Agent Time Detail

In this report you can view how much time agents spent on what.

  • Time Clock :- Time the agent has logged in to the time clock.
  • Agent Time :- Total time on the system (WAIT + TALK + DISPO + PAUSE).
  • Wait :- Time the agent waits for a call.
  • Talk :- Time the agent talks to a customer or is in dead state (DEAD + CUSTOMER).
  • Dispo :- Time the agent uses at the disposition screen (where the agent picks NI, SALE etc).
  • Pause :- Time the agent is in pause mode (LOGIN + LAGGED + …).
  • Dead :- Time the agent is in a call after the customer has hung up.
  • Customer :- Time the agent is in a live call with a customer.
  • Connected :- Time the agent is waiting for a live call plus time in a live call with a customer.

Agent Status Detail

  • The Agents Status Summary Detail view displays real-time information about an agent’s statuses, including the length of time the agent stays in each status.
  • Data in the columns updates when the agent leaves a status.
  • This view updates automatically.

Agent Performance Detail

  • View detailed performance metrics for an agent or a group of agents, including a summary row of data for the dates displayed.
  • This view updates automatically except when you use filters from the Filters pane.

Team Performance Detail

  • See everything in one place so you can effortlessly manage your team, projects, clients and freelancers.
  • Get all the advanced features you need from time tracking to budgeting to resource allocation — to run effectively.
  • Grow when you’re ready by seamlessly adding CRM, Desk, Chat, or Spaces to your PM set-up.

Performance Comparison Report

  • We Provide Report on historical or real-time call center performance metrics.
  • We access all the data through highly visual dashboards.

Single Agent Daily-Time

  • We provide workforce management functions such as scheduling team assignments, and areas of expertise.
  • We Provide reporting of Daily time-spent of a Particular Agent.

Not Enough Data Available

  • We Provide agents with notes or context information about a call. These notes can include information such as caller disposition or contact history.
  • Provide agents with guidance during live calls, and interrupt calls with call barging to ensure customer satisfaction, if necessary.

User Group Login Report

  • This feature shows the number of unique Users logged in for a single day rather than the number of times a User logged in per day.
  • You can also add a filter to this report to restrict the data to a single User per day.

User Group Hourly Report

This report contains two sections

– A header section that provides report ending time and trunk group administrative information

– A data section that provides the measurement data for 24 hours

User Stats

  • We Provide unique reports for all the users.
  • You can compare agent performance by queue, to accurately keep track of productivity and call handling percentages, together with call times and number of calls answered.
  • A simple and effective report to quickly gauge your best performing agents.

User Timesheet

  • This feature provides a Timesheet for all the agents.
  • The Timesheet feature is powerful, yet easy to use with functions like time reporting and expense tracking.

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