Picture this – a solution that not only transforms the way you handle calls but also fits your budget.

We are delighted to introduce VICIDial, an open-source call center solution that is not only effective but also cost-effective. Our team at KingAsterisk Technologies not only provides VICIDial solutions but also offers free installation and configuration services.

Everything About VICIDial

Built on the Asterisk platform, it harnesses the power of predictive dialer technology, guaranteeing your representatives take advantage of their time. The open-source nature of VICIDial implies unending customization prospects, giving a fitted answer for your remarkable business needs.  It’s the multitasker your call center dreams of – no more choosing between handling incoming calls and reaching out to customers. 

Key Features

Predictive Dialer Technology

VICIDial’s predictive dialing optimizes agent productivity by making smart calls, reducing idle time, and boosting overall efficiency.

Asterisk-Based Foundation

Leveraging the reliability of Asterisk ensures a stable and scalable platform for your call center operations.

Smart Dialing for Smarter Conversations

VICIDial’s predictive dialer technology ensures your agents are always engaged in meaningful conversations, reducing idle time and maximizing productivity.

Inbound and Outbound Excellence

VICIDial seamlessly handles both inbound and outbound calls, providing a holistic solution for your contact center.

Effortless Installation and Configuration

KingAsterisk Technologies takes pride in offering free installation and configuration services. Our specialists guarantee an issue free arrangement.

Boost Efficiency with Automation

VICIDial goes beyond being just software; it’s a call center automation powerhouse. Integrate VoIP seamlessly and configure IVR systems to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Vicidial Support Services

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with installation. KingAsterisk Technologies provides ongoing support services, ensuring your VICIDial framework moves along as expected, and your group is generally prepared to deal with difficulties.

24/7 Assistance

Got a burning question at 3 AM? We’re here when you need us – always.

Troubleshooting Made Easy

Stuck in a technical hiccup? Our team’s got your back. We’ll direct you bit by bit, ensuring you’re in the groove again right away.

Expert Guidance

Not sure how to optimize your VICIDial for maximum efficiency? Believe in us! Our experts provide guidance altered to your specific necessities, guaranteeing you’re gaining by VICIDial’s actual limit.

Remote Assistance

Distance is no obstacle for us. We can troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely, so you don’t have to do a thing. Simple, right?

Upgrade Your Communication

Are you tired of communication barriers holding back your business? 

KingAsterisk Technologies invites you to improve your business communication with VICIDial. Efficient, affordable, and tailored to your needs – it’s the solution your call center deserves.

Important Note: KingAsterisk Technologies installs & configures your VICIDial on a free-of-cost basis. Upgrade your communication game with VICIDial – where efficiency meets affordability.


Trust KingAsterisk Technologies to not only provide VICIDial solutions as well as to be your accomplice in upgrading the manner in which you interface with your audience. Experience the power of a call center solution based on Asterisk that combines the latest technology at an unbeatable price.

Your success story starts here – efficient, affordable, and powered by KingAsterisk Technologies.

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