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What is a Power Dialer? Why Should You Use It in Your Business?

Several Dialing Technologies have changed the way contact centers work. They eliminate the need for operators to manually dial all the numbers in their phone book. 

Not only does it save team members from tedious processes, but rollover technology allows you to make your business phone system more productive by increasing workflow automation.

What is a Power Dialer?

Simply put, Power Dialer by Kingasterisk is a technology that automatically cycles several contacts at once to find open lines and power through your list of sales prospects. This helps prevent productive time waiting for the phone to ring, going to voicemail, or being ignored after the call line is opened.

Power Dialer will help you prioritize your calls and organize your list of numbers so that they call the right people at once. A Power Dialer will focus on the call while your sales team focuses on other issues that require a personal touch. 

By streamlining your workflow, increasing productivity and achieving greater results, power dialers can be a tremendous asset to your business.

How Does Power Dialer Work?

When a power user reaches a disconnected, idle or unattended number, it will automatically call the next phone number in the contact list. When a contact answers the phone, the power user directly connects them to one of your call centers.

Benefits of Choosing a Power Dialer

Now that we understand the concept of a Power Dialer, let’s understand the main benefits of using one for your business.

Dramatic Increase in Productivity

There is no doubt that strong communication can improve personal and public productivity.

Definitely a better approach than rolling numbers manually. Calling with a CRM is easier than dialing manually, as you only need to press the call button.

With a powerful dialer, your employees don’t have to struggle with manual dialing. That way, they can only focus on customer engagement and not be afraid of repetitive processes. Strong rotators reduce the possibility of human error because they are more accurate in their inputs.

According to tests done by Kingasterisk Technologies, salesmate can 2X their overall productivity when connecting users’ phones.

Agents are Always Ready

Power Dialing uses a 1:1 agent to call ratio, meaning there is an agent ready to speak with every contact that rings. In an industry where success depends on personal connections in the sales process, power users provide a significant advantage.

This Saves You a Lot of Time

You can save time when the calling process is taken care of. The power dialer will not only make calls, but will also take you to the corresponding recording screen where you can perform the necessary actions and automatically move on to the next call!

Like many automated systems, power dialers reduce the time needed to complete business processes. In this case, your employees save time manually calling and working between calls, because the panels now manage this automatically. 

In addition, you can save a list of your phone numbers in advance, so employees will not have a hard time finding who to call when they start going through the list.

There are No Dull Breaks

When they answered their contact’s phone, they were immediately greeted by a human voice on the other end. Appreciating the communication time creates this attitude, trust and goodwill, which in turn contributes positively to the attitude of your business.

More Calls, More Closes, More Profits

When power users help employees make more calls, they have the potential to close deals and increase sales. Employees also don’t have to waste time not answering because circuit breakers know how to ignore disconnected or incorrect numbers.

Even better, you can increase your sales potential by equipping your phone system with pre-installed phone support. Pre-rolling allows staff to preview the information the client needs so they can tailor their script to the client’s needs. 

Pre-press is available for power panels and other advanced phone systems, so be sure to check it out.

In our tests, we found that sales reps can make 35-45% more calls per day. This is a huge improvement over the phone that will help you close deals on time and ultimately close more deals.

You will Not Forget the Interaction

A power dialer not only makes outgoing calls automatically, but also allows users to store and access important information about call history and past interactions. This includes dates, times, topics discussed and results. Additionally, when these records are available to all users in your CRM, calls cannot be transferred between agents.

Design Your Whole Day

A power dialer can help you manage your entire day. All you have to do is choose the right call-to-action that you want to do every day and hit the start button. Such a job should be done by automation!

Build Customer Trust

An integrated CRM gives call agents quick and easy access to customer information, so every call feels personal and human. With customer details, the agent never has to start again; they can always direct the discussion in the most productive direction.

There are More Opportunities to Sell

Agents can make more calls in less time, instead of just going through numbers, checking their accuracy, and calling with heavy numbers. This time saved means more time to connect with prospects, thereby increasing the chances of closing a deal and increasing the number of sales.


Power Dialer by Kingasterisk Technologies has the potential to increase your personal and public productivity by 2X. 

One important thing to note here is that the Power Dialer Solution provided by Kingasterisk Technologies is more than just call automation. It literally helps manage your entire day.