Soundbox dialer is the cost effective software for small or big businesses. By simply pressing a button in this software, agents can communicate with customers and customers feel like they are talking to a live agent. Soundbox dialer is very easy to use. It has tons of features that help businesses improve their productivity. Let’s discuss about features of soundbox dialer:

Interactive Dashboard

An interactive dashboard monitors key business metrics in a centralized way. You can continuously monitor the outbound campaigns with the help of an interactive dashboard provided by Soundbox dialer. With the help of which you can know the status of your live calls and easily manage your calling activities.

CRM Integration

Soundbox Dialer can be integrate with a CRM system and manage customer data. You can use the CRM system to streamline your customers’ activity. By integrating Soundbox Dialer with the CRM system you can update customer data automatically.

A call with all customer details can be transfer to another agent. So that another agent can get help in handling the call and can keep complete information about the customer.

Call Recording

With the help of a call recording feature you can record and store all calls in audio format. By using this feature you can know about the efficiency and inefficiency of your agents by knowing the conversations between your agents and customers. Apart from this, it also helps call centers to resolve customer disputes.

Not only that but how the agent works in the call center can also be known with the help of recording. The efficiency and inefficiency of the agent can also be known.

Call Transfer

This feature is useful for lead generation in Soundbox Dialer. When an agent calls a customer and if the customer wants to know more information about the service or product, the agent transfers the call to another agent who is able to explain to the customer and provide all the information. By transferring calls in this way, you can close more leads faster. The call transfer feature improves your company’s productivity.

Script Management

In Script Management you can watch the Soundbox Dialer. It has different speech buttons. By clicking on it, the audio file in that button is play. When this audio file is play, the customer hears the speech contained in that file and the customer feels that he is talking to a live agent.

You can watch this option in the agent dashboard which is handle by the agent. When the agent makes a call, he will go to this option and press the button.

Call Monitoring

A manager can monitor all operations of agents. The manager can also know how many calls are active and how much time the agent is spending on the call. Apart from this, it can also know the status of the calls like, call beck, do not disturb, busy, call transferred etc. In this way the manager can monitor the performance of the agents by monitoring the calls.

Reporting & Analytics

Soundbox Dialer generates reports based on real-time statistical data. Real-time reports help managers monitor and measure outbound calling. How many calls an agent has made and how many leads have been closed can be known with the help of the information report. With the help of reports, you can analyze the performance of call centers and agents.

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