Education is one industry that requires consistent communication. 

Let’s consider a school with a thousand students. If you want to communicate a message regarding exams or online classes, you must ensure the message reaches all the students. And let’s not forget the parent population, the teachers, and the non-teaching staff.

Such large-scale communication requires a robust, reliable, and hi-tech solution. Voice Broadcasting software ticks every criterion and serves as a promising tool for schools and colleges.

It has helped us to solve many problems like reminders, notifications for regular PTM (parents-teacher meet), and the lists go on. Voice communication increases your engagement with students, and parents, anytime, and can be done as quickly as possible.

Nowadays, the Educational Industry is moving towards a progressive process of communication and an accurate assessment through voice broadcasting. Voice Broadcasting is used to spread relevant information like Exam dates disclosure, Event Updates, Fee Reminders and many more.

What Is Voice Broadcasting & What Does It Do?

Voice broadcasting by Kingasterisk Technologies is the platform to reach a large number of people in the shortest time. 

It can be used for promotion, updates, building closure, and sending information quickly. 

Voice Broadcasting Software helps you to reach out to your target audience in multiple languages and is very effective. It simply contacts your customer with saving time with an automated solution. 

Quality does matter and plays a heavy role as your information must reach everyone, and no one should miss the information. 

We have entered the world of automation, and voice broadcasting software serves as a base.

By definition, Voice Broadcasting is the technology that allows you to connect and communicate with people on a large scale. The technology allows you to disseminate messages to thousands of recipients in one go. Using a centralized system and a phone number, you can send pre-recorded messages and automated voice calls to any number of people.

Voice broadcasting is a highly preferred mode of communication for businesses across various industrial sectors.

Businesses use voice broadcasting to:

– Conduct surveys

– Send notifications and reminders

– Make corporate announcements

– Send event invitations

The impact of Voice Broadcasting has breached the boundaries of the business sectors and made its way into the educational industry.

So, how is this communication solution faring in a completely different environment? 

How are schools using Voice Broadcasting to optimize communication?

Let’s find out.

Features of Voice Broadcasting Software for Schools:

Easy to Install

It is easy to install. Find a Voice broadcasting software that operates on the server and set up your account.

Grouping of Contacts

You can save up your contacts. You can also do the Grouping of contacts by Voice broadcasting software.

Endless Storage Capacity

Voice broadcasting software has endless storage capacity. You can save as per your choice.

Anyone can Use It once Setup

You can delegate the responsibility to other staff or divide it by grade as per your convenience.

Voice Broadcasting & Its Role In Educational Institutions

Generally, educational institutions use Voice Broadcasting to spread information about:

– Exam schedules

– Fee reminders

– Event updates

In this pandemic situation, the same technology may serve as a handy tool to keep parents and students informed about online classes, physical classes, online tests, etc.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more uses to this amazing technology than we know.

Helps in the Admission Process

Voice Broadcasting will help the Admission process by running various admission broadcasting campaigns. 

It will boost up the admission process. 

Voice broadcasting allows you to assign different virtual numbers for every marketing campaign and efficiently track the responses. By the use of this amazing technology, we can eliminate the hassles of calling everyone individually. 

Here it will save time and workforce to a very high extent. 

Instead of calling each prospective parent or student, the messages can be sent simultaneously to all the students who gain admission and those who don’t. 

You can pre-record the messages and broadcast them. Once the caller receives the message, the message is automatically proclaimed.

Allows Anywhere, Anytime Learning

Voice technology enables you to record podcasts and make them available 24/7. Students can access the podcast from anywhere with a smartphone and internet connection. They can also download them and listen to the podcasts on a loop. This means that students can use quality study materials and revise at their convenience.

Conducts Online Exams

Since remote studying is widely practiced, voice broadcasting can serve as a channel to conduct oral exams or viva. 

Students can record their answers and send them to the examiner for assessment. Features like Speech to Text conversion will also enable examiners to understand the oral answers more clearly. The answers can also be recorded for future reference.

Enables School-parent Communication

Schools or colleges can use voice broadcasting as one of the most innovative ways to connect with parents at any time. Teachers can communicate with parents and vice versa using this technology. 

Voice broadcasting is consider as one of the most inventive methods for educational institutions to connect with parents anytime, be it schools or colleges. It ensures the best platform for communication between parents and teachers also.

By Voice broadcasting, institutions can notify the parents about their school premises, remind them of a school trip, PTA meetings, send holiday greetings and also endorse star performers.

Using voice broadcasting, institutions can inform parents about:

– School schedules

– PTA meetings

– Fee structures

– Student academic progress

New School Policies

In today’s busy world, parents may sometimes miss out on school-related information when it is conveyed to them through posts, emails, or mobile apps. 

Fortunately, Voice Broadcasting ensures that the message reaches the parent through pre-recorded telephonic messages.

Enables Marketing and Social Welfare Campaigns

Educational institutions are wielding the power of Voice Broadcasting to run social welfare campaigns like:

– Anti-ragging

– Drug abuse

– Child security

– Women safety

– COVID-related hygiene protocols

Voice broadcasting can be an effective tool to drive awareness and encourage students to open up if they face any issues.

You are able to allot different virtual numbers to each of these campaigns. With voice broadcasting, we are able to make students aware of the drives running in an educational institution. 

As a result, students can contact the institution regarding the problem they have been facing without giving their identity.

On the other hand, it is also used to run admission campaigns at the start of every academic year. School admins can collect parental feedback and identify the prospective new students for the academic year.

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting in Academic Institutions

Schools have a busy schedule with day-to-day activities, so it becomes difficult for them to stay in touch with everyone. 

This is where voice broadcasting plays its role. By using it, each school type preschool to university can customize the message as per their need. 

For elementary schools, it becomes easier to update parents regularly, rather than sending manual notes. They just need to send a single reminder about the upcoming assignment, activities, or trip. 

Pre Primary schools can effectively use this service to inform parents about the upcoming events, in which their child needs to participate. It can also be use to alert parents when the class has been cancel due to any issues.

Whether a play school or a full-fledged university with thousands of students, Voice Broadcasting serves as an omnipotent communication tool.

In Kindergartens

Kindergartens can send voice alerts to parents about upcoming activities and events. Furthermore, parents can be kept informed of the ins and outs of their students to ensure their safety.

Teachers can also send voice broadcasts to keep parents updated on home assignments. Teachers can also share academic progress and behavioral issues with parents to encourage parental involvement.

In High Schools

Everything from PTA meetings, academic progress, and school schedules to the latest events can be disseminated via Voice Broadcasting. Teachers can also reach out to a particular group of students and parents by dividing their accounts as per the classroom.

In Colleges & Universities

Voice broadcasting enables college and university admins to run their campus like a small city with the additional task of keeping parents in the loop. 

Voice broadcasting can be use to send messages related to:

– Admissions

– Career counseling 

– Alerts

– Scholarships


Strengthen Your Communication with Kingasterisk Technologies

Kingasterisk is a top name for hi-tech communication services in India. Kingasterisk  is the preferred service provider for many businesses and educational institutions.

Our Voice Broadcasting service allows schools and colleges to stay well-organized and well-connected with their student community. We help you share crucial alerts and important updates to a gigantic volume of telephone numbers, all with a single click.

The main benefit of having it is its flexibility. You are not bound to send an SMS. You can send a voice call and have a follow-up email. 

Anybody can choose the communication which works best for your school and parents. It is use to drive your business and help the parents to give maximum to their child. 
If you are also searching for voice broadcasting software and SMS broadcasting software, then you can contact us at Kingasterisk Technologies. We have come up with an advance voice broadcasting software which can be customization as per your requirements.

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