In modern times, many call centers are using dialer software to increase their productivity and they are increasing their agent’s efficiency by dialer. There are different types of dialer like, predictive dialer, auto dialer, preview dialer, progressive dialer and power dialer. Of these types, predictive dialer and auto dialer are most used in call centers. Now you will think about what’s the difference between predictive dialer and auto dialer. So, let’s discuss the difference between predictive dialer and auto dialer and know which type of dialer is better for your business.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialer software is an automatic dialer system for outbound communication, which dials multiple numbers at once and connects the agent with the answered calls only. It can filter out no-answer calls, busy numbers, do-not-call (DNC) numbers, and voicemail.

The predictive dialer will then route additional calls before the agent is actually finished with the current one. In this way, the agent can always have an active call waiting when they are done with the current one.

Predictive dialers eliminate the need for agents to dial numbers manually, saving them time. It guarantees more productive talk time, ensuring improved productivity for the call center.

What is an Auto Dialer?

An auto dialer is a type of automatic dialer that automatically dials telephone numbers from a contact list. Once the call gets answered, auto dialer software will either play a pre-recorded message or connect the call to a live person.

An auto dialer is best suitable for a small support team or remote working team. It proves to be of great help when call centers fail to operate smoothly and couldn’t think of any suitable alternative for the same.

Features of Predictive Dialer & Auto Dialer

Features Predictive Dialer Auto Dialer
Automatic Dialing
Call Recording
Call Waiting
Call Routing
Time Management
Check Agent Availability
Wasted Calls
High Average Number of Call Answered
High Productivity of Agents
Idle Time
High Frequency of Call Connection
Down Time
Lead Management
Algorithm-Based Dialing

Now, let’s see how to prove beneficial both dialers for your business.

Benefits of a Predictive Dialer

  • Enhanced your agent’s efficiency
  • Stronger and smarter lead management
  • Reduced operation costs
  • Analyze call data for insights
  • Perfect for blended call centers
  • Integrated organization and database management
  • Reduces human error
  • Helps close more sales

Benefits of an Auto Dialer

  • Decreased idle time
  • Boost operational efficiencies
  • Run multiple campaigns simultaneously
  • Increased agent talk time
  • Better lead conversion ratio
  • Automation saves money
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting
  • More leads generated

Which type of dialer to choose for your business: Predictive Dialer or Auto Dialer

You can choose any of these both dialers depending on your team size and the volume of calls. The size of a marketing campaign is also an essential factor to consider before choosing any tool.

Most Small and medium size businesses that are looking for more personalized communications and want to generate more leads should opt for an auto dialer. This tool will contact one customer at a time, and your agent can be well prepared with notes and historical data of that contact.

On the other hand, large companies, which want to speed up their calling process with huge call centers. The predictive dialer is the right choice for them. The sales team can handle more customers at a time with various features such as call logging and monitoring.

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