Auto dialer Solutions

Benefits of Auto Dialer for Your Business?

Auto dialer software help the outbound operations of call centers in many ways. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of auto dialer for call centers:

Reduced Agent Ideal Time

An auto dialer is automatic, and it assigns the calls to the agent without the wastage of time of scrutinizing the list of customers and dialing relevantly. Auto dialer can be customized as per the requirement of the outbound call in order of conversion rate or priority customer or loyal customers hence reducing plenty of agent ideal calling time.

Boosts Call Center’s Efficiency

One of the most imperative benefits of an auto dialer is it enhances the efficiency of the call center. It increases efficiency in your operations as it helps reduce call challenges like long wait times, misdialing, and call drops. When the dialing process gets automated, agents only get connected calls.

Increased Agent Talk Time

One of the essential benefits of the auto dialer software is considerable improvement in agent talk time when compared to a manual dialing. Since auto dialer minimize agents’ idle time, more time is spent communicating with customers and prospects.

Run Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously

Auto dialer software offer various features that facilitate businesses to run and control multiple campaigns concurrently and efficiently. Managers can generate reports based on real-time data to monitor the performance of individual marketing campaigns.

Better Lead Conversion Ratio

Auto dialer enable agents to access updated information about the customer or lead before interacting with him/her. The updated information helps the agent to decide how to personalize the conversation before handling the outbound calls.

Increases Customer Service

Auto dialer enable call centers to provide enhanced customer service. It is increases the probability of agents getting through to the right customer in the first round only, which lowers the chances of encountering irritated people on the other end.

More Leads Generated

Auto dialer can be a robust tool for businesses in generating more leads. It makes interacting with more meaningful prospects and customers easier for telemarketers by increasing agent talk time.

Ensure Quality Assure with Recording

The best feature of auto dialer is call recording option, which record the details of every call automatically that your agent takes and can be used to analyze the agent’s performance.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Through customizable reports and dashboards, an auto dialer contributes acumen into agent activities and call center operations. Real time dashboards improves call center manager’s decision making ability and helps agents to take quick actions to improve by identifying the problems in real time. Auto dialer software also give quick access to call recordings that help managers to monitor agents’ performance and ensure call quality levels.

Some Important Features of Auto Dialer
Auto dialer Solutions

Some Important Features of Auto Dialer

Here are the key features of auto dialer that can benefit your call center greatly besides maximizing the productivity of your business.

Activity Dashboards

Auto dialer provide activity dashboard. Auto dialer provide an overview of the progress of an outbound calling campaign using dashboards that update in real time. The manager can use the activity dashboard to monitor various activities along with assessing performance based on results and statistics.

Contact List Management

Auto dialer allow to manage your contact list, including segmentations. If you are using a cloud based system, the cloud-hosted auto dialing system makes it easier for users to import telephone numbers from databases or spreadsheets by providing a contact list uploader.

Call Monitoring and Recording

The call monitoring helps managers to assess the performance of outbound agents and implement the changes required to boost outbound campaigns. In addition to facilitating real-time call monitoring, the cloud-based auto dialer software also record every outgoing call. They record the calls in HD audio format and store the audio files in the cloud.

Integration of CRM

A business can integrate the auto dialer with its existing customer relationship management (CRM) system seamlessly. CRMs are tools used by businesses to track customer data, including their past interactions with your business, preferences, and place in the buyer’s journey. They can update customer data automatically by integrating the CRM system with the auto dialer software.

Time Zone Management

The auto dialer come with specialized features to simplify management of outbound calling campaigns. If you’re using an auto dialer, than can simplify this by adjusting the time zone so you are only calling customers when it’s appropriate for them.

Call Transfer

The agents can use auto dialer to run outbound calling campaigns without investing in expensive equipment. Many call centers leverage this flexibility to work with remote or work-from-home outbound agents. If you need to transfer a call to another device or person, auto dialer can do that for you.

Press 1 Campaigns

Auto dialer help businesses to collect customer response, conduct market research and carry out opinion polls by launching press 1 campaigns. This service allows customers to share response by pressing a specific key after listening to the pre-recorded voice message.

Message Broadcasting

Auto dialing service helps businesses to broadcast a variety of voice messages to a large number of customers and leads at a time. Businesses can, and likely will, have more than one broadcasting message that they can implement depending on the nature of the call.

Filtering DNC/DND List

Auto dialer can filter your lists so people on your DNC/DND list won’t be contacted from that point forward. The feature helps call centers to run outbound calling campaigns without making unwanted calls to contacts.

Speed Customization

Users can also customize their auto dialer’s speed based on the needs of their outbound calling campaign. They allow managers to adjust the dialing rate and dialing speed according to the precise needs of individual outbound calling campaigns.

Callback Scheduling

Auto dialer enable agents to schedule callbacks and reconnect with the customers. This callback scheduling feature is beneficial for call centers to increase customer connections besides boosting telemarketing campaigns.

Agent Script Uploading

The auto dialer allow managers to upload agent scripts. This feature helps agents to access the script while interacting with customers.

Real-Time Reporting

Auto dialer generate reports based on real-time call data helps managers to monitor and measure the performance of various outbound calling campaigns. The feature makes it easier for call centers to run multiple outbound campaigns simultaneously.

Auto dialer Solutions

What Is an Auto Dialer and How It’s Work?

An auto dialer is a special type of outbound dialer software that automatically dials telephone numbers from contact list. Once the call is answer, the auto dialer will either connect the caller to a person or a prerecorded message.

Auto dialers are mostly use in work settings that include a lot of repetitive phone conversations, including sales, call centers, healthcare, hospitality, and even education.

The purpose of auto dialer software is to eliminate the need for users to spend pointless time manually dialing each. Every phone number they need to call. This way, they can focus more on the content and successful delivery of their message. It can increase talking time of agent’s.

How Does It Work?

For an auto dialer to run successfully, a user will need three things: a computer for the software, a voice modem, and an active telephone line. The voice modem is what allows the computer to play recorded messages over the phone. And of course, the people on the sending and receiving end of the phone call.

Auto dialer software application layered on top of contact centers, communication systems, or using an embedded telephony connection. They automatically call a phone number and connect it to an agent or associate. Depending on the software, the computer can detect if a live agent is answering the phone, and then hand it over to a human operator. The computer can also be program to leave a message on answering machines, play a recorded message, or list options to the person on the receiving end.

It uses multiple trunks to connect to telephone or IP networks and perform multiple dials simultaneously. It can also play or record audio. An auto dialer can overdial, calling multiple numbers on behalf of one associate to ensure at least one will get connected. To further improve the productivity of agents, they use headsets connected to their workstations instead of telephone handsets.

While the calls are being made, it will also collect data regarding pick up rate, the length of phone calls, and the number of calls that are sent to voicemail.

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