Nowadays Startups, SMEs or even big companies are using telephony solutions to bridge the communication gaps between them and their customers. At KingAsterisk Technology, we specialize in providing advanced and upgraded call center software solutions. Our software – is designed for worldwide corporate communications. Today, we’re diving into some lesser-known facts about Asterisk Development. Its community-driven nature has contributed to the increased adaptability of SIP based communication solutions. If you’re familiar with Asterisk PBX or IP PBX systems, you might think you know it all. But there’s always more to discover about this powerful open-source PBX system.

Asterisk Supports Multiple Communication Protocols

Any type of custom Asterisk telephony solution is possible to develop. Asterisk is incredibly versatile, supporting various communication protocols. This includes SIP Trucking, H.323, and MGCP. VoIP integration is made possible by this adaptability. Consequently, it is favored by many businesses seeking dependable VoIP development and telephony solutions. This adaptability stretches out to multi-tenant conditions. Multi-tenant IP PBX systems can be created using Asterisk by businesses. Your business team will not need to switch back and forth among multiple solutions.

Did you know? Asterisk can work with multiple VoIP servers. This enables unified communications across different platforms. It also means better efficiency and communication within your organization.

Asterisk Solutions Are Highly Customizable 

Asterisk PBX can be used in more innovative

ways than any other PBX. The high degree of customization offered by Asterisk Development is one of its most distinctive features. Organizations can fit their Asterisk PBX to address explicit issues. If you want to increase the call capacity in terms of concurrent calls (cc) and calls per second (cps) contact us with your detailed hardware and your specific requirements. Whether you require custom Asterisk solutions for a small business or a large enterprise, the possibilities are endless.

Cost-Effective Communication Solutions

The open-source PBX system Asterisk significantly cuts costs. Businesses can save a lot of money on communication solutions without using costly proprietary telephony software. This solution does not require a license or any technology. This makes it a superb choice for new companies and SMEs hoping to advance their financial plans without settling for less on quality.

Robust VoIP Applications and Telephony Software

In terms of professionalism and quality, solutions based on Asterisk can help you compete in the industry. Asterisk Development isn’t just about settling on decisions. Numerous VoIP applications and telephony software are powered by it. From automated call routing to voice message and conferencing. Asterisk offers a far reaching set-up of elements that improve business communication at large scale.

Asterisk Installation and Configuration Is Super Smooth

Setting up an Asterisk PBX might seem daunting, but it’s designed for ease of use. With straightforward Asterisk installation and Asterisk configuration processes, businesses can get up and running quickly. Our developers will integrate your business systems like EPABX, CRM system, etc. effortlessly with your individualized Asterisk communication system. This simplicity of arrangement reaches out to PBX framework improvement.

Advanced Asterisk Programming for Enhanced Functionality

Asterisk Development isn’t only for essential communication. E-learning platforms that are fully functional can be constructed using this technology. High level asterisk programming takes into account the formation of modern communication arrangements. This includes integrating Asterisk with other business systems and creating custom VoIP applications. Voice communications and multimedia sessions over an IP network are made possible by VoIP technology.

Key Takeaways Of An Asterisk Solution By KingAsterisk Technology


It also integrates with various communication services like voice mail, fax, and email. Asterisk supports multiple communication protocols, making it a flexible solution.


By now, you must be thinking how can we get telephony software customized according to our needs? We do the module modification in an asterisk as per your requirements. Yes, we tailor your Asterisk PBX to meet specific business needs. By modifying the source code we delivered more call capacity solutions.


Combining voice and data communications over a single network helps companies avoid capital expenditures. This technology not only streamlines the management of phone lines and reduces costs by utilizing broadband Internet connections. Its Open-source nature reduces costs significantly.

Comprehensive Features

It provides advanced features, which are available to develop a range of telephony solutions other than an IP PBX solution. VoIP telephony allows you to convert voice calls into data packets that are routed across the data network to the receiver. Our solution powers a wide range of VoIP applications and telephony software. We also do bug-fixing in Asterisk.

Ease of Setup

Simple Asterisk installation and configuration processes. You will receive a telephone system that is fully operational at the conclusion of the development cycle. These can be partitioned into two significant parts: the client-side (front-end) and the server-side (back-end). In addition, it will grant ownership and access to the built solution’s code.

Advanced Programming

Cloud telephony can be particularly helpful to businesses with multiple locations or employees who work remotely. We can configure your asterisk dial plan as per the requirements. Allows for the creation of sophisticated communication solutions. Asterisk provides features of the PBX system in its core platform. 


Asterisk Development offers a scope of advantages that numerous organizations are simply starting to learn. KingAsterisk Technology works in providing custom dialer solutions that meet your particular requirements. Custom product development improves the necessity of comprehension of the organization and characterizes. We provide call center solutions as well as give enhancement of code to ideal execution. Our team is here to assist you in implementing a new IP PBX system or enhancing your current telephony solutions. 

Contact KingAsterisk Technology today for a free consultation on how Asterisk Development can help your business. We should create a future where communication is consistent, effective, and custom-made to your requirements.

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