One-to-one communication is becoming increasingly important in reshaping the modern business landscape. The global end-to-end communication solutions market share is expected to witness a CAGR of 18% between 2022 and 2030. 

Multi-tenant IP PBX software is a key aspect of new age business communication solutions. Facilitates internal communication for teams distributed across different locations.

Multitenant IP PBX by Kingasterisk facilitates business and necessary communication elements by eliminating expensive equipment costs. This helps eliminate time and cost control on site in a multi-tenant IP PBX solution.

Kingasterisk’s Multi-Tenant Edition is a multi-tenant architecture that supports multi-tenancy and multiple levels of management that grant different permissions. Multi-tenant allows you to increase efficiency in the workplace and change the way you do business in the same way as the Business and Contact Center edition. 

These advantages are further enhanced by unique features supported by each edition that improve performance, reliability and extensibility.

What is a Multitenant PBX?

A Multi-tenant PBX is a modern PBX (private branch exchange) system that uses VoIP technology and is designed to support multiple tenants on one platform. It helps establish centralized control by allowing multiple users/tenants to change access permissions at different levels.

ISPs and ITSPs can use multi-tenant IP PBX software to configure solutions for different tenants. Also, call conferencing, call forwarding, call waiting, etc. improve business communication capabilities by introducing advanced features.

Advantages of Multi-tenant IP PBX

This solution can be used in several ways and depends on the purpose of the system. We will consider services in companies that use IP PBX solutions for internal and external communications.

It improves performance through advanced features

Multi-tenant PBX software offers a variety of features, including caller ID, call forwarding, and conferencing, to offer more communication options for your business. It also provides standard DID assistance and self-service options through a multi-level IVR system. 

A powerful tool for creating hierarchies in organizations to improve your organizational structure.

Focus on internal communication

A multi-tenant IP PBX solution by Kingasterisk offers all the communication features found in an IP PBX system. It supports extensions and intercoms to provide the benefits of low-cost intercoms. Team members can talk without breaking the company’s budget because internal calls are free. 

This system offers many other features to ensure that team members are connected to each other.

Participate in outgoing communication

If you think that an IP PBX system can also receive calls from SIP mobile dialer or other IP PBX systems, you are wrong. By using a multi-tenant IP PBX system, business executives can make and receive calls to any number. 

This system supports making and receiving calls to any number. So outgoing calls won’t be a problem. In fact, companies can use this system to create a bigger picture:

– Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system

– Voicemail

– Call queue

Simplifies billing and payment management

If you have a traditional PBX phone system, it takes several days to collect bills for different offices of the organization separately. Multi-tenant IP PBX software saves time and effort by automating the billing process with the help of technology. 

It prevents payment delays and frees up your resources to do this tedious work. It also improves accuracy in billing and ensures timely collection of payments.

Attend remote meetings and conferences

There are many companies that need to work with remote employees, vendors, customers, and prospects. 

Multi-tenant IP PBX software allows you to schedule conference calls seamlessly. Some participants can call from anywhere.

Create a seamless workforce

Because multi-tenant software facilitates greater management control, companies can isolate permissions, payments, call logs, and databases for individual tenants. 

However, administrators can review the Call Detail Records (CDRs) of all tenants. Therefore, it develops a unified system by managing business communication better.

One-stop solution for any business

This system provides VoIP phone features that are more complete than simple calls at the same time. It provides all the communication and collaboration features you need to improve your work, as well as providing professional connectivity and outgoing calls. 

Since it is a multi-tenant IP PBX solution, it can be installed in the main branch but can be used in multiple branches.

Support scaling as needed

For public locations, it may take a few days to add a new phone line. But you can add and remove users in a multi-tenant IP PBX system with a few clicks. This flexibility to add users is one of the biggest advantages of this solution. 

As your business grows, multi-tenant PBX software makes it easy to scale your PBX system at the same pace. In addition, it allows it to scale up during the peak season and scale down in the off-season (if used for customer service via a hosted solution or SIP trunk).

Advanced features for collaboration and communication

This system includes more than 50 latest telecommunication features. These features make a multi-tenant IP PBX solution one of the best tools for your business. This solution can also be used to provide hosted VoIP services for businesses.

Improve data privacy and security

Business data privacy has become an important issue for every business. It is important for businesses to ensure the highest security measures to protect data. Multi-tenant PBX systems come with several security rules. 

In addition, service providers often conduct regular security checks. Encryption, blacklisting, whitelisting, and other fraud prevention features provide better security and privacy than traditional PBX systems.

Get better ROI and cost management with a multi-tenant IP PBX solution

The multi tenant IP PBX solution is a software solution that is easy to use and maintain. Also, VoIP phones are cheaper than traditional phones. As multi-tenant IP PBX solutions significantly reduce communication and maintenance costs, businesses can get better ROI from multi-tenant IP PBX solutions.

This boosts the generation of income

Businesses can use multi-tenant phone systems as a revenue-generating opportunity by offering white-number IP PBX services. Since each tenant can have their own privacy and security, businesses can resell services to offer new revenue streams. This is the advantage of multi-tenant phone systems that have gained popularity.


Kingasterisk accelerates the development of multi-tenant IP PBX solutions that connect users anytime and anywhere for effective collaboration and communication. It is also a multi-tenant IP PBX solution that connects remote leased branches or provides PBX services to tenants. 

PBX phone systems for small businesses offer features such as video calling, voice recording, speed dialing, push-to-call, voice mail, and call forwarding, among others.

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