Dialer is a type of call center software that is use to make calls to customers from outbound call centers or blended call centers by automated dialing. Its main aim is to reduce time and cost by eliminating manual dialing in call centers.

Automated dialers in call centers connect agents directly with customers. By using a dialer, agents don’t have to waste time on manual dialing and they can spend more time talking to customers. Dialer software is the most effective tool for sales because it can automatically dial numbers without delay. It eliminates the hassle of manual number dialing. It also reduces the hassles like call hold.

There are different types of dialer software. Let’s discuss types of dialer software.

Types of Call Center Dialer Software:

Auto Dialer

Auto dialer software dials numbers automatically. It can dial thousands of calls in seconds as it connects only live customers and leaves out busy, disconnected, unanswered calls. The agent can also view information about the customer on his computer screen. This software is most widely use in call centers and telemarketing businesses. Auto dialer software improves the productivity of call centers. It also increases the efficiency of agents.

Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer makes thousands of calls in a short period of time according to the algorithm. It also freeing the agent from manual dialing. When the predictive dialer makes a call and automatically it terminates up the call if no agent is available. Predictive Dialer reduces idle time between calls and increases agents’ productivity.

The predictive dialer works on an answering machine. A predictive dialer is use to determine how many outbound calls to dial and when to dial another call. Predictive dialer becomes increasingly useful in large call centers that have to deal with thousands of customers every day for lead generation.

Power Dialer

Power dialer is also called an outbound or preview dialer. It is mostly use in outbound call centers. The agent can view customer related information and then decide whether to call that customer or not. The agent can call with just one click if he wants to make a call. Agents can deal with customers just like manual dialing without making manual calls. The agent can manually disconnect the call by accessing the voicemail already recorded by the answering machine.

Preview Dialer

The preview dialer provides information of the customer to the agent before the call is connect. It allows the agent to review the customer information and be prepared for the call. Preview dialer is very useful for upsell or cross selling. Manual dialing is not require in Preview Dialer. Kingasterisk Technologies offers the best dialer that can be customized as per the requirement. It provides best solutions to improve productivity of businesses. It also increase efficiency of agents.

Progressive Dialer

Progressive dialer same as a predictive dialer, performs dialing only when an agent is available. This dialer is ideal for telemarketing businesses that are working for high quality leads. Progressive Dialer eliminates waiting time between calls by dialing contacts one after the other. A progressive dialer moves on to another call only when one call is complete. Thus, it increases the productivity of the agents. Progressive Dialer is the best tool for outbound calling where call abandonment is less.


Choosing the right dialer software for outbound call centers can increase your business’s ROI. Dialer software also helps you increase the productivity of your agents and the efficiency of your business. Dialer software is mostly used by businesses like sales, healthcare, emergency services, and hospitality etc. Dialers can save call centers tons of time and money through automated calling.

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