A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a telephone switching system that’s accessible over a network in the cloud. This system also enables users to share several external telephone lines. The primary purpose of the PBX system is to reduce costs.

Importance of PBX system in business:

Central Control

It can provide a receptionist feature that allows all the calls coming into your business’s many phones to be accessed by one number and that instead of including a long list of individual phone numbers in directories or advertisements, you could just list one number.

Easier Internal Communication

If you want to call your assistant, the call will go out to the local phone business’s exchange and then back to your business to ring the other phone, which may incur a charge. With this system, all calls within the building can be routed internally.

Transfer Calls between Users

Easily transfer calls between users and departments with PBX system. This is the best way, you can transfer calls reliably.

Connect Multiple Office Locations

Connect multiple office locations with the same phone system by using PBX system. You can use a PBX to handle call routing.

Customization on Demand

You can customize PBX systems to better integrate with other platforms. It enables you to add and subtract features as you demand.

Flexible Call Routing

It will forward your calls to another phone. It has a lot of features that you won’t get on a standard phone. It can be amplified to forward your calls to other phones, or to forward calls to voicemail.

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