Click To Call solution

What is Click To Call? Why do business use it?

Click-to-call is an easy way for your agents to contact your customers. Click to Call, also called click-for-talk or click-to-dial, refers to a type of digital communication in which a person clicks a button. Click to Call is a quick solution for real-time communication between a customer and customer support agent. Agents can simply click to get in touch with the customers instantly.

We offer this service to enable agents to convert their customers into leads. Let’s we discuss why do business use click to call service.

Here are some reasons why do business use click to call service.

Contact Customers at the Right Time

These options Click to call enables agents to collect information or contact customers by avoiding long call queues and long waiting time. It helps businesses to contact customers at their preferred time. Businesses can easily boost customer experience and increase conversion rates.

Better Lead Quality

Businesses get the opportunity to speak to a “quality” lead as agents can quickly contact customers by just clicking on a button. It helps businesses gain more revenue by increasing their average conversion rate.

Better Customer Experience

When an agent reaches customers upfront, it becomes a seamless experience for customers. It ensures that no leads are ignored/missed and every customer concern is addressed thereby providing a hassle-free customer experience.

Record Every Calls

Click to call services help businesses receive more orders and inquiries by allowing customers to quickly communicate. It records every incoming call automatically.

Enhances Customer Support

Click to call facilitates customer service agents to serve customers in a much better way increasing first-time resolution rates, conversions, and customer satisfaction.

Increase Sales and Brand Loyalty

The click-to-call service is important in improving your sales and brand loyalty. The lack of a click-to-call button can therefore negatively impact your businesses.

Saves Time

Click-to-Call service aids agents in reaching the customer instantly without the need to dial a number manually every single time. So, businesses can save their agent’s valuable time.