In modern times, customers want to connect with companies as quickly as possible. An IVR system is a must for any call center. It handles inbound calls well and also helps the company to provide quick support to their customers.

With the IVR system you can effectively handle inbound calls. It becomes communication between you and your customers. Where bigger support team, there are more inbound calls and handling the large volume of inbound calls is very difficult. So it is very beneficial for them to use the IVR system.

It is not only used to handle inbound calls, but it also allows you to handle outbound calls. Companies that are based on outbound processes like debt collection, tele sales , lead generation and surveying can also use the IVR system. It is also capable of making group calls.

Role of IVR System in Call Centers

Personalized Messages

With the help of the IVR system, you can create personalized recorded messages. When customers call the company, they are greeted by this message. So that the customers feel that the company welcomes them personally and the company knows the value of their customers. Using IVR System creates a good impression of the company on the customers. This system enhances the experience of your regular and new customers.

Different languages ​​can also be used for different customers in the IVR system.

Solve Queries with Accuracy

Many times customers call the company with any query at any time. So in this condition, the company can respond to the customer by automating the IVR. Thus customer calls can be answer without any human assistance. If necessary, the call is transfer to an agent who is capable of handling the call. In this way, with the help of IVR a quick solution to the customer’s query can be brought and the cost per call can also be reduced.

Minimize Human Error

The possibility of human error is common in traditional call centers. This system is able to transfer the call to the right agent by understanding the needs of the customer. He welcomes any customer with personal attention and no original or personal inconvenience applies to him. It attracts customers by projecting its brand image to the company.

Skill-based Routing

By using Skill Based Routing you can best distribute the call flow. This system can provide you with that. By using this feature you can connect the call to an agent based on the specific language, time of day or agent’s experience. And if the agent is not available then you can send the customer to their voicemail.

Additional Support

IVR systems can provide 24 hours support to customers without any agent by providing self-service options and solve customer’s problems. Customers connect to a specific department or agent by dialing a specific number on the keypad. If the customer calls after the agent’s working hours then transfers the calls to the available agent to take the call in another office.

Increase ROI

IVR works as a receptionist in the company and provides 24 hours service. So no receptionist is need in the company and it reduces the operational cost of the company. No additional infrastructure is require for the setup of IVR. Productivity can be increase by making low investment in IVR.

Handle Calls During High Traffic Times

IVR is the best choice when there is heavy traffic of inbound calls in the company. This system can handle the huge traffic of your calls. You can make those calls manage by using all the features in IVR.

Apart from this, the many other roles of the IVR system in the call centers. Due to which the importance of IVR is increasing in call centers nowadays. And in the future, the importance of the IVR system in the call centers will continue to increase. It is used in many industries other than call centers, especially those industries where large volumes of inbound calls are handled.

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