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SMS Broadcasting Software

Broadcast text messages in bulk to customers with a single click using Kingasterisk’s SMS Broadcasting Software. Our broadcasting system helps deliver important notifications on time in the most efficient and convenient way possible.

  • Best way for effective customer communication
  • Expand your business reach and improve business operations
  • Enhance Strengthen Your Customer Engagement
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What is a SMS Broadcasting Software ?

SMS broadcasting software helps you send bulk text messages to users. You can use it for brand announcements, promoting offers, notifications & much more. It’s the best way for effective customer communication & building brand loyalty. It is a direct and timely way to communicate with your customers and audiences.

Key Features

There are all important features included in our SMS broadcasting software, which help your businesses reach out to their customers. These features make our software easy, quick and advanced.

Benefits of Kingasterisk’s SMS Broadcasting Service

There are many benefits of using SMS Broadcasting Software in your marketing, Sales and Customer Success strategy. Here we discuss some benefits.


Track ROI

You can easily track the marketing ROI of an SMS campaign. It’s as simple as adding a unique virtual number.


Saves Time

SMS broadcasting saves your time and resources. Improve your productivity with this software.



SMS broadcasting software helps businesses moderate and effectively manage their technological content.


Reach a Wider Audience

You can reach a wider audience with SMS broadcasting software in just one click.


Personal Touch

It allows businesses to add a personalised touch to the messages by sending personalised SMS.


Better Engagement

It has the best engagement rate when compared to any other marketing medium.

Use Cases of SMS Broadcasting Software


Marketing Campaigns

You can easily pair bulk text messaging with marketing. By sending SMS campaigns you can see how people engage with different communication channels.


Product Launches

Using a SMS broadcasting service is an excellent way to promote a new product. Send information related to new products launched with broadcasting service.



You can use your mobile phone to receive email alerts as text messages. It is possible to receive service notifications as an SMS message.


Sales Promotions

For promotions that are time sensitive, SMS broadcasting is an obvious choice. Where time isn’t such a factor, there you can use SMS.



It has to be spent more time manually making calls or sending emails about appointments to every candidate. So, you can use a broadcasting service to reduce this time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read out FAQ related to our SMS Broadcasting Software. If any other question, than contact us.

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What’s the best medium for doing SMS Broadcast?

The best medium for conducting SMS Broadcast online is through an SMS Gateway. Kingasterisk is one of the best SMS broadcasting service providers in India.

Why should you use SMS Marketing Software?

SMS broadcasting software allows you to send targeted messages to people who have opted in to receive direct promotional offers, coupon codes, sales, offers announcements, transaction details, and more. SMS broadcasting is also among the most cost-effective methods to reach new and existing customers.

What mobile number do I use to send an SMS broadcast?

Every Simple Texting account is set up with a 10-digit, toll-free number that can send and receive messages in bulk. If you already have one for your business, we can text-enable it. You can also request access to one of our 5 or 6-digit shared short codes.

How do businesses use SMS broadcasts?

From SMS marketing to staff security alerts, there are many ways you can use SMS broadcasts.

Can we send out the SMS as per predefined time interval?

Yes, the admin can configure it as per the required time conditions for running the SMS Campaigns.

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