Call Forwarding Solutions

What is Call Forwarding and how is it useful?

Call forwarding is the process of redirecting incoming calls from one number to another number. Call forwarding software allows you to do this process. The caller does not even know that the call is being forward. Call forwarding is also known as “Call Transfer”.

Call forwarding software is mostly use in offices. When an employee is not available to receive the call, an employee who is available to receive the call is forward to that employee’s number. This helps callers get answers to their queries faster and improves productivity.

Benefits of Call Forwarding Software

Never Miss An Any Business Call

When an employee is not available or the phone lines are busy, the call is forward to another number. And this number can also be a mobile phone or home phone number. So that no important business call is missed and the employee can also leave the office freely.

Save Money

Call forwarding software helps businesses save money. If businesses use this software, they do not need to install any hardware or rent phone lines. Apart from this, if the business is at an international level and the team has international employees, then call forwarding software is the best solution to reduce costs.

Improve Customer Service

Providing better customer service is the main goal of any business and it is also important. In order to provide better customer service, it is necessary to answer every question of the customers quickly. For this, businesses should ensure that the number to which the call is forward can answer every question of the customer or not.

When the customer calls and the phone lines are busy or there is no one to receive the call, then the call can be forward to another number with the help of call forwarding software. So, there is no need to wait for the customers and they also get solutions to their queries quickly. By doing this, the brand image of the businesses is also improved and customers are also satisfied with the services of the business.

Improve Workflow

Call forwarding software helps in improving the workflow of your employees. When a call is forward to another number with the help of this software, only the call is not forward but the workflow of one employee is transfer to another employee. When an employee is already busy on a call, then calls to his number are forward to another number. And for this there is no need to manually forward the call.

If an incoming call comes from another country, the call can be forward to an employee who speaks the caller’s regional language. So that he can answer every question in the caller’s regional language.

Stay Connected 24/7

Call forwarding allows you to forward your business calls to any number or device you want. You can be available to your clients even after working hours. Especially when you have an international client or are working on an important project.

Apart from this, you can answer calls from your mobile phone even when you are working from home and travelling. In this way you can receive calls from any device at any time.

If one of your employees is not in the office, leaving a voicemail is required and this requires a long process such as a “voicemail tag” or “phone tag”.

Increase Staff Availability

Alternatively, if you use call forwarding software, you can forward calls to your employee’s mobile phone or home phone. This also provides real-time customer support that is convenient for your customers.

Call Forwarding Solutions

How Do You Use Call Forwarding Software?

In today’s time, people from children to the elderly are using mobile phones. This is why today’s companies, whether small or large, national or multinational, are looking for reliable and secure telephony solutions that can improve the communication process of the company and its customers.

Call Forwarding is a reliable and secure telephony solution. It helps companies redirect their incoming calls to another number. Not only that, with its help calls can be calls sent on pre-recorded voicemails. Its main purpose is to transfer all incoming calls to the right number at the right time.

According to our study, most customers agree that the inability to resolve issues effectively is the most frustrating aspect. Which guarantees bad customer service. Call forwarding ensures that customers receive fast and reliable customer service or not.

How Does Call Forwarding Work?

Initially call forwarding was only to forward incoming calls to another number. But with the passage of time advanced features were add to it with the evolving technology. By which the customer experience can be enhance.

When customers call the company, the destination number is also transfer with the help of this facility. So that you can answer the call without waiting for your customers. Apart from this you can set up call forwarding in minutes. You can also know when, how and to whom the call was forward and can also customize it.

The company should resort to call forwarding in the following situations.

When Lines are Busy

When a customer calls and if you are connect to another customer then the calling customer has to wait. And customers can be disconnect. If it doesn’t happen and you don’t want your customer to have to wait or disconnect the call, call forwarding can help you handle your customer’s calls. With the help of call forwarding, the call can be forward to another number when it is busy.

Unanswered/ Not Attend Calls

When you are not available near the call or cannot answer the call or cannot receive the call then in this condition your call needs to be forwarded. With call forwarding, calls from important customers do not have to be missed. Apart from that you can send the call to a pre-recorded voicemail.

When You are Unreachable

If there is no signal in your phone or the battery is dead, then you can forward your customer’s call to another number. This feature will not let you miss any important call of your customer.

Sequential Forwarding

Maybe you are dedicate to specific customers as their customer service representative. Customers who call in may prefer speaking to you over your colleagues.

With this rule, you can forward calls according to your desired sequence of numbers and devices.

Set your mobile number right after your office number, making it more likely that your customers reach you if they can’t get through your first number. If they still can’t reach you, then direct them to your next colleague’s number.

Sequence-based call forwarding can also be determined by priority, skill-level, or any other criteria you find most relevant to your role or business.

Simultaneous Ringing

This may be the fastest way to connect the caller to a representative.

Simultaneous ringing allows you to simultaneously ring a group of numbers.

If it doesn’t matter who specifically your customers reach, use your VoIP software to forward calls to the entire team’s numbers at the same time. There’s a greater chance that someone is available to respond.

Selective Forwarding

Efficiently forward calls by utilizing data with the incoming number.

Integrate your CRM tools with your VoIP software to recognize which customer is calling in. Immediately forward them to the dedicated customer service rep.

You can also use VoIP software to recognize country codes, and route them to the regional sales rep.

Or forward specific numbers to your colleagues because there are some numbers you just want to avoid.

Call forwarding
Call Forwarding Solutions

Know How to Setup Call Forwarding and about its Types

Call forwarding is one of the most important features which ensures that users never miss a phone call.

Call forwarding lets a user send calls to:

1.another extension

2.ring group or voicemail.

Calls can also be forward to a phone not on the system such as a mobile phone.

A user can easily turn call forwarding on and off –or, it can be done automatically.

Thanks to VoIP services by Kingasterisk Technologies, it’s now possible to expand your business internationally without facing crippling international toll charges.

Let’s Learn about types of Call Forwarding and how its setup.

Different Types of Call Forwarding

Unconditional Forwarding

This is the most basic kind of call forwarding. Its job is to only do one thing: forward the call to the predetermined destination.

As the most common form of call forwarding, this straight forward redirection is found in traditional phone systems and VoIP systems.

But don’t limit yourself to only using it at an individual level! It can also be used to consolidate multiple numbers to be routed to a single line.

Call Cascading

Call cascading combines the use of unconditional forwarding with a sequential forwarding rule.

You can set the final stop to either be a voicemail (if you still use them) or simply the end of the call.

This establishes an order of priority and hierarchy of who should answer calls first. Maybe a manager of your customer service team can be the final backup to forward calls so that you don’t miss a single customer.

Circular Hunting

Circular hunting is like call cascading but with the end of the line routing back to the first person in the sequence. Hence the term, ‘circular’. 

We recommend using circular hunting with rules like ring time so that your customers don’t have to wait forever.

Group Call Forwarding

A call group is a consolidated list of numbers. Group call forwarding forwards the call to all members in the call group, with either a simultaneous ring or cascading ring.

It’s great to ensure that someone will attend to the caller. But maybe it’s not so great from a workflow standpoint, as it can be disruptive to a person in the call group who just finished a call, but may now be forced to pick up a new incoming call if everyone else is busy.

Consider instead, more complex types of call forwarding, such as…

Hunt groups

Similarly, you set up a call group to forward calls to. Instead of calling everyone at the same time, the VoIP system operates on a smart distribution. You can set your preferred criteria and let the software algorithm determine the best person to forward the call to.

One popular smart distribution criteria would be who is most idle. Whoever on the call group that has been inactive the longest will be considered most idle, and the next incoming call would be routed to them.

Call Screening

With call screening, you can view incoming caller details while they are still ringing. Derive even more complex information about the caller by integrating your VoIP software with your CRM tool.

Then, you can either choose to accept, reject, or select another number to forward this call to.

As this type of call forwarding gives autonomy to freely choose to pick up the call or not, it may be more suitable for frontline managers to choose who to route calls to.

It is also suitable for personal assistants and receptionists.

Keep in mind, you can always deploy more than one type of call forwarding in your organization. 

For example, you can use call cascading at an individual level, and hunt groups at a departmental level. It really depends on the kind of department, best practices, size, and workflows in your organization.

Once again, select call forwarding rules and types that fits your needs best.

How to Set up Call Forwarding

The best part about VoIP call forwarding by Kingasterisk Technologies is that while it may look complex, the feature is easy to set up and use. 

You can enable or disable it remotely, change settings on the fly and even access your dashboard while traveling. 

You can restrict overall control to only administrators while allowing users to change personal settings. 

With a VoIP phone system, you’re always in control. Activate call forwarding whenever you want within the online dashboard.

1.Sign in to the King Asterisk Voice Portal.

2.Click on Features located at the top of the screen.

3.Scroll down to the Forwarding section.

From here, adjust your call forwarding options.


Make sure to make full use of your VoIP software provided by Kingasterisk Technologies and set up your call forwarding rules and types.

We provide the best services with a 24/7 support team for your any kind of help.