Kingasterisk Technologies’s dialer software is an automated solution that allows agents to connect with potential customers. The tool filters out calls that aren’t answered, sent to voicemail, disconnected or busy.

With our dialer at work, your agents can focus on meaningful conversations and not on dialing numbers.

In other words, Our dialer makes the best of all your inbound, outbound and blended campaigns by boosting agent productivity, accelerating sales and increasing customer satisfaction.

The inbound, outbound and blended call center complete the whole picture of cloud-based call centers with their unique features and benefits.

However, it completely depends on the scheme of the business to decide a particular type of call center. You may need an outbound call center to outreach your customers effectively. Inbound call center helps you in handling the call volume. Blended call centers are a very good option to make the outbound and inbound operations together to make a steady connection with the customers.

For a long time, most people have had a very simple perception about inbound and outbound call centers, that is, the former serves incoming calls, while the latter maps outgoing calls. 

This concept is correct, though many other things are involved too.

If you go into detail, inbound and outbound call centers have a very different approach, function, and working infrastructure. There are huge differences in the purpose, nature of work, challenges, agents’ tasks, etc.

But besides just that, there is another type of contact center that functions as blended call centers. But before you get an in-depth understanding of the blended contact centers, let’s know more about the differences between inbound and outbound call centers.

Inbound Call Centers

Inbound call centers don’t require as many additions in the process as outbound centers, thereby keeping the cost down. 

KingAsterisk Technologies’ inbound call center campaign offers your call center a number of benefits, including:

– Decreasing the caller’s time waiting in queue.

– Increasing the effectiveness of the call.

– Allowing the caller to select where to be directed.

Your high-volume call center will operate better and more efficiently using our inbound call center campaign, because it will reduce the caller’s time waiting in the queue and boost the effectiveness of the call.

Outbound Call Centers

Outbound call centers are slightly more complex on the setup as they require quite a lot of inputs on the operations. 

An outbound call center campaign enables you to fine tune every target group of leads or customers with a specific set of rules. Kingasterisk Technologies Dialer software  allows you to configure each campaign to follow a different behavior and use different dialing modes.

King Asterisk Technologies outbound call center campaign offers your call center a number of benefits, including:

– Increasing your reach to your target audience.

– Customizing behavior for each target group.

– Adapting to campaign needs with different dialing modes and configurable dial sequences.

– Transitioning leads through different campaigns

Your high-volume outbound call center will operate better and more efficiently using our outbound call center campaign, because it will improve your reach to your target audience.

Challenges of Operation

Since inbound and outbound call centers have different setup and purpose, there are different challenges required in operation. To start with, inbound call centers are not directly related to the first-hand sale as it does not involve the lead generation or conversion.

Hence, the sales target and pressure to work on the ROI is not as much as in an outbound call center.

However, on the other hand, outbound call centers have a more different operation process where the agents call up mass-generated leads to try and convert them to sales or surveys.

Plus, since outbound call centers are more involved in sales conversions, surveys, etc., the pressure of good performance is prevalent on every agent and manager involved in the operations directly.

Differences in Training and Approach of Agents

Now, the agents who are directly related to calling in a call center have to have a different skill set and need to undergo different training and personality developments.

In an inbound call center, where the people calling are either converted customers or valuable leads, the agents need to be extremely polite in the approach and skilled at solving the problems that they may have.

This may even include having any technical knowledge that the operation deals with.

On the other hand, outbound call centers have slight leniency with that as there is a completely different requirement. 

Since outbound call centers have a deeper relationship with sales, the agents need to have good convincing skills to complete the sale or convert a lead to a potential buyer.

The agents need to have a quick judgment to take into consideration the customers’ behavior, interest, and tone of speech and deal with them just the same way.

What is a Blended Call Center?

Blended call centers, just as the name suggests, involves both inbound and outbound calling processes. They are mostly restricted for larger offices and brands as the needed technology requirement is higher than in outbound or inbound call centers.

Blended call centers have larger workforces of agents and a dedicated dialer. This system blends both incoming and outgoing calls at the same time using inbound ACD and outbound dialer and CRM integration.

A blended call center campaign allows common treatment and agent handling for leads for which both inbound and outbound calling occurs. Kingasterisk Technologies  Dialer software supports both inbound and outbound calls in a blended manner.

Call blending is the ability to both receive inbound calls and to place outbound calls using the same set of agents and only one contact center software system.

Call blending enables call center agents to both receive and properly route inbound calls and dial outbound calls, without needing to rely on separate call center software solutions.

Done right, and with the right blended dialer solution, call blending can unlock new efficiencies, reduce agent idle time, and boost productivity and morale. 

Now that you know what call blending is, it’s time to explore how your call center can make the most of it.

Kingasterisk Technolobgies’s blended call center campaign feature offers your call center a number of benefits, including:

– Giving agents the ability to handle both inbound and outbound calls.

– Provides efficiency to the call center by routing incoming calls to any open agent.

– Allows agents to continue from an inbound call into their outbound campaign using a blended call management setup.

Your high-volume call center will operate better and more efficiently using our blended call center campaign feature, because it will give agents the ability to handle both inbound and outbound calls resulting in workforce efficiency.

We at Kingasterisk Technologies provide proper customization according to your needs and demands.

Contact center customization — from changing the agent interface to building custom wallboards or integrating systems — has, historically, been a tedious task.

We create customized call centers for every kind of business. Designed and developed to meet YOUR business’ unique needs. Our solutions, combined with Vtigar’s call center software, provide your business with an easy to manage, future-proof customized call center solution.

Our complete customized setup brings a lot of perks, such as:

Better Call Flow

The call flow in a blended call center is always better than any individual contact centers. There is little idle time as the predictive dialer manages placing and receiving calls based on the call flow.

Less Wastage of Time

There might be times when there are little or no incoming calls. During this, the dialer increases the flow of outbound calls to ensure that the agents are not sitting idle, thereby encashing on the resources completely.

Manages One CRM

The CRM used in a blended call center is versatile as it can manage the details of both the outbound caller ID and inbound ticket integration.

With Kingasterisk, everything is unified, inbound and outbound calls are blended and delivered straight to the agent’s desktop.

Easy Communications from your CRM or browser

With the use of CTI and WebRTC technology you can dial numbers and log calls directly within your CRM or even allow your agents and/or customers to communicate via their browser.

One stop shop for communications and accounting

Get a customized billing solution and integrate it with your communications system to ensure efficient reporting on billing, collections and revenue.

Display the data you choose with a customized wallboard

Whether you want to display call data, CRM statistics, videos or team performance the choice is entirely yours. With our customized solution you choose what to display on your wallboard.

Which CRM are you using? We’ll integrate it

Whether you’re using a popular, widely-used CRM or in-house software with our custom CRM solution we guarantee a seamless integration with your Vtiger CRM system.

Need further call center customization?

The most crucial point is that it’s yours. You can customize it however you want, suggest additional features, and even request a specific user interface. 

This is impossible for the ready-made software. It doesn’t matter if you do business through an online eCommerce solution or via brick and mortar storefront. 

The project is made with your requirements in mind and tailored to suit your industry.

We offer any kind of custom development to meet your needs and requirements.

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