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Expert Tips for Optimizing Your Cluster VICIdial Setup Configuration

Are you hoping to expand the effectiveness and quality of your VICIdial call center solution? Carrying out a clustered setup could be the way to accomplishing high accessibility, versatility, and consistent failover. At KingAsterisk, we have practical 13+ years of experience in advancing VICIdial Solutions.

Today we’re excited to share expert tips on Optimizing Your Cluster VICIdial Setup Configuration. VICIdial is an open-source software that you can use to run an Auto Dialer framework or an inbound contact center. Upgrading this setup is important for expanding efficiency and limiting time wastage in your call center climate.

Why Choose a Clustered VICIdial Setup?

Having a solid telephone framework is needed for guaranteeing continuous communication with clients. One method for accomplishing this is through a Cluster VICIdial setup. A modern system offers high accessibility, versatility, and adaptation to internal failure. A cluster VICIdial solution includes different VICIdial servers that cooperate consistently to deal with approaching and active calls. This design offers a few advantages over a single server arrangement, including:

High Availability

With redundant servers in place, the system remains operational even if one server fails, ensuring uninterrupted service. The significance of high availability in a VICIdial cluster setup couldn’t possibly be more significant. Call centers work on the clock, serving clients and overseeing interchanges that are in many cases time-sensitive. Any personal time or break in help can diminish consumer loyalty, and at last, income loss.

Accomplishing high availability includes carrying out repetitive parts and failover systems inside the VICIdial setup. Overt repetitiveness implies having reinforcement servers, information bases, and systems administration parts prepared to take over naturally on the off chance that the essential parts fizzle. 

Software Installation

Appropriate installation guarantees that the product works as expected without errors or blunders. Introduce and arrange VICIdial software on every server in the group, guaranteeing consistency across hubs. Right installation techniques improve programming execution, empowering productive call dealing with, revealing, and checking. A very much optimized software solution incorporates essential security setups to safeguard call center information and forestall unapproved access.

Confirm that your equipment and software meet VICIdial’s base prerequisites for ideal execution. Design the information base backend (normally MySQL) to safely store call information. 

Network Configuration

An appropriately designed network limits idleness, guaranteeing continuous communication among specialists and guests. Set up a committed organization for between server communication to limit inactivity and guarantee information synchronization. Compelling organization setup enhances data transmission use to clog and guarantee steady call quality. Carrying out network safety efforts, for example, firewalls and VPNs safeguards delicate call center information from unapproved access.

Focus on VoIP traffic by carrying out Nature of Administration (QoS) solutions. This guarantees that voice information parcels are given higher need over different kinds of organization traffic. It diminishes jitter and bundle misfortune. Section your organization utilizing Virtual LANs (VLANs) to segregate voice traffic from information traffic. This upgrades security and further develops in general organization execution.

Routinely screen network execution and usage utilizing instruments like SNMP. Advance organization settings in view of execution measurements to keep up with ideal call quality.

Failover Mechanism

Failover Mechanisms are intended to identify disappointments continuously and divert traffic to the excess parts flawlessly. For instance, on the off chance that one server in the VICIdial group goes down, the failover framework naturally courses approaching calls and errands to one more accessible server, keeping up with continuous help for guests and specialists. Automatically switch to backup servers in case of primary server failure, ensuring continuity. Configure failover mechanisms to automatically redirect traffic in case of server failures, maintaining continuity.

Expert Tips for Optimizing Your Cluster VICIdial Setup Configuration

Cluster Vicidial Setup Configuration

Plan Your Cluster Architecture

Setting up a VICIdial cluster ensures that your call center operations run smoothly even under high loads. Send excess organization associations and changes to guarantee network strength. Carry out failover components to change to reinforcement associations if there should be an occurrence of essential connection disappointments naturally. Limit free time by having reinforcement frameworks prepared to assume control over when required.

Implement Load Balancing

Load Balancing is important in a VICIdial system to disseminate approaching call traffic effectively across various servers. This approach improves cluster dialer framework execution as well as limits the gamble of free time, guaranteeing continuous help for call centers. It distributes the entire call traffic among several servers. 

The load balancing feature prevents any single server from handling more calls than it can handle. This becomes a big relief for the server as well as the contact center. You should configure a load balancer to evenly distribute incoming calls across multiple VICIdial servers. 

Set Up Failover Mechanisms

Failover Mechanism set up can disseminate call traffic across numerous servers. Load balancing becomes effective in recognizing any weak links in the server. Streamline the system for execution measurements. Are you prepared to enhance your call center with a versatile Cluster VICIdial Setup System?

Optimize Cluster Configuration

VICIdial, being a strong call center solution, requests a very much organized design to flawlessly deal with enormous call volumes.  Empower secure remote access for specialists and heads utilizing Virtual Private Nerwork (VPN) techniques. This guarantees encoded communication and secure admittance to the VICIdial system from far off areas. Load adjusting appropriates traffic productively, forestalling bottlenecks.


Did you know? A very much designed VICIdial Cluster Setup can deal with large number of simultaneous calls. It  guaranees fantastic client support in any event during top hours.

By following these four tips by KingAsterisk and best practices, you can enhance your VICIdial for greatest execution and dependability. Connect with KingAsterisk Technology to stay aware of your VICIdial cluster setup effectively. We are here to help you in keeping a powerful custom VICIdial skins solution customized to your call center’s necessities. Put resources into the right foundation today to defend your business against downtime today!