Voice Broadcasting Software

What is Voice Broadcasting? Example, Benefits, Core Features

Traditional solutions like emails, SMS, etc. are no longer returning effective results. The reason is these modes of communication lack personalization. Voice broadcasting Solution has gained wide acceptance across most service delivery firms since the turn of the millennium. It allows a company to cost effectively reach a wide audience in a comparatively short period of time with remarkable success.

In a contact center, speed of delivery of service can make all the difference between success and failure. Since companies today have a huge CRM or customer database, generating personalized sales pitches and delivering a strong message to each individual separately on the list is a logistical challenge. A feature rich voice broadcasting software solution is a great tool that can help in reaching more clients and engaging them. Even if auto-dialers are used, it would still take time. 

What Is A Voice Broadcasting System? 

Voice notification system allows a company to send messages to as many customers or subscribers as it wants almost simultaneously. It is a VoIP based solution that lets users upload a voice message or use text to speech converter to create a voice message. It can manage a call database. It can also read digital messages between a company and its customers maintained in a customer database. The intelligent voice broadcasting system can send similar or personalized messages to various customers and prospects. This voice message is then sent automatically to all selected contacts as a voice call. 

The messages could range from a sales pitch or reminders for seasonal discounts or promotional offers to reminders and updates about renewal of subscription and cold calling new leads. There could be many more applications like conducting basic market surveys or employee surveys, opinion polls or confirmation calls to the customer about renewal or issuance of a service.

Whenever a customer attends the call, he or she will listen to this voice message. There are different types of audio broadcasting solutions available on the market. That can send simple to dynamic and interactive voice messages.

Two different voice broadcasting systems are generally used to nurture leads. It could either be by sending a prerecorded message that can be played on the recipient side. The recipient can also interact by either pressing buttons on the phone keypad and being guided through a phone menu or directly speaking to a voice agent without having to place a call separately. The other could be to send bulk messages to answering machines with the expectation that the recipient calls back.

How Does A Broadcast System Work? 

Your phone rings, and you start with a ‘Hello’, expecting a human on the other side of the call. Before you could ask, ‘Who is this?’. A pre-recorded robotic voice overtakes your speech with a reminder to pay your phone bills before their upcoming due date. 

These automated voice calls and text-to-speech audio messages reach thousands of other people like you at the same time. This is exactly what we are talking about today – the technology of Voice Broadcasting System. 

Your application calls

    Your application calls a list of phone numbers from a database. If you have provisioned local numbers from APIs, your call recipients will see local numbers as the caller ID, regardless of the location from which you initiated the call.

    Call recipients hear your message

      Individuals answer the phone and hear a pre-recorded or text-to-speech message. Text-to-speech messages can also include information that has been personalized for each recipient. If no one answers, or if we detect that voicemail has answered, your application can retry the call or leave a voice message (depending on your business logic).

      Call recipients can respond

        If you request feedback, individuals can respond to an IVR menu or record an audio response.

        You can run reports

          You can gain actionable insights by generating reports about your campaigns from our dashboard or your own application using our Management APIs.

          What are the key features of voice broadcasting?

          Live Call Status

          Using the Live calls dashboard, team managers can see at-a-glance all ongoing calls, listen in on agent conversations, and join calls when agents need support or escalation. 

          The Live calls dashboard contains the following information for each live call 

          • The agent on the call
          • The group the agent belongs to
          • The call type (inbound or outbound)
          • The caller number
          • The ticket related to the call
          • The call duration


          This feature allows you to personalize your messages for each recipient individually. Names and other relevant details of the customer or prospect can be inserted into the valid fields in an otherwise generic message. This can be done by importing the contacts from the call log or message list.

          CDR Reports 

          CDR refers to a call detail record, which provides information about calls made through a phone service. A CDR report can offer businesses call data about where, when, and how calls are made for reporting and billing purposes. A CDR provides metadata – data about data – on how a specific phone number and/or user is utilizing the phone system. 

          This metadata typically includes

          • When the call took place (date and time)
          • How long the call lasted (in minutes)
          • Who called whom (source and destination phone numbers)
          • What kind of call was made (inbound, outbound, toll-free)
          • How much the call cost (based on a per-minute rate)

          Recording separate messages for different live calls or answering machines

          An intelligent voice broadcasting system can be programmed to understand the difference between a live recipient and an answering machine. That means, a live person would receive one particular message while an answering machine would receive a slightly different message, like requesting the recipient to call back at an appropriate time.

          Campaign Records

          From the Campaign performance dashboard you can track the impact of your broadcast campaigns. The data in this report is refreshed as soon as it has been received and processed by Ometria. If you select an individual broadcast campaign from the list at the bottom of this screen you can view analytics per campaign. Once a campaign is live, you also get to track how many messages were sent, delivered and read by your chatbot users. 

          Interactive voice response

          This system also allows you to feed personalized messages to an outbound IVR system which can not only play the recorded message at the destination but can also interact with the receiver of the message by recording the inputs from a DTMF keypad or by connecting them to a live agent. An IVR voice broadcasting system allows the company to collect crucial customer information and insight for further lead generation.

          Carriers Record

          Carrier current broadcasting is a way to transmit a radio signal through the electrical wiring of a building (or in the case of a college campus, several connected buildings). This type of broadcasting doesn’t require an FCC license, because you are not transmitting over-the-air. These recordings can be used to monitor calls, analyze customer interactions, or investigate issues if needed. 

          Opt-out messages

          Voice broadcasts come with an opt-out option in accordance with the FTC telemarketing sales rules. This is a feature that has been developed to counter the perception that voice broadcasting is an intrusive medium. It is similar to the ‘unsubscribe’ option recipients of marketing emails are given.

          Live call transfer

          Voice broadcast messages also give the recipients the option to connect with a live agent in case they have queries regarding the message. This allows instantaneous lead generation and also higher chances for lead conversion.

          Scheduling control 

          A voice broadcast system gives you the flexibility of choosing the time when the voice blast should be disseminated, choose the duration of the total effort or even select the end time of the campaign. This means constant monitoring of the system is not required and makes the system more intuitive.

          What are the advantages of a voice broadcast?

          If you are still in doubt that it might not be that effective, then we have six reasons to share that prove that a voice broadcasting solution is the best tool to reach your clients.

          Quick To Set Up

          A voice messaging solution can be set up with ease because it is generally available as software or a web based application. In fact, your software or service provider will set up the system for your business along with all the right configurations, so you can leverage the best advantages of running a voice broadcasting campaign. Thus, you will have more time to focus on reaching clients rather than managing setup and related intricacies.


          Sending voice calls separately to thousands of individuals on a customer database will be very expensive because pulse rates for voice calls are extremely high. A voice blast allows you to reach many different recipients at a very nominal cost. So, even if there is no new lead generation or conversion, the wastage of resources is negligible.

          Simple To Use

          The development companies that build an audio broadcasting solution put a lot of resources into designing the best user interface to deliver exceptional user experience. Thus, a majority of these solutions are completely easy to use and effective. It provides a graphical user interface with clear labels and easy to navigate menus. This helps in enjoying all features with ease. Moreover, now you and your team can pay more attention to designing better and personalized campaigns instead of juggling with different features of the software.


          This feature allows you to scale up or down your marketing effort easily. There is hardly any difference in cost of a message sent to a single recipient or to multiple recipients.

          Verifies If A Customer Is Reached Or Not

          In many cases, it is difficult to gauge whether a message has reached the customer or not, but with this broadcasting system, it can be easily verified. The reports will provide details of whether a message was reached to the destined customer or not. Moreover, it will also show whether your message was heard by the customer or not. This can help in making some really important decisions in marketing and sales campaigns and even in customer care campaigns. Moreover, other ways to reach out to the customers that are missed for any reason can also be attempted rather than staying in a dilemma of whether the customer is reached or not.

          Improved productivity

          Since the calls are made automatically without agent involvement, it frees up agents to focus on revenue generating projects. The same message doesn’t have to be communicated by an agent to different recipients manually. This also boosts agent morale as they can take up more challenging assignments. That automatically improves the productivity of the firm.

          Attempt To Reach All Customers

          The voice broadcasting software provides a very important feature of attempting retries in case of failure on the first attempt. It means if the system cannot reach the customer for any reason like a busy tone, unreachable number, unanswered calls, etc., then the system will retry to reach out to that client later on. You can even define the number of retries. It means if a customer could not be reached two times, then the system should not retry to reach that client.

          On time delivery

          The messages are sent to the recipients at the scheduled time. There is almost no chance of a disruption to the plan. In marketing and sales, it is important to reach clients when they are more likely to attend the call and show possible interest in your offering, promotion, or message. 

          For example, if you have a company in India and you want to reach clients in the USA, then your voice broadcasting campaign has to be sent during active hours in the USA and not India. Unlike traditional telephony systems, it is possible to schedule your audio broadcasting campaign so that you can reach out to your clients at the right time. This definitely increases the reach rate and engagement.

          Increase sales

          Since messages can be targeted better, the sales conversions are higher than many other marketing efforts. Interested customers can make further inquiries almost immediately, speeding up the sales process.

          A voice broadcast is a valuable tool for a contact center and it doesn’t involve large capital investments. As a result, the ROI is quite high. It is time, you start using it to scale-up your business by creating value for the customer. A voice broadcast is one such tool that will allow you to create value and boost sales efficiency quickly. 

          Personalize The Campaign

          The advanced audio broadcasting solutions provide integration of A CRM system or database with this software. This is a great feature to personalize your campaigns. Your campaign will retrieve dynamic values from the CRM solution or database and use them to play a personalized message to the customer. For example, your voice message will play the name of the person that receives the call or play the customer ID while playing a discount offer message. This further helps in personalizing the message and impressing the client to stay engaged.

          Garners New Leads

          Voice broadcasting helps you break barriers and tap into a wider pool of clients. You can easily bridge the communication gap and contact prospective buyers at any location. And since this technology is less intrusive than agents, you have a better chance of lead conversions. With a broader range of clientele, you can build your brand image and generate higher productivity for your company.


          Voice Broadcasting can simplify a wide range of tasks like:

          • Customizing your advertising message
          • Altering your pre-recorded message
          • Running multiple call campaigns
          • Filtering the numbers in the Do Not Call list

          This wonder tool is a must to optimize your time and money. Would you like to empower your communication with Voice Blast? Are you interested in using the best voice broadcasting software to reach out to the maximum clients and engage them? Contact our team to tailor a Call Center solution as per your business requirement.  


          What Is Asterisk Service And How Is It Helpful For Your Business

          Are you looking to modernize your telephony infrastructure? VoIP solutions are widely in use by companies to meet communication and collaboration needs of the businesses. Asterisk Service, an open-source framework for building communication applications, offers a versatile suite of tools tailored to modern telephony needs. 

          Well, you must have a number of “ifs & buts” going on in your mind, right? Because the technology is so vast that without knowing it for the core you can’t make a decision. Let’s explore the overview and benefits of Asterisk and how it can elevate your business communications. It is one of the VoIP technologies which can be used to develop different types of VoIP solutions.

          Asterisk Overview

          Asterisk is a powerful VoIP solution and IP PBX platform. It enables businesses to leverage cost-effective telephony services. It operates as an open-source telephony system, supporting various protocols like SIP and offering extensive telecommunication solutions. With Asterisk now multi-party full-duplex conferencing is possible and that too even with a better experience, thanks to its advanced integrated conferencing features.

          You can record voice during an ongoing live conference as well. If you have the administrator login, you can easily set PINs in order to protect certain files or databases and can add people that you would like to take part in the meeting. There is no concept restricting users/seat-based license holders. The person with the admin login can set the program to exclusively connect directly with the existing PSTN system, bypassing the PBX.

          There are three aspects to setting up an Asterisk installation:

          • Call quality
          • What manner of phones will you be using?
          • Which services do the users expect?


          In our experience at KingAsterisk, your company suffers in reputation from bad phone lines, so make sure you get decent quality from your installation. 

          Quality is among other things:

          • Low upstream latency and high link uptime
          • Asterisk server uptime; use separate UPS.
          •  Decent end-user equipment

          End User Equipment

          How are your users going to talk on the phone and how do you connect that equipment to Asterisk. Some users appreciate a headset connected to their PC, while others need a gray handset with analog dial pad or they will just be confused. Which will you provide and how will they connect to Asterisk?

          For so-called softphones (i.e. a SIP client installed on your PC) not much needs to be done. You need a mechanism to handle accounts for these users (e.g. LDAP) and they need decent headsets. For connecting traditional analog phones, there are various sorts of equipment. 


          In our experience, it is very difficult to get users to actually tell what they expect from a phone system, but once you give them something, they start having all sorts of opinions. So you need to be very clear about what services you provide and require a somewhat anal change management process (more so than is normally required in a small company).

          Key Features of Asterisk 

          Some features our users found very useful:

          ➡ Voice mail that sends mail with audio files

          ➡ Unified Communications

          ➡ Queues and fallback for all users

          IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

          ➡ Softphone and multiple phones for all users

          ➡ SIP Protocol

          ➡ Phone conferences

          ➡ Redirection to mobile phones, 

          ➡ Cloud Telephony

          ➡ Routing calls through the company phone system from private phones so that the company picks up a tab for international/expensive calls.

          ➡ Integrated voice, video, and messaging services.

          ➡ Customizable automated phone menu systems.

          Benefits of Asterisk 

          There are many benefits of using the Asterisk development to get a tailored solution instead of buying ready to use VoIP solutions. Furthermore, the business can get a competitive edge by using the Asterisk development service from a reliable VoIP development company like KingAsterisk.


          Asterisk reduces telecommunication costs by leveraging VoIP technology and SIP trunking. It allows businesses to optimize their communication expenses without compromising quality.

          Build Business Solution

          The VoIP development company or experts can help in developing a tailor made solution to meet your communication and collaboration needs. The Asterisk technologies have all features of private branch exchange to build all different types of solutions for the businesses. The Asterisk development can be used to build a specific solution or a general purpose solution. The expert Asterisk development can also be used to build the solution to run a business. 

          Below is the list of solutions which can be used with professional Asterisk development services 

          · Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system

          · Click to call solution

          · Business phone system

          · Audio conferencing solution

          · Video conferencing solution

          · Web conferencing solution

          · Conferencing solution

          · Broadcasting system

          · Voice broadcasting solution

          · Fax broadcasting solution

          · SMS broadcasting solution

          · Class 4 softswitch solution

          · Class 5 softswitch solution

          · PC dialer

          · Mobile SIP dialer

          · Phone number verification solution

          · Fax server / FoIP solution

          · Session Border Controller (SBC) solution

          · Call shop solution

          Flexibility and Scalability

          With Asterisk, businesses can tailor their PBX systems to suit specific needs, whether setting up a call center, implementing video conferencing solutions, or deploying IVR functionalities.

          Get Brand Benefits

          The Asterisk development will provide you a complete white label solution with the code. All users will see your brand elements which will increase brand awareness as well as increase the viability of your business brand. The Asterisk development also assures that you can make any changes in the code you want for your business. The alignment of the system with your brand elements will help in increasing brand benefits.

          Open-Source Advantage

          Asterisk’s open-source nature empowers businesses to customize and extend functionalities, ensuring a tailored fit for unique business requirements.

          Increase Productivity

          The Asterisk development is used to meet certain business goals such as, making meetings faster and cost effective with a conferencing solution or assuring to attend each call with the highest possible professionalism with an IVR system. All Asterisk development based solution automate tasks or speed up the same by removing or reducing human interventions. This characteristic of Asterisk development helps in increasing productivity. The Asterisk solution helps in increasing the efficiency in the least possible efforts.

          Seamless Integration

          Asterisk integrates smoothly with existing systems, enabling unified communications across various platforms and devices.

          Enhanced Communication Efficiency

          By leveraging Asterisk, businesses can streamline communication workflows, improving open source voice over IP (VoIP) billing capabilities and optimizing telephony services.

          Reliability and Support

          Asterisk boasts a robust community of developers and users, ensuring continuous support, updates, and advancements in telephony technologies.

          Future-Proof Telephony Solutions

          Asterisk’s adaptability and compatibility with emerging technologies ensure that businesses remain at the forefront of telecommunication advancements.

          How Asterisk Benefits Your Business 

          Cost Savings 

          Asterisk significantly reduces telephony expenses by harnessing VoIP and SIP technologies.


          Easily scale your communication infrastructure as your business grows.


          Tailor Asterisk to match your specific telephony needs, from basic PBX to complex call center solutions.


          Benefit from a stable and well-supported telephony framework with active community engagement.

          Did You Know?

          Asterisk powers millions of business communication systems globally, from small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies.

          In Conclusion

          Asterisk is more than just a telephony platform. The advantage of being able to create dedicated phone services, with the same sort of detailed control that you have with other IT services can be very rewarding.  It’s a gateway to efficient, cost-effective, and future-proof communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. Any company can use custom Asterisk development to get a tailor made system to run business more efficiently and accurately with increased productivity. 

          Not necessarily every business has its own in-house team of developers that can be assigned the task to build a system from scratch. If you don’t have your in-house team or budget that does not allow you to do the same, then opting for VoIP development providers like KingAsterisk Technology to avail of Asterisk Service Solutions is the ideal way to go. 

          We offer you robust and fully functional Asterisk Development that not only improves your business conferencing but also brings a whole new dimension to your business communication. With us, you get international phone numbers in over 165 countries.

          To get more information about our VoIP plans, you can contact us anytime!