Reasons of Choose Predictive Dialer
Predictive Dialer

Reasons of Choose Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialer is more beneficial for your business. It is prove very helpful to increase your business productivity. A predictive dialer can therefore fuel efficiency, sales, and customer satisfaction while driving down costs. Let’s discuss about reasons of choose predictive dialer.

Boosts Your Business Productivity

Predictive dialers remove the need of dialing numbers manually and reduce the call connecting time by aiming to connect agents to a live person each time. It reduces call center’s agent’s repetitive work and maximizes the efficiency of the agent. Thus, it is boost your call center’s productivity.

Efficient Management of Leads

It is a lead management software. This software determines the most appropriate number for calling the customers, filters out the “do not disturb” numbers. Moreover, they can screen out do not call numbers, voicemails, and busy signals to make certain that the most numbers to be dialed out are working and eligible for calls.

Reduce Costs

A predictive dialer eliminates unnecessary expenses by using your existing computer network. This is possible due to the lesser number of outbound calls placed on the voice channels. You won’t need an expensive PBX setup or an operator who manually maintains the call log or routes calls to agents.

Connect with a More Customers in Less Time

The intelligent predictive dialer helps in efficiently outreaching a large customer base. The dialer delivers the maximum number of live calls to the agents, thereby allowing the agents to handle the best possible calls. This feature also reduces the waiting time of the agents to get connected with the prospects.

Increased Agent Efficiency

The algorithm of this dialer deduces the already saved customer data to some meaningful results. Depending on the average handling time of the agents, it makes outbound calls by predicting the availability of the agent. The dialer determines the best times to call, predicts when a current call will be finished, and proceeds to dial the next number.

Quality Monitoring

Managers can also monitor the performance of agents through the integrated call monitoring and recording interfaces. The best predictive dialer software also have in-built reporting tools that allow the managers to extract the performance reports of each agent.

Motivated Workforce

Predictive dialer allows call center agents to polish their skills by letting them get meaningful conversations going with leads. When the success rate is high, agents will automatically be more motivated to perform better.

Accelerated Sales

With predictive dialer software, you can increase the number of calls and improve the quality. A predictive dialer helps eliminate the guesswork and leads agents directly to customers who are most likely to purchase.

Click To Call solution

What is Click To Call? Why do business use it?

Click-to-call is an easy way for your agents to contact your customers. Click to Call, also called click-for-talk or click-to-dial, refers to a type of digital communication in which a person clicks a button. Click to Call is a quick solution for real-time communication between a customer and customer support agent. Agents can simply click to get in touch with the customers instantly.

We offer this service to enable agents to convert their customers into leads. Let’s we discuss why do business use click to call service.

Here are some reasons why do business use click to call service.

Contact Customers at the Right Time

These options Click to call enables agents to collect information or contact customers by avoiding long call queues and long waiting time. It helps businesses to contact customers at their preferred time. Businesses can easily boost customer experience and increase conversion rates.

Better Lead Quality

Businesses get the opportunity to speak to a “quality” lead as agents can quickly contact customers by just clicking on a button. It helps businesses gain more revenue by increasing their average conversion rate.

Better Customer Experience

When an agent reaches customers upfront, it becomes a seamless experience for customers. It ensures that no leads are ignored/missed and every customer concern is addressed thereby providing a hassle-free customer experience.

Record Every Calls

Click to call services help businesses receive more orders and inquiries by allowing customers to quickly communicate. It records every incoming call automatically.

Enhances Customer Support

Click to call facilitates customer service agents to serve customers in a much better way increasing first-time resolution rates, conversions, and customer satisfaction.

Increase Sales and Brand Loyalty

The click-to-call service is important in improving your sales and brand loyalty. The lack of a click-to-call button can therefore negatively impact your businesses.

Saves Time

Click-to-Call service aids agents in reaching the customer instantly without the need to dial a number manually every single time. So, businesses can save their agent’s valuable time.

VoIP solutions

What is VoIP Billing Solution? Why should choose it?

What is VoIP Billing Solution

VoIP billing software are the wisest choices for several providers looking for reliability and career grade performance by providing various services. VoIP billing software lets service providers effectively manage and properly bill the VoIP usage. They can easily handle billing activities of businesses with effective features like, call rates, offer flexible call plans, billing for call usage, prepaid and postpaid. It provides different reports like charging, payment, call data records etc. We saw what is voip billing solution. Now, we discuss why should choose it.

Why choose it?

In modern times, technology is very advanced. Many businesses use different technology based tools for handling their business activities. VoIP billing software mostly used for handling billing activities. In addition, included important and advanced features in this software that increase uses of VoIP billing software and it’s also increase their value in businesses.

Payment Gateway

Multiple payment gateway available in VoIP billing software. Receive payment by multiple payment gateway options and recharge account easily and quickly and real time balance reporting.

Rates Management

Manage rates easily with VoIP Billing system. It allows businesses to configure different types of rates based on different criteria so the invoicing and billing be automated and accurate.


Automated generate invoicing and receipts for postpaid and prepaid customers. Resellers can apply their own settings to use white label reselling business benefits.

Real Time Billing

Real time billing if customers balance is low calls will be stopped then and their balance will not be negative. Generate, control and automate invoicing and billing processes in the VoIP business.

Customer Management

Manage your customers, resellers and providers are very effective and efficient with VoIP Billing software. You can manage your customers and their accounts easily through VoIP billing software.

Sign Up for a New Account

If you don’t have an account, go ahead and create an account by filling out any necessary forms (such as name, address, and contact information). You can easily create a new account in VoIP billing software.

Call Detail Reports

VoIP billing software generates detailed call traffic reporting with complete information about call failure reasons.

Payment Report

Get an extensive range of reports of payment to stay well informed and well aware of the business performance.

Voice Broadcasting Software

Transform Your Communication Approach With Voice Broadcasting

In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication is key to success for businesses and organizations. Traditional methods of reaching out to customers, such as emails and text messages, are often crowded and easily overlooked. To overcome these challenges and enhance communication efficiency, voice broadcasting has emerged as a powerful tool. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and applications of voice broadcasting, and how it can revolutionize your communication approach.

What is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice broadcasting is an automated communication method that enables businesses and organizations to send pre-recorded voice messages to a large group of recipients simultaneously. It leverages telephony technology to deliver personalized messages, allowing businesses to connect with their audience on a more engaging and impactful level. With the advancement of cloud-based telephony systems, voice broadcasting has become more accessible and cost-effective for organizations of all sizes.

Features of Voice Broadcasting

Automated Message Delivery

Voice broadcasting automates the process of delivering messages to a large group of recipients simultaneously. Instead of manually making individual calls, the system takes care of the distribution, saving time and effort.

Pre-recorded Messages

Voice broadcasting allows users to record their messages in advance. This feature ensures consistency and accuracy in the message content, as well as the ability to review and edit messages before sending them out.


With voice broadcasting, businesses can personalize their messages by including recipient-specific information such as names, account details, or relevant data. This personalized approach enhances engagement and makes recipients feel valued.

Scheduling Options

Voice broadcasting systems offer flexible scheduling options, allowing users to choose the date and time for message delivery. This feature ensures that messages are sent at the most appropriate and effective times, maximizing the chances of recipients listening to them.

Do-Not-Call Compliance

Voice broadcasting platforms typically include features to ensure compliance with regulations, such as allowing recipients to opt-out or add their numbers to a do-not-call list. This ensures that businesses adhere to legal requirements and respect recipient preferences.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Voice broadcasting systems provide real-time reporting and analytics, offering insights into message delivery, response rates, and campaign performance. This data allows businesses to measure the success of their communication efforts and make informed decisions for future campaigns.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Integration

Some voice broadcasting systems integrate with IVR technology, allowing recipients to interact with the message by pressing certain keys on their phone. This feature enables businesses to gather feedback, conduct surveys, or offer menu options for further assistance.

Multiple Language Support

Voice broadcasting platforms often support multiple languages, allowing businesses to communicate with diverse audiences. This feature is particularly beneficial for global organizations or those serving multilingual communities.

Scalability and Redundancy

Voice broadcasting systems are designed to handle large volumes of calls, making them scalable for businesses of any size. Additionally, they often include redundancy measures to ensure high availability and minimize service disruptions.

Integration with CRM and other Systems

Many voice broadcasting platforms offer integration capabilities with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and other business tools. This allows for seamless data transfer, synchronization, and improved workflow efficiency.

Benefits of implementing Voice Broadcasting by KingAsterisk Technologies

Improved Reach and Engagement

Voice broadcasting enables businesses to reach a large number of recipients within a short span of time. Unlike emails or text messages, voice messages are more likely to grab the attention of recipients, resulting in higher engagement rates. By delivering personalized messages, businesses can create a more human connection, fostering trust and loyalty among their audience.

Time and Cost Efficiency

With voice broadcasting, businesses can save significant time and resources compared to manual outreach methods. Instead of individually calling each recipient, the process is automated, allowing businesses to deliver messages to thousands of recipients in minutes. This frees up valuable staff time, which can be redirected towards other important tasks.

Scalability and Flexibility

Voice broadcasting systems are highly scalable, accommodating businesses of all sizes. Whether you need to reach a small group or a vast audience, voice broadcasting can easily adapt to your requirements. Additionally, it offers flexibility in scheduling messages, allowing businesses to choose the optimal time for delivery, ensuring maximum impact and response rates.

Enhanced Customer Service

Voice broadcasting can be utilized to deliver important updates, such as service disruptions or appointment reminders, ensuring that customers are well-informed. It can also be used to conduct surveys, collect feedback, or offer support, providing a seamless and interactive customer service experience. By leveraging voice broadcasting, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Applications of Voice Broadcasting

Marketing and Promotions

Voice broadcasting can be used to launch marketing campaigns, promoting new products or services to a targeted audience. It allows businesses to convey their message in a compelling and persuasive manner, increasing the likelihood of conversions and sales.

Emergency Notifications

In urgent situations such as natural disasters or security breaches, voice broadcasting can play a crucial role in delivering timely notifications to a large number of people. Organizations can quickly disseminate important instructions or safety protocols, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals.

Event Reminders

Whether it’s a webinar, conference, or community event, voice broadcasting can be utilized to send reminders and updates to attendees. This reduces no-show rates and helps in maximizing event participation.

Political Campaigns

Voice broadcasting has become a popular tool for political campaigns to reach out to voters. Candidates can use personalized voice messages to convey their message, share campaign updates, and mobilize support.


Voice broadcasting is a powerful communication tool that can revolutionize how businesses and organizations interact with their audience. By leveraging its benefits, businesses can enhance reach, engagement, and efficiency in their communication efforts. 

Whether it’s for marketing campaigns, emergency notifications, event reminders, or political campaigns, voice broadcasting by KingAsterisk Technologies offers a scalable and cost-effective solution. As technology continues to advance, voice broadcasting will continue to play a vital role in transforming communication approaches and driving better outcomes.

Call center dialer
Call Center Software

What Industries can Use Call Center Dialer?

In modern times, small to big businesses are using cold calling to increase sales and their business growth. As the competition in the market increases, businesses are now using the latest technologies in marketing. In this condition, businesses are use of call center dialer.

A call center dialer is a calling software that helps strengthen communication between businesses and their customers. Calling is the best way if you want to achieve your target audience by reaching your customers quickly and easily. It gives permission to automated calling by reducing manual calling.

Banking Industry

Banking industry has to deal with millions of contacts for various purposes like credit card, mutual funds, recurring deposit, loans, investors, sending EMI payment reminders, etc. It is a boon for banks to deal with large databases of customers. It can seamlessly handle large customer databases and connect bank agents to customers as quickly as possible.

Telemarketing Industry

The main object of the telemarketing industry is to increase sales or transactions for any business. Businesses that are making extensive use of telemarketing to sell their products and services can primarily benefit from call center dialers. Call center dialers help the telemarketing industry to increase sales and performance.

Political Campaigns

Dialer is helping political parties in connecting them with people of constituencies to conduct surveys and polls. They can connect efficiently with people and collect information. Call center dialer becomes crucial at the time of conducting polls, enrolling volunteers or looking for donors.

Insurance Companies

Call center dialer enables an insurance agent to communicate with the prospects/clients at any time and from anywhere. It makes easy communication by detecting answering machines and busy tones so that agents always connect with a real person on the other side. It also displays the important information regarding their customer to the agent at the time of calling.

Debt Collection Industry

Call center dialer can definitely play a key role in the success of debt collection agencies. It helps in increasing agent productivity and only connects a call to the agent when a live caller appears at the other end. Thus, it is reducing the wastage of agent’s valuable time and allowing them to connect with more debtors each day.

Mortgage Industry

Contacting customers at the right time is very important for mortgage industries. The mortgage industry prefers a call center dialer to contact the customer at the right time, because they can not reach a large number of people through manual dialing. The call center dialer dials the maximum numbers per minute. It also delivers precise and needed information to the agents.

Call Center

Starting a Call Center A Step by Step Guide to Success

Are you ready to embark on a journey to establish a thriving call center and empower your business operations? You’re perfectly positioned! Welcome to KingAsterisk, your believed accomplice for call center dialer software arrangements. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the essential steps to launch your call center successfully, making your path to success a smoother and more productive one. 

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details, let’s begin with a fundamental question:

Why Start a Call Center with KingAsterisk?

We, at KingAsterisk, pride ourselves on delivering top-notch call center solutions tailored to your unique needs. We know the significance of consumer loyalty, and our state of the art solution guarantees that you can offer the most ideal support.

Chapter 2: Market Research

When launching a call center, it’s crucial to research your target market thoroughly. Understanding the interest for call center administrations in your particular industry can assist you with fitting your way to address the issues of your likely clients.

Chapter 3: Choosing the Right Location

Location, as they say, is everything. An ideal spot can essentially influence your call center’s prosperity. Is it more cost-effective to operate in-house, or should you consider outsourcing to a specialized customer service solution provider?

Chapter 4: Technology and Software Solutions

As a call center solution provider, KingAsterisk plays a pivotal role in this journey. Our state of the art innovation, custom-made to your business needs, guarantees consistent activities, expanded productivity, and better client support.

Chapter 5: Staffing Your Call Center

Finding the right team is crucial for your call center’s success. Worker maintenance is imperative in the call community industry. Our software solutions can assist with further developing specialist efficiency and job fulfillment.

Chapter 6: Training and Quality Assurance

Training and quality assurance are the cornerstones of a successful call center. Our software offers constant monitoring and investigation to keep your representatives on target and ceaselessly upgrade their presentation.

Chapter 7: Customer-Centric Approach

In a world where customer experience is king, your approach should be centered on meeting customer needs. Our solutions guarantee that you have the devices to really comprehend and answer your clients’ requirements.

Chapter 8: Scaling and Growth

Your call center is ready, and now is the right time to contemplate development. Our versatile arrangements can adjust to your advancing prerequisites, it is consistent and proficient to guarantee that your development.

Section 9: Estimating Achievement

To guarantee the outcome of your call center, you want to follow and examine execution.

Our software gives important insights into call center execution, empowering information driven choices to help your proficiency.

Section 10: Future Patterns and Advancement

The universe of call centers is continuously developing. We are focused on remaining on the front line of innovation to give you the most developed arrangements.

Conclusion: Your Journey with KingAsterisk

In this guide, we’ve covered the critical stages to begin and effectively run a call center. KingAsterisk is your best buddy all through this excursion. We give custom-made programming solutions that upgrade your tasks, further develop consumer loyalty, and position you for long haul achievement.

Prepared to set out on your call center venture? Partner with KingAsterisk, and together, we’ll build a future where your multi-tenant call center is a thriving hub of customer engagement and business success.

Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards your call center’s success. Our group is waiting to respond to any inquiries you might have and give customized arrangements. Come along with us in molding the eventual fate of call center greatness!

customized Software Development

Coding for Satisfaction- customized Software Development that Delights Customers

As businesses evolve, the limitations of off-the-shelf solutions become increasingly apparent. 

Businesses these days are seeking bespoke software development to meet their unique needs. At KingAsterisk Technology, we specialize in providing customized software Development solutions that go beyond the ordinary.

Bespoke Software Development: Redefining Possibilities

In today’s time, where off-the-shelf solutions fall short, bespoke software development emerges as the hero. Our tailored software solutions empower businesses to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition.

Customized Software Development

At KingAsterisk, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our custom application development services cater to the specific requirements of each client, ensuring a personalized software development journey.

Crafting Personalized Experiences Through Technology

Gone are the days of generic call center dialer solutions. Today, businesses demand personalized software development that aligns seamlessly with their objectives. Our team excels in providing unique software solutions that elevate user experience and drive customer satisfaction.

The Art Of Exclusive Software Design

When it comes to customized programming services, we take pride in our ability to create one-of-a-kind software solutions. Our exclusive software design sets us apart, offering clients a product that resonates with their vision and goals.

Made-To-Order Excellence In Software

In the realm of individualized software development, KingAsterisk stands as a beacon of excellence. Our made-to-order software solutions cater to the specific needs of each client, ensuring a harmonious blend of functionality and innovation.

Why Choose KingAsterisk For Your Software Needs?

  • Unparalleled expertise in bespoke software development.
  • Dedicated team committed to understanding your business requirements.
  • Proven track record of delivering successful custom application development projects.

Transform Your Vision into Reality with Our Custom Software Solutions

The Future of Custom Software

As technology evolves, so do our customized programming services. We stay at the forefront of industry trends, offering businesses not just solutions for today but innovations that anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

Q: How Does Bespoke Software Differ From Off-The-Shelf Solutions?

Bespoke software is tailor-made for your business, offering features and functionality specific to your needs, unlike generic off-the-shelf solutions.

Q: Why Choose KingAsterisk For Customised Software Development?

We bring a wealth of experience, a dedicated team, and a commitment to excellence, ensuring your software development journey is smooth and successful.

Ready to Experience the Power of Tailored Software? Let’s Get Started!

Conclusion: Unlocking Potential Through Customisation

The key to unlocking your business’s full potential lies in customised software development. At KingAsterisk, we are not just developers; we are architects of solutions designed to delight and empower. Our Customized Dialer Software services are not merely about meeting current needs; they are about anticipating and exceeding the challenges of tomorrow.

Why choose a generic approach when your business is anything but? Our custom application development services epitomize the essence of personalized software development.

Choose Kingasterisk for a Customized Software Journey Like Never Before!