Which Industries can Use IVR Service?

November 15, 2022


In a business environment, IVR or Interactive Voice Response pertains to a large number of people that encompasses the company’s entire software-based communication system. IVR Systems are highly beneficial in the field of customer care and client service. Smaller Businesses which are expanding rapidly often require adequate support staff which can handle customer service and relations. In this matter IVR can be very helpful for them.

The IVR technology can quickly be deployed and can be scaled easily. It minimizes the waiting time for clients and customers as well.

Following are some business and industries that are currently taking full advantage of IVR systems provided by us:


In telecommunications, IVR allows customers to interact with a company’s host system via their telephone keypad or by speech recognition, after which services can be further inquired about through the IVR dialogue.

Telemarketing companies need IVR systems in the same way that call center companies need it. The only difference is that these companies deal with more outgoing calls.

Given such circumstances, they need an IVR system that addresses the company’s specific requirements and at the same time, to properly route calls to various other departments.

Food Delivery Services

This is one of the most widely-used services among customers who want their food to be delivered conveniently to their location. IVR systems used in such industry are usually very basic and straightforward with only one to two menu levels to maintain customer interest and then followed by a live agent. This is much needed software as it makes the customer experience better.

Hotels and Resorts

Most hotels and resorts make use of IVR so that they enable their clients to reach departments such as front desk, housekeeping services, food and beverage, sales, any kind of other information and room service.

Hotels are usually busy during peak tourism seasons  and having an efficient IVR system makes it possible for the hotel operators to manage a large number of customer calls and queries.

Bars and Restaurants

Customers usually call bars and restaurants to inquire about certain events happening, to make seat reservations, to ask about their bookings and cancellations, and to make special requests.

There are companies that handle a number of bars and restaurants with multiple branches. They have been benefiting from IVR systems that are configured to properly route and address a variety of customer inquiries.


IVR systems have contributed a lot in healthcare industry systems and are very effectively used in hospitals for drug and health library information, prescription refills, history records, medical transcripts, patient information services, lab reports, automated pre-admissions, patient account records, appointment and reminder about schedules and follow up visits.


The field of pharmaceuticals is one of the broadest and most diverse in the healthcare industry. It consists of science and research, development of both conventional and alternative products, medical marketing and management, ethical marketing, promotions and sales. This makes an IVR system highly necessary and beneficial in such a diverse industry.

Airline Companies

These companies receive a lot of phone calls on a daily basis from their consumers about regular inquiry which makes IVR technology highly relevant. Some of the reasons why people call them are;  to inquire about a travel ticket, confirm sales, make changes with their itinerary, request for special arrangements, or to ask for a refund.

Travel Agencies

These companies also receive a large volume of calls from their consumers and thus they can benefit from IVR. People call to make travel arrangements and purchase tickets, to inquire about the different travel packages available and to voice out their complaints and concerns.

Other businesses that are under this category and can likewise benefit from using IVR technology to satisfy their clients are concert halls, casinos, theatres, and various leisure parks.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are divide into several departments and business units that make IVR systems highly essential. Large shopping centers require state-of-the-art IVR systems that can accommodate the requirements of a complex environment and transform it into simple technology that users can easily understand.

By doing so, incoming calls can be handle effectively and can be route to the right department at any given time.

Banking Industries

Banking sector is constantly upgrading and moving forward everyday with different software and tools. One such tool is our IVR service. It creates a self-service opportunity for the customers as banking agents have to deal with a lot of them in a single day.

An interactive voice response system offers a lot of advantages which brings smoother workflows among bank employees. The banking sector receives a lot of calls daily and agents have to spend a huge part of their day resolving queries of customers. In this way our IVR service can help both customers as well as service providers.


Other businesses that are under this category and can likewise benefit from using our IVR technology to satisfy their clients are; concert halls, casinos, theatres, and various leisure parks.

All types of businesses, whether big or small, can optimize their employees’ time and resources through IVR Systems provided by Kingasterisk Technology.