Time is money in the healthcare industry. When lives are at stake, not a minute can be wasted. The role of Voice broadcasting in the healthcare industry is very important.

When it comes to the healthcare industry, the role of communication is very important as there is usually no room for wasted time or mistakes. The hospital receives thousands of calls every day, most of them urgent. Voicemail works and can detect outside calls, answering machines, wrong phone numbers, etc. 

Take For example, a patient visiting the hospital is reported in real-time with an emergency status report. The patient is on the way. It is also common to use voice broadcasts to help patients. Doctors use the service to notify patients about medication dosages or send reminders. 

This is a great way to support patients, especially the elderly or frail, by letting them read messages out loud for better understanding.

As a quick way of disseminating information, voice broadcasting by King Asterisk Technology is used as an emergency response coordination and communication (ERCC) solution. When patients are on their way, hospital staff are notified of incoming patients and the appearance of emergency patients.

In addition to notifying hospital staff, audio streaming also helps patients. Hospitals use this service to remind patients to take their medication. In addition, the hospital also sends appointment reminders to patients to prevent no-shows for appointments. Additionally, to eliminate last-minute confusion, the hospital collects appointment confirmations using an interactive voicemail form.

Following are some ways in which Voice Broadcast solution by Kingasterisk Technologies can be useful in the healthcare industry:

Send an Automatic Voice Call Alert

Healthcare can send multi-voice alerts to designated patients. You can also provide feedback to patients using IVR services.

Medical Service Call Report

A key feature of our Telephone Medicine service is the ability to generate real-time reports and graphs.

This online reporting and feedback system helps you monitor and control the performance of automated call answering services and automated call reminder campaigns. VB graphs and performance statistics graphs allow you to measure the effectiveness of each reminder campaign. The statistics contained in each of these reports can be downloaded into a spreadsheet for more customized reports.

Maintain Patient Information using IVR Services

You can connect HIMS with IVR services to maintain updated patient records and create an IVR voice menu in a pre-recorded voice. You can call the doctor of the respective department or the DTMF answering service on the keypad.

The Sound is Great

Kingasterisk’s audio streaming software has a few tricks in the box. One can automate tasks and personalize voice messages through the use of artificial intelligence linked to a database. So instead of voicemail saying “Dear Customer” it will say “Dear Mr Smith”. However, receiving sales offers or payment reminders is even better when listening to pleasant sounds. 

To make sure you can complete your voicemail with a text message. 

Receipt: You are 100% sure that the target received your message.

Automated Voice Call Reminders to Collect Copies & Reports

It is best to call the patient before the appointment to make sure they are ready. Automated voice calls that can receive similar reports.

Save Time, Energy and Money

Assign an employee the task of sending a message via mail, phone or text and watch their face grow long. It takes time and effort for IT to perform these boring routine tasks. Now, let’s do something more productive and fun while audio streaming software takes over. It’s very easy. 

You simply select a list from your CRM database, create a voice or text message to the speech device, link the two, set the time for the outgoing message, and click send.

The system automatically uses a linked IVR or automatic dialer to dial the number, make sure the call is answered, and then connect a voice message with a delivery confirmation. If you use an IVR, it will be even better – the buyer can respond (for example when you send a sales offer or a payment reminder). The system is capable of handling hundreds of calls. This means you can send thousands of messages per second. 

For example, the government will find this feature very useful when warning citizens or sending notifications about natural disasters.

Protection by using a Digital Mask

Number masking services allow you to connect doctors, patients, staff, technicians and others to your customers without revealing their phone numbers.

Customer Support System- IVR

Kingasterisk offers you premium customer service. You can receive customer feedback using IVR services and create an IVR voice menu in a pre-recorded voice. You also can call the doctor of the respective department or the DTMF answering service on the keypad.

Missed Phone Service for Healthcare

When a customer misses a call to a healthcare number, registered number, registration report, lab report, etc. You send the details.


Kingasterisk provides cloud communication solutions like Voice Broadcast Software for better patient, physician and hospital engagement.

We ensure 24/7 support from our team for the entire Hospital management.

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