Cloud-based Call Center Solutions
  • Call Analytics and Reporting

How Does VICIdial Benefit Your Call Center?

VICIdial is designed to meet the demands of modern call centers. Its open-source nature means it can be customized to fit your specific needs. The VICIDial scalable solution is one that is flexible enough to handle the increasing growth capacity of the business. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, VICIdial can scale with you. This means the growth will be supported by the highly scalable solution. 

Did you know? Companies using VICIdial report up to a 50% increase in agent productivity and a 40% reduction in operational costs. These are significant savings that can be reinvested into your business.

The KingAsterisk Advantage With Custom VICIdial Technology 

Choosing KingAsterisk Technology means partnering with a team of experts dedicated to your success. The design of the workstation, where the agents spend most of their time, can have a significant impact on these factors. We offer extensive support, guaranteeing your progress to VICIdial is smooth and consistent.

Live Reports

Monitor Queues and specialist execution through completely adaptable, constant dashboards. Custom VICIdial offers live reports features for businesses. This means you can track call center performance in real-time. Track trends and patterns for more efficient staffing and SLA management. Managers get instant insights into agent activity, call volumes, and more.

Custom GUI and Branding 

The Branding feature lets you upload customized branding for an Unified Communications Manager. With Custom VICIdial, you get a unique graphical user interface. It’s intuitive and straightforward to explore. In addition, you can include your own logo. Convenience is further developed by a very much planned UI, simplifying the site’s route for visitors. This makes a tweaked understanding for your group.

Ownership and Flexibility  

Expert execution is one of the KPI, particularly now that such endless agents are working from home at some part of the time. One of the best parts about Custom VICIdial is ownership. The dialer is yours. The code is yours. This new take on flexibility makes perfect operational and business sense. This means you can customize it further. You can even resell it to other customers. 

Engaging Design 

Custom VICIdial’s design is smooth and appropriate according to present day technology. Your group will not become weary of it, even with everyday use. The product ought to be tastefully intended to establish a charming aesthetic for the specialists. The dashboard shows generally fundamental subtleties obviously. It allows you to directly generate call live reports.

Ready to Transform Your Call Center?

Call center operations depend on a normalized interaction to deal with calls and guarantee great help throughout the day. Is it true that you are ready to see the VICIdial impact, in actuality? Reach us immediately to figure out how VICIdial can assist you with saving time and money by smoothing out your call center tasks. 

Nothing is more demoralizing or frustrating than wasting time sitting around waiting for a customer to call. By choosing KingAsterisk Technology, you ensure that you are getting the best solution. We tailor it to your needs, with expert support every step of the way. Let’s make your call center more efficient and cost-effective with VICIdial. Don’t settle for outdated software. 

Cluster Dialer
Vicidial Solutions

Expert Tips for Optimizing Your Cluster VICIdial Setup Configuration

Are you hoping to expand the effectiveness and quality of your VICIdial call center solution? Carrying out a clustered setup could be the way to accomplishing high accessibility, versatility, and consistent failover. At KingAsterisk, we have practical 13+ years of experience in advancing VICIdial Solutions.

Today we’re excited to share expert tips on Optimizing Your Cluster VICIdial Setup Configuration. VICIdial is an open-source software that you can use to run an Auto Dialer framework or an inbound contact center. Upgrading this setup is important for expanding efficiency and limiting time wastage in your call center climate.

Why Choose a Clustered VICIdial Setup?

Having a solid telephone framework is needed for guaranteeing continuous communication with clients. One method for accomplishing this is through a Cluster VICIdial setup. A modern system offers high accessibility, versatility, and adaptation to internal failure. A cluster VICIdial solution includes different VICIdial servers that cooperate consistently to deal with approaching and active calls. This design offers a few advantages over a single server arrangement, including:

High Availability

With redundant servers in place, the system remains operational even if one server fails, ensuring uninterrupted service. The significance of high availability in a VICIdial cluster setup couldn’t possibly be more significant. Call centers work on the clock, serving clients and overseeing interchanges that are in many cases time-sensitive. Any personal time or break in help can diminish consumer loyalty, and at last, income loss.

Accomplishing high availability includes carrying out repetitive parts and failover systems inside the VICIdial setup. Overt repetitiveness implies having reinforcement servers, information bases, and systems administration parts prepared to take over naturally on the off chance that the essential parts fizzle. 

Software Installation

Appropriate installation guarantees that the product works as expected without errors or blunders. Introduce and arrange VICIdial software on every server in the group, guaranteeing consistency across hubs. Right installation techniques improve programming execution, empowering productive call dealing with, revealing, and checking. A very much optimized software solution incorporates essential security setups to safeguard call center information and forestall unapproved access.

Confirm that your equipment and software meet VICIdial’s base prerequisites for ideal execution. Design the information base backend (normally MySQL) to safely store call information. 

Network Configuration

An appropriately designed network limits idleness, guaranteeing continuous communication among specialists and guests. Set up a committed organization for between server communication to limit inactivity and guarantee information synchronization. Compelling organization setup enhances data transmission use to clog and guarantee steady call quality. Carrying out network safety efforts, for example, firewalls and VPNs safeguards delicate call center information from unapproved access.

Focus on VoIP traffic by carrying out Nature of Administration (QoS) solutions. This guarantees that voice information parcels are given higher need over different kinds of organization traffic. It diminishes jitter and bundle misfortune. Section your organization utilizing Virtual LANs (VLANs) to segregate voice traffic from information traffic. This upgrades security and further develops in general organization execution.

Routinely screen network execution and usage utilizing instruments like SNMP. Advance organization settings in view of execution measurements to keep up with ideal call quality.

Failover Mechanism

Failover Mechanisms are intended to identify disappointments continuously and divert traffic to the excess parts flawlessly. For instance, on the off chance that one server in the VICIdial group goes down, the failover framework naturally courses approaching calls and errands to one more accessible server, keeping up with continuous help for guests and specialists. Automatically switch to backup servers in case of primary server failure, ensuring continuity. Configure failover mechanisms to automatically redirect traffic in case of server failures, maintaining continuity.

Expert Tips for Optimizing Your Cluster VICIdial Setup Configuration

Cluster Vicidial Setup Configuration

Plan Your Cluster Architecture

Setting up a VICIdial cluster ensures that your call center operations run smoothly even under high loads. Send excess organization associations and changes to guarantee network strength. Carry out failover components to change to reinforcement associations if there should be an occurrence of essential connection disappointments naturally. Limit free time by having reinforcement frameworks prepared to assume control over when required.

Implement Load Balancing

Load Balancing is important in a VICIdial system to disseminate approaching call traffic effectively across various servers. This approach improves cluster dialer framework execution as well as limits the gamble of free time, guaranteeing continuous help for call centers. It distributes the entire call traffic among several servers. 

The load balancing feature prevents any single server from handling more calls than it can handle. This becomes a big relief for the server as well as the contact center. You should configure a load balancer to evenly distribute incoming calls across multiple VICIdial servers. 

Set Up Failover Mechanisms

Failover Mechanism set up can disseminate call traffic across numerous servers. Load balancing becomes effective in recognizing any weak links in the server. Streamline the system for execution measurements. Are you prepared to enhance your call center with a versatile Cluster VICIdial Setup System?

Optimize Cluster Configuration

VICIdial, being a strong call center solution, requests a very much organized design to flawlessly deal with enormous call volumes.  Empower secure remote access for specialists and heads utilizing Virtual Private Nerwork (VPN) techniques. This guarantees encoded communication and secure admittance to the VICIdial system from far off areas. Load adjusting appropriates traffic productively, forestalling bottlenecks.


Did you know? A very much designed VICIdial Cluster Setup can deal with large number of simultaneous calls. It  guaranees fantastic client support in any event during top hours.

By following these four tips by KingAsterisk and best practices, you can enhance your VICIdial for greatest execution and dependability. Connect with KingAsterisk Technology to stay aware of your VICIdial cluster setup effectively. We are here to help you in keeping a powerful custom VICIdial skins solution customized to your call center’s necessities. Put resources into the right foundation today to defend your business against downtime today!

Vicidial Solutions

Enhance Your Contact Center with VICIdial Technology

When you’re running a business, it’s important to have an efficient way to handle customer inquiries and complaints as they come in. These days, dialers are getting increasingly popular. They’ve become a must-have for any call center since they help to streamline operations and align company objectives. Launched in 2007, VICIdial Technology offers an enterprise class, open source, contact center solution with predictive dialer capabilities. Every contact center relies on agent efficiency and calls center agent productivity. Time is money when it comes to both customer service and sales. It might be costly to lose agent discussion time. 

Contact centers, on the other hand, are equipped and empowered with a predictive dialing solution to make calls at an optimal rate and at optimal times while automatically filtering out anything that can stifle productivity, such as answering machines, busy lines, offline numbers, and disconnected calls. 

Furthermore, VICIdial filters out ring time, increasing productivity and reducing lost time spent waiting for calls to ring. As a result, it can improve call center efficiency, productivity, sales, and customer service while lowering operational costs. 

For example, let’s say you run an online retail store that sells shoes to customers across the world. When someone places an order and doesn’t receive it within their expected time frame, or if they don’t like the product, it’s critical that you can efficiently address their concerns and assure them of your commitment to excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Contact Centers Can Help Improve Customer Service

A contact center solution is a core part of delivering great customer service. The positive feedback and satisfactory customer service is a key to gain new customers and retain the existing ones. Whether you’re offering phone support, email support, or using social media to connect with customers, your contact center solution should be designed to keep your agents and callers organized and productive. Contact centers also allow you to record customer interactions in a way that’s easy for everyone involved.

What Do You Mean By VICIdial Technology?

ViciDial was introduced to the industry as one of the first free and open-source software solutions. This has generated a dramatic effect on the contact center industry as a whole, and has even pushed other solution providers to offer better services to maintain the customers they have. It is an open-source call center application that handles both inbound and outbound calls. It offers a wide range of features and is highly customisable to meet the specific needs of any organization.

VICIdial Technology is a set of tools that interface with the Asterisk Open-Source PBX Phone System on a client computer level to enhance the phone’s and system’s capabilities. 

This software is intended for use with an Asterisk system that includes Zap(T1/E1/PSTN), IAX, or SIP trunks, as well as SIP/IAX/Zap phones. This software is implemented to handle inbound, outbound, and blended phone calls, as well as inbound email and customer website chat, all within the same agent’s device screen.

It can be installed to the hardware by the customer’s own hand or else they can even contact the company for the hosted service. It can dial predictively, in a ratio, or one at a time. VICIdial can also be used as an ACD for inbound calls, combining inbound and outgoing calls, or for Closer calls arriving from VICIdial frontiers, as well as allowing

for remote agents with only a phone.

The GUI Client application was built to allow anyone using even a single line SIP phone to use the more complex features of Asterisk. We provide consultancy services for Asterisk PBX and Predictive Dialer System configuration for Call Center, Voice Processing System for Inbound/Outbound Calls. We, KingAsterisk, have built up many custom VICIdial call centers with a large number of seats all over the world. We have a thorough understanding of the VICIdial and can

make changes as needed.

How Does VICIdial Technology In Contact Centers Work?

For example an inbound contact center takes an incoming customer service call and routes it to a support team member who can handle it. These solutions typically come in two flavors: cloud hosted and on-premises. Hosted solutions are easy to set up, but they often come with a monthly fee for each concurrent agent using the system. On-premises solutions are more expensive at setup as capital expenditure but usually have fewer maintenance costs after that.

Benefits Of VICIdial Technology 

The web-phone functionality, unified agent screen, open-source technology, and ongoing updates and upgrades are the key advantages of this contact center solution. Take a look at the following benefits

Customer Service And Satisfaction Are Improved

It’s no secret that VICIdial Technology plays a big role in customer happiness. You can

call customers at convenient times using it, and VICIdial increases the likelihood of offering clients items and services that they might be interested in. Customer loyalty and satisfaction are increased by phoning

them with the products, services, and customized dialer software solutions they want at the most convenient times. With the built-in Predictive calling feature, agents may see who they’re talking to before the call is connected, and greet them by name.

Screen For Unified Agents

Users can use the platform’s Unified Agent Screen to handle not only outbound and inbound calls but also inbound emails and online chats. All of This can be done from a single dashboard on a single screen. There’s no need to switch between apps or screens. This speeds up communication

and enhances the client experience.

The Capacity To Make Phone Calls

VICIdial Technology comes with a web-phone feature. It is designed to handle a large number of calls and agents simultaneously. There are no additional setups required with the software. It’s ready to use. 

A large VICIdial installation can handle over two million phone calls per day, with over eight hundred agents handling calls and internet communications from customers. Additionally, the software is highly customizable, so businesses can easily scale up or down as their needs change.

Free And Open Source Software

The software is free and open-source. Users can change the way the system works at the code level and customize it to their preferences. There are also over two thousand settings and configuration options, allowing easy customization of distinct call flows, agent permissions and other settings. This means that organizations can tailor their software usage to their individual needs and operations. Additionally, there is no vendor lock-in policy, which is a positive. You will never be stuck with a product if the vendor discontinues support.

Updates & Improvements

This solution is available as a hosted service which is extremely flexible & scalable, and it can be installed on customer premise hardware as well. VICIdial Technology is always being developed and updated to include new features. This is also the case. When a new feature becomes available for one client, it is automatically made available to all other clients. It’s a present that just keeps on giving.

On the hosted contact center platform, VICIdial Group adapts blended telecom and internet services from multiple carriers to offer a robust and fault-tolerant solution for its clients. The company’s blended tier-3 hosted internet infrastructure has proven to be an optimal solution and has been able to serve clients with numerous users in multiple countries spread across the world.

Assists In Increasing Your Sales.

To close more sales, agents need to connect with the right customer. VICIdial Technology eliminates the guessing by connecting agents with the most likely customers. Call logging, call recording, callback settings, and other automated processes are just a few of the features that save time and allow agents to pursue the best and strongest leads using VICIdial. We’ve witnessed almost a 200 percent increase in productivity.

VICIdial Technology Features 

The following are the main characteristics of VICIdial software:

➡ Accessible from any location. It helps you to dial calls anywhere, anywhere at any time.

➡ It also helps in the campaign for automatic dialing.

➡ Call recording that is automated or scheduled.

➡ Call recording is very easy and you can set auto-recording or scheduled recording as you need.

➡ Sessions with a mix of people. It is used for conference calls and videos.

➡ Transferring a call is very easy in VICIdial Technology.

➡ There is a feature which is the schedule of inbound calls and outbound calls.

➡ Very easy for improving client relationship experience.

Some of the other exclusive features that are also offered to its hosted clients for free are custom built VICIdial servers optimized for call centers, cell phone number scrubbing, agent audio soundboards and high-level data encryption, the features which are known for its real-time assistance.

Additionally, the ViciHost which is an official hosted and managed solution from ViciDial allows customers to avail the benefit of a private cloud of dedicated, custom-built ViciDial servers with extra services that is not available on the ViciDial open-source platform.

Why Use VICIdial Technology For The Contact Centers?

With over 14,000 installations in over 100 countries, VICIdial is the most popular open-source call center solution on the planet. 

VICIdial is the project for an open-source contact center system. This implies that it is backed and developed by a large number of knowledgeable and competent individuals. It is at the cutting edge of call center solutions and extremely secure thanks to this reservoir of talent. The costs are significantly reduced as an open-source call center system. When compared to a traditional, proprietary call center solution, VICIdial Technology can save you hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

This software is also quite customizable. With an open-source VICIdial system, you get control over your contact center’s administration. VICIdial call center systems are unrivaled in terms of versatility and power once installed and configured by a professional like Kingasterisk Technology. 

Do you want to set up a diverter? You certainly can. Do you want to create a new voicemail message? You certainly can. 

Why Choose The KingAsterisk Technology For VICIdial?

Almost every organization has its own contact center to deal with customer issues. Choosing a partner to help you build your contact center can be an intimidating process, however. You want a company that understands your business model, but how do you know which one to choose? VICIdial Technology is a great product that, except for WebRTC, can rival systems that cost a lot of money. The open-source community is very supportive, and it receives frequent quality updates. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about Vicidial Custom Development and what it can accomplish for you. Kingasterisk Technology provides the best Custom VICIdial solution for your contact center. 

Vicidial Solutions

Budget-Friendly Solutions- Step-by-Step Setup of VICIdial Without Any Installation Costs

Leveraging open-source solutions can be a game-changer. VICIdial Solution stands tall as a prime example of this. As freeware it appeals to many companies that are looking for a cheap solution. However, the technical know-how and time needed to install and set it up and provide a stable platform should not be underestimated. A big reason behind VICIdial’s widespread usage? It’s “free” to use. 

A thriving developer community, KingAsterisk Technology gives users access to over 2,000 features–including VoIP voice calling, email, and website chat. All this without breaking the bank and without bearing any installation costs. 

“If a VICIdial system is set up and managed properly, it can be extremely reliable.”

  • VICIdial group, June 2021 

Why VICIdial Stands Out

It is an open source, enterprise-level Contact Center solution being used by thousands of companies in over 100 countries around the world. It has no per-user license fees and is completely free for anyone to use. It isn’t simply your ordinary call center programming; it’s an exhaustive solution loaded with features. Also it is custom fitted to meet assorted business needs in all enterprises. The board is open in 16 one of a kind languages. 

From predictive dialing to CRM integration, it covers all bases seamlessly. It ensures an optimized inbound and outbound call management. Filter, Sort, Track and Manage contacts easily. Never miss a Follow-up in future. It is appropriate for businesses like hotels, tour operators, etc. that deal with international customers. It is scalable and so is appropriate for rapidly growing businesses.

The Vicidial can have

➡ Automatic call distribution (ACD) system, requires deep configuration by the support team for payment.

➡ Outbound and inbound calls, billable configuration.

➡ Predictive dialing.

➡ Scheduling of calls in case of proper customization.

➡ Callbacks, yet not automatically

Scaling the number of seats, 

➡ The capacity to call an ID. 

VICIdial allows agents to handle blended inbound and outbound calls as well as predictive and manual outbound list dialing and can also handle inbound emails and website customer chat sessions all within the same agent screen. It is the ideal one if you are exploring call center software for free. You must first evaluate the needs of the business and choose one that matches your requirements. 

VICIdial is one of the most popular open-source contact center solutions in the world with customer sales reaching up to 14,000 installations. 

What is Vicibox?

ViciBox is a pre-installed software package that includes Vicidial. Which makes it easier for users to get started with their call center operations. 

ViciBox includes a pre-configured version of the Linux operating system. Some examples are CRM systems, softphones, and reporting tools. 

With ViciBox, users can quickly and easily set up a complete call center solution without having to manually install and configure each software component individually. 

Step-by-Step Setup Guide Of VICIdial Installation

ViciBox is available only in a 64-bit architecture. Any modern CPU relinquished after 2004 should not have any issues installing or running ViciBox. You can set up a remote team of support executives, manage calls from customers and prospects on-the-go, and efficiently manage inbound and outbound business calls.

Engage With KingAsterisk

First start your VICIdial journey by reaching out to KingAsterisk Technology. Our group of specialists gives free setup arrangement, establishment, and design administrations. 

Requirements Assessment

Before diving into the setup process, our experts conduct a thorough assessment of your requirements. They will even go an extra step to suggest to you what all things you should be having according to your venture. Whether you need a multi-channel communication platform or real-time analytics. 

Server Setup 

With the requirements in mind, we proceed to set up Custom VICIdial on your servers. Our group handles everything from server provisioning to programming establishment, guaranteeing a consistent change. 


The standard ‘root’ password is ‘vicidial’ on all installation media. You can simply type ‘root’ at the Login prompt and ‘vicidial’ at the Password prompt.

Configuration Customization

Market is becoming more and more unique and personalized these days. No two businesses are alike, and its flexibility shines through in its theme customization capabilities. We tailor the setup to adjust with your special work processes and inclinations. Nothing better than having your own set of solutions which your agents prefer to have. 

Integration With CRM

Seamlessly integrate it with your CRM system to streamline operations and enhance customer engagement. So you don’t miss out on any data when required. Your team will have all kinds of information ready at any point of given time.

Client Interaction Story

Imagine a bustling call center grappling with the challenge of outdated software and skyrocketing operational costs. Yes, this happened recently. That’s where KingAsterisk stepped in to save the day of that business. Supporting productivity and cutting expenses by 30%. Now, agents can work from any system and if you support a remote work model this model works amazingly well. Their team was more than happy from our work ethic and support services.  

With Vicidial solutions, you can easily scale your call center up or down based on your business needs. This means you can quickly add or remove agents as your call volume changes, without needing to worry about managing your own server hardware.

Important Notes

This isn’t just a cost-effective solution but it’s a catalyst for any kind of business transformation. With KingAsterisk by your side, setup costs become a thing of the past. 

How organizations are utilizing VICIdial

First, you can download and install and use it completely 100% free, no strings attached. Third, the reporting is all one 1 screen, there are many reports, inbound, outbound, carrier reports, etc. 

Fourth, they have a user forum where, and I kid you not, you can post a question or an issue you are having, and either a VICIdial expert or one of the other many experts on the forum will respond to your question usually within an hour or two, always that same day. You can optically discern a minute list of how organizations are utilizing it daily to get business done.

➡ Customer service calls for small to medium size businesses.

➡ Hospital patients post-checkout survey.

➡ Broadcasting to members of an organization.

➡ Doctor’s office patient contact management: Incoming/Outgoing calls and email.

➡ Schools use broadcast messages and parent response IVRs.

➡ ️ Emergency response call center which operates 24/7.

➡ ️ Phone call logging and call redirection for lead management company (10,000+ Direct Inward Dialing).

➡ Bank customer service call center.


When we first installed it, we used an old desktop and turned it into a VICIdial server. The hardware requirements are low. And maybe most importantly, it is constantly evolving. This really happened at King Asterisk Technology. New revisions come out regularly, and new versions of the installer VICIbox are produced regularly, and they are new features constantly, and the program keeps getting better and better!

VICIdial is everything you always wanted in a predictive dialer or software dialing solution, and it is absolutely free of charge! Your call center activity requires a proactive, versatile, start to finish solution for screen and management with all cycles. 

And we all know that time is money and it’s a luxury to waste a time when you need to earn money. A large number of agents are just waiting for a call or contact with customers, yet they can’t because of software outages. This software is one of the most challenging software niches for developers.

With KingAsterisk’s expert guidance, setting up VICIdial cost becomes a breeze, allowing businesses to unlock unparalleled efficiency without incurring any installation costs. Investing in a free call center software system helps businesses streamline the high volume of incoming calls. As the calls are routed over the internet, businesses can reach out to international leads and prospects at lower costs. 

That’s how we have won and continue to maintain the faith that 12,000+ companies bestow upon us for their business calls management. With 24/7 live operator call center solutions, we’re able to engage your customers as your single customer service hub.KingAsterisk Technology Free Plan is best for call centers that need to integrate their existing business phone system into a flexible, feature-rich marketing and CRM platform. It shortens the buying cycle and automates minor support and sales tasks. 

Vicidial Solutions

Unlocking the Truth: How Much Does VICIdial Cost?

Did you know? Businesses are empowered by VICIdial’s open-source licensing without having to break the bank.

At KingAsterisk, we consider the Vicidial Cost while selecting a solution for our call center. Although this program comes with a number of choices, adopting a free call center solution like VICIDial call center solution is undoubtedly more enticing to business owners.This blogpost will look into VICIdial’s expenses as well as any additional hidden expenditures that might exist.

VICIdial Pricing Structure 

Establishing a connection with clients is becoming increasingly difficult due to shifting legislation and an increase in banned and reported calls. We should now look into the various cost tiers associated with this open-source contact center solution. 

Licensing Fees

By paying licensing costs, you are able to fully utilize VICIdial. Because VICIdial cost is licensed under open-source terms, it is reasonably priced for enterprises. Select the permission model that best suits the needs of your business. VICIdial guarantees you the freedom to pay just for what you actually need. You may easily use VICIdial’s capabilities without having to deal with a headache thanks to KingAsterisk Technologies’ simplification of the process.

 Cost Of Implementation 

VICIdial implementation requires upfront setup fees. Start by being aware of the consultation fees, which are incurred when our professionals work with you to customize the VICIdial cost to meet your unique requirements. In light of everything, however, the open-source nature of these charges keeps them sensible and guarantees that associations will be dealt with reasonably. Our conference administrations are intended to give customized and efficient execution. We also provide thorough instruction at affordable prices. 

Deployment Charges 

The deployment costs of VICIdial are minimal because of its user-friendly design. The staff of KingAsterisk ensures a simple deployment process. Associations don’t have to settle for less value in exchange for significant game plan savings. Rather than treating this as an additional expense for our clients, we are providing deployment to businesses as part of our commitment. 

Setup Costs

The setup costs essentially spin around designing VICIdial costs to line up with explicit business necessities. Although there are associated costs, the flexibility of customization makes up for these expenditures. We also provide continuous assistance to ensure that everything in your VICIdial framework proceeds as per our plan.

**Note: KingAsterisk Technologies provides installation as well as configuration design of VICIdial at no cost. We ensure a consistent experience for our customers. 

 Maintenance Charges 

VICIdial’s upkeep charges are very low, adding to its general expense adequacy. Ordinary updates and backing are accessible without troubling your financial plan. We guarantee your VICIdial cost framework works typically, every day of the week. With maintenance expenses, you’re not only paying for upkeep; you’re tying down admittance to master support at whatever point you want it.

VICIdial Total Cost of Ownership 

Organizations should consider Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when determining the true cost of VICIdial. This takes care of the expenses of acquiring consents, completing, sending, arranging, and keeping up with the system over its lifetime. These are the upfront costs associated with obtaining VICIdial.

 Important Budgetary Considerations 

  • Since VICIdial is open-source, it has long haul cost savings. 
  • Taking into consideration the size of your workforce, select the VICIdial licensing level that best meets your requirements and financial constraints. 
  • Find out how much expert execution support will cost in order to guarantee a smooth agreement without any unanticipated costs. 
  • Inspect the accessible upkeep bundles to keep up with your VICIdial cost framework working proficiently and liberated from spontaneous margin time.

 VICIdial: Practical Option with More noteworthy Return 

VICIdial is a kind of solution that doesn’t need stowed expenses or complicated evaluation structures. It has the capacity to deal with calls, hold information, and convey test notices to support proficiency and address your essential concern.

VICIdial and Efficiency 

Routing Of Calls Intelligently 

Insightful call routing guarantees that calls are coordinated to the most appropriate educated authority, reducing stand by times and extending client expectations. We ensure an anticipated plan changed in accordance with your association’s prerequisites.

Agent Performance In Check 

More than just a way to exchange information, vicidial cost is more than that. Your staff presently can depict extraordinary help thanks to highlights like call recording, coordinated call directing, and predictive dialing. Likewise, the consistency incorporation of these capacities into your work interaction is guaranteed by our nonstop assistance. 

Integration with CRM 

Coordinated frameworks are more powerful. The ability of custom VICIdial to incorporate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems streamlines procedures and enables your team to access basic client information while working together. 

Real-time Reporting 

Envision having the option to consistently examine and screen ongoing calls. You can make very well-informed decisions thanks to the extensive range of reporting highlights provided by VICIdial. Our abilities grant these exchanges to happen quickly, while being related.

Automated Campaigns 

Increase the call volume to have more thoughts examined and to save your gathering time. You’ll have the choice to organize your outbound missions as capable as possible with our constant assistance.

Adaptability and Versatility

With the assistance of KingAsterisk, VICIdial upgrades your obligations easily in light of your advancing requirements. VICIdial cost extends alongside you, whether you’re growing your labor force or addressing advancing requirements.

Efficient Predictive Dialing 

The predictive dialing system extends a specialist’s talking time by at least a couple of times calling different numbers. As a result of KingAsterisk’s insight, you should rest assured that this dialer solution will be custom fitted to your organization’s necessities.

Training and Support

Knowledge seems to improve efficiency. Similar to any tool, VICIdial development fills in as a stage for diligent turn of events and development. KingAsterisk Advances ensures your group is ready to equip the greatest limit of VICIdial cost at a reasonable cost by offering far reaching arranging and constant help.


KingAsterisk Technologies considers the Vicidial Cost while choosing an intelligent software solution for their call community, offering different expense levels, for example, permitting expenses, execution costs, deployment costs, arrangement costs, support charges, and Total Cost of Operation (TCO). We have been straightforwardly engaged with the VICIdial cost and code for the past 11 years, during which we have worked comfortably with its various deficiencies and the issues they cause for clients. You can depend on KingAsterisk to give a reasonable and clear VICIdial experience.

Vicidial Solutions

What is Vicidial Development and How Does it Revolutionize Call Centers?

As we all know, many companies and organizations in different industries have started using call center software to support lead generation and nurturing sales operations. At KingAsterisk Technology, we have been claiming and proving ourselves as one of the Top leaders for call center software solutions globally.  Plus we provide Vicidial development services for free of cost basis. 

Imagine gaining insights into your customer’s world, understanding their needs like never before – that’s the power we bring to the table. We’re not just talking solutions; we’re talking about a future where your call center doesn’t just keep up; it leads the way. 

A majority of people are inclined towards a custom contact center solution and why not? The custom call center software comes with many features, but the point is VICIDial is also a promising call center solution that can meet the needs of many call centers and businesses. Although the VICIDial solution is very powerful call center software , people are afraid of choosing it until it is the only left option. 

Understanding Vicidial Development:

Now First let us know what ViciDial Development is and what kind of services we are providing. Ever had that tech headache when trying to make different systems work together? ViciDial integration services make everything work smoothly. 

***Note: Kingasterisk Technologies installs & configures your Vicidial on a free-of-cost basis. Upgrade your communication game with Vicidial – where efficiency meets affordability. 

Swift and Smart Operations

Ever wished your calls could find their way like GPS-guided missiles? Well, with ViciDial, they practically do. It routes calls to the right agents with precision. The smart scripting feature provides agents with the right words at the right time. Busy days? Slow days? It adapts to your call center workflow. The programming eliminates lag, providing a smooth, uninterrupted experience for both your agents and customers. 

It is cost effective

If you don’t know, let me tell you, VICIDial is an open source solution. Thus, it is way cheaper than a third party contact center solution. With Vicidial, you’re free from ongoing licensing fees, keeping your operational costs predictable and manageable. The unlimited seats will be available for free. The only fee you need to pay is for VICIDial solution installation, configuration and support services.

CRM Integration for Enhanced Interaction

Ever wished you could see the complete picture of your customer? With CRM integration, you get a 360-degree view – from their first inquiry to the latest interaction. CRM integration allows you to set reminders for follow-ups, ensuring that promises made during a call are kept, fostering trust and reliability. 

You might be thinking, “Sounds great, but is it complicated?” Not at all. CRM integration is designed for simplicity. Your agents focus on the conversation, and the system takes care of the rest – effortlessly.

It is easy to customize

At KingAsterisk, we believe that every call center is unique, and your software should reflect that. The VICIDial: contact center solution comes with its code for free. As VICIDial has been in industry for many years and many people are using it, the common call center features are readily available. 

Vicidial’s user-friendly interface puts customization at your fingertips. For example, sticky agent, custom dashboard, graphical report, remote agent, disposition bucket, soundboard, etc. are already developed and available in plug and play form. Even if you want to develop a custom vicidial module for this open source call center software, then you can with the help of VICIDial experts like KingAsterisk Technologies. 

Optimizing System Performance

You want your system firing on all cylinders, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied customers. What it does is eliminates the glitches, reduces delays, and makes sure every component works well. It minimizes the chances of unexpected hiccups, keeping your operations running 24/7 without a glitch. 

Optimized systems mean user-friendly interfaces, reduced complexities, and a more enjoyable working environment. Happy agents translate to better customer interactions – it’s a win-win situation. 

No vendor lock-in

When we say “No vendor lock-in,” we mean giving you the freedom to choose what suits your business best. Thus, you are not dependent on a vendor from whom you have bought the solution. Unlike a custom call center services in which you have to use the services of the same vendor for support or make any kind of call center software customization. 

You decide on a call center solution today, and it’s fantastic. But what if your business expands in the market in future, and your needs evolve with time? With no vendor lock-in, you’re not stuck. You can easily explore new options, adapt, and choose what aligns with your business requirements and growth. This will give a complete ownership of the solution and freedom of choice which each entrepreneur ’s desire.

Why Choose KingAsterisk Technologies?

So why KingAsterisk? Well, it’s not just about the programming or the implementation – it’s about the commitment. Our track record speaks for itself. 

  • Proven expertise in ViciDial programming.
  • Dedicated ViciDial support services for a seamless experience.
  • Track record of successful ViciDial implementations.


VICIDial is a flexible, customizable and feature rich contact center solution. It provides almost all required features and the remaining can be easily added with the VICIDial customization service that is easily available. 

But it’s not just about the setup. We, at KingAsterisk, don’t just hand over intelligent software solutions; we walk with you through the entire process. From seamless integration to ongoing support, we’re here for the long haul.

The VICIDial solution can be a better choice sometimes even over highly advanced call center software. So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? 

Thus, make a wise decision by keeping all facts in mind. You can also connect with a VoIP consultant expert at KingAsterisk Technology to get required guidance.

What is Custom Vicidial and How Can it Elevate Your Call Center Performance
Vicidial Solutions

What is Custom Vicidial and How Can it Elevate Your Call Center Performance?

Did you know that organizations utilizing Custom ViciDial experience up to a 30% expansion in Call Center Performance?

At KingAsterisk Technology, we know the beat of the call center industry, and that is the reason we’re here to reveal insight into how Custom ViciDial can upgrade your call center activities.

Understanding ViciDial

If you’re in the business of managing calls, you’ve probably heard the buzz about ViciDial, and let me tell you, the hype is well-deserved. Imagine a tool that predicts when your agents will be available to take the next call. That’s ViciDial’s predictive dialing feature at play. It enhances your call center’s productivity by ensuring specialists are locked in precisely when they should be.

ViciDial, an open-source call center solution, is the foundation of numerous effective call centers around the world. It provides a comprehensive solution for both inbound and outbound call centers with features like predictive dialing, call routing, and CRM integration. ViciDial has you covered when it comes to handling incoming inquiries and communicating with potential customers.

Tailoring ViciDial to Your Needs

Every business is unique, and so are its requirements. ViciDial’s customization permits us to take apart your particular necessities, guaranteeing that the last arrangement adjusts impeccable with your functional objectives. With ViciDial customization, you get control over the features that matter most to your business. 

Custom ViciDial development allows you to fine-tune the system according to your unique requirements, providing a personalized touch to your call center setup. As your business develops, your intelligent software solution develops with you, adjusting easily to new difficulties and demands.

Turning Complexity into Simplicity: ViciDial Customization at Its Best.

Enhanced Agent Performance

With ViciDial customization, we fine-tune agent workflows to match your business processes seamlessly. Custom ViciDial gives real-time analytics, offering a preview of call measurements, reaction times, and transformation rates. This significant feedback circle enables your representatives to refine their methodology on the fly.

Competitor lists, identifications, and well disposed contests infuse a portion of fun into the work environment, driving inspiration and empowering sound rivalry among your representatives. Features like automated call scheduling and reminders enable agents to prioritize tasks effectively, ensuring they make the most out of every minute of their workday.

Cloud-Based Dialing: The Future of Call Centers

Did you know that customized setups are not just for today but for your future growth? 

With cloud-based dialing, your agents can work from anywhere, ensuring productivity isn’t tied to a specific location. ViciDial’s cloud solution gives adaptability as well as guarantees openness from anyplace, empowering your group to work productively even in a distant arrangement.

These arrangements mean you just compensation for what you use, enhancing your spending plan without settling on execution. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, cloud-based dialing scales with your requirements, ensuring you’re always equipped to handle growth.

Your Call Center, Your Rules: The Power of Custom ViciDial.

ViciDial Setup Made Simple

Setting up ViciDial is a straightforward process. We’ll direct you through the configuration, guaranteeing each element is advanced to match your call center’s novel requests. Let’s dive into the essentials:

Step 1: Installation

Start by downloading the ViciDial ISO from the official website. Follow the installation instructions provided, making sure to select the appropriate options for your call center’s needs. 

Step 2: Configuration

Once installed, access the ViciDial administration panel. Configure the basic settings such as time zones, languages, and system preferences to align ViciDial with your operational requirements.

Step 3: User Management

Efficient call center operations rely on well-defined user roles. Assign specific roles to your agents and administrators’ user accounts based on their responsibilities. This guarantees a solid and coordinated climate for overseeing calls and framework settings.

Step 4: Campaign Setup

Campaigns are the heart of outbound call centers. Set up campaigns custom-made to your business targets. Characterize calling hours, script layouts, and lead records to smooth out your outbound calling processes. ViciDial’s adaptability permits you to redo missions to match your extraordinary necessities.

Step 5: Integration with CRM

Enhance data flow and customer interactions by integrating ViciDial with your CRM system. This step guarantees a consistent trade of data between the two stages, giving a 360-degree perspective on client collaborations for your representatives.

Step 6: Testing

Before going live, conduct comprehensive testing to ensure all features are working seamlessly. Test inbound and outbound calls, agent functionalities, and campaign configurations. Identify and resolve any issues to guarantee a flawless performance when your call center is in full operation.

Step 7: Ongoing Support

At KingAsterisk Technology, we’re not just about setup – we’re committed to your ongoing success. Our support team is prepared to help with any inquiries or difficulties you might experience during your ViciDial venture. Go ahead and connect for convenient help and direction.


Embrace Custom ViciDial development to witness a shift in your call center’s performance. We at KingAsterisk Technology are determined to help you navigate this change.

Investigate the vast potential outcomes of ViciDial customization with KingAsterisk Innovation. Reach out to us for a free demo and further details. We look forward to helping you. 

Here’s to powering your call center software here’s to the future – the future you shape with every call.

Vicidial Solutions

VICIdial: The Free and Open-Source Contact Center Solution

Picture this – a solution that not only transforms the way you handle calls but also fits your budget.

We are delighted to introduce VICIDial, an open-source call center solution that is not only effective but also cost-effective. Our team at KingAsterisk Technologies not only provides VICIDial solutions but also offers free installation and configuration services.

Everything About VICIDial

Built on the Asterisk platform, it harnesses the power of predictive dialer technology, guaranteeing your representatives take advantage of their time. The open-source nature of VICIDial implies unending customization prospects, giving a fitted answer for your remarkable business needs.  It’s the multitasker your call center dreams of – no more choosing between handling incoming calls and reaching out to customers. 

Key Features

Predictive Dialer Technology

VICIDial’s predictive dialing optimizes agent productivity by making smart calls, reducing idle time, and boosting overall efficiency.

Asterisk-Based Foundation

Leveraging the reliability of Asterisk ensures a stable and scalable platform for your call center operations.

Smart Dialing for Smarter Conversations

VICIDial’s predictive dialer technology ensures your agents are always engaged in meaningful conversations, reducing idle time and maximizing productivity.

Inbound and Outbound Excellence

VICIDial seamlessly handles both inbound and outbound calls, providing a holistic solution for your contact center.

Effortless Installation and Configuration

KingAsterisk Technologies takes pride in offering free installation and configuration services. Our specialists guarantee an issue free arrangement.

Boost Efficiency with Automation

VICIDial goes beyond being just software; it’s a call center automation powerhouse. Integrate VoIP seamlessly and configure IVR systems to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Vicidial Support Services

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with installation. KingAsterisk Technologies provides ongoing support services, ensuring your VICIDial framework moves along as expected, and your group is generally prepared to deal with difficulties.

24/7 Assistance

Got a burning question at 3 AM? We’re here when you need us – always.

Troubleshooting Made Easy

Stuck in a technical hiccup? Our team’s got your back. We’ll direct you bit by bit, ensuring you’re in the groove again right away.

Expert Guidance

Not sure how to optimize your VICIDial for maximum efficiency? Believe in us! Our experts provide guidance altered to your specific necessities, guaranteeing you’re gaining by VICIDial’s actual limit.

Remote Assistance

Distance is no obstacle for us. We can troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely, so you don’t have to do a thing. Simple, right?

Upgrade Your Communication

Are you tired of communication barriers holding back your business? 

KingAsterisk Technologies invites you to improve your business communication with VICIDial. Efficient, affordable, and tailored to your needs – it’s the solution your call center deserves.

Important Note: KingAsterisk Technologies installs & configures your VICIDial on a free-of-cost basis. Upgrade your communication game with VICIDial – where efficiency meets affordability.


Trust KingAsterisk Technologies to not only provide VICIDial solutions as well as to be your accomplice in upgrading the manner in which you interface with your audience. Experience the power of a call center solution based on Asterisk that combines the latest technology at an unbeatable price.

Your success story starts here – efficient, affordable, and powered by KingAsterisk Technologies.