A predictive dialer software is an one type of outbound dialer that is automated dialing from a contact list. It automatically calls numbers until it detects a connection, then passes the call to a live agent.

Predictive dialer software quickly moves on to the next lead after an unanswered call. Calls answered, on the other hand, are quickly routed to the next available agent. The main feature of predictive dialer is that they dial multiple numbers from the contact list at the same time. The goal is to call the right number of leads at the right time to ensure maximum agent utilization.

The main advantage of using a predictive dialer is one can cut down manual dialing time to increase agent efficiency. Call centers can increase the talk time of their agent’s by using a predictive dialer and improve business productivity. Predictive dialer ensures that more customer calls are made in a shorter time. It is an ideal tool to get in touch with your customers. In each campaign, you can also configure the time for which the agent remains unavailable after the call ends. Here some features of predictive dialer software.

3-Way Calling or Call Conferencing

Predictive dialer allows agents to get connected to an ongoing call as a third party. This feature carries no extra charge. To conference a call, an agent will make a call to the client. To start a 3-way call, the agent will initiate a regular call to the first number. Once the first call is answered, it dials another one to which you want to connect. In between, the first person will be on hold, and when the second one also receives the call; you can easily connect both calls together by pressing the option of call conferencing.

Multiple Campaign Management

Predictive dialer enables call center managers to create multiple campaigns from the same login. Also, managers can easily customize marketing campaigns according to their needs. Campaign management includes pause, delete, edit, and many more.

Pacing Ratio

It allows increasing or decreasing the number of outgoing calls per agent for optimal agent efficiency.

Lead Management

Predictive dialer sorts and distributes the best leads first by analyzing the reminders and dispositions aligned with the leads. It starts with automated lead capturing and tracks the records of all sales based on the leads.

Call Recording

It allows recording calls and reviewing them later for agent monitoring and training purposes.

Call Monitoring

It allows you to monitor the number of ongoing calls. This helps you know the number of available agents, and the ones talking to a prospective client. Call monitoring also allows you to preview the quality of outgoing calls.

Call Back Scheduling & Reminders

It allows scheduling time of call backs and set reminders. This helps your agents keep track of their clients and call them on time. It also ensures your agents can contact potential leads on their time.

CRM Integration

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an approach to manage a business interaction with its current and potential customers. Predictive dialers collect a lot of information on prospective clients. It enables agents to easily access each customer record with all the available information to better serve their needs.

Filter Based Calling

It allows filtering out the numbers based on their time-zone and area codes. When a predictive dialer starts dialing the numbers, it filters out specific numbers which lie outside the defined rules. It is helpful to get focused and concentrated results.

Answering Machine Detection

Determines whether a call has been picked up by an actual human or an answering machine. This feature saves a lot of agents’ time as agents will only be connected to those calls, which will be answered from the customers’ end.

Reports & Analytics

It allows generating different types of reports, including real-time reports to track agent performance and identify areas that need improvement. It is very necessary to monitor agents’ performance in small intervals as it helps to identify where the agents lack to deliver customer service. Regular monitoring of agents’ performance helps to improve the calling operations.

Choose A Predictive Dialer For Your Better Future

If you are looking to bring your outbound call center’s operations up to date and increase the amount of time your agents spend connecting with leads, a predictive dialer system is a right choice to increase productivity and efficiency at your organization.

Predictive dialer reduces agent’s wait time and increases talking time by connecting only live callers. It helps in increasing agent’s efficiency. In predictive dialer,


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