Whether small, medium, or large, any business requires a reliable communication system. One such solution that has gotten some forward movement lately is Multi-Tenant IP PBX Software. It is presently being utilized but not limited to, in several nations across the world. 

Understanding Multi-Tenant IP PBX Software

Multi-Tenant IP PBX Software, also known as hosted PBX solutions for multiple tenants, is a cloud-based communication system. It enables businesses to efficiently manage their phone systems across multiple locations or departments. 

Unlike traditional PBX systems, which require physical hardware and complex setups, multi-tenant IP PBX software operates entirely in the cloud. It also provides omni channel communication so that you never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers. 

Cloud-based PBX software for businesses 

When we talk about “the cloud”, we usually mean cloud computing . This is a part of innovation where a foundation is fabricated utilizing application based programming that keeps up with information in various servers spread out through various areas. 

Cloud telephone systems offer a support that permits endeavor grade communication to be facilitated in the cloud as opposed to depending on-premises telephones. All businesses need to do today is to subscribe to our cloud-based telephone solution. We provide the same services as traditional vendors plus advanced features and added benefits. 

Advanced communications for multiple organizations 

Consolidate your communication channels into a single platform, allowing seamless collaboration and integration across multiple organizations. KingAsterisk presents a custom IP PBX solution that offers a variety of features such as:

☑ Call Return and Routing

☑ Group Call Pickup

☑ Auto-Provisioning

☑ Multi-Level Interactive Voice Response

☑ Configurable Routing Rules

☑ Caller ID / Restricted Caller ID

☑ Selective Acceptance

☑ Queue & Agent with Recording option

☑ Hold and Retrieve

☑ SIP Trunking

☑ Music On Hold

☑ Conference

☑ Voicemail

☑ Audio Conferencing

☑ Barge-in

☑ Playback Extensions

☑ Lowest Cost Routing(LCR)

☑ Dashboard with real-time system status

☑ Payment Gateway Integration

☑ Multilingual Support


The hosted PBX system makes installation, operation, and maintenance affordable. Moreover, it utilizes IP call-based innovation, otherwise called SIP calls, more affordable than traditional broadcast communications. 

End-User Advantages 

  • Multi-tenant IP PBX Software platform is fast and simple to set up
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • Easy to use – no long training required
  • Scalable multi-tenant PBX
  • Pay per use
  • One-click apps enhance capabilities
  • Provide office, call center, and hotel phone systems from a single multi-tenant PBX platform
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No equipment investment (for the end user)​
  • No CAPEX​
  • Simple set up & maintenance (no need of in-house IT expert)​
  • Convenient​
  • Affordable​
  • 24/7 remote access​
  • No additional maintenance fees​
  • No hardware responsibility

SIP trunking integration for multi-tenant PBX

According to a 2023 report by Lumen Assets, SIP Trunking has helped businesses save up to 65%, i.e., almost $39,000 per year.

When the Internet replaced phone lines, a new system was required to deliver voice and multimedia communications. Enter Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), an application layer protocol that allows you to run your phone networks through an Internet connection. It is the digital equivalent of analog phone networks for businesses to unify digital communications.

SIP protocol dominates the IP telephony to establish a VoIP session in any of the below scenarios:

  • When there are two people on a call.
  • When there are more than two persons on a conference call.
  • When you are in a video conference.

Multi-branch IP telephony software: 

One specialty of VoIP is the interconnection of multi-branch PBXs. With relatively simple means, two (or more) IP PBXs can be interconnected regardless of the geographical distance between them. The function of “Remote Breakout” allows a caller from one location to use the connection to another PBX to call into that local landline. Streamline communication across multiple branches or locations with multi-branch IP telephony software that centralizes management and reduces complexity. 

The interconnection via the Internet can be realized via VPN (Virtual Private Network). It is “virtual” in a sense that it is not a physical connection and “private” because it is self-contained. It serves as a passageway for an external party (like an employee in their home office) who wants to access an existing network (like the company’s local network). 

In Conclusion

If your company is still using an outdated communication system, now is the time to upgrade to the most recent technology and trends. KingAsterisk Technology brings luxurious Multi-Tenant IP PBX software for ITSPs and single-tenant IP PBX software for enterprises that can be configured to meet your specific demands through an unparalleled UI, UX, and connection from the office, through smartphones, and via a web interface. 

What our clients achieved using our cloud based PBX solution:

➡️ 99.9%

Switch and quick connectivity

➡️ 95.99%

Uptime SLA of business phone

➡️ 85.2%

Reduction in telephony expenses

➡️ 65.83%

Enhanced call and lead handling

➡️ 50.75%

Improvement in client satisfaction

Have questions about implementing multi-tenant IP PBX software for your business? We, at KingAsterisk Technology  provide a free demo and all kinds of queries resolution.

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