Businesses are no longer confined by geographic boundaries. At KingAsterisk Technology, we are very much aware that communication is the backbone of any successful business. It’s crucial for businesses to stay ahead with technology that can adapt to diverse needs. This is where our Avatar Dialer shines. 

Implementing a multi-language dialer in a call center significantly enhances customer satisfaction. But what exactly is an Avatar Dialer? How can you use it in all the preferred languages? We will let you know today via this blog!

What is an Avatar Dialer?

An Avatar Dialer is a cutting-edge automated dialer that allows agents to use pre-recorded messages to interact with customers. Avatar or soundbox dialer contains a vast range of flexible options which give ease to the agents to connect with customers in an effective way to convey their audio message. The platform also provides online chat and a local caller ID function. This technology uses pre-recorded audio snippets to create seamless, human-like conversations. It’s an advanced AI-powered dialer that makes customer interactions smoother and more efficient.

Benefits of Using Multilingual Avatar Dialer By KingAsterisk

Multilingual Support

One of the standout features of our Avatar Dialer is its ability to operate in multiple languages. One of our clients mentioned the significance of this during a conversation: “A multi-language dialer can record and play documents in various dialects so that individuals from any nation can utilize this dialer.” Regardless of where your clients are from, our Avatar Dialer guarantees that you can connect in their favored language. This lifts consumer loyalty and commitment.

For example, consider a client from Spain calling a support community. Rather than battling with a language boundary, the multi-language dialer changes to Spanish, giving a smooth experience. This further develops consumer loyalty as well as lifts the proficiency of the call center. Specialists can further focus on settling issues as opposed to beating language hindrances.

Speak their language, earn their trust!

Efficiency and Productivity

Traditional dialing systems can be time-consuming and inefficient. With our predictive dialer and voice broadcasting dialer features, your agents can handle more calls in less time. The same client conversation revealed another vital aspect: “Avatar Dialer’s predictive dialing software can increase agent talk time by up to 300%.” This leads to higher productivity and better customer service. Predictive dialers use sophisticated algorithms to predict agent availability and call connection rates. They dial multiple numbers simultaneously and connect answered calls to agents. This minimizes idle time and ensures that agents spend more time speaking with customers rather than waiting for calls to be connected. 

Why Choose Avatar Dialer By KingAsterisk Technologies?

KingAsterisk Technology offers a range of contact center solutions, including the avatar-based dialer, predictive dialer, and sales dialer. Our solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. Our dialer software integrates AI-powered capabilities to ensure high performance. The interactive voice response (IVR) dialer and virtual agent dialer functionalities add layers of sophistication to your customer interactions.

How Does the Avatar Dialer Work?

The Avatar Dialer works by playing pre-recorded messages during calls. You can integrate it with a predictive dialer to get more effective results to communicate with the customers. To manage Avatar you have the option to add a new section of recorded sounds and new sounds according to the strategies of business and customers. Agents can select appropriate responses based on the customer’s input, making the conversation feel natural and engaging. During a call if you feel that you have to stop the recording for the ease of customer service, you only have to click the “stop” button on the top and your message can be stopped. 

After a while when you need to play message again you should press that button again and your message will repeat again. You also can manage the sequence of the buttons which to press first and which will be last. This pre-recorded message dialer reduces the workload on agents and ensures consistent, high-quality interactions. It can create ease to the agents and increase the confidence of customers on your product.

Applications of Avatar Dialer

Telemarketing and Sales

One advantage with the Avatar Dialer is that it ensures perfect quality sales pitch by using sound bites. The Avatars’ software feature of automated voice messaging service has many advantages. Telemarketing dialers can significantly enhance your sales efforts. With the avatar dialer, agents can deliver consistent, persuasive messages that resonate with potential customers. Telemarketing companies utilize predictive dialers to connect with as many end-users as possible. This technology helps to manage in assigning calls to agents. It ensures that agents attain all calls without being overloaded. Sales are reported real time to evaluate sales trends. So by using it agents never stop nor get tired. This helps agents to spend more time in talking with the highest number of connected calls which generates more leads for your company at low cost. Get More Sales in Less time! 

Customer Service

In a customer service setting, the Avatar Dialer ensures that every customer receives timely and accurate information. It saves the time of agent by controlling the unwanted calls. The agent can choose a pre recorded clip to ask questions or respond to a consumer while retaining the ability to break into the call and speak to the consumer directly. The unanswered calls, busy numbers, unavailable or disconnected lines and automated answered calls are not forwarded to agents. The outbound dialer functionality helps in reaching out to customers proactively.

Campaign Management

Whether it’s a voice broadcasting dialer for promotional campaigns or a robo dialer for automated notifications, our Avatar Dialer system can handle it all. This Dialer can be the lifter of your business with less use of money to produce a huge amount of profit. All calls are recorded (including transfers) for quality monitoring purposes. It saves time for the company and agent too. The dialer offers time-saving features for agents such as an agent status board and a portal of all call recordings. This keeps agents posted on the goal and metrics set for the clients. It also comes with a CRM module to track leads and customer communication. This information can be utilized to create data-driven choices and progress call center operations.


Having the right tools can make all the difference in a call center. Sometimes finding agents with perfect accents becomes difficult. For a fraction of the price, you can have a cloud-based Predictive Dialing System utilizing the latest in software technology. The Avatar Dialer from KingAsterisk Technology is an automated solution designed to enhance your call center’s performance. There is no need to purchase hardware. All that’s required is a PC, headset, and internet connection.

Are you ready to transform your call center with the best in dialer technology? We provide end-to-end asterisk development consultancy with custom iso, open source platforms such as free PBX, Elastix, Vicidal, Vicibox, Go autodial, and many more. Contact KingAsterisk Technology today and experience the future of customer communication with our Avatar Dialer!

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