There are many reasons to use voice broadcasting. With Voice Broadcasting you can reach thousands of people in some minutes. It saves you both time and money. Businesses send messages to thousands of people in many cases like surveys, reminders, notification, emergency alerts, announcements etc. So in this case you can send your message through voice call to thousands of people and voice broadcasting is the perfect tool to make bulk voice calls simultaneously. Let us now discuss the uses of voice broadcasting software.

Uses of Voice Broadcasting Software

Feedback and Surveys

Voice broadcasting is use by many companies to perform large scale market research and surveys and also can get feedback from valuable customers. Any person can give their feedback using their phone’s keypad by just pressing 1 or 2. This software plays an important role in conducting surveys and getting feedback.

Reminder Calls

Customers are notified about the pending bills, appointments, several events and other important things via an automated call in the most effective way. It is a common use of voice broadcasting software. With the help of voice broadcasting, you can also give your customers the necessary updates without waste of time.

Emergency Alerts

This software helps to reach out mass audiences during emergencies. For example some companies can notify all their employees about a sudden day- off due to weather related or any other emergency or issues.

Apart from this, it is use in hospitals to give emergency alerts. For example, if a patient is on the way and his condition is serious, the hospital staff is inform of an emergency case. So that they can make necessary preparations without wasting time.

Promotions and Offers

Many businesses use this software to increase customer traffic and sales. They use this software for coupons, seasonal discounts, offers, discount codes and customer benefits, So that their sales can increase.

Notification Calls

It can be used to send multiple notification calls when there is a new product release or some discount going on to the customers. SMS or email can be sent to customers but many customers avoid it. As a result customers miss out on offers. That is why voice calls are more effective than SMS or email.

If the customers are inform through notification calls, the attention of the customers immediately goes towards it. In this way, you can deliver your message to customers efficiently.

Event Invitation

Many companies these days, organise several events to attract customer’s attention. Those people who register for these kinds of events are the targeted leads and it is used to inform them about the related things.

Inform About New Product & Service Launch

When businesses launch a new product or service, it is with the help of voice broadcasting they provide complete information to the customers about their new product or service. In addition, they can also get feedback from customers on their new product or service launch. Businesses can provide information about their new service releases and new updates with the help of voice broadcasting.

Corporate Announcement

By using this software you can connect with your clients as well as your employees. Companies use this tool to do some major announcements to their own employees. In this way they can spread the information to all employees simultaneously and pair them with text messages, emails, corporate memos, and other forms of communication.


Voice Broadcasting is a tool to communicate with hundreds of people in a few minutes. It has many advanced features that make voice broadcasting the best to reach your customers. It is one of the most popular ways to generate leads for businesses. Many businesses have benefited from using our software. We have mentioned in next post how industries benefit from voice broadcasting:

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