Vicidial Solutions

Budget-Friendly Solutions- Step-by-Step Setup of VICIdial Without Any Installation Costs

Leveraging open-source solutions can be a game-changer. VICIdial Solution stands tall as a prime example of this. As freeware it appeals to many companies that are looking for a cheap solution. However, the technical know-how and time needed to install and set it up and provide a stable platform should not be underestimated. A big reason behind VICIdial’s widespread usage? It’s “free” to use. 

A thriving developer community, KingAsterisk Technology gives users access to over 2,000 features–including VoIP voice calling, email, and website chat. All this without breaking the bank and without bearing any installation costs. 

“If a VICIdial system is set up and managed properly, it can be extremely reliable.”

  • VICIdial group, June 2021 

Why VICIdial Stands Out

It is an open source, enterprise-level Contact Center solution being used by thousands of companies in over 100 countries around the world. It has no per-user license fees and is completely free for anyone to use. It isn’t simply your ordinary call center programming; it’s an exhaustive solution loaded with features. Also it is custom fitted to meet assorted business needs in all enterprises. The board is open in 16 one of a kind languages. 

From predictive dialing to CRM integration, it covers all bases seamlessly. It ensures an optimized inbound and outbound call management. Filter, Sort, Track and Manage contacts easily. Never miss a Follow-up in future. It is appropriate for businesses like hotels, tour operators, etc. that deal with international customers. It is scalable and so is appropriate for rapidly growing businesses.

The Vicidial can have

➡ Automatic call distribution (ACD) system, requires deep configuration by the support team for payment.

➡ Outbound and inbound calls, billable configuration.

➡ Predictive dialing.

➡ Scheduling of calls in case of proper customization.

➡ Callbacks, yet not automatically

Scaling the number of seats, 

➡ The capacity to call an ID. 

VICIdial allows agents to handle blended inbound and outbound calls as well as predictive and manual outbound list dialing and can also handle inbound emails and website customer chat sessions all within the same agent screen. It is the ideal one if you are exploring call center software for free. You must first evaluate the needs of the business and choose one that matches your requirements. 

VICIdial is one of the most popular open-source contact center solutions in the world with customer sales reaching up to 14,000 installations. 

What is Vicibox?

ViciBox is a pre-installed software package that includes Vicidial. Which makes it easier for users to get started with their call center operations. 

ViciBox includes a pre-configured version of the Linux operating system. Some examples are CRM systems, softphones, and reporting tools. 

With ViciBox, users can quickly and easily set up a complete call center solution without having to manually install and configure each software component individually. 

Step-by-Step Setup Guide Of VICIdial Installation

ViciBox is available only in a 64-bit architecture. Any modern CPU relinquished after 2004 should not have any issues installing or running ViciBox. You can set up a remote team of support executives, manage calls from customers and prospects on-the-go, and efficiently manage inbound and outbound business calls.

Engage With KingAsterisk

First start your VICIdial journey by reaching out to KingAsterisk Technology. Our group of specialists gives free setup arrangement, establishment, and design administrations. 

Requirements Assessment

Before diving into the setup process, our experts conduct a thorough assessment of your requirements. They will even go an extra step to suggest to you what all things you should be having according to your venture. Whether you need a multi-channel communication platform or real-time analytics. 

Server Setup 

With the requirements in mind, we proceed to set up Custom VICIdial on your servers. Our group handles everything from server provisioning to programming establishment, guaranteeing a consistent change. 


The standard ‘root’ password is ‘vicidial’ on all installation media. You can simply type ‘root’ at the Login prompt and ‘vicidial’ at the Password prompt.

Configuration Customization

Market is becoming more and more unique and personalized these days. No two businesses are alike, and its flexibility shines through in its theme customization capabilities. We tailor the setup to adjust with your special work processes and inclinations. Nothing better than having your own set of solutions which your agents prefer to have. 

Integration With CRM

Seamlessly integrate it with your CRM system to streamline operations and enhance customer engagement. So you don’t miss out on any data when required. Your team will have all kinds of information ready at any point of given time.

Client Interaction Story

Imagine a bustling call center grappling with the challenge of outdated software and skyrocketing operational costs. Yes, this happened recently. That’s where KingAsterisk stepped in to save the day of that business. Supporting productivity and cutting expenses by 30%. Now, agents can work from any system and if you support a remote work model this model works amazingly well. Their team was more than happy from our work ethic and support services.  

With Vicidial solutions, you can easily scale your call center up or down based on your business needs. This means you can quickly add or remove agents as your call volume changes, without needing to worry about managing your own server hardware.

Important Notes

This isn’t just a cost-effective solution but it’s a catalyst for any kind of business transformation. With KingAsterisk by your side, setup costs become a thing of the past. 

How organizations are utilizing VICIdial

First, you can download and install and use it completely 100% free, no strings attached. Third, the reporting is all one 1 screen, there are many reports, inbound, outbound, carrier reports, etc. 

Fourth, they have a user forum where, and I kid you not, you can post a question or an issue you are having, and either a VICIdial expert or one of the other many experts on the forum will respond to your question usually within an hour or two, always that same day. You can optically discern a minute list of how organizations are utilizing it daily to get business done.

➡ Customer service calls for small to medium size businesses.

➡ Hospital patients post-checkout survey.

➡ Broadcasting to members of an organization.

➡ Doctor’s office patient contact management: Incoming/Outgoing calls and email.

➡ Schools use broadcast messages and parent response IVRs.

➡ ️ Emergency response call center which operates 24/7.

➡ ️ Phone call logging and call redirection for lead management company (10,000+ Direct Inward Dialing).

➡ Bank customer service call center.


When we first installed it, we used an old desktop and turned it into a VICIdial server. The hardware requirements are low. And maybe most importantly, it is constantly evolving. This really happened at King Asterisk Technology. New revisions come out regularly, and new versions of the installer VICIbox are produced regularly, and they are new features constantly, and the program keeps getting better and better!

VICIdial is everything you always wanted in a predictive dialer or software dialing solution, and it is absolutely free of charge! Your call center activity requires a proactive, versatile, start to finish solution for screen and management with all cycles. 

And we all know that time is money and it’s a luxury to waste a time when you need to earn money. A large number of agents are just waiting for a call or contact with customers, yet they can’t because of software outages. This software is one of the most challenging software niches for developers.

With KingAsterisk’s expert guidance, setting up VICIdial cost becomes a breeze, allowing businesses to unlock unparalleled efficiency without incurring any installation costs. Investing in a free call center software system helps businesses streamline the high volume of incoming calls. As the calls are routed over the internet, businesses can reach out to international leads and prospects at lower costs. 

That’s how we have won and continue to maintain the faith that 12,000+ companies bestow upon us for their business calls management. With 24/7 live operator call center solutions, we’re able to engage your customers as your single customer service hub.KingAsterisk Technology Free Plan is best for call centers that need to integrate their existing business phone system into a flexible, feature-rich marketing and CRM platform. It shortens the buying cycle and automates minor support and sales tasks.