Are you looking to modernize your telephony infrastructure? VoIP solutions are widely in use by companies to meet communication and collaboration needs of the businesses. Asterisk Service, an open-source framework for building communication applications, offers a versatile suite of tools tailored to modern telephony needs. 

Well, you must have a number of “ifs & buts” going on in your mind, right? Because the technology is so vast that without knowing it for the core you can’t make a decision. Let’s explore the overview and benefits of Asterisk and how it can elevate your business communications. It is one of the VoIP technologies which can be used to develop different types of VoIP solutions.

Asterisk Overview

Asterisk is a powerful VoIP solution and IP PBX platform. It enables businesses to leverage cost-effective telephony services. It operates as an open-source telephony system, supporting various protocols like SIP and offering extensive telecommunication solutions. With Asterisk now multi-party full-duplex conferencing is possible and that too even with a better experience, thanks to its advanced integrated conferencing features.

You can record voice during an ongoing live conference as well. If you have the administrator login, you can easily set PINs in order to protect certain files or databases and can add people that you would like to take part in the meeting. There is no concept restricting users/seat-based license holders. The person with the admin login can set the program to exclusively connect directly with the existing PSTN system, bypassing the PBX.

There are three aspects to setting up an Asterisk installation:

  • Call quality
  • What manner of phones will you be using?
  • Which services do the users expect?


In our experience at KingAsterisk, your company suffers in reputation from bad phone lines, so make sure you get decent quality from your installation. 

Quality is among other things:

  • Low upstream latency and high link uptime
  • Asterisk server uptime; use separate UPS.
  •  Decent end-user equipment

End User Equipment

How are your users going to talk on the phone and how do you connect that equipment to Asterisk. Some users appreciate a headset connected to their PC, while others need a gray handset with analog dial pad or they will just be confused. Which will you provide and how will they connect to Asterisk?

For so-called softphones (i.e. a SIP client installed on your PC) not much needs to be done. You need a mechanism to handle accounts for these users (e.g. LDAP) and they need decent headsets. For connecting traditional analog phones, there are various sorts of equipment. 


In our experience, it is very difficult to get users to actually tell what they expect from a phone system, but once you give them something, they start having all sorts of opinions. So you need to be very clear about what services you provide and require a somewhat anal change management process (more so than is normally required in a small company).

Key Features of Asterisk 

Some features our users found very useful:

➡ Voice mail that sends mail with audio files

➡ Unified Communications

➡ Queues and fallback for all users

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

➡ Softphone and multiple phones for all users

➡ SIP Protocol

➡ Phone conferences

➡ Redirection to mobile phones, 

➡ Cloud Telephony

➡ Routing calls through the company phone system from private phones so that the company picks up a tab for international/expensive calls.

➡ Integrated voice, video, and messaging services.

➡ Customizable automated phone menu systems.

Benefits of Asterisk 

There are many benefits of using the Asterisk development to get a tailored solution instead of buying ready to use VoIP solutions. Furthermore, the business can get a competitive edge by using the Asterisk development service from a reliable VoIP development company like KingAsterisk.


Asterisk reduces telecommunication costs by leveraging VoIP technology and SIP trunking. It allows businesses to optimize their communication expenses without compromising quality.

Build Business Solution

The VoIP development company or experts can help in developing a tailor made solution to meet your communication and collaboration needs. The Asterisk technologies have all features of private branch exchange to build all different types of solutions for the businesses. The Asterisk development can be used to build a specific solution or a general purpose solution. The expert Asterisk development can also be used to build the solution to run a business. 

Below is the list of solutions which can be used with professional Asterisk development services 

· Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system

· Click to call solution

· Business phone system

· Audio conferencing solution

· Video conferencing solution

· Web conferencing solution

· Conferencing solution

· Broadcasting system

· Voice broadcasting solution

· Fax broadcasting solution

· SMS broadcasting solution

· Class 4 softswitch solution

· Class 5 softswitch solution

· PC dialer

· Mobile SIP dialer

· Phone number verification solution

· Fax server / FoIP solution

· Session Border Controller (SBC) solution

· Call shop solution

Flexibility and Scalability

With Asterisk, businesses can tailor their PBX systems to suit specific needs, whether setting up a call center, implementing video conferencing solutions, or deploying IVR functionalities.

Get Brand Benefits

The Asterisk development will provide you a complete white label solution with the code. All users will see your brand elements which will increase brand awareness as well as increase the viability of your business brand. The Asterisk development also assures that you can make any changes in the code you want for your business. The alignment of the system with your brand elements will help in increasing brand benefits.

Open-Source Advantage

Asterisk’s open-source nature empowers businesses to customize and extend functionalities, ensuring a tailored fit for unique business requirements.

Increase Productivity

The Asterisk development is used to meet certain business goals such as, making meetings faster and cost effective with a conferencing solution or assuring to attend each call with the highest possible professionalism with an IVR system. All Asterisk development based solution automate tasks or speed up the same by removing or reducing human interventions. This characteristic of Asterisk development helps in increasing productivity. The Asterisk solution helps in increasing the efficiency in the least possible efforts.

Seamless Integration

Asterisk integrates smoothly with existing systems, enabling unified communications across various platforms and devices.

Enhanced Communication Efficiency

By leveraging Asterisk, businesses can streamline communication workflows, improving open source voice over IP (VoIP) billing capabilities and optimizing telephony services.

Reliability and Support

Asterisk boasts a robust community of developers and users, ensuring continuous support, updates, and advancements in telephony technologies.

Future-Proof Telephony Solutions

Asterisk’s adaptability and compatibility with emerging technologies ensure that businesses remain at the forefront of telecommunication advancements.

How Asterisk Benefits Your Business 

Cost Savings 

Asterisk significantly reduces telephony expenses by harnessing VoIP and SIP technologies.


Easily scale your communication infrastructure as your business grows.


Tailor Asterisk to match your specific telephony needs, from basic PBX to complex call center solutions.


Benefit from a stable and well-supported telephony framework with active community engagement.

Did You Know?

Asterisk powers millions of business communication systems globally, from small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies.

In Conclusion

Asterisk is more than just a telephony platform. The advantage of being able to create dedicated phone services, with the same sort of detailed control that you have with other IT services can be very rewarding.  It’s a gateway to efficient, cost-effective, and future-proof communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. Any company can use custom Asterisk development to get a tailor made system to run business more efficiently and accurately with increased productivity. 

Not necessarily every business has its own in-house team of developers that can be assigned the task to build a system from scratch. If you don’t have your in-house team or budget that does not allow you to do the same, then opting for VoIP development providers like KingAsterisk Technology to avail of Asterisk Service Solutions is the ideal way to go. 

We offer you robust and fully functional Asterisk Development that not only improves your business conferencing but also brings a whole new dimension to your business communication. With us, you get international phone numbers in over 165 countries.

To get more information about our VoIP plans, you can contact us anytime!

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