Call Center Software

Call Center Software Solutions: Transforming The World of Telecommunications

Call center software solutions step in and revolutionize how businesses handle customer interactions. It speeds up the interaction and makes a very much planned communication channel. It likewise permits the call center to deal with the deluge of calls in a coordinated way. At KingAsterisk Technology, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch call center solutions that cater to diverse needs, ensuring seamless and efficient communication.

What Makes Call Center Software Solutions Vital?

90% of Americans consider customer service when determining whether or not to do business with the organization.

Have you ever wondered how businesses manage to handle thousands of customer queries daily? An organization’s call center is perceived for taking care of a gigantic volume of calls in a single day. It is almost convoluted for an individual or a group to do this. Subsequently, we require AI to help specialists in everyday client correspondence. The answer lies in robust call center software solutions. These systems streamline customer interactions, making the entire process more efficient. But what exactly do these solutions entail?

A contact center software is a program that permits you to deal with your organization’s inbound and active calls. It fills in as a solidified platform for movements of every kind, like calling, routing, detailing, examining, and improving the exhibition of your group. Virtual telephone frameworks are as of now a reality because of late enhancements in VoIP. It essentially needs three things: a PC, a program, and a telephone. You might set up a virtual contact center group anywhere on the planet with a cloud-based telephone number and give an expert image of your business to your purchasers while partaking in each of the advantages of a call place. Moreover, you might set aside 70% on client care. 

Key Features of Call Center Software Solutions

Call Routing and IVR Systems

Efficient call routing and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are the backbone of any call center. At the point when there’s a line of clients looking out for the line, most organizations concur: getting those clients associated with the right specialist as fast as conceivable is a high need. They ensure that customer calls are directed to the right agents or departments, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction. Canny call routing isn’t only useful for clients. It additionally increases specialist efficiency by guaranteeing that specialists are dealing with the perfect errand at the ideal time. 

Did you know that IVR systems can handle multiple calls simultaneously, ensuring no customer is left waiting? An IVR with exceptionally constructed menus can speed up approaching calls, precisely course guests, or even timetable a callback, lessening both the expense and the time to resolution. Since clients favor self improvement highlights over looking out for hold for human contact, carrying out an IVR checks out. This is particularly obvious since IVR calls can cost multiple times less than those including a live specialist.

Automated Call Distribution

It is very important to connect with callers quickly and correctly the first time. As indicated by a new review led by Emerge, almost 66% of members said they’d hang up in the wake of being required to be postponed for two minutes. Automated call distribution (ACD) is another crucial feature. It automatically routes incoming calls to the most suitable agents based on predefined criteria. This not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that customers are connected to the best possible resource for their needs. ACD includes upgrading the team’s insight, working on specialists’ efficiency and furnishing supervisors with information that can be utilized to advance the contact center.

Cloud-Based Call Center

Like all cloud-based services, cloud contact centers focus on storing information in appropriated servers rather than hard drives. Also, cloud call centers permit organizations to fabricate custom solutions through APIs instead of embracing permanent equipment and programming. Moving to a cloud-based call center offers numerous advantages. It provides scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, with the advent of cloud technology, businesses can operate call centers from any location, ensuring business continuity even during unforeseen events. 

Working with APIs likewise gives developers the adaptability to set up the channels and elements they need and scale depending on the situation.  A cloud-based contact center gives you the agility to scale your program (up or down) as your needs and use cases fluctuate.

Enhancing Customer Experience with Call Center Software

What makes a great customer support experience? It’s the ability to handle queries quickly and efficiently. Customer support software integrated into call centers helps agents manage interactions across various channels, including phone, email, and chat. Even before they say hello, it is essential to remember who is on the line. With a centralized CRM, your agents can easily trace every customer detail from their number. Besides, essentially involving individuals’ names a few times in a discussion can reverse the situation in support of yourself. This multi-channel approach ensures that customers can reach out through their preferred medium.

VoIP call center solutions further enhance communication by providing high-quality voice calls over the internet. In the event that a client needs to move toward your business for a solitary issue more than once, you presumably have a bombed emotionally supportive network set up. You can begin by recognizing comparable issues that can be tackled very quickly rather than the ones (a few specialized issues) that could require broadened help. Additionally, have a go at keeping away from call moves, as each switch of the telephone line radically lessens consumer loyalty. This not only reduces costs but also ensures clear and uninterrupted communication. 

Monitoring and Analytics: The Game Changers

Knowing what to search for and how to apply your outbound call center measurements in your everyday activities will direct your progress over the long haul. Monitoring and analytics play a significant role in improving call center performance. Call recording software allows businesses to record and review calls, ensuring quality and compliance. Are your agents taking too much time between calls? Are call times long without resulting in a conversion?  Meanwhile, what’s the quality of the conversations? Are you managing sales QA with automated software? Are any agents going off script and putting your company at risk of TCPA compliance violations? Call monitoring provides real-time insights into agent performance, helping managers guide their teams effectively.

Call center analytics go a step further by analyzing vast amounts of data to identify trends and areas for improvement. This data-driven approach enables businesses to make informed decisions, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction. Once you know what’s going on and why, you can take steps to make improvements.

Automation: The Future of Call Centers

Through call center automation, interactions are enriched, ensuring that every customer query is addressed with precision and a personal touch. The key lies in the seamless marriage of technology and human insight. Automation is transforming call centers. Call center automation tools, such as chatbots and automated responses, handle routine queries, freeing up agents to focus on more complex issues. These tools can autonomously handle routine customer inquiries and provide instant responses and guidance. Enhanced IVR and intelligent voice assistants take this a step further by identifying customer issues and directing them to the appropriate service channels. 

Omnichannel and Multi-Channel Solutions

Multi-channel contact center solutions allow businesses to manage interactions across various platforms effectively. Multichannel contact center agents perform better than their omnichannel counterparts on one channel but cannot switch seamlessly. Customers will enjoy their freedom to communicate with your business through the channels they prefer in any order they wish without skipping a beat. 

The Role of KingAsterisk Technology

We offer call center management to automated call dissemination. A wide range of call center dialers with totally customized product development. Our group of specialists guarantees that you get the most ideal arrangement custom fitted to your necessities. The dashboards give users access to pertinent data and features specific to their needs and role. Dashboards are central hubs where users access, interact, and analyze data, tools, and apps relevant to their work. We prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring that our solutions enhance your customer service experience. 

VoIP solutions

Use Of AI In VoIP Technology

Did you realize Artificial intelligence can distinguish and lessen noise progressively during VoIP calls? VoIP technology is one of the most significant developments. In any case, how does AI play a part in this field? KingAsterisk Technology is a call center software provider with a strong belief in the potential of AI to transform VoIP technology. And today we will explain how it is useful in this blog. 

What Is VoIP Technology?

VoIP technology, or Voice over Internet Protocol, allows users to use a broadband Internet connection rather than a phone line to make voice calls. However, what precisely is VoIP? It’s a piece of the more extensive classification of web communication, which likewise incorporates IP communication. A business can choose between cloud-based, hosted, or on-premises. People opt for VoIP because they can make phone calls without any telephone service, which saves them on long-distance calls. 

The decision will depend on the needs of the business. This innovation changes over your voice into computerized information bundles and communicates them over the web. VoIP services are famous because of their expense adequacy and adaptability. 

How Does VoIP Work?

A digital voice data is then sent to the business phone service provider using your internet service. Then, finally the message is routed to your customer’s phone. This process happens nearly instantly which is why sometimes VoIP sound quality is even better than regular phone calls. Consider it a call going through the web thruways rather than the customary telephone lines. But how does this affect organizations? 

Traditional telephony systems use the circuit switching method for connecting calls. When you make a call through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), you’re connected to the person on the other end, and they’re connected to you in a circuit.

The ‘circuit switching’ technology has been used for more than 100 years now. It is reliable and still works, but is not the most efficient or cost-effective.

VoIP uses the ‘packet switching’ method instead. This means that data is only sent when needed. A brief, instant connection is created each time you speak. The connection doesn’t need to go both ways all the time. You and the person you’re talking to will not normally be both speaking at the same time. It can allow you to make a call directly from a computer having a special VoIP phone or a traditional phone connected to a special adapter. 

AI Enhancing VoIP Call Quality

With the ascent of broadband web, VoIP services have become more dependable and available. One of the essential worries with this innovation is call quality. AI can significantly enhance VoIP call quality. Let us consider algorithms in the telecommunications or call center dialer industry. The algorithms help companies analyze the network conditions. Plus, they help in adjusting the voice codecs. They are also helping in routing the optimized calls to the right agent without any delay. 

Envision having a menial helper that guarantees your calls are in every case clear, regardless of where you are. With the help of AI, companies can now prevent or cut latency rates, jitter, and packet loss. Thus, improving the performance and call quality. To help you thrive in your respective niche, Contactivity is always available. Artificial intelligence can dissect and adjust to different organization conditions progressively. This frees up human agents to concentrate on more difficult problems.

The Role of AI in Hosted VoIP Solutions

Hosted VoIP solutions are gaining popularity due to their scalability and cost-effectiveness. By dissecting information progressively, artificial intelligence can dispense transmission capacity powerfully to keep up with high call quality. Did you had any idea that AI can foresee network blockage and change appropriately? This proactive approach helps keep calls from dropping and keeps communication flowing smoothly. This methodology guarantees that VoIP softwares stays solid and productive.

AI-Powered VoIP Security 

Any digital communication system must take security very seriously. Artificial intelligence improves security by recognizing and moderating dangers continuously. Eavesdropping, denial of service (DoS) attacks, and fraud are just a few of the security risks that VoIP systems are exposed to. Programmers can catch bundle exchanged networks, prompting potential information breaks. Additionally, the widespread use of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) in VoIP services makes it a frequent target. Imagine a scenario where your sensitive business calls are intercepted or disrupted. It can identify unusual patterns of behavior that may indicate fraud or a cyber-attack. 

Softphones and AI 

AI adds intelligent call routing, voice recognition, and even emotional detection to softphones. In the end, a softphone will make it easy for businesses to make Internet calls without a physical handset. Indeed, simulated intelligence can dissect your manner of speaking to comprehend your profound state, guaranteeing that client support specialists can answer fittingly.

Why Choose VoIP Technology By KingAsterisk? 

Our VoIP gives redesigned features like call routing, voice message to email, and exchanges. Ongoing meeting commencement, support, and end are totally made conceivable by the Meeting Inception Convention (Taste). By smoothing out these cycles, AI further develops Taste usefulness, bringing about superior effectiveness and call quality. 


Customer comms can be tracked throughout the pipeline and  calls, or emails can be made with ease. This flexibility and mobility provide a huge advantage for users who are always on the go. Reach us today at KingAsterisk Technology to become familiar with how VoIP can change your communication experience.

SoundBox Dialer Software

Explore Sound Box Dialer Platform – Empower Your Communication With Advanced Features

Current communication frameworks are quickly taking on sound-based dialing as their default strategy. At KingAsterisk, we esteem conveying progressed dialers. Our ability in the field of sound based dialers and voice-isolated tools separates us from the rest. One of our top products is the Sound Box Dialer. As a result of this technology, you will witness a change in how you talk to each other. But what happens that is exceptional? We should figure it out today in this blog!

What is a Sound Box Dialer?

A Sound Box Dialer is a unique tool that utilizes sound to start calls. It is a sophisticated system that uses cutting-edge voice dialing technology to improve your communication experience. Imagine a device that dials without using your hands and accurately responds to your voice commands. The Sound Box Dialer makes use of cutting-edge voice dialing technology, in contrast to conventional dialers that require manual input. This makes it staggeringly easy to use and proficient. With a Sound Box Dialer, you just talk an order, and the dialer wraps up. 

Key Features of the Sound Box Dialer

Voice Recognition 

Consistent collaboration is taken into account by our dialer with voice recognition. This dialer with voice affirmation can unequivocally translate and execute your orders, even in clear conditions. It precisely answers when you talk. How can it achieve this? by utilizing state of the art voice order dialer innovation that ensures that each word you say is heard.

Interactive Sound Dialer 

This dialer is extremely accurate due to its advanced speech recognition capabilities. It limits blunders, guaranteeing that your calls go through to the right contacts. This acoustic dialer adjusts to your discourse designs for easy use. By reducing the need to manually dial numbers, this smart sound dialer saves time. The dialer will take care of the rest after you simply say the name or number. 

Audio Command Dialer  

Depending on your needs, you can use this device as an avatar dialer or an acoustic dialer. An easy to understand experience is given by the sound connection point dialer. It can be used by anyone, regardless of their level of technical expertise, as a result. Execute orders using your voice. The dialer for our sound point of interaction simplifies route and fast. 

Hands-Free Operation 

This speech-activated dialer responds to your voice commands. This makes it a perfect companion for busy professionals and individuals on the go. The speech-activated dialer enables true hands-free calling. 

How Does It Work?

Our Sound Box Dialer uses progressed voice dialing innovation to give an impeccable client experience. The framework is a symbol dialer that cycles sound sources of info, changing over them into significant orders. You talk an order into the tool. You could, for instance, say, “Call Mom.” The dialer utilizes a sound connection dialer system to handle your voice order. It makes sense of the specific words and acts on them. The sound-responsive dialer then connects the call to the intended recipient via the phone network. 

 Benefits of Using Sound Box Dialer

Security is a first concern for any specialized instrument, and the Sound Box Dialer doesn’t dishearten. In fact, it will be simple to use for even the most inexperienced users. The sound based dialer answers precisely to voice orders, guaranteeing an issue free encounter like clockwork. With its sound-responsive customized dialer capacities, it offers a safe calling experience by guaranteeing that main approved clients can initiate the dialer. Dialing without using your hands is safer, especially when driving or doing other tasks. This discourse driven dialer limits the gamble of unapproved access, giving inner serenity.

**Fact: Voice order dialers like our Sound Box Dialer are known to further develop communication productivity by up to 40%.

How Does a Sound Box Dialer Compare to Other Dialers?

Dialers have changed the way we communicate. From mechanized systems to voice-initiated technology, each dialer type offers novel advantages. 

Avatar Dialer 

An Avatar dialer ordinarily utilizes a computerized partner to work with calls. Despite its effectiveness, it frequently necessitates internet connectivity and may not respond as quickly in locations with poor reception. A sound box dialer, on the other hand, works offline and only takes acoustic input.

Interactive Sound Dialer vs. Traditional Dialers 

Customary dialers require manual information, either by tapping buttons or tapping a screen. This can be badly designed and tedious. A sound box dialer, then again, answers in a split second to your voice, offering a consistent encounter.

Applications of A Sound Box Dialer

Corporate Use

Performing multiple tasks experts can benefit enormously from a voice order dialer. Whether in a meeting or in a hurry, settling on a decision is essentially as straightforward as taking an order. 

Personal Use 

Work on your own calls with a discourse driven dialer that answers your voice. Whether you’re settling on decisions while in a hurry or need a sound order dialer for usability, the Sound Box Dialer takes special care of all requirements. 

For Seniors 

Senior grown-ups frequently battle with small fastens and complex connection points. They can make calls with ease and independence thanks to a sound input dialer, which makes the process easier. With Sound Box Dialer, the future of dialing is here! 


Visit our site or reach us to learn more about the Sound Box Dialer and other high level solutions we offer. You can check our blogs to read details about all the dialer softwares. 

Discover the power of voice with KingAsterisk Technology’s Sound Box Dialer platform. 

Cluster Dialer
Vicidial Solutions

Expert Tips for Optimizing Your Cluster VICIdial Setup Configuration

Are you hoping to expand the effectiveness and quality of your VICIdial call center solution? Carrying out a clustered setup could be the way to accomplishing high accessibility, versatility, and consistent failover. At KingAsterisk, we have practical 13+ years of experience in advancing VICIdial Solutions.

Today we’re excited to share expert tips on Optimizing Your Cluster VICIdial Setup Configuration. VICIdial is an open-source software that you can use to run an Auto Dialer framework or an inbound contact center. Upgrading this setup is important for expanding efficiency and limiting time wastage in your call center climate.

Why Choose a Clustered VICIdial Setup?

Having a solid telephone framework is needed for guaranteeing continuous communication with clients. One method for accomplishing this is through a Cluster VICIdial setup. A modern system offers high accessibility, versatility, and adaptation to internal failure. A cluster VICIdial solution includes different VICIdial servers that cooperate consistently to deal with approaching and active calls. This design offers a few advantages over a single server arrangement, including:

High Availability

With redundant servers in place, the system remains operational even if one server fails, ensuring uninterrupted service. The significance of high availability in a VICIdial cluster setup couldn’t possibly be more significant. Call centers work on the clock, serving clients and overseeing interchanges that are in many cases time-sensitive. Any personal time or break in help can diminish consumer loyalty, and at last, income loss.

Accomplishing high availability includes carrying out repetitive parts and failover systems inside the VICIdial setup. Overt repetitiveness implies having reinforcement servers, information bases, and systems administration parts prepared to take over naturally on the off chance that the essential parts fizzle. 

Software Installation

Appropriate installation guarantees that the product works as expected without errors or blunders. Introduce and arrange VICIdial software on every server in the group, guaranteeing consistency across hubs. Right installation techniques improve programming execution, empowering productive call dealing with, revealing, and checking. A very much optimized software solution incorporates essential security setups to safeguard call center information and forestall unapproved access.

Confirm that your equipment and software meet VICIdial’s base prerequisites for ideal execution. Design the information base backend (normally MySQL) to safely store call information. 

Network Configuration

An appropriately designed network limits idleness, guaranteeing continuous communication among specialists and guests. Set up a committed organization for between server communication to limit inactivity and guarantee information synchronization. Compelling organization setup enhances data transmission use to clog and guarantee steady call quality. Carrying out network safety efforts, for example, firewalls and VPNs safeguards delicate call center information from unapproved access.

Focus on VoIP traffic by carrying out Nature of Administration (QoS) solutions. This guarantees that voice information parcels are given higher need over different kinds of organization traffic. It diminishes jitter and bundle misfortune. Section your organization utilizing Virtual LANs (VLANs) to segregate voice traffic from information traffic. This upgrades security and further develops in general organization execution.

Routinely screen network execution and usage utilizing instruments like SNMP. Advance organization settings in view of execution measurements to keep up with ideal call quality.

Failover Mechanism

Failover Mechanisms are intended to identify disappointments continuously and divert traffic to the excess parts flawlessly. For instance, on the off chance that one server in the VICIdial group goes down, the failover framework naturally courses approaching calls and errands to one more accessible server, keeping up with continuous help for guests and specialists. Automatically switch to backup servers in case of primary server failure, ensuring continuity. Configure failover mechanisms to automatically redirect traffic in case of server failures, maintaining continuity.

Expert Tips for Optimizing Your Cluster VICIdial Setup Configuration

Cluster Vicidial Setup Configuration

Plan Your Cluster Architecture

Setting up a VICIdial cluster ensures that your call center operations run smoothly even under high loads. Send excess organization associations and changes to guarantee network strength. Carry out failover components to change to reinforcement associations if there should be an occurrence of essential connection disappointments naturally. Limit free time by having reinforcement frameworks prepared to assume control over when required.

Implement Load Balancing

Load Balancing is important in a VICIdial system to disseminate approaching call traffic effectively across various servers. This approach improves cluster dialer framework execution as well as limits the gamble of free time, guaranteeing continuous help for call centers. It distributes the entire call traffic among several servers. 

The load balancing feature prevents any single server from handling more calls than it can handle. This becomes a big relief for the server as well as the contact center. You should configure a load balancer to evenly distribute incoming calls across multiple VICIdial servers. 

Set Up Failover Mechanisms

Failover Mechanism set up can disseminate call traffic across numerous servers. Load balancing becomes effective in recognizing any weak links in the server. Streamline the system for execution measurements. Are you prepared to enhance your call center with a versatile Cluster VICIdial Setup System?

Optimize Cluster Configuration

VICIdial, being a strong call center solution, requests a very much organized design to flawlessly deal with enormous call volumes.  Empower secure remote access for specialists and heads utilizing Virtual Private Nerwork (VPN) techniques. This guarantees encoded communication and secure admittance to the VICIdial system from far off areas. Load adjusting appropriates traffic productively, forestalling bottlenecks.


Did you know? A very much designed VICIdial Cluster Setup can deal with large number of simultaneous calls. It  guaranees fantastic client support in any event during top hours.

By following these four tips by KingAsterisk and best practices, you can enhance your VICIdial for greatest execution and dependability. Connect with KingAsterisk Technology to stay aware of your VICIdial cluster setup effectively. We are here to help you in keeping a powerful custom VICIdial skins solution customized to your call center’s necessities. Put resources into the right foundation today to defend your business against downtime today!

Voice Broadcasting Software

What is Voice Broadcasting? Example, Benefits, Core Features

Traditional solutions like emails, SMS, etc. are no longer returning effective results. The reason is these modes of communication lack personalization. Voice broadcasting Solution has gained wide acceptance across most service delivery firms since the turn of the millennium. It allows a company to cost effectively reach a wide audience in a comparatively short period of time with remarkable success.

In a contact center, speed of delivery of service can make all the difference between success and failure. Since companies today have a huge CRM or customer database, generating personalized sales pitches and delivering a strong message to each individual separately on the list is a logistical challenge. A feature rich voice broadcasting software solution is a great tool that can help in reaching more clients and engaging them. Even if auto-dialers are used, it would still take time. 

What Is A Voice Broadcasting System? 

Voice notification system allows a company to send messages to as many customers or subscribers as it wants almost simultaneously. It is a VoIP based solution that lets users upload a voice message or use text to speech converter to create a voice message. It can manage a call database. It can also read digital messages between a company and its customers maintained in a customer database. The intelligent voice broadcasting system can send similar or personalized messages to various customers and prospects. This voice message is then sent automatically to all selected contacts as a voice call. 

The messages could range from a sales pitch or reminders for seasonal discounts or promotional offers to reminders and updates about renewal of subscription and cold calling new leads. There could be many more applications like conducting basic market surveys or employee surveys, opinion polls or confirmation calls to the customer about renewal or issuance of a service.

Whenever a customer attends the call, he or she will listen to this voice message. There are different types of audio broadcasting solutions available on the market. That can send simple to dynamic and interactive voice messages.

Two different voice broadcasting systems are generally used to nurture leads. It could either be by sending a prerecorded message that can be played on the recipient side. The recipient can also interact by either pressing buttons on the phone keypad and being guided through a phone menu or directly speaking to a voice agent without having to place a call separately. The other could be to send bulk messages to answering machines with the expectation that the recipient calls back.

How Does A Broadcast System Work? 

Your phone rings, and you start with a ‘Hello’, expecting a human on the other side of the call. Before you could ask, ‘Who is this?’. A pre-recorded robotic voice overtakes your speech with a reminder to pay your phone bills before their upcoming due date. 

These automated voice calls and text-to-speech audio messages reach thousands of other people like you at the same time. This is exactly what we are talking about today – the technology of Voice Broadcasting System. 

Your application calls

    Your application calls a list of phone numbers from a database. If you have provisioned local numbers from APIs, your call recipients will see local numbers as the caller ID, regardless of the location from which you initiated the call.

    Call recipients hear your message

      Individuals answer the phone and hear a pre-recorded or text-to-speech message. Text-to-speech messages can also include information that has been personalized for each recipient. If no one answers, or if we detect that voicemail has answered, your application can retry the call or leave a voice message (depending on your business logic).

      Call recipients can respond

        If you request feedback, individuals can respond to an IVR menu or record an audio response.

        You can run reports

          You can gain actionable insights by generating reports about your campaigns from our dashboard or your own application using our Management APIs.

          What are the key features of voice broadcasting?

          Live Call Status

          Using the Live calls dashboard, team managers can see at-a-glance all ongoing calls, listen in on agent conversations, and join calls when agents need support or escalation. 

          The Live calls dashboard contains the following information for each live call 

          • The agent on the call
          • The group the agent belongs to
          • The call type (inbound or outbound)
          • The caller number
          • The ticket related to the call
          • The call duration


          This feature allows you to personalize your messages for each recipient individually. Names and other relevant details of the customer or prospect can be inserted into the valid fields in an otherwise generic message. This can be done by importing the contacts from the call log or message list.

          CDR Reports 

          CDR refers to a call detail record, which provides information about calls made through a phone service. A CDR report can offer businesses call data about where, when, and how calls are made for reporting and billing purposes. A CDR provides metadata – data about data – on how a specific phone number and/or user is utilizing the phone system. 

          This metadata typically includes

          • When the call took place (date and time)
          • How long the call lasted (in minutes)
          • Who called whom (source and destination phone numbers)
          • What kind of call was made (inbound, outbound, toll-free)
          • How much the call cost (based on a per-minute rate)

          Recording separate messages for different live calls or answering machines

          An intelligent voice broadcasting system can be programmed to understand the difference between a live recipient and an answering machine. That means, a live person would receive one particular message while an answering machine would receive a slightly different message, like requesting the recipient to call back at an appropriate time.

          Campaign Records

          From the Campaign performance dashboard you can track the impact of your broadcast campaigns. The data in this report is refreshed as soon as it has been received and processed by Ometria. If you select an individual broadcast campaign from the list at the bottom of this screen you can view analytics per campaign. Once a campaign is live, you also get to track how many messages were sent, delivered and read by your chatbot users. 

          Interactive voice response

          This system also allows you to feed personalized messages to an outbound IVR system which can not only play the recorded message at the destination but can also interact with the receiver of the message by recording the inputs from a DTMF keypad or by connecting them to a live agent. An IVR voice broadcasting system allows the company to collect crucial customer information and insight for further lead generation.

          Carriers Record

          Carrier current broadcasting is a way to transmit a radio signal through the electrical wiring of a building (or in the case of a college campus, several connected buildings). This type of broadcasting doesn’t require an FCC license, because you are not transmitting over-the-air. These recordings can be used to monitor calls, analyze customer interactions, or investigate issues if needed. 

          Opt-out messages

          Voice broadcasts come with an opt-out option in accordance with the FTC telemarketing sales rules. This is a feature that has been developed to counter the perception that voice broadcasting is an intrusive medium. It is similar to the ‘unsubscribe’ option recipients of marketing emails are given.

          Live call transfer

          Voice broadcast messages also give the recipients the option to connect with a live agent in case they have queries regarding the message. This allows instantaneous lead generation and also higher chances for lead conversion.

          Scheduling control 

          A voice broadcast system gives you the flexibility of choosing the time when the voice blast should be disseminated, choose the duration of the total effort or even select the end time of the campaign. This means constant monitoring of the system is not required and makes the system more intuitive.

          What are the advantages of a voice broadcast?

          If you are still in doubt that it might not be that effective, then we have six reasons to share that prove that a voice broadcasting solution is the best tool to reach your clients.

          Quick To Set Up

          A voice messaging solution can be set up with ease because it is generally available as software or a web based application. In fact, your software or service provider will set up the system for your business along with all the right configurations, so you can leverage the best advantages of running a voice broadcasting campaign. Thus, you will have more time to focus on reaching clients rather than managing setup and related intricacies.


          Sending voice calls separately to thousands of individuals on a customer database will be very expensive because pulse rates for voice calls are extremely high. A voice blast allows you to reach many different recipients at a very nominal cost. So, even if there is no new lead generation or conversion, the wastage of resources is negligible.

          Simple To Use

          The development companies that build an audio broadcasting solution put a lot of resources into designing the best user interface to deliver exceptional user experience. Thus, a majority of these solutions are completely easy to use and effective. It provides a graphical user interface with clear labels and easy to navigate menus. This helps in enjoying all features with ease. Moreover, now you and your team can pay more attention to designing better and personalized campaigns instead of juggling with different features of the software.


          This feature allows you to scale up or down your marketing effort easily. There is hardly any difference in cost of a message sent to a single recipient or to multiple recipients.

          Verifies If A Customer Is Reached Or Not

          In many cases, it is difficult to gauge whether a message has reached the customer or not, but with this broadcasting system, it can be easily verified. The reports will provide details of whether a message was reached to the destined customer or not. Moreover, it will also show whether your message was heard by the customer or not. This can help in making some really important decisions in marketing and sales campaigns and even in customer care campaigns. Moreover, other ways to reach out to the customers that are missed for any reason can also be attempted rather than staying in a dilemma of whether the customer is reached or not.

          Improved productivity

          Since the calls are made automatically without agent involvement, it frees up agents to focus on revenue generating projects. The same message doesn’t have to be communicated by an agent to different recipients manually. This also boosts agent morale as they can take up more challenging assignments. That automatically improves the productivity of the firm.

          Attempt To Reach All Customers

          The voice broadcasting software provides a very important feature of attempting retries in case of failure on the first attempt. It means if the system cannot reach the customer for any reason like a busy tone, unreachable number, unanswered calls, etc., then the system will retry to reach out to that client later on. You can even define the number of retries. It means if a customer could not be reached two times, then the system should not retry to reach that client.

          On time delivery

          The messages are sent to the recipients at the scheduled time. There is almost no chance of a disruption to the plan. In marketing and sales, it is important to reach clients when they are more likely to attend the call and show possible interest in your offering, promotion, or message. 

          For example, if you have a company in India and you want to reach clients in the USA, then your voice broadcasting campaign has to be sent during active hours in the USA and not India. Unlike traditional telephony systems, it is possible to schedule your audio broadcasting campaign so that you can reach out to your clients at the right time. This definitely increases the reach rate and engagement.

          Increase sales

          Since messages can be targeted better, the sales conversions are higher than many other marketing efforts. Interested customers can make further inquiries almost immediately, speeding up the sales process.

          A voice broadcast is a valuable tool for a contact center and it doesn’t involve large capital investments. As a result, the ROI is quite high. It is time, you start using it to scale-up your business by creating value for the customer. A voice broadcast is one such tool that will allow you to create value and boost sales efficiency quickly. 

          Personalize The Campaign

          The advanced audio broadcasting solutions provide integration of A CRM system or database with this software. This is a great feature to personalize your campaigns. Your campaign will retrieve dynamic values from the CRM solution or database and use them to play a personalized message to the customer. For example, your voice message will play the name of the person that receives the call or play the customer ID while playing a discount offer message. This further helps in personalizing the message and impressing the client to stay engaged.

          Garners New Leads

          Voice broadcasting helps you break barriers and tap into a wider pool of clients. You can easily bridge the communication gap and contact prospective buyers at any location. And since this technology is less intrusive than agents, you have a better chance of lead conversions. With a broader range of clientele, you can build your brand image and generate higher productivity for your company.


          Voice Broadcasting can simplify a wide range of tasks like:

          • Customizing your advertising message
          • Altering your pre-recorded message
          • Running multiple call campaigns
          • Filtering the numbers in the Do Not Call list

          This wonder tool is a must to optimize your time and money. Would you like to empower your communication with Voice Blast? Are you interested in using the best voice broadcasting software to reach out to the maximum clients and engage them? Contact our team to tailor a Call Center solution as per your business requirement.  

          What is Vicidial Skins Customization Vicidial Admin and Agent Custom Theme
          Customization VICIdial Skins

          What is Vicidial Skins Customization? Vicidial Admin and Agent Custom Theme

          Are you looking to personalize your ViciDial admin and agent interface? Dialers are becoming increasingly popular these days. They have become a necessity for every call center as they smoothen the call center operations and help them align their business goals. At KingAsterisk Technology, we know the significance of altering your call center software to accommodate your requirements. It is one of the most well known contact center solutions that there is. 

          Understanding ViciDial Skins

          VICIdial, based on Asterisk and utilizing VoIP innovation, is a powerful platform for predictive dialing, call routing, and campaign management. Users can make certain that calls and emails are routed to agents who are best equipped to handle them by using skills-based routing and queue prioritization features. Agents can also switch between handling outbound and inbound calls when necessary. Along with the basic set of features that every contact center software should have, it also comes with added advanced functionalities. 

          It is an open-source call center software suite designed to handle inbound and outbound calls and email and SMS campaigns. It is upheld by a wide range of gadgets, including electronic, android, and iOS gadgets. It is additionally adaptable to a wide range of organizations at little, medium, or bigger level. In any case, tweaking its look and feel can hoist client experience and efficiency. Other features include previewing leads before dialing, recording and listening to agent calls, sending dropped calls to available agents or a voicemail inbox, estimated hold times for inbound callers, remote-agent calling, multiple language support and more. 

          Role of Themes in Vicidial

          A skin is created when a widget is added to a form and modified. All the skins are organized by widgets under the skin tab. Themes in VICIdial refer to the visual appearance of the call center interface, including colors, fonts, icons, and layout. 

          VICIDial Agent Custom Themes

          VICIDial Agent offers a new and current focus on the call center interface, giving different customization choices to fit the product to explicit business needs. These subjects not just upgrade the stylish allure of the point of interaction yet additionally further develop convenience and usefulness. It eventually prompts a more effective and useful call center environment. 

          Possibilities for Customization and Branding 

          It offers broad customization choices, permitting call centers to fit the product to their particular brand character and prerequisites. The call center interface is given a cohesive and professional look thanks to individualized themes. It increases brand recognition and improves the overall customer experience.

          Improved UI and Route All around 

          Custom VICIDial Themes can essentially further develop the UI and route of the call community programming, making it simpler for specialists to get to data, handle calls, and perform tasks productively. Natural route and a reasonable design add to a more easy to understand and useful call center environment.

          Integration with Tools and Advanced Features 

          It can be incorporated with features and tools to improve call activities. These highlights might incorporate constant investigation, discourse examination, opinion examination, and joining with CRM systems. It gives agents important insights and apparatuses to convey outstanding client support.

          ViciDial Admin Customization

          1. Personalized Dashboards

          Admins can customize dashboards to display key metrics and KPIs.

          2. Queue Management

          Customize queue displays for efficient call handling.

          3. Constant Observing

          Designer checking screens to focus on basic data.

          ViciDial Agent Customization

          1. Custom layouts and interactive voice response (IVR)

          IVR makes agent workflows more manageable with intuitive interfaces

          2. Campaign Management

          Smoothed out management for outbound dialing and inbound call taking care of. 

          3. Call Recording Choices

          Tweak call recording settings for consistence and quality affirmation.

          Importance of Modernizing Call Center Operations

          It has become obvious now that call centers must continuously evolve to meet the changing needs and expectations of customers. Customers demand high quality coversation and issue resolvement these days. Modernizing call center operations is crucial for staying ahead of the competition for any kind of business. Plus it improves efficiency, and enhances customer satisfaction for them. 

          Custom Music for Different Campaigns

          It also comes with the option of custom music for every campaign that a call center is starting. Some campaigns have specific themes and require customers to stay engaged while the call is connecting or transferring to different agents. In such times, a custom music option helps by keeping customers busy and calm during the wait times.

          Businesses get to select the music they want to play. Alternatively, they can also play some offers or wishes if their campaign demands that.

          Improving User Experience for Agents

          Modernizing call center operations with innovative VICIdial Theme Customization Services can significantly improve the user experience for agents. A visually appealing and intuitive interface makes it easier for agents to access information, handle calls, and navigate the software, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

          Easy Access from Anywhere

          It gives you the option of accessing the software from anywhere as it is a web-based software that only requires a stable internet connection.

          This flexibility allows agents to work from anywhere without any hassle or delay. It also helps a call center take every customer call and not miss out on any business. This flexibility also helps small businesses and startups that are in their initial phases and do not have an extensive staff as they can hire remote employees that work from their locations and provide benefits to the business like they were present in the office premises.

          Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

          A modern and streamlined call center operation is essential for delivering exceptional customer service. Innovative Services can help call centers provide a more seamless and professional experience for customers, leading to higher satisfaction levels and improved customer retention.

          Auto Dialing Modes for Different Campaigns

          It is a call center software that has the functionality of a dialer. It can help call centers choose a dialing mode and a call ratio to call their customers and ensure that agents work to their maximum potential.

          Such automated dialing modes call one number after the other and help increase the productivity of the outbound campaign and gain more customers for the business. Call centers can choose from calling customers one by one manually to broadcasting a message to thousands of customers in one go, whatever fits their purpose better.

          Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

          By modernizing call center operations with innovative VICIDial Theme Customization Services, call centers can streamline processes, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency and productivity. A well-designed interface can simplify tasks, automate repetitive processes, and provide agents with the tools they need to succeed.

          Real-Time Campaign Display Screens

          It can run multiple campaigns together, making it difficult at times to keep track of them all manually. Hence, there is a feature that displays real-time campaigns to better monitor and control these campaigns.

          The real-time analysis also gives the senior management insight into how far along the campaign is and how good it is doing. Hence, this display of campaigns helps in the overall management of the call center and the goals it plans on achieving.


          We understand that a single minute is essential for you too. Therefore we provide support and services right after confirmation of the issue from you. Ready to elevate your experience with customized skins? Contact us at KingAsterisk Technology for personalized solutions that maximize your call center’s potential. We provide consultation, installation and configuration of VICIDIAL. 

          Our expert team can solve all the problems within a fixed time to help and save your time. They can customize the solution or add additional functionality as per your requirement, and they are available at your comfort time for discussion. Unlock the power of asterisk with tailored interfaces that suit your unique needs.

          Remember, your ViciDial setup should reflect your business’s personality and optimize efficiency. Custom skins are the key to achieving this, empowering your agents and administrators to excel. Don’t believe us? Try the Custom VICIdial software yourself and see the change in your call center operations. Our dedicated support team is always available for assistance and gives support to your solution.

          Asterisk development solutions

          What is Asterisk and Expert Techniques for Superior Development

          The telecommunications industry spans over 100 years, and Asterisk integrates most—if not all—of the major technologies that it has made use of over the last century. Asterisk is an open-source communications toolkit. It is free and supported by a vast community of developers. To make the most out of Asterisk, you need not be a professional in all areas, but understanding the differences between the various codecs and protocols will give you a greater appreciation and understanding of the system as a whole. Asterisk-based solutions function across 170+ countries ranging to over one million communication systems.

          What Are Asterisk Development Solutions?

          Asterisk development solutions allow it to function as a standalone PBX or gateway between older Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) PBXs and the IP networks.Asterisk is a great opportunity for thousands of developers, resellers, system integrators, ITSPs, contact centers and small to large companies. You will have the freedom to deliver your own solutions.

          Today Asterisk solutions has become the engine that powers IP PBX Solutions, VoIP gateways, conference servers and is leveraged by call centers, carriers, and government organizations across the globe. It is also used by the fortune 1000 list of companies. 

          Asterisk is not only a PBX, it is a sophisticated phone system. With Asterisk you can build PBXs, Voicemail servers, ITSP providers, Contact Centers and Application Servers. The Asterisk system shines with its own light. Its a free, powerful system whose benefits will be adapted to the communication needs of your company.

          Features Of Asterisk Solutions

          Custom asterisk solutions development can be set up for multipurpose, multifunctional communication systems. It supports conferencing and CRM integrations, along with several other features.

          ➡ ADSI On-Screen Menu Systems

          ➡ Call Transfer

          ➡ Conference Bridging

          ➡ Automated Attendant

          ➡ Database Integration

          ➡ Call Routing (DID & ANI)

          ➡ Call Waiting

          ➡ Streaming Hold Music

          ➡ Text-to-Speech

          ➡ Transcoding

          ➡ Voicemail

          ➡ Call Monitoring

          ➡ Call Recording

          ➡ Caller ID

          Applications OF Asterisk Development

          Some of the widely used and most popular applications of Asterisk Solutions are:

          • Business Phone System / IP PBX
          • VoIP Gateway
          • Voicemail Server
          • Call Center
          • Conference Bridge
          • IVR Server

          The Need for VoIP Protocols

          The basic premise of VoIP development is the packetization of audio streams for transport over Internet Protocol-based networks. The challenges to accomplishing this relate to the manner in which humans communicate. Not only must the signal arrive in essentially the same form that it was transmitted in, but it needs to do so in less than 150 milliseconds. If packets are lost or delayed, there will be degradation to the quality of the communications experience, meaning that two people will have difficulty in carrying on a conversation.

          The transport protocols that collectively are called “the Internet” were not originally designed with real-time streaming of media in mind. Endpoints were expected to resolve missing packets by waiting longer for them to arrive, requesting retransmission, or, in some cases, considering the information to be gone for good and simply carrying on without it. In a typical voice conversation, these mechanisms will not serve. Our conversations do not adapt well to the loss of letters or words, nor to any appreciable delay between transmittal and receipt.

          The traditional PSTN was designed specifically for the purpose of voice transmission, and it is perfectly suited to the task from a technical standpoint. From a flexibility standpoint, however, its flaws are obvious to even people with a very limited understanding of the technology. VoIP holds the promise of incorporating voice communications into all of the other protocols we carry on our networks, but due to the special demands of a voice conversation, special skills are needed to design, build, and maintain these networks.

          The problem with packet-based voice transmission stems from the fact that the way in which we speak is totally incompatible with the way in which IP transports data. Speaking and listening consist of the relaying of a stream of audio, whereas the Internet protocols are designed to chop everything up, encapsulate the bits of information into thousands of packages, and then deliver each package in whatever way possible to the far end. 

          How to use Asterisk for your telephony system

          If you want to use Asterisk for your telephone system, you will have to do one of two things: either have your technical team install, configure, and develop your Asterisk implementation from scratch, or purchase a ready-made Asterisk-based IP PBX appliance. These options for customized dialer softwares are further described below.

          (1) Develop from scratch

          If you have a technical team that has deep technical knowledge of both Linux systems and the inner workings of VoIP protocols and operation, then this option may be more beneficial to you in the long run. This involves the following tasks:

          ➡ Procure a Linux-based server running one of the supported operating systems, such as OpenBSD, FreeBSD, or Solaris, to name a few.

          ➡ Purchase any specialized hardware for that server, such as FXS/FXO or ISDN PRI cards, if you are connected to a traditional telephony network.

          ➡ Download, install, and configure the Asterisk software along with any supplementary components necessary for your system to function as desired.

          ➡ Interconnect the Asterisk system with any additional components (voice gateways, databases, other telephony systems, remote or local endpoints, etc.)

          Because Asterisk is open source software (more about that in a bit), it has a very large and active online community that, among other things, develops companion software and components that work with it to enhance its features and operation. One example is the open source graphical user interface (GUI) called FreePBX. This can be installed along with Asterisk and allows users to manage an Asterisk VoIP server through an easy-to-use web-based GUI. This is just one of the many additional features that must be installed to customize and complete an in-house build.

          (2) Use Asterisk-based products

          The other option is to purchase an Asterisk-based IP PBX appliance. These are commercially available all-in-one systems, developed and tested by their respective vendors. They are specially designed servers with the Asterisk core component preinstalled and preconfigured, and have additional hardware and software components as options. 

          Asterisk Development Services By KingAsterisk Technology

          Asterisk Custom Development

          We offer a one-stop end-to-end communication solution to build robust unified communication solutions using attributes of Asterisk.

          AGI Development

          Our robust and agile first-party call controls can handle a wide range of content formats using artificial general intelligence development services.

          Asterisk Dialplan Programming

          With an essential dialplan script developed by experts, we have experience taking control of calls and their routing methods algorithmically.

          Asterisk Support & Maintenance

          The technical aspects of your Asterisk platform will be handled by our Asterisk experts. We support businesses in keeping Asterisk-based platforms and solutions up to date and stable.


          The Asterisk call control software is a robust, mature, and stable alternative to proprietary traditional and IP PBX systems. However, it should never be “downloaded and installed” onto a telephony network unless the appropriate precautions as far as system support, troubleshooting, and interoperability with other systems have been sufficiently dealt with. We specialize in AGI scripting, Asterisk IVR, and Asterisk development. 

          Our team at KingAsterisk Technology, helps businesses develop cost-effective, turnkey Asterisk solutions that add value to their business. Our specialized Asterisk services assist businesses to provide a superior user experience by pioneering VoIP development technology. In either case, Asterisk is a nimble and versatile system that is here to stay, and is expected to continue to develop in the years to come. For further inquiries, connect with our team. We are ready to help you 24/7. 

          Call Center Software

          Top 7 Call Center Dialers in the USA

          Call center dialers are automated systems for outbound calls and they help in optimizing agent efficiency and improving call outreach in customer service and sales operations. Dialer software is the most effective sales acceleration tool since it can dial hundreds of numbers automatically and without delay. Call Center Dialers in the USA are advanced yet simple tools that automate the process of making and receiving calls. 

          It instantly links agents to the proper individual and generates enough sales in a short period of time. It reduces the hassle of manually dialing numbers and the irritation that might arise when an agent encounters call hold-related difficulties.

          Top Call Center Dialers In The USA 

          The variety of dialer types in the USA caters to different call center needs, so getting to know each kind will help you meet your operational demands. All these dialers have common functionality but different features that maintain the workflow and offer smooth results. Top Call Center Dialers in the USA include:

          1. Auto Dialers
          2. Preview dialers
          3. Power dialers
          4. Progressive dialers
          5. Predictive dialers
          6. Click-to-call dialers
          7. Intelligent Robo Dialers

          Auto Dialers In The USA 

          The main goal of an auto dialer is to make as many calls as quickly as possible. The system also delivers essential information to customers or connects them to an agent when they answer a call. An auto dialer makes outbound calls on a planned basis, using information from a prepared database. This way, the auto redial function chooses a phone number and dials it. 

          You need four things to use an auto-dialer in USA 

          • A computer running auto-dialer software
          • A human operator ready to answer calls
          • A voice modem
          • An active telephone or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) line

          Auto-dialers increase the chances of reaching another person on the line rather than voicemail. They use special software and a modem so the computer being used can dial a long list of phone numbers.

          Depending on how advanced the software is, a computer can sometimes detect if a live person is on the phone and transfer calls to a human operator. This seamless transition may save only a few seconds, but that time adds up and can make operating business phone systems more efficient in the long run.

          VoIP eliminates the need for specific equipment. The voice modem allows the computer to play previously recorded audio over the telephone line. The more modern a computer you have, the more concurrent calls a call center can make. These are efficient in the US work environments that include repetitive calls, such as call centers, sales, hospitality, etc.

          The auto-dialer software tells the computer which numbers it should dial and how to proceed if there’s a busy signal, the call goes to voicemail or someone picks up the phone. Auto-dialers pick from a database of leads rather than calling numbers randomly, which is now referred to as “war dialing.’

          By 2025, the global auto-dialer market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 9.2%, reaching an estimated $542.7 million. 

          Preview Dialers In The USA 

          Calls between the sales representative and the prospect are longer than in a typical telesales process and hinge upon excellent customer relationship management. Typically, the auto industry, higher education, healthcare, insurance, and investment firms use this approach for sales.  

          A preview dialer skims through the records of contact (CRM database) and picks a pre-screened contact that the agents can review before dialing. Agents can make an informed choice about calling the contact or rejecting the recommendation made by the preview dialer. This allows the outbound call center agents to pick contacts that are most likely to respond and act.

          You must know that preview dialers are one of the fastest and simplest modes of outbound call center calling systems that accelerate consultative sales processes with one-click operation based on list management, targeted dialing, CRM analytics and historical data from the previous call or chat history. These dialers are generally a key component of a more holistic contact center solution.

          On average a call center agent only spends 31.8 minutes talking to customers, for every 1 hour of activity. 

          Now the obvious question is, what happens during the remaining 28.2 minutes?

          Any business that wants to simplify its sales operations with a more targeted and CX-focused approach can use preview dialers.

          Preview dialing is mostly used in B2B marketing and sales involving SaaS subscriptions, lead generation and fund-raising activities. It adds immense value to outbound sales campaigns of customer-centric companies in education, airlines, finance and hospitality industries.

          Power Dialers In The USA

          No matter how good your sales team is at selling, there are still hours lost on the phone. There always seems to be that one hard-to-reach client who won’t return an email or phone call. These elusive prospects drain your time, energy, and lead to a full inbox of unreturned messages. So what’s the solution to this problem? It’s simply a power dialer with a call tracking feature that helps reduce the time wasted on unsuccessful calls.

          If your company’s marketing and sales teams use cold-calling to increase sales and revenue in the USA, investing in a power dialer can make a big difference. It reduces the time spent on mundane activities like dialing numbers, boosts productivity, and frees up employees’ time for more creative and strategic activities. 

          Your agents won’t have to look through the contact list and call the numbers by hand. It is used by telemarketers and other customer service representatives to make a large number of inbound calls, as the power dialer automates the process of dialing numbers.

          ➡ Make more calls per hour

          ➡ Improve the efficiency of the agents’ dialing

          ➡ Eliminate manual tasks like dialing and leaving voicemails by automating the process

          ➡ Customers can always reach a live representative.

          ➡ Connect with more prospects and boost the sales conversion ratio

          ➡ Generate vital reports by using real-time data analytics

          Progressive Dialers In The USA 

          Every call center manager avidly searches for tools and methods to improve their contact center performance further and provide everything their agents need to achieve their highest productivity. 

          These dialers use a list of numbers the contact center provides, usually in the form of a database generated from multiple sources, including lead lists or customer databases. Both are either purchased or collected. Secondly, the software uses algorithms to calculate the most convenient time to place the next call. Usually based on factors like the number of available agents, call success rates, and call history. 

          When a call gets through, after confirming it’s a customer (and not a machine), the software connects it to the next available agent — presenting the agent with all the necessary information, such as contact name, history, and account details.  In the occurrence of an unanswered call, the progressive dialer can leave a pre-recorded message or move on to the next number on the list. Depending on its fixed parameters. The software then tracks the metrics it was instructed to track and provides a full report to managers on call volume, duration, and success rates.

          Predictive Dialers In The USA 

          While call center agents may not need to understand these mechanisms, executives of companies in these industries probably should. A predictive dialing tool dials phone numbers and connects answered calls, and only answered calls, to agents instantly. It helps field any unanswered calls, busy signals or voicemails and only connects to an available agent when the call is answered — helping eliminate downtime and avoid dead ends. 

          If the average revenue per call is $100, that improvement bumps revenue from $400 to $1600 per agent per hour. 

          To put it simply, a predictive dialer is a type of software that automatically dials phone numbers from a pre-established list. These dialers detect busy signals, voicemails, and other non-connections and only put the call through to an agent when a live person answers the phone. This software uses call metrics to estimate when a live agent will be available to take the call. This means contacts don’t get greeted with “Please hold while we connect you” when they answer their phones. After all, it would be quite useless for a predictive dialer to dial multiple numbers if there’s no agent availability.

          Click-To-Call Dialers In The USA 

          The click-to-call dialer, sometimes also known as click-to-talk or click-to-dial, is a dialer mode that detects phone numbers on websites, CRMs, spreadsheets and makes them clickable. Agents in the USA can call the numbers they see by simply clicking on the number. It makes it easy and fast to call contacts found by agents operating more flexible outbound campaigns.

          This dialer software generally has more features than simply detecting and calling numbers. For example, it should save the data in your CRM for future use. This would mean that promising cold calls can be followed up on easily later on. They allow agents to prioritize their contacts on the go, as they see best. If a campaign’s next steps depend on the previous call’s outcome, click-to-call helps your agents to adjust their plan as needed. If you integrate a click-to-call dialer with a CRM, you can easily browse and find new leads that your agents can follow up on later. Quick and efficient follow-ups are a proven way to drive sales.

          Your agents have the time they need to prepare for the next call. When they need to dial, agents can make the call in one click. This saves valuable seconds, as there’s no need to press numbers manually. Dialing volumes are inevitably lower than they would be in automatic dialer modes. 

          Intelligent Robo Dialers In The USA 

          An Intelligent Robo dialer is a tool that can automate the rapid dialing of phone numbers. They are generally in the form of software, although smart dialer were once a hardware solution.

          Most people think of those annoying robotic spam calls when they think of an Intelligent Robo dialer. However, there are multiple ways to utilize an intelligent dialing system to better serve customers, while saving your live agent resources. 

          Robo dialer automatically dials from a list of numbers and plays a recorded audio file when the calls are received at the other end. You can easily customize your voice messages to make it more personal and form connections with customers. In addition to this, it has many business-oriented features that increase its overall efficiency many folds. Cloud technology introduces more quality to robo dialer and makes it flexible and scalable as per the business needs.

          We, at KingAsterisk, have compiled a set of features that make our solutions result-oriented in the US Market. You can also pick and choose specific features as per your business needs.

          ➡ Text to Speech

          ➡ Scheduling Campaigns

          ➡ IVR Integration

          ➡ Real-Time Reporting

          ➡ Audio File Upload

          ➡ Cloud-Based Model

          ➡ Detailed Call Logs

          ➡ Phone List Uploader

          Choosing Between Types Of Dialers In The US 

          Consider your target audience and the pros & cons of the different types of dialers and make a smart choice that ensures the best results for outbound campaigns, while being compliant with both the law and your needs. KingAsterisk Technology provides a variety of dialers for call center options in the USA Market. It allows you to select the technology that best fits your environment and needs. Reduce the time spent on manual dialing for sales purposes with our range of Dialer softwares. 

          With the recent breaches touching major companies, we can help you remain compliant with all the state and federal laws in the US. Customers may use Call Center Dialer to improve the productivity of their call center operations without adding expensive personnel. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.  

          customized Software Development

          From Concept to Reality: Navigating the Path of Custom Software Development

          With custom software development services, businesses have full ownership and control over the source code and the entire software ecosystem. This ownership allows businesses to make modifications and enhancements as needed, enabling them to respond quickly to changing requirements and market dynamics. Unlike off-the-shelf software, where businesses rely on the software vendor for updates and customizations, custom software empowers businesses to have complete control over the software’s evolution and adapt it to their evolving needs.

          Easy to Add a Mobile App

          While the number of people using mobile devices is still growing, and we daily rely on apps designed for mobile platforms, it’s good to ensure your software can support such capability too. Even if off-the-shelf tools can often come with a mobile version, it’s not always the one you need.

          Usually, with custom software development, you can easily acquire a mobile application that will complement your product and drive even more value for your business. Whether it’s an app used by employees to allow for more mobility or one designed for external users — bespoke software is a great option.

          How to Know If Your Business Requires Custom Product Development?

          Check the 2 main factors to help you make a decision on Asterisk for clear communication, whether you should go for custom software development or not.

          Missing Element in the Software

          You may have lined up the customized software that enables you to be more productive and efficient. However, when you start growing, this software may not provide the necessary features. Find out what you love, what’s missing, and what could be a good addition. If the ready-to-use applications cannot provide the features, think through the advantages of custom software.

          Defined Budget

          When planning a software solution for your business, the next part to consider is the budget. What is the budget you have set aside for technology? If you have a very small budget, it won’t help with custom software development. However, if you have planned a substantial amount for software, explore bespoke solutions.

          Being a business owner, are you facing challenges in organizing your important tasks?

          The process of turning a concept or idea into a tangible product that meets the needs of the target market is called product development. While off-the-shelf software solutions can satisfy general requirements, they frequently fail to meet specific business requirements. Custom Software development by KingAsterisk Technology is a complex and dynamic process that requires careful planning, execution, and continuous improvement. 

          We’ll look at the best practices for custom software development solutions in this blog. We will also look for methods that can make the software solution’s value go up and the development process go faster.

          What Is Custom Software  Development?

          In custom Product development, features, functionalities, and integrations that meet the client’s specific requirements are incorporated into the software. Businesses are able to have complete control over the software’s design, functionality, and user experience thanks to this tailored approach. For example, the banking industry uses highly specialized custom software to provide easy access for customers, while protecting sensitive data with high-end security features.

          While leveraging pretty much the same SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) as off-the-shelf software, custom software development focuses on a narrowly defined set of requirements for a specific set of users. Requirements gathering, system design, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance are all stages of custom product development. The client and the development team need to work closely together all the way through the process to make sure that the software meets the needs of the business and changes over time.

          Why Customized Software?

          If you want to develop software for your business but aren’t sure whether customized or off-the-shelf software is the answer, you’ll need to be clear on the benefits you’re looking to reap and the cost you’re willing to pay. Fortunately, there is sufficient information below to assist you in selecting one.

          The ability of businesses to develop a distinct value proposition is one of the primary reasons why product development is crucial to success. Take, for instance, the accomplishments of Uber and Airbnb. By coming up with novel solutions to problems that already existed, they caused disruptions in the transportation and hospitality sectors.

          Additionally, businesses can improve their offerings based on customer feedback and market trends through product development. Businesses can make products that are more in line with the preferences of their customers by constantly improving and iterating on their offerings. 

          Custom Software vs. Off-the-Shelf Software  

          Let’s move on to the question that has probably been debated the most throughout this article. Given the abundance of pre-made solutions available, is custom software even necessary? We will need to delve into the particulars of each and what they each bring to the table in order to provide an answer to this question.

          While off-the-shelf software can serve general purposes, custom software addresses a company’s unique needs. Furthermore, if you are facing an issue that cannot be solved with an off-the-shelf solution, then the only option is to build a custom software solution.

          Benefits of Custom software  Development  

          While considering building a tailored solution, you might doubt if it’s worth the time and money invested in its development in your particular case. Whether your goal is to extend the reach or elevate operations, knowing the advantages of custom software development will help you make an informed decision.

          The custom produc development market has ballooned to over $30B in 2023.

          Adaptable to Business Needs

          You should know how critical it is to develop custom software for your business. Even more, understand the software development plan to communicate with your team members and clear your expectations. The primary benefit of custom software development is its ability to match your business needs. The functions, features, and even the components are defined to suit your individual needs. The bespoke software helps to achieve your business objectives.

          Tailored Solutions

          Custom software development allows businesses to create solutions that are specifically designed to meet their unique needs and workflows. Unlike off-the-shelf software that provides generic features, custom software can be built to align precisely with the business processes, ensuring a better fit and improved efficiency. This tailored approach enables businesses to streamline operations and achieve maximum productivity.


          Although off-the-shelf software may seem like a cost-effective option initially, it often comes with recurring expenses that diminish its long-term value.

          Furthermore, ready-made apps typically require customization to effectively support your operations. As time passes, you may find that they lack essential functionality, leading to the development of entirely new software from scratch. Additionally, hidden costs can emerge if you need to scale up your project.

          On the other hand, custom software does not require any license fees, making it a more budget-friendly option in the long run. Its implementation can be planned based on your situation, and you always can develop the solution iteratively to fit your budget. For example, you can start with an MVP version to validate your idea and then develop a full-fledged product.

          Get A Better Control of Processes

          With custom software, identify the process of software development, integrate them and make a more collaborative dashboard. As a result, the data is shared, and you can control these processes better. By offering enhanced control over processes with Artificial Intelligence in Call Centers, you can gain a competitive advantage over your competitor.

          Off-the-shelf software is not always ready to work according to your business processes requirements. As a result, many of your operations require to be managed outside the software applications. This tends to lower visibility concerning key software processes.


          One of the advantages of custom product development services is its scalability. As a business grows and its requirements evolve, custom software can be easily scaled up to accommodate increased data volumes, user traffic, and additional features. This scalability ensures that the software remains capable of handling the growing demands of the business without the need for major system overhauls or the adoption of new software solutions.

          Compatible with Your Outdated Systems

          The main reason behind choosing custom software development over ready-made software is the ability to connect with your outdated software without paying license fees. Supporting an outdated system ensures an error-free software development process. The personalized software is designed to help you integrate with any application, old solution, existing systems, and third-party API. Also, easily manage data and ensure smooth movement of operations using custom software development.

          Competitive Advantage

          Custom software development provides a competitive edge by addressing specific business challenges more effectively. By tailoring the software to meet unique requirements, businesses can optimize their processes, automate workflows, and provide personalized experiences to their users or customers. This ability to differentiate and offer enhanced services or products can set a business apart from its competitors.

          Easy to Maintain Daily Tasks

          Maintenance can be cost and resource-consuming. However, with bespoke software, you get to hire custom software development company, support, and maintenance teams as well. As you directly pay for the services, saving you from hiring an in-house team or resources for the same. As a result, you can manage maintenance effectively.

          High Security & Reliability

          Custom software is known for its reliability, as it is designed to meet the highest security standards and utilize cutting-edge technologies specific to your business and industry.

          This is especially relevant for healthcare, insurance, and fintech companies that need to adhere to security standards and regulatory compliance in order to safeguard sensitive data.

          The development of tailored solutions entails a comprehensive analysis of your requirements. It incorporates industry best practices while taking into consideration potential hidden risks and challenges that may arise.

          Through rigorous testing, custom software becomes less sensitive to intrusions and more likely to perform with high reliability. That ensures maximum value to your business.

          Operate with Minimum Hardware Requirement

          If you opt for ready-made, you require to purchase additional hardware. Avoid purchasing extra hardware or software licenses when you integrate custom software solutions. As it can operate with the existing hardware and be built upon your old or existing applications. This results in better development management, streamlined processes, minimal hardware, and better maintenance.


          Next gen Contact Center Solution can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems, databases, and third-party applications that a business relies on. This integration capability ensures smooth data exchange, eliminates manual data entry, and streamlines processes across various departments or functions. By integrating custom software with existing infrastructure, businesses can achieve better data consistency, improve collaboration, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

          Continuous Support & Maintenance

          Another key benefit of custom software is continuous support and maintenance from your dedicated development team. If you encounter any issues, they can provide efficient technical support and make necessary updates or tweaks to the software.

          This helps to maximize the value of your investment and minimize the risks associated with outdated or unreliable software.

          Such a level of personalized attention is not typically available with off-the-shelf solutions, where you are dependent on product providers to fix the issues or deliver updates.

          On top of that, renewals that are essential to your company’s operations may come with additional costs, and sometimes, providers may even stop supporting the product, which can negatively impact your business operations.

          Ownership and Control

          Ready to Develop Custom Software for Your Business?

          Approach For Custom Product Development

          To drive Business success through product development, it is crucial to follow a structured approach. 

          Here are a few tips to consider

          Conduct thorough market research

          Before diving into product development, startups should conduct market research to understand their target audience, competitors, and market trends. This research will provide valuable insights that can shape the product development strategy.

          Define clear goals and objectives

          Setting clear goals and objectives is essential to guide the product development process. Startups should identify what they want to achieve with their product and establish measurable metrics to track progress and success.

          Embrace agile methodologies

          Agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban, can be highly beneficial for startups. These approaches emphasize flexibility, adaptability, and continuous improvement, enabling startups to respond quickly to market changes and customer feedback.

          Test and validate early and often

          Startups should adopt a lean approach by testing and validating their product ideas early in the development process. This can be done through prototyping, conducting user testing, and gathering feedback from potential customers. This iterative testing helps identify and address any issues or shortcomings before launching the product.


          From requirements gathering to deployment and maintenance, incorporating best practices can streamline development, enhance collaboration, and produce software that meets the unique needs of the business. Going through it is complex and multi-step, but the results of custom product development are extraordinary. 

          So, you’re ready (or considering) to turn your idea into software (and reality)? 

          Each stage, from planning to deployment, requires careful attention to detail and collaboration to ensure that the final product is superb quality. The duration of the development process varies depending on the project’s complexity, ranging from a few weeks to several months or even years. 

          And throughout the custom software development process, you really need a team like KingAsterisk Technology that you can trust. We perform world-class custom software development services for startups, small-to-midsize (SMB), and enterprise-size businesses. One that will work with you to ensure that the software meets their expectations and fulfills your use case. We’re always happy to provide you with personalized dialer software to ensure the desired outcome for your company. Contact our experts today for a free consultation!

          Vicidial Solutions

          Enhance Your Contact Center with VICIdial Technology

          When you’re running a business, it’s important to have an efficient way to handle customer inquiries and complaints as they come in. These days, dialers are getting increasingly popular. They’ve become a must-have for any call center since they help to streamline operations and align company objectives. Launched in 2007, VICIdial Technology offers an enterprise class, open source, contact center solution with predictive dialer capabilities. Every contact center relies on agent efficiency and calls center agent productivity. Time is money when it comes to both customer service and sales. It might be costly to lose agent discussion time. 

          Contact centers, on the other hand, are equipped and empowered with a predictive dialing solution to make calls at an optimal rate and at optimal times while automatically filtering out anything that can stifle productivity, such as answering machines, busy lines, offline numbers, and disconnected calls. 

          Furthermore, VICIdial filters out ring time, increasing productivity and reducing lost time spent waiting for calls to ring. As a result, it can improve call center efficiency, productivity, sales, and customer service while lowering operational costs. 

          For example, let’s say you run an online retail store that sells shoes to customers across the world. When someone places an order and doesn’t receive it within their expected time frame, or if they don’t like the product, it’s critical that you can efficiently address their concerns and assure them of your commitment to excellent customer service and satisfaction.

          Contact Centers Can Help Improve Customer Service

          A contact center solution is a core part of delivering great customer service. The positive feedback and satisfactory customer service is a key to gain new customers and retain the existing ones. Whether you’re offering phone support, email support, or using social media to connect with customers, your contact center solution should be designed to keep your agents and callers organized and productive. Contact centers also allow you to record customer interactions in a way that’s easy for everyone involved.

          What Do You Mean By VICIdial Technology?

          ViciDial was introduced to the industry as one of the first free and open-source software solutions. This has generated a dramatic effect on the contact center industry as a whole, and has even pushed other solution providers to offer better services to maintain the customers they have. It is an open-source call center application that handles both inbound and outbound calls. It offers a wide range of features and is highly customisable to meet the specific needs of any organization.

          VICIdial Technology is a set of tools that interface with the Asterisk Open-Source PBX Phone System on a client computer level to enhance the phone’s and system’s capabilities. 

          This software is intended for use with an Asterisk system that includes Zap(T1/E1/PSTN), IAX, or SIP trunks, as well as SIP/IAX/Zap phones. This software is implemented to handle inbound, outbound, and blended phone calls, as well as inbound email and customer website chat, all within the same agent’s device screen.

          It can be installed to the hardware by the customer’s own hand or else they can even contact the company for the hosted service. It can dial predictively, in a ratio, or one at a time. VICIdial can also be used as an ACD for inbound calls, combining inbound and outgoing calls, or for Closer calls arriving from VICIdial frontiers, as well as allowing

          for remote agents with only a phone.

          The GUI Client application was built to allow anyone using even a single line SIP phone to use the more complex features of Asterisk. We provide consultancy services for Asterisk PBX and Predictive Dialer System configuration for Call Center, Voice Processing System for Inbound/Outbound Calls. We, KingAsterisk, have built up many custom VICIdial call centers with a large number of seats all over the world. We have a thorough understanding of the VICIdial and can

          make changes as needed.

          How Does VICIdial Technology In Contact Centers Work?

          For example an inbound contact center takes an incoming customer service call and routes it to a support team member who can handle it. These solutions typically come in two flavors: cloud hosted and on-premises. Hosted solutions are easy to set up, but they often come with a monthly fee for each concurrent agent using the system. On-premises solutions are more expensive at setup as capital expenditure but usually have fewer maintenance costs after that.

          Benefits Of VICIdial Technology 

          The web-phone functionality, unified agent screen, open-source technology, and ongoing updates and upgrades are the key advantages of this contact center solution. Take a look at the following benefits

          Customer Service And Satisfaction Are Improved

          It’s no secret that VICIdial Technology plays a big role in customer happiness. You can

          call customers at convenient times using it, and VICIdial increases the likelihood of offering clients items and services that they might be interested in. Customer loyalty and satisfaction are increased by phoning

          them with the products, services, and customized dialer software solutions they want at the most convenient times. With the built-in Predictive calling feature, agents may see who they’re talking to before the call is connected, and greet them by name.

          Screen For Unified Agents

          Users can use the platform’s Unified Agent Screen to handle not only outbound and inbound calls but also inbound emails and online chats. All of This can be done from a single dashboard on a single screen. There’s no need to switch between apps or screens. This speeds up communication

          and enhances the client experience.

          The Capacity To Make Phone Calls

          VICIdial Technology comes with a web-phone feature. It is designed to handle a large number of calls and agents simultaneously. There are no additional setups required with the software. It’s ready to use. 

          A large VICIdial installation can handle over two million phone calls per day, with over eight hundred agents handling calls and internet communications from customers. Additionally, the software is highly customizable, so businesses can easily scale up or down as their needs change.

          Free And Open Source Software

          The software is free and open-source. Users can change the way the system works at the code level and customize it to their preferences. There are also over two thousand settings and configuration options, allowing easy customization of distinct call flows, agent permissions and other settings. This means that organizations can tailor their software usage to their individual needs and operations. Additionally, there is no vendor lock-in policy, which is a positive. You will never be stuck with a product if the vendor discontinues support.

          Updates & Improvements

          This solution is available as a hosted service which is extremely flexible & scalable, and it can be installed on customer premise hardware as well. VICIdial Technology is always being developed and updated to include new features. This is also the case. When a new feature becomes available for one client, it is automatically made available to all other clients. It’s a present that just keeps on giving.

          On the hosted contact center platform, VICIdial Group adapts blended telecom and internet services from multiple carriers to offer a robust and fault-tolerant solution for its clients. The company’s blended tier-3 hosted internet infrastructure has proven to be an optimal solution and has been able to serve clients with numerous users in multiple countries spread across the world.

          Assists In Increasing Your Sales.

          To close more sales, agents need to connect with the right customer. VICIdial Technology eliminates the guessing by connecting agents with the most likely customers. Call logging, call recording, callback settings, and other automated processes are just a few of the features that save time and allow agents to pursue the best and strongest leads using VICIdial. We’ve witnessed almost a 200 percent increase in productivity.

          VICIdial Technology Features 

          The following are the main characteristics of VICIdial software:

          ➡ Accessible from any location. It helps you to dial calls anywhere, anywhere at any time.

          ➡ It also helps in the campaign for automatic dialing.

          ➡ Call recording that is automated or scheduled.

          ➡ Call recording is very easy and you can set auto-recording or scheduled recording as you need.

          ➡ Sessions with a mix of people. It is used for conference calls and videos.

          ➡ Transferring a call is very easy in VICIdial Technology.

          ➡ There is a feature which is the schedule of inbound calls and outbound calls.

          ➡ Very easy for improving client relationship experience.

          Some of the other exclusive features that are also offered to its hosted clients for free are custom built VICIdial servers optimized for call centers, cell phone number scrubbing, agent audio soundboards and high-level data encryption, the features which are known for its real-time assistance.

          Additionally, the ViciHost which is an official hosted and managed solution from ViciDial allows customers to avail the benefit of a private cloud of dedicated, custom-built ViciDial servers with extra services that is not available on the ViciDial open-source platform.

          Why Use VICIdial Technology For The Contact Centers?

          With over 14,000 installations in over 100 countries, VICIdial is the most popular open-source call center solution on the planet. 

          VICIdial is the project for an open-source contact center system. This implies that it is backed and developed by a large number of knowledgeable and competent individuals. It is at the cutting edge of call center solutions and extremely secure thanks to this reservoir of talent. The costs are significantly reduced as an open-source call center system. When compared to a traditional, proprietary call center solution, VICIdial Technology can save you hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

          This software is also quite customizable. With an open-source VICIdial system, you get control over your contact center’s administration. VICIdial call center systems are unrivaled in terms of versatility and power once installed and configured by a professional like Kingasterisk Technology. 

          Do you want to set up a diverter? You certainly can. Do you want to create a new voicemail message? You certainly can. 

          Why Choose The KingAsterisk Technology For VICIdial?

          Almost every organization has its own contact center to deal with customer issues. Choosing a partner to help you build your contact center can be an intimidating process, however. You want a company that understands your business model, but how do you know which one to choose? VICIdial Technology is a great product that, except for WebRTC, can rival systems that cost a lot of money. The open-source community is very supportive, and it receives frequent quality updates. 

          Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about Vicidial Custom Development and what it can accomplish for you. Kingasterisk Technology provides the best Custom VICIdial solution for your contact center.