Vicidial Solutions

Unlocking the Truth: How Much Does VICIdial Cost?

Did you know? Businesses are empowered by VICIdial’s open-source licensing without having to break the bank.

At KingAsterisk, we consider the Vicidial Cost while selecting a solution for our call center. Although this program comes with a number of choices, adopting a free call center solution like VICIDial call center solution is undoubtedly more enticing to business owners.This blogpost will look into VICIdial’s expenses as well as any additional hidden expenditures that might exist.

VICIdial Pricing Structure 

Establishing a connection with clients is becoming increasingly difficult due to shifting legislation and an increase in banned and reported calls. We should now look into the various cost tiers associated with this open-source contact center solution. 

Licensing Fees

By paying licensing costs, you are able to fully utilize VICIdial. Because VICIdial cost is licensed under open-source terms, it is reasonably priced for enterprises. Select the permission model that best suits the needs of your business. VICIdial guarantees you the freedom to pay just for what you actually need. You may easily use VICIdial’s capabilities without having to deal with a headache thanks to KingAsterisk Technologies’ simplification of the process.

 Cost Of Implementation 

VICIdial implementation requires upfront setup fees. Start by being aware of the consultation fees, which are incurred when our professionals work with you to customize the VICIdial cost to meet your unique requirements. In light of everything, however, the open-source nature of these charges keeps them sensible and guarantees that associations will be dealt with reasonably. Our conference administrations are intended to give customized and efficient execution. We also provide thorough instruction at affordable prices. 

Deployment Charges 

The deployment costs of VICIdial are minimal because of its user-friendly design. The staff of KingAsterisk ensures a simple deployment process. Associations don’t have to settle for less value in exchange for significant game plan savings. Rather than treating this as an additional expense for our clients, we are providing deployment to businesses as part of our commitment. 

Setup Costs

The setup costs essentially spin around designing VICIdial costs to line up with explicit business necessities. Although there are associated costs, the flexibility of customization makes up for these expenditures. We also provide continuous assistance to ensure that everything in your VICIdial framework proceeds as per our plan.

**Note: KingAsterisk Technologies provides installation as well as configuration design of VICIdial at no cost. We ensure a consistent experience for our customers. 

 Maintenance Charges 

VICIdial’s upkeep charges are very low, adding to its general expense adequacy. Ordinary updates and backing are accessible without troubling your financial plan. We guarantee your VICIdial cost framework works typically, every day of the week. With maintenance expenses, you’re not only paying for upkeep; you’re tying down admittance to master support at whatever point you want it.

VICIdial Total Cost of Ownership 

Organizations should consider Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when determining the true cost of VICIdial. This takes care of the expenses of acquiring consents, completing, sending, arranging, and keeping up with the system over its lifetime. These are the upfront costs associated with obtaining VICIdial.

 Important Budgetary Considerations 

  • Since VICIdial is open-source, it has long haul cost savings. 
  • Taking into consideration the size of your workforce, select the VICIdial licensing level that best meets your requirements and financial constraints. 
  • Find out how much expert execution support will cost in order to guarantee a smooth agreement without any unanticipated costs. 
  • Inspect the accessible upkeep bundles to keep up with your VICIdial cost framework working proficiently and liberated from spontaneous margin time.

 VICIdial: Practical Option with More noteworthy Return 

VICIdial is a kind of solution that doesn’t need stowed expenses or complicated evaluation structures. It has the capacity to deal with calls, hold information, and convey test notices to support proficiency and address your essential concern.

VICIdial and Efficiency 

Routing Of Calls Intelligently 

Insightful call routing guarantees that calls are coordinated to the most appropriate educated authority, reducing stand by times and extending client expectations. We ensure an anticipated plan changed in accordance with your association’s prerequisites.

Agent Performance In Check 

More than just a way to exchange information, vicidial cost is more than that. Your staff presently can depict extraordinary help thanks to highlights like call recording, coordinated call directing, and predictive dialing. Likewise, the consistency incorporation of these capacities into your work interaction is guaranteed by our nonstop assistance. 

Integration with CRM 

Coordinated frameworks are more powerful. The ability of custom VICIdial to incorporate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems streamlines procedures and enables your team to access basic client information while working together. 

Real-time Reporting 

Envision having the option to consistently examine and screen ongoing calls. You can make very well-informed decisions thanks to the extensive range of reporting highlights provided by VICIdial. Our abilities grant these exchanges to happen quickly, while being related.

Automated Campaigns 

Increase the call volume to have more thoughts examined and to save your gathering time. You’ll have the choice to organize your outbound missions as capable as possible with our constant assistance.

Adaptability and Versatility

With the assistance of KingAsterisk, VICIdial upgrades your obligations easily in light of your advancing requirements. VICIdial cost extends alongside you, whether you’re growing your labor force or addressing advancing requirements.

Efficient Predictive Dialing 

The predictive dialing system extends a specialist’s talking time by at least a couple of times calling different numbers. As a result of KingAsterisk’s insight, you should rest assured that this dialer solution will be custom fitted to your organization’s necessities.

Training and Support

Knowledge seems to improve efficiency. Similar to any tool, VICIdial development fills in as a stage for diligent turn of events and development. KingAsterisk Advances ensures your group is ready to equip the greatest limit of VICIdial cost at a reasonable cost by offering far reaching arranging and constant help.


KingAsterisk Technologies considers the Vicidial Cost while choosing an intelligent software solution for their call community, offering different expense levels, for example, permitting expenses, execution costs, deployment costs, arrangement costs, support charges, and Total Cost of Operation (TCO). We have been straightforwardly engaged with the VICIdial cost and code for the past 11 years, during which we have worked comfortably with its various deficiencies and the issues they cause for clients. You can depend on KingAsterisk to give a reasonable and clear VICIdial experience.

Vicidial Solutions

What is Vicidial Development and How Does it Revolutionize Call Centers?

As we all know, many companies and organizations in different industries have started using call center software to support lead generation and nurturing sales operations. At KingAsterisk Technology, we have been claiming and proving ourselves as one of the Top leaders for call center software solutions globally.  Plus we provide Vicidial development services for free of cost basis. 

Imagine gaining insights into your customer’s world, understanding their needs like never before – that’s the power we bring to the table. We’re not just talking solutions; we’re talking about a future where your call center doesn’t just keep up; it leads the way. 

A majority of people are inclined towards a custom contact center solution and why not? The custom call center software comes with many features, but the point is VICIDial is also a promising call center solution that can meet the needs of many call centers and businesses. Although the VICIDial solution is very powerful call center software , people are afraid of choosing it until it is the only left option. 

Understanding Vicidial Development:

Now First let us know what ViciDial Development is and what kind of services we are providing. Ever had that tech headache when trying to make different systems work together? ViciDial integration services make everything work smoothly. 

***Note: Kingasterisk Technologies installs & configures your Vicidial on a free-of-cost basis. Upgrade your communication game with Vicidial – where efficiency meets affordability. 

1. Swift and Smart Operations

Ever wished your calls could find their way like GPS-guided missiles? Well, with ViciDial, they practically do. It routes calls to the right agents with precision. The smart scripting feature provides agents with the right words at the right time. Busy days? Slow days? It adapts to your call center workflow. The programming eliminates lag, providing a smooth, uninterrupted experience for both your agents and customers. 

2. It is cost effective

If you don’t know, let me tell you, VICIDial is an open source solution. Thus, it is way cheaper than a third party contact center solution. With Vicidial, you’re free from ongoing licensing fees, keeping your operational costs predictable and manageable. The unlimited seats will be available for free. The only fee you need to pay is for VICIDial solution installation, configuration and support services.

2. CRM Integration for Enhanced Interaction

Ever wished you could see the complete picture of your customer? With CRM integration, you get a 360-degree view – from their first inquiry to the latest interaction. CRM integration allows you to set reminders for follow-ups, ensuring that promises made during a call are kept, fostering trust and reliability. 

You might be thinking, “Sounds great, but is it complicated?” Not at all. CRM integration is designed for simplicity. Your agents focus on the conversation, and the system takes care of the rest – effortlessly.

3. It is easy to customize

At KingAsterisk, we believe that every call center is unique, and your software should reflect that. The VICIDial: contact center solution comes with its code for free. As VICIDial has been in industry for many years and many people are using it, the common call center features are readily available. 

Vicidial’s user-friendly interface puts customization at your fingertips. For example, sticky agent, custom dashboard, graphical report, remote agent, disposition bucket, soundboard, etc. are already developed and available in plug and play form. Even if you want to develop a custom vicidial module for this open source call center software, then you can with the help of VICIDial experts like KingAsterisk Technologies. 

4. Optimizing System Performance

You want your system firing on all cylinders, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied customers. What it does is eliminates the glitches, reduces delays, and makes sure every component works well. It minimizes the chances of unexpected hiccups, keeping your operations running 24/7 without a glitch. 

Optimized systems mean user-friendly interfaces, reduced complexities, and a more enjoyable working environment. Happy agents translate to better customer interactions – it’s a win-win situation. 

5. No vendor lock-in

When we say “No vendor lock-in,” we mean giving you the freedom to choose what suits your business best. Thus, you are not dependent on a vendor from whom you have bought the solution. Unlike a custom call center services in which you have to use the services of the same vendor for support or make any kind of call center software customization. 

You decide on a call center solution today, and it’s fantastic. But what if your business expands in the market in future, and your needs evolve with time? With no vendor lock-in, you’re not stuck. You can easily explore new options, adapt, and choose what aligns with your business requirements and growth. This will give a complete ownership of the solution and freedom of choice which each entrepreneur ’s desire.

Why Choose KingAsterisk Technologies?

So why KingAsterisk? Well, it’s not just about the programming or the implementation – it’s about the commitment. Our track record speaks for itself. 

  • Proven expertise in ViciDial programming.
  • Dedicated ViciDial support services for a seamless experience.
  • Track record of successful ViciDial implementations.


VICIDial is a flexible, customizable and feature rich contact center solution. It provides almost all required features and the remaining can be easily added with the VICIDial customization service that is easily available. 

But it’s not just about the setup. We, at KingAsterisk, don’t just hand over intelligent software solutions; we walk with you through the entire process. From seamless integration to ongoing support, we’re here for the long haul.

The VICIDial solution can be a better choice sometimes even over highly advanced call center software. So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? 

Thus, make a wise decision by keeping all facts in mind. You can also connect with a VoIP consultant expert at KingAsterisk Technology to get required guidance.

What is Custom Vicidial and How Can it Elevate Your Call Center Performance
Vicidial Solutions

What is Custom Vicidial and How Can it Elevate Your Call Center Performance?

Did you know that organizations utilizing Custom ViciDial experience up to a 30% expansion in Call Center Performance?

At KingAsterisk Technology, we know the beat of the call center industry, and that is the reason we’re here to reveal insight into how Custom ViciDial can upgrade your call center activities.

Understanding ViciDial

If you’re in the business of managing calls, you’ve probably heard the buzz about ViciDial, and let me tell you, the hype is well-deserved. Imagine a tool that predicts when your agents will be available to take the next call. That’s ViciDial’s predictive dialing feature at play. It enhances your call center’s productivity by ensuring specialists are locked in precisely when they should be.

ViciDial, an open-source call center solution, is the foundation of numerous effective call centers around the world. It provides a comprehensive solution for both inbound and outbound call centers with features like predictive dialing, call routing, and CRM integration. ViciDial has you covered when it comes to handling incoming inquiries and communicating with potential customers.

Tailoring ViciDial to Your Needs

Every business is unique, and so are its requirements. ViciDial’s customization permits us to take apart your particular necessities, guaranteeing that the last arrangement adjusts impeccable with your functional objectives. With ViciDial customization, you get control over the features that matter most to your business. 

Custom ViciDial development allows you to fine-tune the system according to your unique requirements, providing a personalized touch to your call center setup. As your business develops, your intelligent software solution develops with you, adjusting easily to new difficulties and demands.

Turning Complexity into Simplicity: ViciDial Customization at Its Best.

Enhanced Agent Performance

With ViciDial customization, we fine-tune agent workflows to match your business processes seamlessly. Custom ViciDial gives real-time analytics, offering a preview of call measurements, reaction times, and transformation rates. This significant feedback circle enables your representatives to refine their methodology on the fly.

Competitor lists, identifications, and well disposed contests infuse a portion of fun into the work environment, driving inspiration and empowering sound rivalry among your representatives. Features like automated call scheduling and reminders enable agents to prioritize tasks effectively, ensuring they make the most out of every minute of their workday.

Cloud-Based Dialing: The Future of Call Centers

Did you know that customized setups are not just for today but for your future growth? 

With cloud-based dialing, your agents can work from anywhere, ensuring productivity isn’t tied to a specific location. ViciDial’s cloud solution gives adaptability as well as guarantees openness from anyplace, empowering your group to work productively even in a distant arrangement.

These arrangements mean you just compensation for what you use, enhancing your spending plan without settling on execution. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, cloud-based dialing scales with your requirements, ensuring you’re always equipped to handle growth.

Your Call Center, Your Rules: The Power of Custom ViciDial.

ViciDial Setup Made Simple

Setting up ViciDial is a straightforward process. We’ll direct you through the configuration, guaranteeing each element is advanced to match your call center’s novel requests. Let’s dive into the essentials:

Step 1: Installation

Start by downloading the ViciDial ISO from the official website. Follow the installation instructions provided, making sure to select the appropriate options for your call center’s needs. 

Step 2: Configuration

Once installed, access the ViciDial administration panel. Configure the basic settings such as time zones, languages, and system preferences to align ViciDial with your operational requirements.

Step 3: User Management

Efficient call center operations rely on well-defined user roles. Assign specific roles to your agents and administrators’ user accounts based on their responsibilities. This guarantees a solid and coordinated climate for overseeing calls and framework settings.

Step 4: Campaign Setup

Campaigns are the heart of outbound call centers. Set up campaigns custom-made to your business targets. Characterize calling hours, script layouts, and lead records to smooth out your outbound calling processes. ViciDial’s adaptability permits you to redo missions to match your extraordinary necessities.

Step 5: Integration with CRM

Enhance data flow and customer interactions by integrating ViciDial with your CRM system. This step guarantees a consistent trade of data between the two stages, giving a 360-degree perspective on client collaborations for your representatives.

Step 6: Testing

Before going live, conduct comprehensive testing to ensure all features are working seamlessly. Test inbound and outbound calls, agent functionalities, and campaign configurations. Identify and resolve any issues to guarantee a flawless performance when your call center is in full operation.

Step 7: Ongoing Support

At KingAsterisk Technology, we’re not just about setup – we’re committed to your ongoing success. Our support team is prepared to help with any inquiries or difficulties you might experience during your ViciDial venture. Go ahead and connect for convenient help and direction.


Embrace Custom ViciDial development to witness a shift in your call center’s performance. We at KingAsterisk Technology are determined to help you navigate this change.

Investigate the vast potential outcomes of ViciDial customization with KingAsterisk Innovation. Reach out to us for a free demo and further details. We look forward to helping you. 

Here’s to powering your call center software here’s to the future – the future you shape with every call.

Vicidial Solutions

VICIdial: The Free and Open-Source Contact Center Solution

Picture this – a solution that not only transforms the way you handle calls but also fits your budget.

We are delighted to introduce VICIDial, an open-source call center solution that is not only effective but also cost-effective. Our team at KingAsterisk Technologies not only provides VICIDial solutions but also offers free installation and configuration services.

Everything About VICIDial

Built on the Asterisk platform, it harnesses the power of predictive dialer technology, guaranteeing your representatives take advantage of their time. The open-source nature of VICIDial implies unending customization prospects, giving a fitted answer for your remarkable business needs.  It’s the multitasker your call center dreams of – no more choosing between handling incoming calls and reaching out to customers. 

Key Features

Predictive Dialer Technology

VICIDial’s predictive dialing optimizes agent productivity by making smart calls, reducing idle time, and boosting overall efficiency.

Asterisk-Based Foundation

Leveraging the reliability of Asterisk ensures a stable and scalable platform for your call center operations.

Smart Dialing for Smarter Conversations

VICIDial’s predictive dialer technology ensures your agents are always engaged in meaningful conversations, reducing idle time and maximizing productivity.

Inbound and Outbound Excellence

VICIDial seamlessly handles both inbound and outbound calls, providing a holistic solution for your contact center.

Effortless Installation and Configuration

KingAsterisk Technologies takes pride in offering free installation and configuration services. Our specialists guarantee an issue free arrangement.

Boost Efficiency with Automation

VICIDial goes beyond being just software; it’s a call center automation powerhouse. Integrate VoIP seamlessly and configure IVR systems to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Vicidial Support Services

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with installation. KingAsterisk Technologies provides ongoing support services, ensuring your VICIDial framework moves along as expected, and your group is generally prepared to deal with difficulties.

24/7 Assistance

Got a burning question at 3 AM? We’re here when you need us – always.

Troubleshooting Made Easy

Stuck in a technical hiccup? Our team’s got your back. We’ll direct you bit by bit, ensuring you’re in the groove again right away.

Expert Guidance

Not sure how to optimize your VICIDial for maximum efficiency? Believe in us! Our experts provide guidance altered to your specific necessities, guaranteeing you’re gaining by VICIDial’s actual limit.

Remote Assistance

Distance is no obstacle for us. We can troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely, so you don’t have to do a thing. Simple, right?

Upgrade Your Communication

Are you tired of communication barriers holding back your business? 

KingAsterisk Technologies invites you to improve your business communication with VICIDial. Efficient, affordable, and tailored to your needs – it’s the solution your call center deserves.

Important Note: KingAsterisk Technologies installs & configures your VICIDial on a free-of-cost basis. Upgrade your communication game with VICIDial – where efficiency meets affordability.


Trust KingAsterisk Technologies to not only provide VICIDial solutions as well as to be your accomplice in upgrading the manner in which you interface with your audience. Experience the power of a call center solution based on Asterisk that combines the latest technology at an unbeatable price.

Your success story starts here – efficient, affordable, and powered by KingAsterisk Technologies.