Did you know that Avatar Dialer’s predictive dialing software can increase agent talk time by up to 300%?
As a leading call center software solution provider, we’re excited to introduce you to the Avatar Dialer also known as Sound Box Dialer Solution and its revolutionary impact on connections. Get comfy, because things are about to get interesting!

What is Avatar Dialer?

The software that is the pinnacle of intelligent dialing is Avatar Dialer, which is also known as SoundBox Dialer. This cloud-based dialer takes outbound call automation to new heights thanks to AI. This exceptional framework uses artificial intelligence fueled innovation, cloud-based dialing, and prescient dialing programming to change your outbound call crusades.

Imagine having a personal assistant in the virtual realm – Avatar Dialer does just that. It employs automated voice recordings, cloud-based wizardry, and AI-powered intelligence to ensure your communication efforts are not just efficient but downright exceptional. Utilize a technology that adapts and learns. Powered by AI, this dialer becomes an extension of your team, anticipating needs and giving each conversation meaning.

Why Does Avatar Dialer Matters?

Automated Efficiency 

Avatar Dialer streamlines operations with automated voice recordings, reducing the potential for manual dialing errors.

Cloud-Based Advantage 

Embrace the future of communication with our cloud-based dialer, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for your virtual call center solutions.


Avatar Dialer eliminates the need for manual dialing, saving your precious time. Presently, your team can focus on the main thing – building significant associations with your clients.

AI-Powered Precision 

Experience the power of artificial intelligence based dialer software that adapts to your business needs, making outbound call automation smarter and more effective.

Predictive Dialing Excellence 

Maximize productivity with predictive dialing, allowing your agents to connect with leads efficiently, creating a seamless experience for both your team and customers.

The Rise of AI-Powered Dialing 

This innovation carries a human touch to mechanized corporations, guaranteeing your associations are calls as well as important discussions. The AI-Powered Dialing Framework mixes consistently with mechanized call crusades, improving effectiveness without compromising quality. It learns from every interaction, refines its strategies, and dials with precision, ensuring your outreach is always on target. 

No one likes a generic conversation. The system analyzes data, understands preferences, and tailors conversations, making each interaction feel like it’s designed just for that specific individual. 

Let AI analyze, strategize, and ensure that every call is a step closer to success!

 Vicidial by KingAsterisk

Ever wished for a communication solution that’s as efficient as it is affordable? 

At KingAsterisk Technologies, we believe in efficiency without compromise. Benefit from our expertise as we install and configure Vicidial for you, free of cost. With Vicidial, you get a premium communication solution without the premium price tag. We install and configure Vicidial for you absolutely free of charge. Because at KingAsterisk, we believe in making advanced communication accessible to everyone.

The Future is Now 

With a cloud-based dialer, your communication hub is agile, scalable, and accessible from anywhere. Picture a scenario where your team engages with leads seamlessly, optimizing productivity, and leaving no room for missed opportunities. It’s not just a prediction; it’s a promise. 

Intelligent dialer software is not about complicating your strategy but refining it. 


Now, dear reader, break free from the constraints of traditional communication. Let KingAsterisk Technologies is here to help you embrace the call center solutions of the future. Redesign today and witness the consistent combination of proficiency and reasonableness. The era of Avatar Dialer technology awaits – are you ready to revolutionize your connections?

Reach out to us for further information and free demo!

Note: KingAsterisk Technologies installs & configures your Vicidial on a free-of-cost basis. 

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