voip billing

With the Calling cards module a provider can offer the whole set of services that combines VoIP with the access through regular telephony networks. An example of those are PIN or PINless calling cards services. The platform supports SIP and H323 inter connectivity. A provider can utilize SIP trunks in connection with DIDs provider in order to offer geographical access numbers from different locations using one central VoipSwitch. In addition the system can work with TDM gateways or TDM extension cards. The platform comes with own IVR system with call flow scenarios being defined using XML notation.

Callback module allows for implementation of various types of Callback based services. What is common for all of them is that it is the system (VoipSwitch) that initiates connections to two endpoints on a user request. A request can be triggered by SMS, HTTP, VoipSwitch's web service, calling a PSTN service number (DID). We offer also a Callback client for mobile handsets.