Call center dialers are automated systems for outbound calls and they help in optimizing agent efficiency and improving call outreach in customer service and sales operations. Dialer software is the most effective sales acceleration tool since it can dial hundreds of numbers automatically and without delay. Call Center Dialers in the USA are advanced yet simple tools that automate the process of making and receiving calls. 

It instantly links agents to the proper individual and generates enough sales in a short period of time. It reduces the hassle of manually dialing numbers and the irritation that might arise when an agent encounters call hold-related difficulties.

Top Call Center Dialers In The USA 

The variety of dialer types in the USA caters to different call center needs, so getting to know each kind will help you meet your operational demands. All these dialers have common functionality but different features that maintain the workflow and offer smooth results. Top Call Center Dialers in the USA include:

  1. Auto Dialers
  2. Preview dialers
  3. Power dialers
  4. Progressive dialers
  5. Predictive dialers
  6. Click-to-call dialers
  7. Intelligent Robo Dialers

Auto Dialers In The USA 

The main goal of an auto dialer is to make as many calls as quickly as possible. The system also delivers essential information to customers or connects them to an agent when they answer a call. An auto dialer makes outbound calls on a planned basis, using information from a prepared database. This way, the auto redial function chooses a phone number and dials it. 

You need four things to use an auto-dialer in USA 

  • A computer running auto-dialer software
  • A human operator ready to answer calls
  • A voice modem
  • An active telephone or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) line

Auto-dialers increase the chances of reaching another person on the line rather than voicemail. They use special software and a modem so the computer being used can dial a long list of phone numbers.

Depending on how advanced the software is, a computer can sometimes detect if a live person is on the phone and transfer calls to a human operator. This seamless transition may save only a few seconds, but that time adds up and can make operating business phone systems more efficient in the long run.

VoIP eliminates the need for specific equipment. The voice modem allows the computer to play previously recorded audio over the telephone line. The more modern a computer you have, the more concurrent calls a call center can make. These are efficient in the US work environments that include repetitive calls, such as call centers, sales, hospitality, etc.

The auto-dialer software tells the computer which numbers it should dial and how to proceed if there’s a busy signal, the call goes to voicemail or someone picks up the phone. Auto-dialers pick from a database of leads rather than calling numbers randomly, which is now referred to as “war dialing.’

By 2025, the global auto-dialer market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 9.2%, reaching an estimated $542.7 million. 

Preview Dialers In The USA 

Calls between the sales representative and the prospect are longer than in a typical telesales process and hinge upon excellent customer relationship management. Typically, the auto industry, higher education, healthcare, insurance, and investment firms use this approach for sales.  

A preview dialer skims through the records of contact (CRM database) and picks a pre-screened contact that the agents can review before dialing. Agents can make an informed choice about calling the contact or rejecting the recommendation made by the preview dialer. This allows the outbound call center agents to pick contacts that are most likely to respond and act.

You must know that preview dialers are one of the fastest and simplest modes of outbound call center calling systems that accelerate consultative sales processes with one-click operation based on list management, targeted dialing, CRM analytics and historical data from the previous call or chat history. These dialers are generally a key component of a more holistic contact center solution.

On average a call center agent only spends 31.8 minutes talking to customers, for every 1 hour of activity. 

Now the obvious question is, what happens during the remaining 28.2 minutes?

Any business that wants to simplify its sales operations with a more targeted and CX-focused approach can use preview dialers.

Preview dialing is mostly used in B2B marketing and sales involving SaaS subscriptions, lead generation and fund-raising activities. It adds immense value to outbound sales campaigns of customer-centric companies in education, airlines, finance and hospitality industries.

Power Dialers In The USA

No matter how good your sales team is at selling, there are still hours lost on the phone. There always seems to be that one hard-to-reach client who won’t return an email or phone call. These elusive prospects drain your time, energy, and lead to a full inbox of unreturned messages. So what’s the solution to this problem? It’s simply a power dialer with a call tracking feature that helps reduce the time wasted on unsuccessful calls.

If your company’s marketing and sales teams use cold-calling to increase sales and revenue in the USA, investing in a power dialer can make a big difference. It reduces the time spent on mundane activities like dialing numbers, boosts productivity, and frees up employees’ time for more creative and strategic activities. 

Your agents won’t have to look through the contact list and call the numbers by hand. It is used by telemarketers and other customer service representatives to make a large number of inbound calls, as the power dialer automates the process of dialing numbers.

➡ Make more calls per hour

➡ Improve the efficiency of the agents’ dialing

➡ Eliminate manual tasks like dialing and leaving voicemails by automating the process

➡ Customers can always reach a live representative.

➡ Connect with more prospects and boost the sales conversion ratio

➡ Generate vital reports by using real-time data analytics

Progressive Dialers In The USA 

Every call center manager avidly searches for tools and methods to improve their contact center performance further and provide everything their agents need to achieve their highest productivity. 

These dialers use a list of numbers the contact center provides, usually in the form of a database generated from multiple sources, including lead lists or customer databases. Both are either purchased or collected. Secondly, the software uses algorithms to calculate the most convenient time to place the next call. Usually based on factors like the number of available agents, call success rates, and call history. 

When a call gets through, after confirming it’s a customer (and not a machine), the software connects it to the next available agent — presenting the agent with all the necessary information, such as contact name, history, and account details.  In the occurrence of an unanswered call, the progressive dialer can leave a pre-recorded message or move on to the next number on the list. Depending on its fixed parameters. The software then tracks the metrics it was instructed to track and provides a full report to managers on call volume, duration, and success rates.

Predictive Dialers In The USA 

While call center agents may not need to understand these mechanisms, executives of companies in these industries probably should. A predictive dialing tool dials phone numbers and connects answered calls, and only answered calls, to agents instantly. It helps field any unanswered calls, busy signals or voicemails and only connects to an available agent when the call is answered — helping eliminate downtime and avoid dead ends. 

If the average revenue per call is $100, that improvement bumps revenue from $400 to $1600 per agent per hour. 

To put it simply, a predictive dialer is a type of software that automatically dials phone numbers from a pre-established list. These dialers detect busy signals, voicemails, and other non-connections and only put the call through to an agent when a live person answers the phone. This software uses call metrics to estimate when a live agent will be available to take the call. This means contacts don’t get greeted with “Please hold while we connect you” when they answer their phones. After all, it would be quite useless for a predictive dialer to dial multiple numbers if there’s no agent availability.

Click-To-Call Dialers In The USA 

The click-to-call dialer, sometimes also known as click-to-talk or click-to-dial, is a dialer mode that detects phone numbers on websites, CRMs, spreadsheets and makes them clickable. Agents in the USA can call the numbers they see by simply clicking on the number. It makes it easy and fast to call contacts found by agents operating more flexible outbound campaigns.

This dialer software generally has more features than simply detecting and calling numbers. For example, it should save the data in your CRM for future use. This would mean that promising cold calls can be followed up on easily later on. They allow agents to prioritize their contacts on the go, as they see best. If a campaign’s next steps depend on the previous call’s outcome, click-to-call helps your agents to adjust their plan as needed. If you integrate a click-to-call dialer with a CRM, you can easily browse and find new leads that your agents can follow up on later. Quick and efficient follow-ups are a proven way to drive sales.

Your agents have the time they need to prepare for the next call. When they need to dial, agents can make the call in one click. This saves valuable seconds, as there’s no need to press numbers manually. Dialing volumes are inevitably lower than they would be in automatic dialer modes. 

Intelligent Robo Dialers In The USA 

An Intelligent Robo dialer is a tool that can automate the rapid dialing of phone numbers. They are generally in the form of software, although smart dialer were once a hardware solution.

Most people think of those annoying robotic spam calls when they think of an Intelligent Robo dialer. However, there are multiple ways to utilize an intelligent dialing system to better serve customers, while saving your live agent resources. 

Robo dialer automatically dials from a list of numbers and plays a recorded audio file when the calls are received at the other end. You can easily customize your voice messages to make it more personal and form connections with customers. In addition to this, it has many business-oriented features that increase its overall efficiency many folds. Cloud technology introduces more quality to robo dialer and makes it flexible and scalable as per the business needs.

We, at KingAsterisk, have compiled a set of features that make our solutions result-oriented in the US Market. You can also pick and choose specific features as per your business needs.

➡ Text to Speech

➡ Scheduling Campaigns

➡ IVR Integration

➡ Real-Time Reporting

➡ Audio File Upload

➡ Cloud-Based Model

➡ Detailed Call Logs

➡ Phone List Uploader

Choosing Between Types Of Dialers In The US 

Consider your target audience and the pros & cons of the different types of dialers and make a smart choice that ensures the best results for outbound campaigns, while being compliant with both the law and your needs. KingAsterisk Technology provides a variety of dialers for call center options in the USA Market. It allows you to select the technology that best fits your environment and needs. Reduce the time spent on manual dialing for sales purposes with our range of Dialer softwares. 

With the recent breaches touching major companies, we can help you remain compliant with all the state and federal laws in the US. Customers may use Call Center Dialer to improve the productivity of their call center operations without adding expensive personnel. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.  

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