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Types and Features of PBX System

A private branch exchange (PBX) is a business-grade telephone system.

This is a workplace telephone system that allows businesses to switch calls between users on local lines as well as offering access to external phone lines.

These types of systems offer the added functionality businesses need, such as the ability to offer employee extensions, and they provide automated attendants that answer and route calls to the proper people or departments. A PBX uses various communication channels, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). 

Types of PBX systems provided by Kingasterisk Technologies:

There are currently 4 dominant types of private branch exchange (PBX) telephone systems used by modern businesses depending on the size and requirements. We’ll take a look at these systems and which will work best for you.

Analogue (or Traditional) PBX System

The traditional analogue system connects callers through multiple phone lines; however, it uses the traditional landlines – such as copper wire – for these connections. 

The analogue system is best suited to businesses in remote areas where internet connections are not necessarily reliable. These are a standard PBX system which offers reliable, good voice quality, but are not the first choice for businesses looking to expand and grow.

Traditional PBX provides a very basic, physical telephony service for a workforce. This phone service would allow for incoming and outgoing calls, plus calls between staff members.

Business leaders would have to pay expensive upfront costs for new equipment and hardware, as well as telephony experts to wire everything in correctly.

You’d also need a specialized room in your office to house all the gear, and if you needed to expand, that meant putting your business on hold, getting the experts in, and transferring everything to a bigger room. Yeah. There’s a reason why traditional PBX isn’t a popular business choice anymore.

Cloud Based (or Hosted) PBX System

This is a popular PBX system which is hosted off-site and maintained by a VoIP provider. The off-site location requires a lower monthly fee and maintenance costs. And, because there is no initial installation, the hosted PBX system is generally the first choice for smaller businesses. Even bigger businesses that can afford an on-site PBX system but are looking to save on costs and hassle should consider a hosted PBX system. 

The PBX hosts will provide you with ongoing software updates so you’re always benefitting from the latest features. This is an extremely scalable, flexible and cost-effective option for businesses.

With a hosted PBX, your business phone will be based in the cloud. Setting up a hosted PBX system only requires signing up for the service and buying the actual phones. Setup takes a few minutes rather than several weeks, and cloud-hosting enables you to easily add or turn off certain additional features. Plus, since you’re the account manager, you have full control over your business phones.

Hosted PBX is a type of virtual PBX where the service is provided using existing broadband. It uses the internet connection to make and receive calls. With this system, users need not to install any physical machine in their premises. Instead, they need to use any third-party software or hardware to manage their business communication. The system does not require any telephone lines. The entire communication takes place using SIP trunks technology. You just need some pre-configured IP phones. Just plug-and-play and you are good to go.

Some of the key benefits of this modern hosted IP PBX software provided by Kingasterisk Technologies include:

– Freedom to connect anywhere across the world. Ability to host services on any server (inbuilt or third party).

– Cost-effective solution

– Cloud-support.

– Ability to adjust PBX features like call routing, call recording, call forwarding, auto attendants, etc.

On-site VoIP PBX System

The next step up in PBX system is the Voice IP (VoIP) which uses internet connections rather than traditional copper wire landlines. 

These on-site systems use your businesses’ internal network to deliver enhanced call stability, improved sound quality and many more applications than the older models.

These features or applications include:

– Voicemail to email

– Mobility integration

– Video calling

– Caller ID and call waiting

– Call-back options

– Auto attendant

Although the initial installation costs may be more than an analogue PBX system, the cost savings more than make up for it in the long run. In fact, the business VoIP can save businesses up to 50 percent on the average phone bill. The VoIP is also much easier to maintain than traditional PBX and is only limited by the bandwidth space.

PBX SIP Trunking

SIP trunking allows you to convert an existing landline PBX to a cloud-based phone system, lowering costs and expanding available features. These include tools like softphone apps and reporting analytics. 

Trunking being a collection of phone lines–is a modern PBX solution to older types of phone systems, some which may use a landline. 

With SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking, if your office/workspace already has a box, you can connect it to the internet–via SIP trunking.

Advantages of SIP Trunking:

– Lower costs for calling

– Increased flexibility

Disadvantage of SIP Trunking:

– Relying on internet PBX service can be problematic at times

Features of a PBX System

PBX features are what differentiate business phone systems from mobile apps or home phones. Here are some of the more valuable features.


In addition to traditional voicemail service, many PBX systems offer voicemail-to-email, which provides phone system users an audio file or transcript of the message left on their phone.


An automated attendant gives callers the option of pressing a specific number so their call is directed to the right person or department.

For example, the attendant may say, “Press 1 for sales,” or “Press 2 for customer support.” On-hold music: Rather than letting customers or clients wait in silence while they are on hold, PBX systems provide businesses with the option to play hold music. Some systems play preselected music or custom music selected by the business.


If an employee wants to send a message to the entire team, they can use the paging system to record a message via their telephone. The message can then be broadcast through a system of speakers to all employees, or sent to a select group of employee phones. Presence: This feature allows employees to check whether their co-workers are available or on a call.

Call Reports

These reports break down your company’s call data. They include information on your business’s phone usage, which can be further detailed by user or department.

Online Management

This feature allows you to manage the phone system via an online portal. Administrators can add users, set phone numbers, review call reports, create ring groups, and see monthly statements. Employees log in to the portal to check their voicemail, view the company directory, and create call-forwarding routes.

Call Forwarding

This allows your office phone to forward calls to another number when you don’t answer.

Call Recording

This gives users the option to record their calls for playback at a later time.

Call Queues

You can manage calls that come in simultaneously by placing them in a queue until someone is available to speak with them.

Extension Dialing

Callers can plug in an employees’ extension to reach their direct line.

Ring Groups

This allows businesses to put employees with similar roles into one group, which is helpful when customers are trying to reach someone within a certain department. For example, if you allow callers to press two for sales, the call will be forwarded to the employees in that ring group.

Call Transfer

This option lets employees transfer calls to their co-workers.


At Kingasterisk Technologies we assure you to provide the best suited PBX System for your business. We provide proper assistance and service on the PBX System further until the client achieves his/her goals and is totally satisfied.

Make your business or organization successful in a short time span. The Kingasterisk Technologies Provides your company with everything you need to upgrade your customer Experience.

PBX Solution

What is a Multitenant IPPBX System?

One-to-one communication is becoming increasingly important in reshaping the modern business landscape. The global end-to-end communication solutions market share is expected to witness a CAGR of 18% between 2022 and 2030. 

Multi-tenant IP PBX software is a key aspect of new age business communication solutions. Facilitates internal communication for teams distributed across different locations.

Multitenant IP PBX by Kingasterisk facilitates business and necessary communication elements by eliminating expensive equipment costs. This helps eliminate time and cost control on site in a multi-tenant IP PBX solution.

Kingasterisk’s Multi-Tenant Edition is a multi-tenant architecture that supports multi-tenancy and multiple levels of management that grant different permissions. Multi-tenant allows you to increase efficiency in the workplace and change the way you do business in the same way as the Business and Contact Center edition. 

These advantages are further enhanced by unique features supported by each edition that improve performance, reliability and extensibility.

What is a Multitenant PBX?

A Multi-tenant PBX is a modern PBX (private branch exchange) system that uses VoIP technology and is designed to support multiple tenants on one platform. It helps establish centralized control by allowing multiple users/tenants to change access permissions at different levels.

ISPs and ITSPs can use multi-tenant IP PBX software to configure solutions for different tenants. Also, call conferencing, call forwarding, call waiting, etc. improve business communication capabilities by introducing advanced features.

Advantages of Multi-tenant IP PBX

This solution can be used in several ways and depends on the purpose of the system. We will consider services in companies that use IP PBX solutions for internal and external communications.

It improves performance through advanced features

Multi-tenant PBX software offers a variety of features, including caller ID, call forwarding, and conferencing, to offer more communication options for your business. It also provides standard DID assistance and self-service options through a multi-level IVR system. 

A powerful tool for creating hierarchies in organizations to improve your organizational structure.

Focus on internal communication

A multi-tenant IP PBX solution by Kingasterisk offers all the communication features found in an IP PBX system. It supports extensions and intercoms to provide the benefits of low-cost intercoms. Team members can talk without breaking the company’s budget because internal calls are free. 

This system offers many other features to ensure that team members are connected to each other.

Participate in outgoing communication

If you think that an IP PBX system can also receive calls from SIP mobile dialer or other IP PBX systems, you are wrong. By using a multi-tenant IP PBX system, business executives can make and receive calls to any number. 

This system supports making and receiving calls to any number. So outgoing calls won’t be a problem. In fact, companies can use this system to create a bigger picture:

– Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system

– Voicemail

– Call queue

Simplifies billing and payment management

If you have a traditional PBX phone system, it takes several days to collect bills for different offices of the organization separately. Multi-tenant IP PBX software saves time and effort by automating the billing process with the help of technology. 

It prevents payment delays and frees up your resources to do this tedious work. It also improves accuracy in billing and ensures timely collection of payments.

Attend remote meetings and conferences

There are many companies that need to work with remote employees, vendors, customers, and prospects. 

Multi-tenant IP PBX software allows you to schedule conference calls seamlessly. Some participants can call from anywhere.

Create a seamless workforce

Because multi-tenant software facilitates greater management control, companies can isolate permissions, payments, call logs, and databases for individual tenants. 

However, administrators can review the Call Detail Records (CDRs) of all tenants. Therefore, it develops a unified system by managing business communication better.

One-stop solution for any business

This system provides VoIP phone features that are more complete than simple calls at the same time. It provides all the communication and collaboration features you need to improve your work, as well as providing professional connectivity and outgoing calls. 

Since it is a multi-tenant IP PBX solution, it can be installed in the main branch but can be used in multiple branches.

Support scaling as needed

For public locations, it may take a few days to add a new phone line. But you can add and remove users in a multi-tenant IP PBX system with a few clicks. This flexibility to add users is one of the biggest advantages of this solution. 

As your business grows, multi-tenant PBX software makes it easy to scale your PBX system at the same pace. In addition, it allows it to scale up during the peak season and scale down in the off-season (if used for customer service via a hosted solution or SIP trunk).

Advanced features for collaboration and communication

This system includes more than 50 latest telecommunication features. These features make a multi-tenant IP PBX solution one of the best tools for your business. This solution can also be used to provide hosted VoIP services for businesses.

Improve data privacy and security

Business data privacy has become an important issue for every business. It is important for businesses to ensure the highest security measures to protect data. Multi-tenant PBX systems come with several security rules. 

In addition, service providers often conduct regular security checks. Encryption, blacklisting, whitelisting, and other fraud prevention features provide better security and privacy than traditional PBX systems.

Get better ROI and cost management with a multi-tenant IP PBX solution

The multi tenant IP PBX solution is a software solution that is easy to use and maintain. Also, VoIP phones are cheaper than traditional phones. As multi-tenant IP PBX solutions significantly reduce communication and maintenance costs, businesses can get better ROI from multi-tenant IP PBX solutions.

This boosts the generation of income

Businesses can use multi-tenant phone systems as a revenue-generating opportunity by offering white-number IP PBX services. Since each tenant can have their own privacy and security, businesses can resell services to offer new revenue streams. This is the advantage of multi-tenant phone systems that have gained popularity.


Kingasterisk accelerates the development of multi-tenant IP PBX solutions that connect users anytime and anywhere for effective collaboration and communication. It is also a multi-tenant IP PBX solution that connects remote leased branches or provides PBX services to tenants. 

PBX phone systems for small businesses offer features such as video calling, voice recording, speed dialing, push-to-call, voice mail, and call forwarding, among others.

PBX Solution

What is PBX system and it’s importance?

A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a telephone switching system that’s accessible over a network in the cloud. This system also enables users to share several external telephone lines. The primary purpose of the PBX system is to reduce costs.

Importance of PBX system in business:

Central Control

It can provide a receptionist feature that allows all the calls coming into your business’s many phones to be accessed by one number and that instead of including a long list of individual phone numbers in directories or advertisements, you could just list one number.

Easier Internal Communication

If you want to call your assistant, the call will go out to the local phone business’s exchange and then back to your business to ring the other phone, which may incur a charge. With this system, all calls within the building can be routed internally.

Transfer Calls between Users

Easily transfer calls between users and departments with PBX system. This is the best way, you can transfer calls reliably.

Connect Multiple Office Locations

Connect multiple office locations with the same phone system by using PBX system. You can use a PBX to handle call routing.

Customization on Demand

You can customize PBX systems to better integrate with other platforms. It enables you to add and subtract features as you demand.

Flexible Call Routing

It will forward your calls to another phone. It has a lot of features that you won’t get on a standard phone. It can be amplified to forward your calls to other phones, or to forward calls to voicemail.

PBX Solution

Why Choose PBX System For Your Business?

Are you thinking of using the PBX system in your business? It is a smart choice for your business. Using PBX you can run your business’s phone system on internet connection. Not only that, it also allows your team to make and receive calls from anywhere.

Here we discuss what features you should consider while choosing a PBX system.

Auto Attendant or IVR

This feature allows PBX to act as virtual receptionists. Through which the incoming calls are received and the callers are connected to the appropriate department. For example when you call a company, ever heard “Press 1 For Sales”, “Press 2 For Billing”, “Press 3 For Support”. IVR feature is use for this service.

Due to this feature, there is no need for a human receptionist and it also reduces the cost. Which is best for customer satisfaction. With the help of IVR, you can introduce your company at the beginning of the call and at the end of the call you can thank the person for calling.

Call Routing & Queuing

Call routing and queuing is a very important feature in PBX systems. Through which, when the agent cannot answer the call, the caller can join the call queue, because the call does not fail and does not get stuck on hold. Through an automated message, callers can know their status in the queue and how long they will have to wait.

Call Recording

Call recording is one of the most important features of the PBX system. With the help of call recording, you can know how calls are being answer, which sales team is working well, which queries are being answer frequently and who is involve in the call.

Apart from this, if a new employee is recruited, you can use the recording to train him. You can save the call recording for as long as you want and use it later. It can also help in mitigating legal risks.

Call Forward or Transfer

Call forwarding diverts incoming calls to your number to another number without any interruptions. When an employee is unable to answer the call, the calls are forward to another employee who can answer the call. Along with that it is also ensure that the employee is able to answer the call or not.

You can also forward calls to your mobile phone. Especially when you are working from home or on holidays.

Reporting and Analytics

You can also get real-time reports of the performance of your agents in the PBX system. With the help of these reports, you can manage your call center and also know the analytics of real-time calls like,

– How much time did the team spend on which call?

– Which employee is answering more calls?

– Know the number of answered gives, missed, and Toll-free calls

– Know the best time to call

You can know the real-time status of all these. You can also keep information of where your team is spending their time with the help of reports. Not only that, you can also increase the efficiency of your team.

PBX Solution

Cloud based PBX Solution For Communication Business

In the international of verbal exchange organizations, having a dependable and fee-powerful PBX answer is important for fulfillment. PBX (private branch change) is a system that permits corporations to control and direct their smartphone calls internally. With the advent of cloud generation, PBX answers have developed to end up cloud-primarily based, presenting many benefits over conventional on-premise PBX structures. 

In this weblog, we can take a better look at KingAsterisk, a cloud-primarily based PBX solution company, and talk about its functions, benefits, and benefits.

What is a Cloud Based PBX Solution?

A cloud-primarily based PBX (non-public branch alternate) solution is a smartphone system that is hosted on far off servers and accessed through the internet. Unlike conventional on-premise PBX systems, which require physical hardware and software programs to be installed on site, cloud-based totally PBX solutions are controlled and maintained by means of a 3rd-celebration issuer.

With a cloud-based PBX solution, agencies can make and acquire cell phone calls using VoIP (Voice over net Protocol) technology, which transmits calls over the internet rather than traditional smartphone traces.

The PBX system is hosted on faraway servers and accessed through a web-based interface or softphone application, which permits organizations to control their cell phone calls, voicemail, name routing, and other capabilities from any area with an internet connection.

Cloud-based PBX answers provide numerous benefits over traditional on-premise systems. they’re greater fee-powerful, as groups do not need to put money into pricey hardware or software, and they handiest pay for the offerings they use. They’re additionally greater scalable, as companies can easily add or remove customers and capabilities as their wishes alternate. 

Additionally, cloud-primarily based PBX answers are extra bendy, as they can be accessed from everywhere, at any time, making them perfect for remote people or agencies with a couple of places.

What’s KingAsterisk?

KingAsterisk is a cloud-based PBX solution company that gives a wide variety of conversational answers to corporations of all sizes. The organization has a group of skilled professionals who concentrate on VoIP (Voice over internet Protocol) and other verbal exchange technologies. Our flagship product is the Asterisk PBX, which is a sturdy, open-source software program that allows businesses to manage their cell phone calls and different verbal exchange desires.

Functions of KingAsterisk

KingAsterisk gives an extensive variety of features which are designed to fulfill the conversation wishes of groups. 

The Key Features Of Kingasterisk’s Cloud Based PBX Solution

Name Routing and Forwarding

We allow businesses to path and forward calls to the ideal branch or worker based totally at the caller’s desires. This allows agencies to improve client delight and increase performance.


With KingAsterisk, groups can install custom voicemail greetings and receive voicemail messages in their email inbox. This enables companies to live organized and reply to consumer inquiries extra effectively.

Conference Calling

We let organizations to host conference calls with more than one individual. This selection is specifically useful for agencies with remote personnel or clients.

Name Recording

With KingAsterisk, agencies can document their phone requires education, pleasant warranty, or felony functions.

Integration With Other Structures

Our solutions can  be integrated with other systems consisting of CRM (purchaser courting control) software program, e-mail, and messaging platforms, permitting organizations to streamline their communique processes.

Advantages Of Choosing PBX Solution

Price Savings

Cloud-primarily based PBX solutions provided by KingAsterisk Technologies results in giant price savings in comparison to conventional on-premise PBX structures. 


Agencies can, without problems, scale up or down their communication services as their needs alternate. This helps companies to keep away from overpaying for services they do not want.


Our solutions are noticeably flexible and may be customized to meet the precise verbal exchange desires of organizations. This facilitates corporations to enhance their verbal exchange approaches and growth performance.


KingAsterisk permits organizations to speak from everywhere, at any time. that is particularly beneficial for far off employees or agencies with multiple places.


We offer excessive reliability and uptime, ensuring that organizations can constantly talk with their customers and clients.

Customizable IVR

KingAsterisk gives a customizable IVR (Interactive Voice response) device that allows groups to create a menu of alternatives for callers to navigate via. This enables businesses to automate certain techniques, along with directing callers to the proper branch or supplying fundamental statistics, that may keep time and improve performance.

Multi-Language Support

Multiple languages support is particularly useful for businesses with customers or employees who talk unique languages. This selection can help corporations to provide a higher carrier and improve conversation with non-local audio systems.

Name Tracking

KingAsterisk lets corporations reveal calls in actual-time or overview name recordings to ensure satisfactory manipulation and enhance customer service. This selection can be especially useful for schooling new employees or figuring out regions for development.

24/7 Help

We offer 24/7 help to our clients, ensuring that companies can get help on every occasion they want it. This stage of assistance can be specifically precious for corporations with crucial conversation wishes or those operating in special time zones.


A cloud-based totally PBX solution can assist businesses to improve their verbal exchange tactics, growth performance, and decrease costs, making it a famous choice for groups of all sizes and industries.

KingAsterisk Technology provides a robust set of functions, benefits, and guides that make it a sturdy preference for agencies seeking out a cloud-based PBX solution. Its flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness make it an incredible choice for corporations of all sizes and industries.